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Health Crystal Saunas
Health is one thing we should never neglect despite the busy schedules we might be having. One of the most effective ways through which you can boost your overall health is through getting rid of the unwanted thoughts and stress through saunas. A sauna is designed to bring you a multitude of benefits some of which include; detoxification, improved blood circulation, weight loss, pain, and arthritis relief, skin purification, and plenty more. There are many types of saunas available in the market such as crystal saunas, infrared saunas, wood-burning saunas, smoke sauna, and steam sauna among others.
Crystal saunas have the most excellent benefits among all the saunas. This is because the saunas are designed with unique and innovative features to give the best results. In this sauna, your body is pampered and relaxed in an environment with 70° to 80° C air temperature. The humidity in a crystal sauna ranges from 10% to 15% to give you an instant healing effect. This easily clears the airways in your body while removing the surplus material and toxins from the body to provide you with a more flexible and smoother skin. Some crystal saunas are portable and designed for use in both outdoor and indoor settings.
There are several types of crystal saunas ranging from primary series, family series, to luxury series. The primary series is designed to offer essential heating services at a budget value. This model comes with a multimedia player, interior and exterior lights, as well as an oxygen ionizer. The sauna sells at a pocket-friendly price. The family series crystal sauna has an elegant modern design with a large heating area. Some models can hold up to four people at a go. These saunas are equipped with ergonomic backrests and color therapy lights. The luxury crystal sauna series are elegantly designed with superior artistry to offer the largest heating area available in the market. They are designed to provide an excellent and relaxing sauna resting.
Choosing the best crystal sauna can be an uphill task. However, this article is going to take you through the best saunas to provide you with formidable facts to help you make an informed decision while purchasing a crystal sauna.
Crystal Sauna – Luxury Infrared Sauna LC400, 4-5 Person
This is a premium luxury crystal sauna with a capacity of up to five people. The design of this sauna is classy fitted with portable ergonomic backrests to give a great relaxing experience. This sauna classifies as one of the best in the market due to the significant number of premium features it holds. The features are enhanced to take your sauna experience to a higher level.
This sauna is designed with premium carbon far infrared heating technology. It is equipped with 12 carbon fiber heaters. Also, the floor of the sauna is fitted with heaters to give your feet warmth and much-needed comfort. One of the most amazing features of this sauna is the wall to wall heating system that ensures the sauna is uniformly heated to eliminate cold or hot spots. This makes the sauna unique in the market as it has the highest heat coverage area. This sauna is also fitted with a hot air circulation system that considerably reduces power usage. The sauna has a more extensive bench for maximum relaxation and comfort. The comfort is enhanced with portable backrests that promotes a neutral sitting posture that allows you to adjust it to your desired position. In addition to the physical rest, the sauna is fitted with a premium media player to enable you to listen to your desired music as you free your thoughts. The player has a remote control that allows you to navigate the system at the comfort of your sitting place. Besides, this sauna is equipped with seven color therapy lights that help you to ease tension and get rid of stress while using the sauna. The sauna also has an oxygen ionizer which keeps the air inside the sauna fresh while killing the bacteria and removing the unwanted odor.
The dimensions of this sauna are 61.8 x 78.7 x 75 inches. It weighs 600 pounds. The sauna requires a power input of 220V. The benches inside the sauna are 24 inches, making it comfortable for use by five persons.
Design and durability
The material used to make this sauna is highly durable and resistant to heat damage. The carbon heaters used have a life span of up to 100,000 hours of use. The design for the benches is broader and more profound for increased comfort. Also, the seats are firmly fitted and have adjustment control as per the user’s preference.
Ease of use
This premium luxury sauna is easy to use and is fit for purpose by the whole family. The remote controls for the multimedia player and the color therapy lights make the control easier without having to leave the comfortable seat.
Health benefits
This sauna has terrific health benefits due to the enhanced features it has. This sauna can improve blood circulation in the body which in turn stimulates the sweat glands which frees up the toxins from the body. This leads to massive detoxification. Pain relief is the other health benefit you can derive from this sauna. Weight loss and burning of calories is yet another health benefit you can get from this sauna. According to research by the US army, a single session in the sauna can help burn up to 600 calories. This is due to the increased heart rate and the sweating process involved in the session.
Crystal Sauna BH300 3-Person
This is a premium infrared crystal sauna. It is desirable and a top selection for most users for the pleasant heating system incorporated in the sauna. The sauna has a uniform heating characteristic that ensures that there are no extremely hot or cold spots in the sauna. For a home setting, this is a sauna that will give you a 100% comfort.
As a premium sauna, this sauna is equipped with cutting edge features that help you to obtain wonderful results. To provide you with a pleasant heating environment, the sauna is fitted with pure carbon far heating infrared heating technology. This heating technology provides delightful heat which profoundly penetrates your body to give a long-lasting effect. This technology ensures the sauna heats up faster which reduces the power usage by the sauna. The walls of the sauna are designed to prevent the heat from seeping away. The sauna has a leg heating feature to ensure your body is uniformly heated. Another fantastic feature installed in the sauna is a multimedia player that allows you to play your favorite music as you relax. This sauna also has an inbuilt oxygen ionizer system which purifies the air inside the sauna, removing bad odor and killing the bacteria.
Health benefits
The most significant health benefit derived from this sauna is increasing blood circulation while stimulating your sweat glands. This helps to free up toxins from your body. Additionally, the sauna increases your heart rate while increasing the sweating process and thus helps in the burning of calories. The media player system and the seven color technology helps to reduce stress.Crystal Sauna 2-Person Infrared Sauna with Eight Carbon Heaters and Color Therapy Lights
This is a family series sauna. It is designed with a capacity of two people, and thus, it is a perfect choice for couples.
This sauna features eight carbon fiber heaters. The heaters have the capability of covering up to 4000sq. Inch including the floor surface of the sauna. The benches in this sauna are 20.5 inches and are equipped with a portable ergonomic backrest. Also, the sauna is fitted with a JVC sound system that plays a variety of multimedia ranging from FM, CD, MP3, among others. The sauna is also equipped with seven colors therapy lights with a remote control for a peaceful time inside the sauna. The sauna also has interior and exterior LED controls for both temperature and time. The door and the windows of this sauna are made from thick tempered glass to enhance your privacy. An oxygen ionizer and a roof vent are fitted to the sauna to ensure good air circulation in the sauna.
This sauna requires a power input of 120 volts, 1800 Watts.
Ease of use
This sauna is easy to control and operate. The added multimedia player and color therapy systems come with remote controls for efficient control while at the comfort of your seat.
Health benefits
This sauna provides a myriad of benefits to its users. It increases blood circulation which results in the removal of body toxins. Increased blood flow also increases the heart rate which helps in the burning of calories. The infrared produced from the sauna considerably help to ease the pain from aching joints and sore muscles. The sauna also helps you to improve the skin tone by getting rid of the dead skin cells.
Final Thoughts
When selecting a sauna, quality and design are the essential factors to consider. Innovativeness and uniqueness of features are also vital elements to observe. The grade of heaters should also be considered to ensure they have a high life expectancy as well as a pleasant heating capability.

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