The Best Infrared Sauna Is [NOT] Always The Most Expensive (don’t get ripped off by these fake consumer reports/reviews!)

Looking for the best rated infrared sauna by Consumer Reports? I’m sure you’re expecting the REAL Consumer Reports like I was, but instead there are companies impersonating CR just to sell more saunas. In fact, I bought in to one of these scams, specifically, the “NO EMF SAUNA” scam by JNH Lifestyles. After spending over $1,000 dollars on EMF meters alone, it is clear to me now that any company that promises a ZERO EMF infrared sauna, is flat out lying. Watch my videos, so you can see for yourself how EMF’s originate, and how it’s not possible to have zero emf on anything that plugs in to a wall, and any infrared sauna manufacturer that tells you otherwise is flat out lying to your face. Yet, these infrared sauna companies use fake consumer report websites, to try and make it seem like they are vetted and safe to trust against their marketing claims. Well, keep reading to see how they’re duping us left and right, costing us thousands of dollars on shit products imported straight from China…

(think this is come kind of a joke? Then tell me please… why the fuck do I have saw dust all over my house from unboxing a JNH Lifestyles sauna, that has zero quality control, and hasn’t even been vacuumed out before leaving the factory in China to be shipped to my door?)

Update 04/03/2018:

I finally found a sauna company that makes a low emf infrared sauna that I really like. The other nice thing about the Evolve 360, is they don’t have high pressure sales people, and the pricing is waaaaaaay cheaper than competitors (for the exact same quality!). Here’s the model I bought.

Lies From The “Best” Infrared Sauna Companies On The Market (caught impersonating Consumer Reports)

I get it. The sauna industry is competitive. Everyone has to eat right? Every sauna company is trying to get that competitive edge over the other, so they can stay in business and sell more saunas. Sure, but at what expense are they willing to go to fuck us customers over? I mean all you have to do is look around to see the tom foolery that’s going on in this industry… the industry is totally unregulated by the way if you didn’t know, which is why no one comes down hard on these sauna companies.

JNH Lifestyles Supposedly Rated The Best 2 Person Sauna By Consumer Reports (LOL. Is this real life?!?!?!)

I’m a marketer just like the next guy, but my god who stoops to getting some bullshit domain name like to impersonate the real consumer reports, and then charge companies to become rated by their fake system? LOL wow.

Why Do I Care? Clearly I’m Pissed

I spend $2,500.00 on a JNH Lifestyles sauna from Amazon, and had to return it because the damn thing won’t make a gay man sweat in a bath house.  Seriously.

Sure it’s low emf, which I like, but the damn thing is advertised as NO EMF, which is a flat out lie.

Now look, I was a professional blogger and a YouTuber before I even started having health problems and had my mercury amalgam fillings removed. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t need to detox from heavy metals at all, and probably would even know what an infrared sauna is to this day.

But this has been my life for the last year and a half, and to be truthful by life hasn’t been the same ever since. So yeah, I’m emotionally charged when I’ve been suffering, vulnerable, and easily taken advantage of at a time in my life where I’ll do anything to get well.

If you or any company that comes across this thinks this is bad, you don’t have a clue what I’ve been through, or what people everyday are going through that are being taken advantage of by these sauna companies. Cheap shit from China, false marketing claims that turn out to be lies, no accountability whatsoever, and sauna companies backing themselves out of a corner by using “3rd party emf testing companies” to make their emf safety numbers appear lower than they are. And don’t even get me started on this fucking bullshit where they take the heaters out of the sauna to test them, meanwhile they sell you and I saunas with Bluetooth and WiFi RF radiation in them like a fat kid on cake. And we eat that shit up baby!!!

The Best Infrared Sauna Consumer Reports Ratings Are Made Up False Marketing, Used To Generate More Sauna Sale From Unsuspecting Customers

So why would a company issue a press release, on their on website mind you, talking up how they were ranked the best far infrared sauna on the market by “consumer reports” then?

To put it simply, to take advantage of naive people like me. See, upon quick glance I though the first infrared sauna I bought was going to be great. You check some reviews, you do a quick Google search, and you’re good right? Everything seems great…

Until, you actually get the damn thing and then you find out it’s not as advertised. THEN you start looking around again, to see where you went wrong. But it’s too late by this point… you’ve already unloaded the semi truck, assembled this damn thing in your house, found out it has super high emf levels when they advertise it to be low emf, and on and on.

So how does this happen? How do we as consumers get taken advantage of so badly?

Well, some of it is our own fault for not doing our research, and seeing that all these sauna companies are importing from China no matter what they say on their websites.

Upon Further Inspection, The Real Consumer Reports Doesn’t Even Review Saunas!!! LOL (this keeps getting better and better…)

Yep that’s right, Consumer Reports doesn’t even rate or review saunas… of any kind, much less infrared saunas. This is just getting to be laughable at this point, and it’s no wonder people are starting to question these sauna company claims and be so skeptical. I know I was, hell it’s a $5k purchase decision from some of these bigger shops, and I found out firsthand that you get what you pay for when you buy a $2,500 infrared sauna from JNH Lifestyles… (saw dust on the floor, made of plywood, terrible construction and build quality, false marketing, I could go on and on)


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