A Day In The Life Of An Aspiring Successful Blogger

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This is an excerpt that I want to share from my personal notes, from a little over 8 months ago now. Perhaps someone will get some benefits from it somehow, as I was really struggling just before this time period, and I would have liked to read something like this that I could relate to during that time.

*notes to self: this was originally written in November of 2016

What It Takes To Accelerate Your Timeline For A Successful Blog

  • go away into seclusion from all distractions
  • get into an all or nothing state
  • have a routine regimen with rituals to lock it in
  • understand you must be willing to sacrifice the short term, to forever change the rest of your life long term

Is It Hard? Fuck Yes.

But only at first…

You actually get used to it after a bit. And you can easily give yourself bonuses for continuing to do well and stay on target.

Case Studies Are For The Birds – Usually

For instance, I didn’t have to do a four wheeler case study. It’s certainly NOT the most profitable choice, that’s for sure. (little money in that small niche, compared to something more mainstream. Same effort, less payoff.)

BUT, and this is a big but, it provides leaps and bounds on my happiness scale, and gets me through the days when I struggle.

When I can’t seem to hit my writing groove, but I have to produce anyway, a quick ride on the Sportsman 570 and my mind is refreshed. ATV riding IS my favorite thing ever since I was a boy, after all. My thinking was to mix in some play from childhood, that I know for certain at my deepest core, I love to do. Pure fun. Unlimited creativity. Limitless exploration.

Oh, and it also helps that I came to a place in the boonies up in Maine with nothing but millions of acres to go riding in.

However, I must keep my mind focused on building my blog. So to tie it all in, it had to meet a requirement of being involved somehow… So I decided to create a case study combining the two, and will also allow me to create a marketing hook (“How I Got A Polaris Sportsman 570 For FREE… And You Can Too”!) that can reach a demographic I probably wouldn’t have had access to otherwise. The right one? Who knows, but it’ll be a fun experiment and keep me on track to move toward my goal.

What Do I Do Everyday Exactly?

  • wake up 4:45 – 5:15 AM (no alarm)
  • start a fire (it was 22 degrees on November 15th)
  • make coffee, but no drinking it yet
  • go for a walk under-dressed (I will often meander about what I’m going to write about that day beforehand)
  • sit down in the cold, sip coffee, start writing for 1-4 hours
  • break to eat breakfast
  • swallow my stack (daily supplement list here)
  • write until noon
  • go outside and play for 2 hours (cut firewood, go atv riding, help a neighbor, etc.. only requirement is be outdoors in the sun) – I very often get my best ideas while on a country drive, and sometimes rush home to take notes if I don’t have my phone to make videos to myself as a reminder)
  • Eat lunch
  • Work some more
  • Calisthenics
  • play some more
  • dinner
  • discovery play work (ideas, keyword research, competitive research, etc…)
  • sleep ritual – hot shower, hot cocoa, supplements, clever questions — ask the unconscious journaling, guidance of the universe, read better beliefs, binaural beats, relaxation tracks, healing sounds
  • sleep at 9:20 pm

Cliffs: everything is in alignment. Distractions removed, moving the body is daily life requirement, set times for work, attacking the challenging tasks first thing, and allowing space for creativity, play, and general “doing things with the hands” idle time where very often, the best ideas come from. Strange at times, but it works. Lonely other times, but contemplative time is uninterrupted for days and weeks on end. There seems to be a cumulative effect for me, and takes about 1 – 2 weeks to disconnect from city life habits… but that is just the beginning.

Interesting Influences (or the lack thereof)

It’s very interesting to me when I go into this mode, knowing I must become a creator. I become more sensitive to outside influences, and actually have reactions of irritableness when surrounded by others not in alignment with my desired direction.

I think deep down, I know it is a challenge for me to do this and accomplish my goal. I know in my gut that I must use all of my energy to create my vision, and any little distraction or wrong push in any direction can throw me off course just 2 degrees. And we all know a 2 degree change in course over 1,000 miles, is one hell of a different destination than you set out for!  (I learned this by timing my drive from Orlando to Maine — 1,536 miles to be exact)

I often wish I was not this way, and could easily be around people that don’t share my same goals, and it not affect me. But unfortunately, I think this is the reality is for me at this moment, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to succeed at creating the life I want, even if that means limiting my exposure to everything and everyone if that’s what it takes. (I don’t think everyone is the same… we all have a unique personality. But the main thing that matters, is figuring out what works for YOU to be able to get where YOU want to go…. this is what I would tell my former self)

I should note, that I do not watch TV. I do not read tabloids. I especially DO NOT under any circumstances consume any form of news while I’m doing this. There is so much negativity in the world that we’re constantly bombarded by, most people don’t realize the severity of it without unplugging for a few weeks. (I’m on week 3 of living in a cabin in the woods btw) Any little bit of unnecessary worry or transference of self doubt could be detrimental to success during this foundation building period over the last few months. It’s hard enough as it is, as most people don’t believe creating a lifestyle business from nothing is truly possible in a short period of time.

The Effects On Friends And Family

  • They don’t understand – I haven’t made it clear maybe? Perhaps I can’t??
  • I can’t have visitors – Need to be alone, but don’t truly want to be alone deep down. Just all I’ve done is struggle any other way. (I get more done in a month here than I do in 3 back home)
  • I do get lonely, but my productivity and thought processes really are different with zero outside influences – is there a such thing a energy influence? could that be what I’m feeling?
    • Something is going on unconsciously that is guiding me in some way, not exactly sure what it is, but I’ll take it!!! 🙂 (I’ve also noticed that this increases when I ask for guidance when doing my nighttime ritual… I need to blog about this specifically at a later date – lots of creative answers to questions)

Could I do the same thing in the city? Sure. But this feels better to me. Faster. Easier. Insights from nature walks are reeeeeeeally hard to replicate. Four wheeler rides, and the ability to incorporate justifiable play that ties in to my #1 goal, is pretty much priceless at this point.

My Personal Takeaways From This Experience

Learn to listen to my body. Something was telling me to do this 5 months ago. I questioned it, highly considered it, but didn’t pull the trigger. I sought guidance from friends and family, but got a mixed bag of advice that ultimately didn’t help me choose to do what I KNEW I needed to in the first place.

Was I looking for my vision to be validated? I’m not sure. Did I feel like I needed permission to go against the grain and create what I knew was possible? I think so, I just didn’t realize it at the time.

I got a lot of comments when I mentioned that I wanted to go away and start a blog or internet business like:

  • Why do you wanna be in the middle of nowhere by yourself to do that?
  • Are you running away from something?
  • There’s no reason why you can’t just do it here in Orlando.
  • Why don’t you focus on XXXXXXX Business instead, those are your strong points.
  • Ya I don’t know if that’s really going to work out?
  • Think you can make it work from way up there in Maine?
  • What are you going to do for money?
  • You need to do “blah blah insert here” … repeatedly.

While they’re valid comments, going away and doing just that is exactly what I needed to do. Contrary to running AWAY from something, in my mind I was running head on into it. I was putting myself in the situation I needed to be in, to bring the ideas I had into fruition.


I finally reached a breaking point 2 months before leaving for Maine in mid 2016. One day I realized that I no longer needed to talk about what I wanted to do if it was ever going to work out. I no longer needed to run my ideas by my friends to see what they thought of my blog idea, and whether or not it could work or not. I realized that it didn’t matter anymore, and that I knew more about this subject matter than anyone I was asking, or had access to in my network.

There were only a handful of people in the world I knew of that could properly guide me at that time, and I didn’t have access to them. I no longer needed any form of permission. I was committed. At that moment, I was going to do it no matter what anyone said. No more questions. I didn’t know if it was going to work, but I knew how to try.

And that my friends, is the moment everything changed.

I now know that I needed some form of confidence, but not from the normal sources. I needed a little bit of success, to prove to myself that I could push through the phase of no results, hardship, and self doubt in the early stages of trying to build something when nothing is happening. Perhaps this is what has kept me from succeeding in the past? I’m not sure, but I love the journey!

I needed to see some type of explanation. I needed to see someone else have a little success, or some guidance, or something… Just to get me over the initial hump. The only problem was, and I didn’t know this at the time, is that you cannot get this from people who are not capable (or have the desire) of doing what you want to do. So instead of getting useful advice, you get unhelpful self limiting advice, because you’re trying to embark on an adventure no one else can see themselves signing up for.

I believe this is why I feel so strongly about removing one’s self from all surroundings, so you can go into whatever mode you need to, to create what you want. Ideas are easy for me, it’s executing them where the trouble begins. We all like to talk about our aspirations with friends and those closest to us, but even our best relationships can sometimes be dream killers unintentionally.

Daily Consumption Habits

I think one of the biggest things I’ve recognized and learned throughout this process and exploration, is how much we can be affected by our habits, environment, and influences we allow into our lives for daily consumption.

There is something to be said about creating space for something new to come in to your life, and while I can’t really put my finger on it, nor explain it in the best detail, there is some component of our daily lives that has us running around like a mouse on a wheel. Until we slow down, and create periods of rest from the wheel spinning at all (acronym for our brains, and daily thought processes), it’s almost like we don’t make room for what we really want to come into our lives.

I may read this at a later date and think that I’m a little nuts, or possibly on ayahuasca trip deep in the forest. lol But this is what’s coming to me right now. I originally wrote this on 10/07/16, even though it may have been updated or edited at a later date if I ever publish it live.

I’m curious: if you have or are building a successful blog or lifestyle business, does any of this sound like it’s in alignment with any of your experiences? Will you share with me what it was or is like for you in the comments below?

Think I’m nuts? I agree with you… this has been a strange experience for me too. lol Comment below anyway…


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