EasyAzon Amazon Affiliate Plugin Review: Is It The Best Amazon Associates Product Review Plugin For WordPress? (hell no!)

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As you can tell from the title, I’m not a fan of this plugin after using it for a couple months. I just finished retroactively editing all my old blog content that used the EasyAzon shortcodes to hotlink images from Amazon, and I’ve replaced it with a MUCH better alternative. Now to be fair, I wouldn’t really compare EasyAzon to AAWP, simply because AAWP is way more robust and was designed that way from the start. In my opinion, I doubt the developers of EasyAzon ever intended it to be something that integrates with Amazon’s API and can give you a review style plugin with up to date pricing, product review data, and more. That said, most people just want something that will geotarget their affiliate programs for the different Amazon affiliate programs, and do not want to mess with a homegrown solution and Maxmind.

Please noteI don’t link to EasyAzon at all anymore (and I took my affiliate link down), because I don’t think you should buy it. I Stopped using it myself, and I don’t want to make money with something I can’t personally get behind, or recommend as a good solution for a particular need.

Why EasyAzon Is A Steaming Pile Of Shit When It Comes To Updating

The setup and easy of use of EasyAzon is second to none. The only issue I had with the product data itself, was the image size choices… none of them were proportionately a good fit for my content, and I still had to manually download and edit images in order to get them to look right. The real true bug I encountered, was the plugin always having updates available that wouldn’t ever complete, and then create duplicate plugins in the dashboard anytime you tried to remedy this… and they appeared to not be syncing with each other. (I bought the upgrade)

Even after repeatedly re-downloading/reinstalling and clearing db entries, it still throws errors.
I lived with this constant update notification in my dashboard for months… no more! (note- the triple plugins??? wtf man come on)

While this didn’t affect the plugin from actually working (I’m trying to be nice here), my gut tells me that I shouldn’t trust the geo-targeting after looking at things under the hood. Having previous experience with geolocation databases and linking, I’m well versed on how fast things can change… and that means updates: something EasyAzon is severely lacking in my opinion. Are there people out there who love the plugin and make extra money as an Amazon affiliate because of it? Absolutely, that’s why I bought it, but in the end it wasn’t right for me and I can’t recommend it.

Why so much distaste?

I got really pissed off after installing, uninstalling, reinstalling, and even re-downloading EasyAzon… pretty much everything a guy could do to get this thing to work right, and nothing would ever get rid of the duplicate plugin (with an out of date error constantly) in my dashboard. After fucking with it for a while, I didn’t even bother contacting support… my gut told me the plugin wasn’t up to par with the future of what I wanted to create (or the rapidly increasing rate that WordPress versions are getting updated), but might be suitable for a little niche blog making a few hundred bucks a month I guess. Eh, didn’t wanna give their dev guys a hard time either, I don’t hate on them for creating a product that solves a need… It just wasn’t solving my need, and it just wasn’t worth my time after seeing and testing other solutions that work way better.

But here, with you guys, I have an obligation to report what my personal user experience has been like… and it’s been frustrating to say the least, plus I’m already using a much better alternative that I’m very happy with (AAWP)… no need to waste time on a dead horse.

So What’s Really Wrong With The EasyAzon Plugin?

  • doesn’t update properly
  • duplicate installs in your dashboard after you buy upgrades
  • ip db isn’t updated automatically using a third party service like Maxmind… which means over the course of a year or so as ip’s change or drop off, the wrong country will be shown different program ads = no commish for you pal (but you’d never know since this is not a manageable feature within the plugin)
  • am I really hating on easyazon developers? no, this has just been my experience… it’s a poorly updated plugin that was probably good in it’s hayday, but a bit outdated
  • am I just talking shit, or have I compared an alternative to give me a real world comparison? I have… AAWP is way better in every way for what I want to do, and the product output is much cleaner with less work on my part. I’m still not sure how good the geolocation is compared to sasyazon, and cannot comment on the geodb method used either since I haven’t bothered to setup all my country codes again yet.

What’s This AAWP [The EasyAzon Alternative] I Keep Mentioning? (that works much better for Amazon Affiliates using WordPress)

After a lot of searching, I found this new plugin that’s named exactly as it sounds: Amazon Affiliate For WordPress. While I was originally not a fan of a plugin that would pull from the API (because you’d need to cache them in order to use it at scale), the shortcodes and product output was so clean and nice looking, it rivals Amazon Native Shopping Ads in my opinion. I also had a look at Genius to geo target my Amazon Affiliate links for the respective program, but after stumbling on this thread I had second thoughts about that since I’m pretty aggressive at testing hosting solutions with sitewide caching. (basically, their wp plugin is coded in such a way that, if you don’t define country codes by default, they plug theirs. Can’t blame them, but also saying that caching would interfere with saved settings was a little concerning… it should be the other way around.)

What I also have learned to love, and probably could not live without now, is the ability to create my own unique combination of custom shortcodes. I can do things like put together a compact table with the top 5 best sellers in a given niche… all in less than 30 seconds. And best of all, the products will adjust if one goes out of availability as long as don’t confine that particular shortcode with a particular set of ASIN’s.

It also turns out, that having pricing is a nice added bonus. The caching is working well, and it’s not affecting my pageload speeds too much. I wouldn’t call it lightweight however, but for the time savings alone, it’s definitely worth it! This is by far my favorite plugin for showing in content Amazon products as an affiliate. Check out the templates and features here, and see a real time example of it in action below. (fully functional!)

Live Amazon Affiliate For WordPress Plugin Examples

The Top 3 Best Amazon Affiliate Books & Guides On How To Make Money As An Amazon Associate (table shortcode)

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2 thoughts on “EasyAzon Amazon Affiliate Plugin Review: Is It The Best Amazon Associates Product Review Plugin For WordPress? (hell no!)”

  1. Hi Matt –

    I have a very *new person* question, I hope you don’t mind.

    I have been trying to gear up to start a blog.

    So there was a sale on a plug-in that I bought thru Jessica Larew’s amazon training site, and the plug-in was called “EasyAzon v.4” , the seller was a fellow named Chris Guthrie, I think. I purchased it end of Dec 2017

    So is this the one that you recommend I don’t use ?

    I have never had a wordpress site before (wordpress.org) and I don’t want to end up installing something that will be a nightmare. Especially since I am hideously bad with technology ! It’s pitiful.

    Thanks for your input and help with this.

    • Hiya,

      I personally don’t like it, and would recommend the AAWP plugin I replaced it with above. However, if you’re just starting out with Amazon, you can just use the short links in the Amazon dashboard itself for your affiliate links. You don’t really need a plugin at all, and you won’t have enough traffic to justify geotargeting in my opinion. Your top priority should be producing the best/as much content as you can, because without that, no one will be buying anything through your links no matter what plugin you use. A lot of people get distracted with gadgets that are supposed to help them along, when in reality they just contribute to them spinning their wheels for months and months. (usually why most people have had a blog for two years, and have never made more than $2/mo with it) Make sense?


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