Corner Sauna

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When I first started looking for an infrared sauna, I really really wanted a corner sauna. The shape of it when you’r in it, the way it tucks back into the corner of a room, and just being off center in general is something that’s appealing to me, However, once I learned exactly how long it took for some of the saunas I’ve tested to heat up, I realized what a disadvantage corner saunas have over regular rectangular models. it all comes down to cubic footage… when you have more dead air space, the preheat time is going to be longer, not matter what kind or how many heaters you stuff into the sauna cabinet. That said, once I learned of the  saunas with full coverage, it became even more clear why I shouldn’t get a standard corner sauna like I intended.

There Are Tons Of Reviews Of Corner Saunas — But How Many Of These People Have Actually Been In More Than 5 Infrared Sauna Brands???


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