Evolve 360 Infrared Saunas – The Best FIR Coverage Ever!

Evolve 360 Saunas are about to change the way you look at infrared saunas forever. Right away, you can tell something is different compared to every other sauna brand on the market today. And no, I don’t just mean the clever heater mounted on the door, so you get higher frontal far infrared exposure compared to any other ceramic/carbon side mounted heater design. The build quality and the attention to detail, is the best value you’ll find in the industry period. And you know why I like them? Because they care about YOU! Yep, you heard right, they care about us sauna users who need to detox from heavy metals safely, they care that you’re on a budget and won’t try to upsell the shit out of you for no reason, and they’ll never hound you like some pushy sauna salesman from many companies you’ve probably already called before.

But it gets better….

Here’s why I believe in the Evolve 360 Saunas so much!…

Discount Code – All Clever Leverage readers can use code “Matt-50-Off” when you call to order to get half off shipping.

REAL Low EMF Far Infrared Saunas – No Games – No 3rd Party Test Reports To Manipulate The Inexperienced

You know how some sauna companies tell you they’re saunas are low emf, but then neglect to tell you it has a Bluetooth module and WiFi built it… but you never learn this until AFTER you buy it. Happens all the time. It’s the great “low emf” bait and switch, whereby these shady sauna companies publish these untruthful “3rd party emf test reports” by companies who never test the entire sauna in full operation… because if they did, the numbers would be off the damn charts having a Bluetooth stereo right over your head!

But with the Evolve 360 saunas, integrity is first and foremost, that’s why I’m willing to put my ass on the line for them. You honestly think I would sell any sauna that would be harmful, after being scammed by JNH Lifestyles, Dynamic saunas, etc… multiple times? Hah, don’t make me laugh.

Hell, I wasted over 5 months before I even bought in infrared sauna. Why? Because it’s a $5k purchase decision! I didn’t want to buy the wrong one, and every sauna company I called said the same mumbo jumbo, that theirs was the best, and all the salespeople did at every company was talk, and talk, and talk some more. Not once did they really ask me what my goals for using a sauna were at all.

Okay okay, you probably already know how terrible it is dealing with most sauna companies, let’s get to the good stuff… cuz if there wasn’t a lot of amazing things about these Evolve 360 saunas, I wouldn’t be writing this.

Remember how I said most sauna companies bait and switch you with the low emf ratings, but then throw Bluetooth in it after the testing?

Well, hold on to your britches, because this is about to blow your doors off!  The Evolve 360 Saunas DO IN FACT, come with a Bluetooth module. And yes IT DOES emit RF radiation, just like any other Bluetooth module. But here’s where you’re about to lose your shit….

When you get your Evolve 360 Sauna, and plug in an aux cord to play whatever music you’d like, the sauna intuitively disables the Bluetooth module altogether.  I’ll just let that sink in for a minute…

Yep, you heard right, the sauna has a special switch in it, so that whenever you plug in your aux cord to play music from your ipad, mp3 player, cd player, whatever you want really, it disables ALL Bluetooth functionality, effectively eliminating ALL RF radiation from emitting from your sauna.

The first time I heard this, I thought I was dreaming. I hadn’t thought of it before, but how could something SO SIMPLE be ignored by every damn sauna company on the planet!?!?!?

For us folks that worry about having a low emf sauna, this is like a dream come true. With other sauna brands, you have to take the roof apart, find the Bluetooth module or circuit board, and disconnect it in order to get rid of the RF radiation. And half the time, it disables the whole stereo system when you do this, which doesn’t make any sense at all when you just spent $5,000.00 dollars to sit in a quiet box.

Anyway, I know I’m rambling home about this single point, but this is HUGE in the grand scheme of things. Nothing to take apart, nothing to unhook, no extra work. It’s simple: if you want Bluetooth and don’t care about RF/EMR/EMF, unplug your aux cord.

Want a safe low emf environment to sauna in without any emf to worry about? Simply plug your cord in!

The Best Sauna Prices Of Any Brand Bar None – Absolutely The Best Value In The Industry, Period.

Are you starting to get why I’m so on fire about these saunas now? This is just ONE thing that blew me away, and there are several.

To top it off, you’d think you’d have to spend ten grand to get features like this, but here is kicker #2 that makes this sauna, literally, a no brainer to buy…

It costs less than HALF of competitor brands!  I don’t know how they get the price so low, because this same type of sauna from any other of the big names we all know about, would be like $8,000.00 – $10,000.00 dollars.

But not the Evolve 360 saunas, not even close. My sauna was $2,799.00 + shipping out the door. I happened to be close enough to the distribution warehouse, and for around $3k I got the best sauna on the damn market, period. Aaaaand for a LOT less money than I was about to spend on the two brands we all know about with the pesky sales staff that hound the shit out of you to buy something. Oh yeah, I’ve been a customer just like you… I’ve heard it all, especially the nonsense about “prices going up” and the “buy today before the sale price ends” speak that we get emailed on the daily.

That said, the NEXT benefit to buying an Evolve 360 Sauna, is that the sales process is smoother than a baby’s butt! All without any stressful phone conversations, and there’s never any pressure to buy today if you don’t want to. But trust me, you DO want to buy today… Putting off regular sauna treatments was one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made. My health suffered, I suffered longer than I needed to, and one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself, was order an Evolve 360 Sauna.

Disclaimer – I Now Sell Saunas, But It Didn’t Start Out That Way

Oh and by the way, I should let you know this is not some promotional thing that I was paid to say. I wasn’t given an Evolve sauna either, I bought it with my own hard earned cash, and I didn’t become an evangelist for the company until AFTER I was a legit customer. I never intended on selling saunas either, but after seeing how many people were being taken advantage of on health forums, sauna groups, and even how much I was scammed into buying saunas from companies that routinely market with false claims, I had to get the word out being a blogger and a YouTuber.

Now people see my blog posts and videos every single day, and routinely save $2 – $3k on their sauna purchase, something I wish I could have had the opportunity to do when I first got my amalgam fillings removed and wanted to detox from mercury/heavy metals. So essentially, all I did, was create the resources I WISH someone else would have created when I was going through the sauna buying process. Little did I know I would start helping people all over the world select the right sauna for them years later.

Get Current Sale Pricing & Info On 2018 Models

You can see the baseline Evolve lineup price list here that does NOT include shipping costs to your area.  If you have specific questions about a particular sauna I’ve tested, you can reach me at  (800) 924-9170   (I’m on Eastern time btw).

For shipping price quotes to your city or for sauna questions, fill out the short form below, and Kevin (the owner) or I will contact you to see which sauna fits you best, with an out-the-door price to your door. (note – this is NOT signing you up for any email list like most sauna companies do. I don’t believe in the bait and switch forcing you to sign up to an email list just to get the pricing. The reason we do price quotes individually, is because my sauna may have cost me $3,100.00 shipped, but my same sauna sent to a guy in Alaska, might be $3,400.00 since he’s not close to the distribution hub.)

Discount Code – All Clever Leverage readers can use code “Matt-50-Off” when you call to order to get half off shipping.

** Do not fill out this form without first looking at the brochure here: 2018 Models & Pricing




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  1. Matt
    Does the evolve 360 sauna use shielded cabling to reduce EMF? Can you upload a new video with EMF readings while you’re sitting in the sauna?

  2. Thank you for the review. I have the Trifield 100xe and love it. My question about the TF2 is. does it itself emit EMF since it’s more digital? Thank you for what you do!

    • Hi Sylvester,

      Great question! Most people don’t even know the Trifield TF2 even exists, so I love the question (no idea why people keep buying the Trifield 100xe meter), albeit a bit strange on the Evolve sauna page… not sure if you’re just wanting a meter to be able to test these saunas, or maybe you just saw my Trifiled on the multi meter array in the sauna YouTube emf review videos?

      But to answer your question, no it doesn’t cause any interference with readings, and I think it’s a much better meter for the money than the 100XE since they’re similarly priced. Although the frequency response isn’t on par with my Acoustimeter AM-10, it is much improved over the 100XE. Either way, the Trifield meters are not a good choice for reviewing saunas with accurate EMF levels if that’s what you’re trying to do. Great for doing A/B testing where you cut the power from sources to hunt down sources, yes, but detecting improvements while deploying emf mitigation techniques, no way.

      One of the reasons a lot people think the 100XE sucks for RF detection, is because they’re not paying attention to the frequency range it measures. The 100XE only measures up to 3ghz max, which is well below the 5ghz bands on most modern wifi routers and other RF sources these days. The TF2 is much improved in this area, measuring up to 6ghz. However, I wouldn’t expect the frequency response rate on either Trifield meter to be quick enough to catch momentary spikes from some sources like ultra fast smart meters. (you can see this in real time on my emf meter test video on youtube)

      That said, thankfully RF is typically only found in saunas with Bluetooth modules in the stereo, or WiFi modules in the control unit from the brands that have smartphone apps. Specifically relating the the Evolve saunas only though, you don’t have to worry about this… they have a smart switch embedded in the Bluetooth module that automatically shuts it off if you don’t want to use it.

      The Trifiled meters are great for a single home emf meter, primarily used for just figuring out the presence of EMF. But I wouldn’t trust either one to establish accurate emf readings from multiple sources… The Cornett ED88T I have is a little better for that if you’re looking for a single meter. You can pick it up here on Amazon for less than $200 bucks.

      • An important distinction between TF100XE and TF2 is that TF100XE had an analog needle, which couldn’t physically move fast enough to show any sort of transient. TF2 has peak hold functionality, so any transient within measurement bandwidth, will be numerically displayed at the top left of the display, even for transients that are too fast to show graphically. As long as the pulse width of any momentary spike is longer than 1/( 6 GHz ) seconds, then you will be able to capture it with peak hold.

        6 GHz is pretty good for measuring consumer products as of 2018 and would cover all ultra high frequency (UHF) bands used by consumer devices.

        Will you post a link to your emf meter test video?

  3. Heh. I normally don”t like to be rude on the internet, but you might want to pull your head in a wee bit here, maybe go freshen up on the physics yourself, because you”re quite wrong and provably so. I owned a razer hydra for years before oculus DK1 was a thing. It is an earlier version of the exact same EMF tech, licensed by razer from sixense and it works fine, it has about a 6 foot range on a much smaller emitter. However razer took several shortcuts to keep production cost down on the hydra, like not making the handsets wireless, not using concentric pickup coils so they lacked precision, locking them all to a single frequency so you could not use them near each other, and not accounting for the spherical nature of the EMF field in software (I had to correct fot that in code myself). You could see from all the “not in this version notes in the hydra SDK that sixense had a much better product in mind right from the beginning, the potential of what a more expensive version could have been was obvious. That is exactly what sixense stem was supposed to be an upgraded version of the already proven and functional razer hydra, only wireless, with a bigger emitter for better range &/or precision, multiple frequencies, higher frequency and better signal modulation to reduce latency, plus the modular additional trackers. Basically everything that hydra owners wanted and more, by the same company who invented the technology, which we all knew works well.

  4. So is it the wifi and blue tooth that admit RF in infared saunas? Are there any that don’t have these accessories at all?

    • Hi Danielle,

      Yep, the RF radiation typically comes from any WiFi controllers and Bluetooth stereos. The magnetic and electric fields are generated from the heaters, wiring in the walls, and the power supply.

      Not usually, you would have to order most brands without them installed. But I don’t know it you saw above, one of the reasons why I like the Evolve saunas so much, is because they have a smart detection built into the circuit board… so if you want to disable the Bluetooth completely, all you have to do is plug in an aux cord to listen to music from your phone. (corded)

      The system then knows to disable the Bluetooth automatically once it detects the cord, and you’re RF free at that point. Best part is you don’t have to fool around with unplugging circuits in the roof like you would on other popular brands, and you will never end up with a $5k sauna that doesn’t even have working speakers like we see happening to people buying “luxury” saunas that don’t learn about this until after they buy it.

      Am I making sense or does a lot of what I say still sound a little Greek? 🙂

    • Hi T,

      For what specifically? The Evolve sauna is the best value I’ve found on the market… is there something specific in mind you’re looking to accomplish with your sauna? Maybe with a few more details I can make a recommendation for you, but for the money I don’t think you’ll find anything better. Might be better to just give me a ring too if it’s going to be long…

  5. Hi Matt,
    Great reviews!! We have a chronically ill teen with Lyme disease who will benefit from a sauna. And it’s a confusing world! Question, is the Evolve 360 called “Evolve 20” on the SunStream site?

  6. Matt — can you give a quick over-view on why you think Evolve 360 is better than Clearlight Premier? Seems like you are focusing on being able to easily disconnect the Bluetooth in the Evolve 360 — how does everything else compare? Thanks!

    • Hi Margie,

      Sure, they are much closer in price than a Sanctuary, but the Premier is more like the Supreme. The Evolve has a giant heater on the back of the door right in front of your face, and that is the primary performance benefit for me. I haven’t found another sauna on the market to date, with that much frontal far infrared coverage in that price range.

      The Bluetooth is just a cool added bonus when I was going through all the EMF stuff. But nowadays it isn’t one of the major selling points for me personally (for some people it is, mostly EHS people)… only back when I was learning about saunas, and a guy in the sauna group sent me these crazy photos. I didn’t want to have to do anything like that to a sauna I just paid thousands of dollars for, even though I am more lax about today.

        • Yeah it’s fairly close… I think the glass design is better if we’re talking about the EV15, but neither of them are going to be an M Pulse for a commercial application if that’s what you’re looking for. But they aren’t $7k either, so it’s cost/benefit like anything… The wall thickness of these sometimes varies a couple mm of difference, most are 6.5, some are 8mm etc…

          As long as you don’t go down to something like a JNH Lifestyles, which are super super thin, you’ll be pleased with them for a home sauna.

  7. Hi,this Jerome again.I have ran across a health mate 2-3 person sauna for $800.00.I study review and seems ok, but it has only back and floor infrared. Is that adequate? What your opinion? Otherwise I will try to save to buy evolve 365. Thanks again Jerome Chan

    • I’m guessing it’s several years old at $800? If that is what your budget allows, I’m sure it’ll be better than not having one. But you’re probably giving up a lot of infrared exposure based on what you describe. If you send me a picture of it, I can tell you for sure… a lot of the older saunas (of all brands) use the same ceramic heaters across the back wall. Very similar to the other used sauna you asked me about when we spoke (clearlight or sunlighten I think?). Here’s an example of the “true wave” heaters being totally different several years ago… same name today, completely different heater in older saunas: https://cleverleverage.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/clearlight-2008-truewave-ceramic-heaters.jpg You just have to pay attention to exactly what you’re looking at in the older saunas.

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