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I wasted thousands of dollars buying in to low emf infrared sauna scams, some that even claimed to be “no emf.” I would later find out, after buying over $1k dollars in EMF testing meters myself, that there is no such thing as a “NO EMF infrared sauna,” and that sauna companies are taking advantage of people left and right by importing cheap shit from China, and not caring who it impacts or how. In my quest to find a good low emf infrared sauna solution to detox my heavy metals from having mercury amalgam fillings, I’ve personally purchased and been duped many times by several sauna brands from Costco, Amazon, etc… Places you would think would be reputable. Hell, in the Amazon listing of the Dynamic sauna I bought, the listing STILL says “low emf” on it, when you can clearly see in my Dynamic Barcelona emf review video that it’s sky high.

Update – These are the 3 best sauna brands that tested the best on all emf levels

In this article, I’ll be keeping a list of any and every sauna I come across that I think it well within the safety standard, and that I would personally buy for my family and recommend to friends and family. It’s been a long road, but my hope is that other people won’t have to waste as much money and time as I have, on these borderline scams from companies selling anything high emf from China just to make a buck!

The List Of Safe Low EMF Infrared Sauna Manufacturers I Trust & Have Tested

Update – I removed all instances of sauna companies who primarily use these stupid third party emf certification reports. They are testing the saunas by taking the heaters out and sending them to a lab in another state. (thereby removing half the emf exposure automatically)

  • – the sauna I use in my own home everyday now
  • the saunas that test the lowest for emf will be listed on

Why Finding A True Ultra Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna Is So Hard (when well known companies flat out lie in their marketing)

After I uncovered the shipping container import records from some of the most prominent sauna brands in the industry, it’s shocking to see that almost no infrared sauna is made in the U.S.A. despite any marketing claims…. even those who say, “assembled in America.”

Even Therasauna who touts that they are made in the U.S.A. all over the internet, seems to be pulling the wool over peoples eyes somehow… because you can clearly see in my review of the Therasauna I bought, it is an imported sauna.

it wasn’t as bad as the JNH Lifestyles sauna I bought from Amazon (which is a piece of junk entirely), or the super high emf Costco Dynamic sauna, but still there is so much nonsense going on it makes it hard to see the forest through the tress.

These people can’t be trusted anymore, and the margins on these are so high, it’s hard for anyone to build a superior product in the states at an affordable cost. The industry itself, is forcing all the companies to compete in the marketplace on the same level… much to our detriment, even though it’s not all entirely their fault.

And let’s be clear, I’m not saying everything imported from China is a piece of shit, a scam, or even harmful. In fact, I think goods imported from China are great, I just don’t like being lied to about their origin, and then overcharged for products manufactured overseas, that are often pawned off as Made In America.

The key is to work with companies who are ethical, and have quality control in place if they’re going to be importing from overseas.

We still have to be diligent about policing the imported products and quality control, and you cannot, under any circumstance, trust any foreign EMF quality control on these units. They simply don’t have the same standards, and it’s been proven time and time again that just because something says “low emf” on the box or marketing material, doesn’t mean it is.

Slick sauna salesman who have personally only ever been in less than 3-4 saunas in their entire life, are out there advising people on which saunas to buy. Unfortunately, they usually only have the sauna made by the company they work for, and only care about the sale.

This is why you have sauna sales staff saying crazy shit like the only way to detoxify is with a full spectrum sauna, you have to have near infrared in order to eliminate toxins, EMF doesn’t matter, etc… which are all bogus statements by the way.

These people will say anything to make a sale, and often pressure the absolute hell out of people by using fear tactics like “the sale price is ending today, etc…”

Third Party EMF Testing Is Bogus (you can’t get an accurate emf level reading from an infrared emitter sitting on the floor!)

This has been driving me crazy ever since I saw those nut-ball “third party test results” from emf level ratings you see on some of these sauna manufacturer websites. I’m talking about the Clearlight, Sunlighten, JNH Lifestyles, all of them.

The intention is not to single them out, and this doesn’t mean any one of those is bad or good… what it means is that, wiring and power supplies, contribute to just as much of the overall emf exposure in the working environment, as the heaters/emitters themselves… if not MORE.

So how then, can an infrared emitter emf level taken when the heater is outside the complete sauna environment? How in the world can it be equivalent to what the readings will be inside the sauna cabinet, connected to the power supply distribution wiring network, and right underneath some of the rooftop electronics that offer WiFi and Bluetooth that is so often unaccounted for?

You simply can’t say they’re the same, in any way, shape, or form.

And that’s exactly how most of these sauna companies are testing their saunas, to generate these “third party emf certifications”… which are really nothing more than a cleverly designed marketing piece.

To make matters eve worse, we have some of these companies hanging their infrared heaters from a forklift, doing distance tests at a greater length than the size of the sauna cabinet. Point being, you can only ever be the same number of inches away from the heaters, as the width of the cabinet itself. All this other stuff is totally pointless and misleading.

So now, we are left with our only option, to begin testing and reviewing these things ourselves. We see it every single day on the forums and in the sauna groups on Facebook… people realizing they have super high emf ceramic saunas from back in the day, even though they were sold a “low emf” model.

We Have To Stop Trusting Sauna EMF Readings From Facebook Groups & Online Forums

In the beginning I thought it was helpful to see other people’s EMF readings are different sauna brands in facebook detox sauna groups, and online forums. But the more closely I paid attention, I realized most of these people have no idea what they are talking about.

Most of them run around with Trifield meters, or the wrong type of emf meter entirely, and then report their findings.

Being in ill health and wanting a life line any way we can get one, we buy into this information hook, line, and sinker. Trouble is, a lot of this info is inaccurate, and we’re making purchase decisions based off of it.

Once I hired an electrical engineer and a building biologist to come into my home and double test all my saunas, it became clear that the sheer amount of misleading information from (albeit well meaning) people, is staggering.

Here is one example of a guy saying his sauna is also super low in emf… but then posts a picture of him using an Acoustimeter AM-10 (which I happen to own, and know firsthand it ONLY measures RF radiation).

An RF meter completely misses the most common type of EMF found in an infrared sauna, which is magnetic fields. So some of these people are using equipment that doesn’t even detect what we’re looking to measure, and then reporting their findings and we all run out and buy that brand that is supposedly “safe.”

This is quite the circus. Most of these people mean well, but have been following bad information. I had to start buying test equipment and buying saunas myself, in order to get to the bottom of this. It’s now become super crystal clear, that unless you see a guy on live video, testing a sauna for all three types of EMF, you can’t trust any of these “reports.”

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