Clever Blog Income Report #2 – April 2016 Income From My 2nd Month Blogging

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Month two is in the books! Not as productive as I’d liked, but I have some new ideas on how to establish a value bank of free tutorials that will both, help people, and give me something challenging to work on to keep my interest.

While it’s cool I made income my first real month blogging, but I don’t see the pace continuing unless I increase the daily energy put into this wheel. It also isn’t enough to move my internal needle at all, unfortunately. I have a vision for my little ecosystem, how I want to help people, what I need to keep my self interest, but it’s still hard to execute with no feedback and no results.I’m working on coming up with ways to fix this, which may in turn present the opportunity to solve this problem for others as well, but for right now just myself.

Things on the list so far include:

  • Video production schedule to match content calendar
  • Themed weekly topics to keep things fun and scheduled
  • Non relevant content tests on primary domain to decide which niches to start niche sites in (I think I need an external case study or something to hold my interest)
  • Blog setup tutorials
  • Website builder tutorials
  • Hosting config and company reviews
  • Local marketing / Local lead gen

I keep thinking it would be so much easier to do this if I had zero experience. I’d imagine I’d be struggling to find ideas, instead of drowning myself in too many. lol

Clever Blog Income Report #2 – My 2nd Month Blogging

Affiliate Income:

amazon-affiliate-earnings-april-2016Can’t keep track right now, haven’t bothered to log in to paypal and see if there’s any payments unaccounted for… just want to get this post done, or else I won’t do it. There’s probably various sub $10 commissions floating around from godaddy, namesilo, etc… Nothing more than $50 combined, max. I don’t think I’ve gotten any hosting commissions this month, as I finally got the emails out of my clutter folder. When there’s a couple more zeros added to the figure, I’ll care a lot more and get diligent about tracking.

Affiliate Income Streams

Amazon: $89.51

Passive Income Streams

Youtube Ad Revenue: around $3 – $5 (Adsense)

Total Income For March 2016: $92.51

I don’t have the normal Q&A this month, just a couple insights to add then it’s back to work for me!

How To Make Extra Money By Blogging About What You Already Buy

Most people don’t realize you can simply blog about what you buy and often times have those items pay for themselves. If you take a look at some of my first blog posts, all I did was write about things I purchased, both good and bad. I monetized through the amazon affiliate program, and simply sprinkled in my links where applicable. Nothing is stopping you from doing the same.

To get started doing this for yourself, follow the steps below:

Step 1) Setup your own blog

Step 2) Get an Amazon affiliate account (it’s free)

Step 3) Write about the products you buy

That’s it. If you focus on product centric topics instead of informational or popular gossip type stuff, you’ll have a lot more success. I have some in depth posts coming out about content styles, and mention this in a bit more detail down below in this article.

Focus on:

  • help people avoid purchasing bullshit products
  • help advise the right way to use them
  • tips and tricks to get more life out of them
  • or simply mix your personality into things and make it fun and entertaining

Popular Pages Of The Month:

I’m Not Sure I Like The Redundancy Of These Income Reports (maybe it’s because nothing big is happening right now?)

I’ll probably stop doing these once it reaches a full time income level, it’ll just become boring and more of the same every month. But I want to document the struggle of figuring things out from the ground up, which is both the frustrating and the fun part (hopefully!). When I was just getting started online, one of the most frustrating things was not being able to see the micro improvements in the middle of the journey. I seem to be reliving that all over again now! FML My hope is to help bridge the gap between starting with nothing, and turning it into something.

What’s Next?

I have a series of posts coming out about keyword research, built for some beginners that might not know about keyword intent, and why it trumps search volume any day of the week. By writing these, it’s also a reminder to myself not to get lost in the sea of content ideas I have if I want quicker results, and to focus on sorting content production in a skillful manner. For instance, if you don’t know much about keyword intent, here’s a quick example comparing two posts and videos on my blog: one makes me money, the other doesn’t. One gets complaints, the other gets thank you’s.

Here is a classic comparison example of two different types of content I posted, and why the intention of the user is different. It’s easy to see how that affects the outcome in my monthly income reports as well. If you’re trying to make some extra income from your blog from the get go, pay closer attention to the type of content you publish…

Vacuum Videos Primarily Get Vacuum Assembly Traffic – (but they’ve already bought)

The Assembly Video is one of my most popular videos on youtube, which is great, but there’s a reason I don’t make any affiliate commissions on these. These people already bought the vacuum.

Anyone looking for assembly tips, instructions, etc… Already has the product. Sure, that tells me there is probably a whole in the market for that since I’m a nobody on Youtube, and there’s probably a lack of resources for vacuum assembly instructions. But that’s not something I want to fill, and is probably there for good reason. (There’s no money in it!)

The point is, keyword intent is extremely important if you want to generate extra money from your blog, and most people give the opposite advice…

Now Let’s Compare That With Another Post I Did On A Mountain Bike I Bought

The bike review post on the Merax Finiss mountain bike, gets traction when people are second guessing their purchase decision. They haven’t bought, and the opportunity is open to advise them on whether or not it’s a good or bad product. Interject some personality and actual user experience from a real life purchase, and bam you’ve got some sales. (and rightfully so/earned… I’m happy to go back use someones affiliate link if they’ve helped me make a buying decision, I always do. I think other people are the same.)

Challenges Of The Month

This was a frustrating reminder that slow and steady wins the race. My most difficult challenges are simply posting content consistently, and getting the writing done when I don’t feel inspired. I have over 400 blog posts waiting in the queue, but unless I can diligently make the daily action steps to get them out the door, nothing changes.

I’ve tried content calendar plugins, hand written schedules, habit stacking in the morning, and nothing really motivates me to do it other than what I’m used to from my affiliate days (checking stats). The lack of any stats or feedback isn’t filling my motivational cup, so I’m still struggling to find my way in that regard. I’m experimenting with other types of content, refining my keyword research > blog post templates, so that on those uninspiring days, I have a system to follow that will allow me to produce anyway.

No other insights to add right now, it’s head down 100%.


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