Good Cheap Memory Foam Mattresses Compared: Live And Sleep VS Brooklyn Bedding VS Tuft & Needle VS Nectar

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Mattresses that Rival Expensive Brand Names, But For Much Less!

Did you know as human beings we sleep about one third of our life away? That is a lot of time to spend in bed isn’t it? This comes out to be about a total of 229,961 hours. Wow! If we spend so much time sleeping shouldn’t we spend it in comfort and luxury? I believe we should! So, today I am giving you guys some much needed advice on what mattresses are best that are competing with high end brands like tempurpedic. We are going to give you top notch reviews on the Live and Sleep brand, Dreamfoam Bedding, Tuft and Needle, and finally the Nectar brand. Hopefully we can figure out what mattress is the best for your money, and which mattress will really let you sleep in true comfort!

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Even back 7 or 8 years ago, if you wanted a memory foam mattress that would alleviate back pain and side sleeper hip pressure, you’d have to spend upwards of $5k just to get one in your home. Nowadays, there are so many low cost choices out there, the only thing you have to worry about is getting a cheap knockoff from China, that off gasses worse the your local prison gas chamber. Below we’ll cover some good affordable mattress brands, not the most expensive in the industry, but less expensive than your local mattress store, and much much more comfortable than any coil spring mattress you’ll ever sleep on.

Live and Sleep: Luxury Model

The Live and Sleep Luxury model is a memory foam mattress that comes in six different sizes. These sizes range from twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and CAL king. They offer two day shipping on all of their mattresses and they are CertiPUR certified. They will even allow you to return the mattress for a full refund if you are unsatisfied before the one hundred day trial is up. You can test this for a full hundred days and Live and Sleep will also offer you one hundred dollars off of your purchase. I believe we can sleep easy if we use this model my friends. The reviews are great, and it is only going to cost you about nine hundred dollars for the full Cal king luxury model. However, each size does have its own specific price so if you need to buy a smaller version you can expect to pay less. The Twin size only costs about $599.99 so if you want to get that model you will look at a four hundred dollar reduction in price on top of the one hundred dollar rebate they will give you with your purchase. This lovely mattress comes with twelve inches of memory foam in each mattress and another 2.5 inch thick premium foam layer. Then, you can also have five different options regarding firmness. On top of the fourteen and a half inches of memory foam, Live and Sleep also added a one inch thick gel infused layer for added pressure relief and to help keep the mattress at a cool tempature. The different options are ultra plush, plush, balanced, medium firm, and then firm. This will accommodate even the pickiest sleeper. Live and Sleep has two more surprises for you dreamers out there so don’t stop thinking about those Z’s just yet. In the mattress itself you will also be getting seven inch layers of high performance core base. The final ingredient they add into their comfy mattress is a soft washable cover, so you can always keep this mattress looking as good as new!

Less Expensive Than A Local Mattress Depot

Furthermore, when you purchase any model from Live and Sleep they will also donate a portion of each purchase to charity. The specific charity they donate to is called the National Alliance to End Homeless. These guys have a great product, great service, and big hearts.

Dreamfoam Mattress

I know many of you are ready to count sheep after reading about the Live and Sleep: Luxury model, but we have a couple more to compare so don’t fall asleep just yet. This Dreamfoam Mattress is offered on Amazon at about eight hundred dollars, and it comes with a thirteen inch layer of memory foam with an extra three inches of gel for added support. Not much else to say about this model since that is about the only product specs it has listed through Amazon, but since we can’t find specs let’s see what some of the seven hundred and fifty customers who bought this product said.

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According to the reviews this model comes in only a queen size but it can be used with a box spring or slats to fully support the mattress itself. Most customers do seem pretty pleased with this mattress and it seems to be comfortable and it also stays very cool. This one is a coin flip for me because of the lack of specifications. In all honesty, for eight hundred bucks it seems like this is a pretty run of the mill generic memory foam mattress. Sorry guys, I have to be honest!

Tuft and Needle

The Tuft and Needle company say that over 95% percent of their customers keep their mattress, but is it really comfortable, and is it really what you want to be sleeping on? Let’s find out! One of the selling points that this company is offering is a custom foam called T & N foam. However, don’t confuse this with memory foam because it is definitely not the same material. After some research I finally found out what this custom foam they are claiming to make is actually made of. Actually, it isn’t a custom foam at all, but it is actually polyurethane. Well, it looks like we have busted one myth from this company, and honestly I wasn’t expecting that kind of result.

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Moreover, I did further research into this company’s pricing regarding their materials and specifications. I couldn’t find many reviews by doing a google, or yahoo search; however, one blogger wrote that their $600 price tag for a queen sized bed based on the materials they are using is quite high, and that is not good for you folks. See, it does pay to do your research on companies before you pay out big bucks to buy their low quality products! They claim that their mattress is the most comfortable mattress in the world, but if that is the case then why is there so little information about them online? Anyhow, let’s get to the good stuff and see what else is inside this thing. Apparently, the T & N custom foam, or polyurethane foam if you will, is paired with an additional layer of unknown material that creates a support layer in the mattress itself. This is something else that bothers me, when a company mentions an additional layer of support, well what exactly is the additional layer? Tuft and Needle you need to let your customers know what you’re really putting in this things so we have a solid idea! They do mention on their website that their foam works in three separate ways to keep you and the mattress cool, so let’s see what those three ways are! The first claim they make is that their mattress does something called heat wicking, and that is where the gel and graphite work to move heat away from your body, but they really don’t explain how these two materials are able to do this, so I think this might be a botched claim to be honest. I am sorry, I am realist and when you tell me something I want proof. They also go on to state that, “the mattress is breathable, and air flows through the foam cells to boost the speed of heat transfer through the mattress”. That’s awesome, but again it sounds like they are making scientific claims they have no business making without solid evidence. Finally, they do say that their support layer keeps you from sinking into the bed itself so it doesn’t feel like quicksand. Honestly, I don’t really trust this company guys after they made their first horse crap remark about creating custom T & N foam when they just renamed polyurethane.


I saved a very special mattress for last. This is the Nectar mattress. I personally bought this mattress a while back and I want to say when my wife and I would sleep on it we would wake up with aching backs in the morning and it felt like we were sleeping on a slab of concrete. This thing is not comfortable whatsoever. However, don’t take my word for it, go ahead and try it. IF YOU DARE. You might actually like this one if you are Fred or Wilma Flintstone, but otherwise, I doubt it. It was not only too firm, but it seemed to retain heat very easy which made it even more uncomfortable than it already was.

Moving on, here are the specs you guys so eagerly desire. This company will offer you a 365 day trial and will give you free shipping and returns if you don’t like the mattress, and trust me, you won’t. They do offer a promising lifetime guarantee with the purchase of any of their models, but let’s face it, this is a roll out mattress what do you expect it to do? They will also throw in two of their Nectar pillows which is apparently valued at over one hundred and twenty five dollars with your purchase on top of the $125 off they give you. Sorry, I have never seen a pillow that I am going to sleep with worth over one hundred bucks. Their sales tactics are even sketchy folks, pay attention!

Additionally, the mattress is made out of quilted gel memory foam, and an adaptive hi core memory foam, and a tencel cooling cover that doesn’t really work either. When they say adaptive hi core memory foam layer I believe they mean to say, generic dollar store foam repurposed for high end resale value. On their website it does say that their mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, and whoever gave them that certification must have been off their rocker that day. However, their rock hard mattress does work with almost all bed types including box springs, divan bases, traditional frames, adjustable bases, and platform bases. That is probably one of the few positive things that this company has to offer you if you buy this thing, sadly. Also, if you look at their website they have their own review page, but it is one where you can’t specifically post a review yourself and it seems that they have a 4.8 out of 5 stars. If you ask me I think they fudged these reviews and wrote their own. They also have some sort of script animation on their website that shows sheep crossing whenever someone purchases a mattress from them and I believe this is another marketing tactic they are using in order to lure customers to buy their crappy mattress. Don’t buy it!

What Mattress is deserves your Z’s?

I think Live and Sleep is getting my business and I think they should get your business too! They are willing to give you a great product for a great price by eliminating the middle man, and they want to give back to society and help people who really need it. I love philanthropists, and it is awesome to see a company like this give up some of their profits to see to it that others get some kind of help. Way to shine Live and Sleep. Now if you excuse me I think I am going to catch some Z’s myself. Take care everyone and have a wonderful day.

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  1. I researched a while and settled on an all-Talalay natural foam mattress by Flobed. Great customer support, family business, adjustable via swapping out inner foam slabs. Have never had such a comfortable bed. Outer casing is natural cloth material, with zipper, inside are 3 or more layers, and they will help you get the right combo until you are happy. No toxic outgassing, nonallergenic, recommended for allergy sufferers. I went thru a bunch of beds until finding this one. Been happy with it for 15 years.


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