WARNING! Read This Before You Start A Blog For Free

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Disclaimer – If you sign up for some of the paid blog services I recommend, I do earn a commission from those at no extra cost to you.  Of course I always appreciate it when any readers use my links to help pay for the expenses I incur from running this blog, but please don’t feel obligated to sign up for anything you’re not already interested in.  If anything, some of my affiliate links that I earn referral commissions with have a hidden coupon code attached to them to try and help you save as much money as possible.  (any discounts I get for myself, I try to pass them on wherever I can!)

So you’re interested in starting a blog right?  I already know you’re pretty smart just based on the fact that you want to create your own blog… Point being, you’ve probably already started your research, or at least have a good idea of what you want to do already.

You may have come across a bunch of websites saying you shouldn’t start a free blog on platforms like wordpress.com, blogger.com, blog.com, and so on.  While most of the inexperienced bloggers out there are just following the heard, there is some validity to both sides.

However, all bullshit aside, there is one very important point you want to look out for before you put effort into something like making your own blog.

A lot of peeps are running around town saying you shouldn’t start a free blog, only to try and get you to sign up through their affiliate links for paid hosting so they earn a commission.

Hey look, I earn commissions on affiliate links here too, but I’m not stretching the truth JUST to steer your opinion into a paid solution so I make money.  The fact of the matter is, there is risk involved with any free blogging platform out there, just like there is if you create your own blog and don’t do regular backups.

In my opinion, the major advantages to a self hosted blog, and the reasons I only use self hosted blogs now are:

  1. You own the rights to your content, brand name, domain, and so forth
  2. There are no limitations to what you can write, or how often
  3. There are no surprise suspension notices for God only knows what

Me personally, I don’t start blogs on free platforms anymore at all, not unless it’s just for seo purposes.  I’ve built over 300 self hosted WordPress blogs, and at this point I couldn’t imagine putting in even just a few hours of my time into my blog design and writing blog posts, only to try to login one day and get one of these dreaded messages:

I love how they put the smiley face at the end… “Oh thanks for screwing me, nice touch”!

That’s just crazy!  Especially in this day and age, when you can get a domain name for less than $10 bucks a year, and blog hosting for like $7 bucks a month.  There’s no way in hell I’m going to put my blood, sweat, and tears into a website that’s building some other company’s brand!  (when you have a free wordpress.com blog for instance, the address will be “youblogname.wordpress.com” so you’re effectively growing someone else’s company for them, instead of building your own. This is my biggest pet peeve of building free blogs, and the main reason why I won’t do it anymore.)

Furthermore, I don’t want anyone telling me what I can and can’t write on my blog, and I definitely want my blogs to stay around for the long haul, especially if it’s something I plan on making money with!

So bottom line, I look at it like this.

For the price I pay for a Starbucks, or a couple bags of M&M’s at a gas station, I can have my own domain and hosting, and write about whatever I want, whenever I want!  (no more taking a hiatus for a couple months, only to come back to a deactivated/suspended blog)

I would suggest you do the same.

If you need help with setting up your blog, of course I have tons of tutorials on how to start your own blog, and many very specific variations as well.

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