Buying A Home Sauna In Florida – Sauna Dealer Tips

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If you’re looking to buy an infrared sauna in Florida, it may be hard for you to find a reputable dealer than can truly help you. I wanted to put together a quick video, that addresses some of the most common complaints and questions I get, from customers who visit hot tub stores and sauna dealers. Very often, the sales staff at pool stores that sell infrared saunas, don’t really specialize in that industry, and you can be left in the dark about EMF answers, electrical usage, etc…

I’m in the Orlando area, right down the street from the Orlando International Airport. The amount of people in my city here alone, struggling to find a good infrared sauna was pretty surprising. Most people get bogged down by all the techno mumbo jumbo with infrared saunas, and just give up on buying one because the stupid sauna sales people won’t stop harassing them.  (ask me how I know!!!)

But whether you’re in Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami, Tallahassee, Ocala, The Villages, or wherever… we all face the same troubles with trying to find a good unit that fits our needs.

Most sauna dealers do a good job with what literature the sauna manufactures provide, but beyond that, they’re normally not enthusiasts or personal users of the product themselves. I think this is what creates the disconnect between what consumers are really looking for, and the information that is lacking at dealerships and retail locations.

But I get it, most of us don’t want to fork over $3 – $5k for a home sauna without being able to at least sit in one. But the devil is always in the details right? And the last thing you want, is to learn about them after you’ve already purchased and it’s been installed in your home.

Hopefully this quick video above will help shed some light on some useful tips on what to look for, and potentially save you some hard earned money, time, and avoid some headaches.

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