The #1 Rated Best Cheap Double Din Head Unit For The Money!

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I was shopping for a used 4×4 vehicle this weekend (currently it’s a toss up between a pathfinder, discovery II, and an xterra!) and almost all of them are pre 2005 models. This means the technology systems are junk, and since I’m a Pandora junkie on long road trips, I immediately did some checking around to see how much a new replacement head unit that’s bluetooth compatible would cost. Now I have a bit a car stereo experience, and worked at a car audio shop doing installs during high school for a few years. I’m by no means an expert installer or anything, but I do have above average audiophile experience… But let me just tell you, a LOT has changed in the electronic world since I was in the game everyday!

That said, there are tons of double din head units with all the modern USB and Bluetooth functionality that sync right with your Android and Iphone smartphones for under $200 bucks… Which is a STEAL compared to what we used to pay back in the day for a single din… not to mention a flip out!

Let’s take a look at the top sellers for 2017 double din head units, and then I’ll tell you which one I think is the best for your money at the end in the reviews…

The Top 5 Best Double Din Head Units For The Money Reviewed

There are several here that fit the bill, but originally I was wondering if it would be wise to spring for a more expensive model or brand (like Apline for example). While I do think the output quality makes a huge dsifference if you’re doing an entire system, for the average person that just wants to upgrade their factory radio, any of these are going to be WAY better than stock unless you have a factory upgraded sound system with built in amplifiers like I do on my JBL stereo in my 4runner.

1) Pioneer

What I Like About It

What I Don’t Like

Buy This If You…

2) Kenwood

What I Like About It

What I Don’t Like

Buy This If You…


I even came across some cool websites when I first started looking around for reviews on 2017 head units, and found car stereo which is pretty cool.


whats the best double din stereo for most people

which double din radio should you buy if you’re planning on adding multiple amps and why?

2 thoughts on “The #1 Rated Best Cheap Double Din Head Unit For The Money!”

    • I personally like one of the Pioneers with the wvga display: There are a couple different models, depending on your budget that have it.
      But out of all the head units I’ve owned, I preferred Alpine, JVC, and Pioneer the most. Kenwood is good too. I stay away from the cheaper stereos like Pyle, Boss, etc…


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