How To Configure Triple Monitors Running On A Dell XPS Laptop

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So I recently upgraded the blogging laptop, and had some trouble getting the Windows taskbar to stop duplicating across all my screens. I don’t even have my ultrasharps configured properly, and have them ghetto running off of usb to vga converters until the new ones come in. You’d think for a guy that makes over $100k/yr blogging, I’d have my shit together when it comes to my setup! lol  Nope, just a regular dude, trying to make it work. (I hate buying new gear and upsetting my routine)

Anyway, there ended up being a super simple fix to this, but I had to fig and dig through the Dell and Windows support forums to find it… so i figured I’d make a blog post about it, and help out a future brother or sister in the blogging community trying to get their multiple monitor game on.

Step 1: Connecting Multiple Monitors To Your Laptop

First you need to hook up your displays, and then select the center one to be the primary. You need to click and drag on the 1, 2, 3, to move them around in the order you want. Your mouse will not move across the extended screens correctly until you do this.

Step 2: Setting Your Primary Monitor To The Center Position (so the mouse isn’t blocked from roaming to the next screen)

Once monitor one is set to be the primary monitor, and you select extend the displays for monitors #2 and #3, then they should all be working properly. Your desktop should extend across all three, and your mouse will extend freely in any direction.

Step 3: Changing The Taskbar Extension Settings

Now your only problem will be how in the hell to get the Windows Start menu off of all the monitors since it’s currently extending everything. No idea why they didn’t put the taskbar settings in with the display settings, since it’s really all the same… but anyhow, you need to do a search for “taskbar settings” then it’ll pull up the menu to uncheck “SHOW TASKBAR ON ALL DISPLAYS.” By default, that will be turned on, and that’s the culprit causing all the trouble.

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