Dynamic Infrared Sauna Review – True EMF Levels, Price, Complaints

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Dynamic Infrared Sauna Review

In this Dynamic sauna review, I discover the super high emf levels in an infrared sauna bought from Amazon/Costco, that was marketed as being “low emf.” I would later find out that this particular sauna, has

Summary: Pros & Cons

Pros: well made for being from china, much better than the build quality of similar saunas like the JNH Lifestyles I bought
like the niceties, magazine rack, phone holder, etc…
works well, easy to put together

Cons: super high emf levels
I don’t know about you, but where I come from, 60+ milliguass is high as a kite
pissed off because it is marketed as low emf! (proof #1, proof #2)

Would I buy it again? Hell no. Sent it back, trying another brand. I don’t want to be zapped for 60 hours staright in something that is waaaaay over the amercian saftey standra for emf exposure.

My Dynamic Sauna Review:


Where Sold: Amazon, Costco, Walmart, Golden Designs

Manufacturer: Golden Designs Inc Company

Where It’s Made: China

Where I Purchased It: Costco

Price I Paid: $1,000

EMF Readings:
– MG
– RF
– ELF triple axis
– elf single axis
– highest sources

Meters Used For EMF Testing:
– RF Meter
– Milligaus Meter
– Double Checked With
– Re-verified with Trifield Meter

Time To heat Up:

Mex Temp:

Summary: Buy It Or Not?

Absolutely buy it, if you like zapping your cells stronger than 10 smart meters combined. Obviously I’m kidding. Fuck no don’t buy this!

Ease Of Assembly:

Wood Quality:

Off Gassing Or Noticeable Smells:

Who Makes Dynamic Saunas:

My Review & Opinions

As Far As Being An Ultra Low EMF Far INfrared Sauna…
– I don’t know what most people consider low emf, but when a manufacturer specifially states “ultra low emf” I expect it to be under .5 – 1 millgaus at the heating element.

What would you like tested?

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Dynamic Saunas (aka Golden Designs Inc.) Caught Red Handed Lying About “Low EMF” Infrared Sauna Claims, Marketed On Amazon, Costco, Etc…

What Does The Amazon Listing Say? (and I quote… “6 low emf heaters” listed about 6 different times)

Not A Typo, More Like Intentional Deceptive Marketing Taking Advantage Of Vulnerable People Who Don’t Know Any Better

What Is Low EMF Ratings In A Sauna Anyway

What I Measured In My Home After I Purchased This Sauna, Assembled It, & Used It

Over 100 milliguass At The Heaters!

Most People Are Wrong About Assuming EMF Measurements Directly On The Infrared Emitters Matter (they don’t)

No One Talks About The Fall Off Rate (and how THIS is what impacts your body most)

The MEasurements In The Seated Position, 2″ Away From The Rear Heating Elements, Directly Where Your Back Is Positioned, Are Over 60 milliguass depending on where you test

Just How Dangerous Is This Sauna?

That’s not for me to tell you, all I can say is I won’t be using it anymore, and will be making damn sure my friends and family don’t buy one. I can’t tell you what’s a safe magnetic field exposure limit, and what’s not… it’s something ytou have to decide for yourself. The Swedish safety limit is under 2 – 3 mg, and other conflicting ratings are anything under 10 mg, or anything under 40 mg for a short period of time. For people who are about to do the niacn sauna detox protocol, you’re going to sit in a sauna for 60+ hours in less than 30 days. I would not recommend using a high emf sauna for that. Let me put it to you this way… I measured the bank of 10 smart meters outside my building, and it’s about 4 times less than what you’re exposed to in this Dynamic sauna.

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  1. Thank you so much for doing what you do. I wish I read this review 8 years ago when I became ill and I was recommended to use a sauna for 1 hour every day for a long period of time. My husband got me this particular model. I always wonder why instead of getting better I got so much worse.


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