Dialpad vs. RingCentral: Which Is Better for Business Use?

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When it comes to running a successful business on a large scale with many moving parts, one of the most critical functions that requires great attention is that of maintaining and streamlining communication. Business situations are highly dynamic and require an efficient and swift channel of communication that connect every person involved with every other related stakeholder. This is much easier said than done and requires a large amount of organisational patience as well as effort.

To make the job easier for everyone involved, there are certain software designed such that you can be connected to everyone irrespective of your location. These are software that offer Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions and offer integrated services for businesses to be better connected at all times.

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Two such brands that offer business-grade VoIP solutions are Dialpad and RingCentral. This article will discuss the basic features that each of these softwares offer and the reviews of their operation. A thorough inquiry of their features and offerings will be made along with the value of the offerings based on price. Eventually, we will reach a decision about what software works better for what business, which will help you take a call on which one is ideally suited to you.

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RingCentral Overview

One of the most renowned business solutions for communication today, RingCentral is one of those companies that invests in innovation and keeps coming up with new solutions. RingCentral offers tier-1 services throughout North America, Europe as well as Asia. Not only is it priced well for the services that it has to offer, it has a pedigree of powering some of the biggest corporations around the world like Bavarian Motor Works (BMW), Twitter and other such corporations whose operations span the entire globe. They have their services running at several businesses of all sizes from small to large, with a total of over 350,000 business customers running on their systems. Thus, they have some excellent experience as well as expertise when it comes to offering communication solutions to corporate entities.

RingCentral Plans

RingCentral Office for businesses starts at $19.99 per user per month. It includes all the private branch exchange (PBX) administration functions along with mobile app use of Android as well as iOS. Apart from this, the plan also includes 1,000 toll-free minutes along with unlimited conference calling, business SMS, fax, mobile/desktop unified apps for messaging that also include services of HD video conferencing. Not only this, it also includes integration software for those who are running the Microsoft Office suite as well as other team collaboration tools.

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RingCentral also offers a premium plan at $34.99 per user per month that adds more features than the already existing ones in the normal plan. These features include a multi-level auto attendant, caller ID for inbound calls, call-recording facility as well as the single sign-on (SSO) features. You also get 2,500 minutes of toll-free calling as against the 1,000 minutes that are available in the base plan.

RingCentral for Google is another version that has been released recently that syncs with Google Suite. RingCentral for Google, along with the aforementioned features, also offers Google calendar sync with conference meeting scheduling that has a dial-in conference line. It also syncs with Google Hangouts to use it as a communications hub for up to 1,000 users while also combining contact lists for an easier search network for the user.

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Dialpad Overview

Dialpad is one of the new entrants in the market when it comes to VoIP solutions, and it picking up some pace when it comes to reviews and efficiency of operation. Set up only in 2014, Dialpad has gone on to become one of the better-known services that rely on softphones and a streamlined interface for ease of use. Dialpad, owing to the uphill task of stepping into a market with established players, offers a free 30-day trial pack where you just have to sign up. If you specify that you have a small company (up to 5 people), you will be up and running in a matter of minutes. If the size is bigger then a Dialpad representative will guide you through a step-wise process and assess whether the company infrastructure is adequate when it comes to running all the services that are part of Dialpad’s offerings. After a test run, you will be able to use the features that Dialpad offers. Dialpad’s basic features are the same as any other VoIP service while trying to offer greater connectivity to all your devices. After the free trial is over, the service costs $15 per user per month.

You can register several devices on Dialpad and connect them to your account in order to avail all the services on these devices irrespective of your location or current usage. Incoming calls will ring on all devices while transferring calls from one device to another is also possible. Dialpad also shows when a user is available or not through a green dot along their contact name. This feature is called Presence Management. When it comes to management, there is a very clean and minimalistic dashboard that allows you to view all basic operations in one place at one time. The grouping of these operations is based on several themes and headings like Office, Analytics, Call Queues, Departments and Billing. Call forwarding can be set based on business hours with different lines that can be set for different hours of the day – business and personal. The Department category allows you to look inside the entire channel of call routing based on departments that take place at that time. Analytics obviously provides insights into the variety of calls placed, answered and missed over any given period of time.

Dialpad Plans

The standard plan at Dialpad begins at $15 per month per user which goes up to $25 per month per user in the Pro plan and $35 per month per user for the Enterprise plan. Owing to the fact that Dialpad is a software as a service (SaaS) company, they come up with a range of updates with features that integrate newer developments in communication. One of the recent updates included the ability to start UberConferences from anywhere while also integrating the calling feature to recognize and sync with Alexa-based devices such as the Amazon Echo. Apart from this, when it comes to third-party integration, Dialpad is up there with any other. Integrations are possible with Google Suite, Office 365, Salesforce and other such services.

Feature Comparison

When it comes to the services that DialPad and RingCentral offer, there are more similarities than differences. However, the entire suite of features offered by RingCentral is almost unmatched when it comes to the range that it covers. A total of 53 features can be availed through the services of RingCentral which is a more traditional VoIP solution that has expanded its offerings into communication of all types. One must also consider that they have been in the market since 1999, whereas Dialpad made its entry 15 years later. They offer a total of 18 features and would be better referred to as a modern cloud communication system that merges voice, messaging, video and appointments in one platform. Therefore, when it comes to the range of features, RingCentral certainly has a larger range, but most business functions can also be sufficed through the Dialpad offerings. Here are a few differences that stand out in this respect.

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Call Monitoring

In relation to features and offerings, there are a couple of places where Dialpad falls short and later updates are expected to look into these problems as well. One such issue is that of call monitoring. While Dialpad offers the basic call recording feature where you can go back and listen to a conversation between a customer service rep and a customer, this can only be done once the call is completed. The call monitoring feature in other products includes the ability to listen in on calls and provide instant feedback which can go a long way in improving the performance of aspects such as customer service.


Another feature that Dialpad has not integrated entirely is that of collaborating. Many competitors in the market offer different collaborative tools that can be accessed during web-based conferencing that allow for document sharing and other forms of collaboration. However, Dialpad does not use its inbuilt software to perform this function but uses the UberConference platform which is a third-party service to undertake this for them. This service also does not allow joint collaboration, while other reviews state that it does not work on Safari or Firefox, only on Chrome. Therefore, when it comes to the features offered, there is a little bit of room for improvement for Dialpad. RingCentral offers the choice to connect your account to Glip for free and have collaborations work through the combination of Glip and RingCentral. The accessibility and smoothness of functioning are much higher in RingCentral as compared to Dialpad when it comes to collaboration.

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The pricing of both Dialpad and RingCentral is pretty competitive and is based on volume of usage. While the standard plan at Dialpad is $15 to $19.99 at RingCentral, there are a range of offerings, as already discussed, covering every basic function of a business when it comes to communication. One thing that RingCentral offers through all their plans is the progressive pricing based on the number of users.

The Pro plan at Dialpad is $25 per month per user whereas it is $19.99 per user per month at RingCentral (depending on the number of users). When billed annually, it is $34.99 for 1 user, $24.99 for 2 to 99 users, $22.99 for 100 to 999 users and $19.99 for 1,000 to 9,999 users. So, as the volume of users increases, it actually becomes cheaper for the company to use the services and streamline their communication all through a single software. The pricing plan of Dialpad is not built to attract large businesses through such a scheme. Even the offerings are more centered toward small- to medium-scale businesses that would be more than happy with the $15 offerings of Dialpad. It might also be that the budget of $10 higher for every price tier might amount to a large amount of money that might not justify the additional offerings provided by RingCentral. If this is the case, you are better off not using those services and waiting for Dialpad to broaden their range of offerings because they will certainly be doing that with every update they bring out.

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Therefore, when it comes to making a pick between the choices that are available in the market for VoIP services or SaaS services, you might be guided by the budget and the size or scale upon which the application is to be undertaken.

RingCentral is a service that makes sense only when the size of the company is large. This makes the entire service cheaper while also allowing the entire employee base to connect through the same service. The broad range of features also helps justify the need and price of the service as a whole. Additionally, the reputation that RingCentral has acquired through powering some of the biggest corporations worldwide is something that adds value to their product.

However, for a small-to medium-scale business, Dialpad might be adequate in serving most of the communicative functions required while being one of the innovative products that is meant to make a few ripples in the market in the future. They are highly innovative and keep coming up with surprising integrations that will be of use going into the future. It also helps that their price points are relatively lower than those of RingCentral – a product whose sophistication and range of offerings might not be all that much necessary for your business yet.

Both the products are highly valuable and successful, but the correct fit for you will depend on the size and scale of the business, the need for specific offerings and the entire budget allocated to it.

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