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Interested in contributing here on Clever Leverage? Engrish will not even be considered, no exceptions.

Please be aware that I’m extremely selective about accepting writers, and normally adhere to these basic guidelines unless I know you, in order to filter out the low quality tires kickers looking for links without any real value to offer:

Contact me personally to discuss a submission opportunity.

Product Reviews

Interested in having me review one of your products?

It’s very common for manufacturers to come across my Youtube Videos and Review Blog Posts and see a product similar to one they produce. In select cases, I will do a comparison against brands I’ve already purchased… Contact me to see if we’d be a good fit. Integrity is of the utmost importance, and I cannot guarantee a positive review whether free or paid. (strictly unbiased)

Alternatively, if you have a tech, blogging, health product you think I’d be interested in, Get In Touch!

Mailing Address For Products:

Clever Leverage
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Interested in getting exposure for your brand, product, or service through Clever Leverage?

I’m fairly selective about sponsored posts and campaigns, and won’t allow just any brand or product that comes through the door to be reviewed or promoted. If you see a topic already covered on Clever Leverage or one of my personal brands that’s closely related to your product or service, there’s a high likelihood we will be in alignment with each other!

Please contact me to see if we’d be a good fit and to confirm mutual interest.

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Clever Leverage
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