Affordable Coolers Like Yeti (but cheaper!)

Going Camping? Have a Cookout? Don’t forget your – 36 hour – no melt – Cooler!

Have you ever been to a store like Gander Mountain to try and find a good cooler that will store your goods without you having to worry about bears or other varmints stealing them? Well today I have a number of coolers that will do the job just as Yeti brand name coolers, without the obnoxious price tag. In fact, there are several coolers like Yeti but cheaper that offer the same cold ice storing performance as the name brand. We also have a cooler that could be conveniently used for medical practices such as storing blood or plasma up to forty hours. Just wait until you see that product, and its review. I hope many of you have the luxury this summer to go camping and enjoy the outdoors because we all know many of us need a break from the clutches of technology and get outside to experience the real world!

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Moreover, camping is a favorite American past time and should be enjoyed with the highest quality gear to protect your beloved food and drink rations for maximum comfortability out in the wilderness right?

Are Knock Off Yeti Coolers Worth It?

RTIC Roto-Molded Coolers

The first Yeti alternative I am bringing you guys today is the RTIC Cooler. This cooler is bear resistant, stores ice for up to ten days, and comes with commercial insulating foam that is three inches thick. The cooler itself also comes with an integrated locking system, heavy duty T latches, and even a rapid draining system. This cooler is built to keep out even the most resourceful critters while keeping your food and drinks at a nice cool temperature! Other features of this product include molded tie down slots in case you want to secure it on the bed of your truck, trailer, or even your boat! The guys over at RTIC Coolers have even installed rubber feet on the bottom of the cooler to ensure the cooler doesn’t slide around on even the most slippery of surfaces.

Furthermore, if you are out fishing on a beautiful day, the nonslip lid can even be used as a casting platform. Ding, we have multi-functionality folks! That is a great start to a good product! Also, this cooler is made from the same molding material as Kayaks, so you can bet it really is built to last! If you are buying one of these Roto-Molded coolers you should expect to pay anywhere from $124.99 up to $199.99, because they come in three different sizes. These sizes range from small, medium, and large, but each of them will do the job, and do the job well for your outdoor needs!

Are Yeti Alternatives Still bear Proof!?!?

Pelican Progear Elite Cooler

Next, we have the Pelican Progear Elite Cooler. This company says this model is the best alternative to Yeti; however, I believe these things are so overpriced it is hardly worth looking at the specifications. If you order this cooler from right now, depending on the size you need, it can cost as much as a thousand smackaroos which is insane. That is a cool thousand bucks for something to store food and drinks in? Hell, you might as well buy a damn refrigerator with a backup generator when you go camping. The average price is a little over $800, and here are its specifications for the 250qt model. This cooler can store ice up to ten days, same as the above product mentioned except with a much larger price tag, and it has a dual handled system.

Additionally, it also has molded tie downs just like those offered by RTIC Roto-Molded coolers, and it also comes with a freezer grade gadget. This thing is listed as a Yeti alternative, but you can find Yeti coolers listed at cheaper prices than this. I will mention that this is bear resistant since you can place a lock on it, but I am not recommending this overprice piece of plastic, it is an utter waste of money that could be spent better elsewhere.

The Cheapest Yeti-Like Cooler Alternative (that still holds ice for 5 days)

Coleman Xtreme Cooler

The third cooler we will be taking a look at today is by Coleman. It is the Coleman Xtreme cooler and fear not, this baby has an amazing pricetag! You will be spending under fifty dollars if you purchase this model, and that is straight off of Amazon. This cooler can hold up to one hundred cans of soda, or seventy quarts, it even comes with no crush handles that prevent you from being pinched when carrying this to and from your destination, and the hinged lid has four different cup holders located on top of it! That is a pretty interesting accessory, no? This cooler also can support up to two hundred and fifty pounds in case it had to be used as a surface to sit on. Also, this product contains no harmful chemicals such as CFC’s,HFC’s, or HCFC’s, which as we all know, are very harmful to the ozone.

However, there are a few cons to purchasing this cooler instead of the RTIC Molded-Cooler. First, it can only keep ice up to five days, so if you are out in the wilderness for a length of time longer than five days you are going to have to find more ice somewhere. Secondly, it doesn’t boast as being bear proof, and that could be a big problem, especially at night in many places. This is a very good alternative for the price if you are sure that the location you are camping in, or hanging out at, has no dangerous animals that are looking for some grub to steal. Not a bad deal, not my first choice, but definitely a cheaper alternative to Yeti based on these prices. I want to also point out the fact that Coleman has been in the camping business for longer than I have been alive and their company has lived and thrived during the good times and the bad, and even if this isn’t bear friendly you could take other measures in order to protect your goods. Coleman has my vote thus far based on their price and their reputation over the years.

Orca 75 Quart Cooler

This cooler comes in eight different color variations. The colors you can buy for this beast is black, green, pink seafoam green, tan, white, light blue, and navy. However, I must forewarn you consumers out there that nowhere on their website does it say that this cooler is bear proof! Also, you might be disappointed with the over $300 dollar pricetag as well, so if that is the case, move on to the next cooler, because this isn’t the cooler for you. For almost four hundred bucks you will receive a cooler than can hold up to seventy five quarts, and that is roto-molded, and has an ice retention rate of ten days as well as an easy drainage flow spout. This sounds like RTIC except a bit more pricey. It also comes with a lid gasket for a perfect seal every time you open and close it, and it even comes with a cargo net attachment for extra storage. I like that feature a lot, but since it isn’t bear proof, I don’t think this one is worth the money either. Also, buyers beware this cooler weighs about forty pounds while empty, so it could be a very heavy cooler if loaded down! I guess whoever buys this is going to build some serious arm strength.

Canyon 30 Quart Cooler

The final brand of coolers we will be reviewing today is from our good friends at Canyon coolers! Their Mule thirty quart cooler can has non slip rubber feet with twelve available tie down points, and is roto molded just like the RTIC coolers, but their cooler can only store ice between four and six days. Well these guys aren’t off to a great start now are they? That is one of the lowest ice retention rates in this article, and that isn’t going to impress anyone. I will say that if you are in the medical profession you could use this cooler to carry blood or plasma for up to forty hours, and that is a great thing; however, its practical use is slim to none so far, but let’s find out if they have anything else to offer from their product.

Canyon does do its customer a solid by offering a lifetime warranty with the purchase of any cooler and it does only weigh twenty-six pounds, so you don’t need two people to carry this thing like the Orca when it does have materials loaded into it. Their similar models come in at between 2-300 smackers, and offer similar performance to other brands we compared. I do have a bone to pick with these guys though about something that was said on their website. They stated that their insulation for this cooler was made by HUNTX which is extreme pressure injected for maximum ice retention. If that was truly the case, then why do other coolers hold ice up to ten days but this product can’t? Just something for you consumers to think about. If you go off the deep end and buy this giant waste of money it will sink you for about $329.99 straight from the devil themselves. By devil I mean their website that is. Sorry guys, this product is laughable for the price, and why is it in our buyers guide?

The Best Cooler Models Like Yeti (but for much less $$)

And the Winner is…

Are you ready for the winner? Don’t kid yourselves, I know you are! My recommendation for the best Yeti alternative is the RTIC Roto-Molded Cooler because it is listed at an extraordinary price, it has amazing features, and it keeps bears and other varmints out of your food and drinks! Coolers are meant to do one thing and that is store food items, but RTIC goes above and beyond storage and adds flexibility to functionality with a touch of security!

Update > this Yeti 20 series is now under $200 bucks!

We don’t see items like this every day, especially items that are so durable who have a great listing price! You have my vote RTIC, and please keep making amazing coolers like this! Folks, you don’t need to spend three to five hundred bucks for a cooler. I’m sorry but you don’t and brand names like YETI aren’t always worth the money. Most of the time these companies are playing off their brand name in order to boost sales and increase their profits. You are always welcome to spend your money how you see fit, but if you really need to save money and need a product, then don’t go out and just impulse buy. I would bet my bottom dollar most of the time you do this you will not only waste money, but you will probably relatively unsatisfied with that big name product you did buy. Who is the winner in that situation? The winner is the company making the product who probably made it dirt cheap, but sold it to you for an outrageous price. I wanted to recommend Coleman, but the bear thing could actually be a huge problem and I would hate for anyone to put their food in their tent, because bears can smell food from quite a far distance away and that could be disaster. So, final tip, store your food far away from your sleeping quarters while you are out in the wilderness and get a RTIC Roto-Cooler and stay safe. Time to go cook some marsh mellows on the stove and pretend like I’m cooking them on a campfire, ha ha, just kidding!

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