How To Create Your Own Fashion Blog (that get’s noticed!)

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The reality of starting a fashion blog can be quite different to the dream.

In an adverse dimension (and fantasy world), all you would have to do to make your fashion blog a success is write about your favourite designs, styles and trends and the money would just roll in as everyone recognises your genius perspective on the topics of your choosing – Not likely.

The fact is, competition among bloggers is getting pretty serious. Millions of new blogs are posted each day and everyone with any digital marketing sense is awake to the potential of a well-positioned story or key word.

6.7M people publish blogs on blogging websites, and another 12M write blogs using their social networks (NM Incite)

Not only that, but there are also countless people out there who do it just for fun.

The most active demographic group for blogging is 21-to-35 year olds with 53.3% of the total blogging population. (Sysomos)

Starting a fashion blog takes planning, commitment and a LOT of energy. That’s why we’ve developed these 10 top tips for starting a fashion blog that gets noticed. Here you can delve into what makes a fantastic fashion blog and arm yourself with the tools necessary to strut your stuff!

Starting a fashion blog tip 1: Choose your style

In a world where image is everything, you need to get yours right.

You may already have ideas about how your blog is going to look. If not then you need to ensure that you choose one that aligns with the preferences of your target audience as well as what type(s) of fashion you’re going to be blogging about. When you have chosen your style, you then need to take this idea and build on it so it is reverberated throughout your entire fashion blog, creating a ‘whole picture’ of the image, and the strong brand identity that you should aiming to achieve.

This includes activities like the following:

  • Creating a logo
  • Creating page themes
  • Creating additional marketing materials
  • Designing social media ads and page content

Combined, these little attributes will give you a more balanced picture of what your overall site will look like. It will also highlight which additional materials you will need to fill the gaps as your fashion blog develops. E.g. photography, reviews, relevant links.

It’s always useful to look at how other fashion bloggers are styling their pages, however, mustn’t buy into it too much! The most captivating and cutting edge innovations that we see in the fashion industry tend to be from those who aren’t afraid to be a little different or present in a slightly alternative way – so why not try something new?

Aside from aesthetics, you need to always ensure that any styling decision you make does not only satisfy your own personal tastes, but is perceived as relevant and engaging towards your readers. For example in Men’s fashion, a dark or black theme may be considered more captivating, whereas on in Women’s fashion, a light or white background could be preferable – Do your research!

“In this ever-changing society, the most powerful and enduring brands are built from the heart. They are real and sustainable. Their foundations are stronger because they are built with the strength of the human spirit, not an ad campaign. The companies that are lasting are those that are authentic.”
(Howard Schultz)

Starting a fashion blog tip 2: Choosing a domain name

When starting a fashion blog, choosing a domain name is just as difficult as choosing a business name, as it is how you will be identified online. The name needs to fit in with your business, but also be easy to promote so try the following pointers when choosing yours:

  • Make it easy to type and avoid words with two spellings
  • Keep it short: You don’t want to confuse people
  • Use key words (if possible) but also try not to go for the most generic phrase e.g., instead try or something similar
  • Target your area (if it benefits you): This technique is better for you fashion blog only if you are in fact targeting a specific area – Decide if this is necessary.
  • Avoid confusing numbers and hyphens – Let’s not get too technical
  • Be memorable: You want users to be able to remember that really cool pic or piece of content they saw the other day and who made it so they can tell their friends!

Choosing a domain name that aspires to all of these attributes can be a brilliant start to your fashion blog as you are already ticking boxes for basic SEO (search engine optimisation) which could help your site rank better for key search terms on Google.

Starting a fashion blog tip 3: Refine your image

Consistency is going to be a massive part of how you establish your brand and build your online reputation so you need to ensure that – no matter how laborious it gets – you keep drilling down the details until you reach perfection.

Consumers love consistency as it more comforting to pursue something that we recognise and understand than something we do not.

81% of U.S. online consumers trust information and advice from blogs.

A strong and refined image can help you to establish your brand and create something that is easily identifiable. When a business has achieved this, it is then often seen as a more dependable resource, as your audience is beginning to know what to expect, and recognise you from previous encounters.

Furthermore, when looking for partner brands, strong photography and portraying yourself as a fashion blogger that big brands would be comfortable associating themselves with is a must! Serious businesses take the image of their connections almost as seriously as they do their own.

Starting a fashion blog tip 4: Seek opportunities

Just because your business is predominantly online, doesn’t mean you have to be.

One of the best ways of expanding your network is to get out there and meet the people that you’re dealing with! Discover opportunities to access your influencers, customers and competitors in their raw and unair-brushed form.

To get started, you could try any of the following:

– Visit fashion shows: Gain some real perspective on what you’re writing about by having immersive experiences at the key events of your sector. Whenever there is a plausible opportunity to do this go for it! Besides, events have great tagability, photo, and networking opportunities

– Go to new season product launches: If you see it first, you are at an instant advantage. First hand accounts and experiences give you more credibility as you know next seasons secrets and can stay ahead of trends in your industry.

– Join networking groups: Give yourself the opportunity to meet people with similar interest, new suppliers and new business partners. It will be a bit unnerving at first, but with more experience, your confidence will build and you’ll be able to start pitching naturally.

– Discover the causes that your most desired connections care for and find a way to get involved: Building common connections between your business and a those that you desire to be associated with can be really useful as you can demonstrate aligned values and create opportunities to get some valuable face time.

You’ll be nervous and you won’t get it right every time, but with a little bit of practice you could soon make the connections that will really help your fashion blog take off! Why not start with smaller brands (and less scary CEO’s) first, then build the size of the connection that you’re trying to make alongside your confidence.

The possibilities are endless, just keep in mind that this is often very time consuming and you still have a business to run, so try not to get too distracted.

“The ladder of success is best-climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity” – Ayn Rand

Starting a fashion blog tip 5: Utilise social media channels

This is a relatively cheap and essential way of attracting traffic to your fashion blog. There are so many users worldwide that you can access at just the click of a button. In 2016, we saw record breaking numbers of users:

Facebook 1,509,000,000

Twitter 320,000,000

Instagram 400,000,000

Snapchat 200,000,000

(Worldwide, April 2016, Statista)

Blogs, videos, photographs and graphical content are all great for sharing on social media channels for fashion related businesses. They often have a high engagement rate, ‘sharability’ and ‘tagability’ – that is if you are working with brands and seeking to boost your profile through them.

If you intend on being quite active on social media, you can make the management of your profiles easier by using channel management platforms such as Sprout or Hootsuite. These tools can give you a more in depth insight into your post or page performance, help you free up time and remain engaging to your audience by giving you the ability to schedule and assist you in measuring performance against key competitors.

Be sure to make the most out of this, even if it doesn’t generate any direct sales, it will help to boost your brand, accessibility and online presence.

Starting a fashion blog tip 6: Get interactive

Having a blog doesn’t mean that you can only produce text based content. In fact, this might even be detrimental to your site and user experience.

Google loves a bit of variety and so do your users, so mix it up! Use videos, infographics, downloadable PDFs and guides, animations, reviews, podcasts, webinars and any other crazy formats that you can think of to display your work.

When you look into the average shares for each type of post, the statistics speak for themselves. According to a study by from a sample of 757,317 posts, the following was discovered:

  • List posts (sample size 99,935):

Average total shares: 10,734

Average referring domain links: 6.19

Correlation of total shares and referring domain links: 0.092

  • Quiz posts (sample size 69,757)

Average total shares: 1,374

Average referring domain links: 1.6

Correlation of total shares and referring domain links: 0.048

  • Why posts (sample size 99,876)

Average total shares: 1,443

Average referring domain links: 5.66

Correlation of total shares and referring domain links: 0.125

  • How to posts (sample size 99,937)

Average total shares: 1,782

Average referring domain links: 4.41

Correlation of total shares and referring domain links: 0.025

  • Inforgraphics (sample size 98,912)

Average total shares: 268

Average referring domain links: 3.67

Correlation of total shares and referring domain links: 0.017

  • Videos (sample size 99,520)

Average total shares: 8,572

Average referring domain links: 4.13

Correlation of total shares and referring domain links: 0.091

No one wants to scroll through page after page of text, so as a result, you should see longer session durations, higher engagement levels and all round more traffic – Providing all content is optimised correctly.

Starting a fashion blog tip 7: Optimise your content

This will be one of the most important aspects of your site as it will affect how you are seen from search engines.

Now, if you are considering starting a fashion blog, one would assume that you are in possession of basic SEO knowledge, so most of this you will know already, however, those who simply have a passion for fashion that they want to drive into a successful business idea need to listen up!

When Google is reading your website, it takes into consideration several factors so that it decide which position or ‘rank’ your article should receive in a search result. Other than a few Google officials, no one really knows what the best final combination of these aspects is, so each writer must make an educated guess on how best to use them.

1) Key word density – Although some believe this to be a myth. It has been found that having a certain key word density throughout the duration of your text can be a useful contributor towards page rank. Also keep in mind that related terms such as, for example, “Short sleeve jacket” and “Jacket with short sleeves” are also thought to be taken into consideration, meaning that you do not necessarily have to use your key word in every instance possible.

2) Key word positioning – Placing your key word strategically throughout your articles is also though to help boost your ranking. Here are several places that you should position your key search term, EVERY time:

– Title

– Sub title(s)

– First sentence of your first paragraph

– Meta title

– Meta description

– Text body

3) Linking – Attaching your content to an authoritive source, even though it points users away from your website, is also thought to assist in building a better rank. The more authoritive the link, the better, so search for statistics from established and reputable sources like .gov or .org websites or Forbes and Vogue that you can link to.

4) Images – Optimising your images is an important aspect of content writing as it is easy points. You need to ensure that all images you use in your fashion blog are named with a term that includes your key word and have an alt and description aspect that includes the same. This means that Google can more readily read you images and can assign a better value to their presence.

5) Content writers golden rule: Never compromise article quality. Although some content writers obsess about key word density and such, the most important aspect of your content is the quality. Keeping an article on topic, engaging and informative is far more important than anything else. So never ever sacrifice the specificity of your writing for the addition of a key word.

If you’ve ever doubted the value of well written and optimised content, then you need to consider this: 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. On average, 33% of search traffic goes to the web page holding the top position of a search result, more than 60% of traffic share goes to the top three results and a mere 8% of search traffic goes to the rest of the results.

Basically, it pays to be as close to the top of a search result as possible.

Starting a fashion blog tip 8: Plan ahead

Blogging is a very ‘in the moment’ style of working, and the fashion industry itself doesn’t exactly move slowly either so you need to have your whit’s about you. Planning in advance can help you to avoid late night tumbles to catch up with events relevant to your industry.

Try creating a calendar for all of your key events for throughout your year as well as the standard seasonal additions like Christmas, Easter and New Year and you will soon find yourself ahead of the game. The more you use and update your calendar, the more useful it will be so don’t be shy about adding things that aren’t set in stone yet or that you’re not too sure about.

It’s better to have it there and not need it than need it and completely forget!

Starting a fashion blog tip 9: Track everything!

You need to be able to prove the value of your site to any potential partners and stakeholders. So having the relevant statistics there when you need them is a real plus! At the end of the day, the decision makers that you’re looking to connect with rarely get trusted in a position such as this if they just buy whatever anyone tells them to. They need hard evidence and part of your pitch to these people will be providing that.

Statistics that may be able to help you are aspects such as traffic, social media impressions, social media followers, the demographics of your audience, your bounce rate and your average session duration. You need to prove to these people that their consumers listen to what you say, so providing them with a breakdown of information like this you can demonstrate to a certain degree how your fashion blog and their business fit together.

Social media pages usually have their own analytics where you can gain an insight into your performance, but when it comes to your actual website, it’s a little more complicated.

However, there’s no need to worry, there are some great tools out there that can help you to stay on top of your stats and track your progress.

Google analytics: This is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic.

Learn how to set up Google analytics for your website here>>

URL Campaign Builder: Use this to refine your Google analytics even further by creating trackable links for everything. Doing this means that you can gain a clearer insight into what is working and what isn’t.

Learn how to use URL Campaign Builder here>>

Starting a fashion blog tip 10: Be patient

Great things take time and, chance are, you’ll discover there’s a lot more to do when starting a fashion blog than you initially thought. Fear not! Being patient and committed will help you to plough on when tasks start to get a bit laborious and time consuming.

“Patients is not the ability to wait but how you act while you’re waiting” – Joyce Meyer

Keep your plans up to date, remember to take a break and above all else, don’t give up! Success could be just around the corner.

Although there is no set time that it takes to start a fashion blog that gets noticed, you may want to keep in mind the six month rule. Traction from search engines tends to begin to build at this point – providing your content is valuable.

From this point forward, momentum should begin to build and you should see spikes in traffic, higher numbers of subscribers and a blogging morale boost! If you don’t see any signs of this what-so-ever, you may want to delve into what you have been doing and reassess things slightly – The sooner you can correct any mistakes or improve, the better for your blog.

Get started on your fashion blog!

There is a lot of advice out there for you to take advantage of when starting a fashion blog. The first step is always the hardest, be brave, do your research and don’t be afraid to get started.

“The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself” – Mark Caine

Good luck!

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