What’s The Best Google Voice Alternative For Business?

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A lot of people are asking about alternatives for Google Voice for business use, because they can’t do things like setup a professional multi extension greeting menu, or have their auto attendant route to different numbers while still keeping the same single business number. There are several Google Voice competitors to choose from, but most are not free… and I wouldn’t recommend using a free phone provider for business anyway. Why you ask? Well you don’t truly own your number, and your options are going to be limited (while it’s only saving you a few bucks a month… totally not worth the savings!)

So which services like Google Voice do I recommend?…

My #1 Cheap Google Voice Alternative (that’s better for professional sounding auto attendant)

Grasshopper is very similar to Google Voice, in that it works well with your smartphone, and even comes with a free app that works the same as your accustomed to with Google Voice. You can forward calls to any number you want, setup a custom greeting, and even use their virtual menu system for that big company feel to sound more professional. Best of all, if you want to add a custom vanity number for your business, you can do it within a couple clicks. They have tons of available 800 numbers to choose from, which is the biggest gripe most people have about Google Voice in the reviews.

>> Click here to see Grasshopper’s phone plan options

The Top 3 Best Alternatives To Google Voice For Business

There are several virtual phone providers I’ve used that I think are better than Google Voice for small businesses. They’re not free (but still cheap: $10/mo) and much better alternatives to Google voice because they let you have a free auto attendant, and you get to choose between toll free 800 numbers or pick out a custom vanity number for your business. They all have smartphone programs like Google Voice for your iphone or android cell phones, and are easy to setup just like any call forwarding service.

In my opinion, both Grasshopper and Phone.com are better than Google Voice for business use. You can do things like setup your custom greeting like I talked about above, or use different extensions that you can add in just a couple minutes through your online control panel to sound MUCH more professional. (like a big company)

Quick Comparison Of VOIP Replacement Services Similar To Google Voice

Plan DetailsGrasshopperVirtual PBX.comRing CentralPhone.comCallfire
Monthly Price$12$15.99$24.99$9.99$99
Unlimited Minutes Optionyesyesyesyesno
Cloud Basedyesyesyesyesyes
Toll Free Minutespay as you go or monthly packagesunlimited1,0001002500
Local / Toll Free Numbers Included1-3111none
30 Day Money Back Guaranteeyesyesyesyesno
Call Recording Capabilitynoyesyesyesyes
Call Log Reportsyesyesyesyesyes
Mobile / Cell / Smartphone Compatibleyesyesyesyesno
Conference Callsyesyesyesyesno

Google Voice Pros And Cons

There are a lot of good things that GVoice does that help a lot of people with their free service. But for business use, you just can’t live without some features…


  • Free virtual phone service
  • Voice to text transcription
  • Switching phones between calls (1)


  • Can’t get custom vanity numbers to match your business name or for advertising
  • Toll free 1-800 numbers aren’t available (2)
  • No international forwarding, US only (3)
  • No mms (4)

What’s The Best Replacement For Google Voice But With Better Auto Attendant (virtual receptionist)

The cheapest way to get Google Voice auto attendant like service, is to use Phone.com. Plans start at around $10 bucks a month, but you can expand in the future to a fully featured voip business phone system, complete with physical office phone hardware and their free softphone app. (to take and make calls from your laptop, from anywhere in the world)

What About Free Google Voice Alternatives?

Most apps like Google Voice that remain free, are going to have the same limitations that are driving you to look for an alternative service in the first place. Of the available number forwarding companies and virtual phone services out there, the three I listed above or the most affordable options.

If you want to do advanced things like call tracking or have a multi line office phone system for your business, you might check out this comparison between RingCentral and Grasshopper phone service.

What About All These User Reviews Of Comparable Google Voice Equivalents?

There are tons of companies that are similar to Google Voice, such as Mightycall, Line2, Grasshopper, Evoice, and many more. What most people aren’t able to describe for you in their reviews, is that all of these are nothing more than a call forwarding service, and are not a true voip pbx business phone system. Does that really make a difference for you? More often than not, no. But it really depends on your needs, that’s why I go into depth on how to choose your business phone system based on your budget, need for features, and how you plan to utilize your inbound and outbound minutes.

The fast and easy way that I decide which virtual provider I’m going to use on a new project, is exactly what I’d recommend you use:

Am I just adding a business line to my cell phone? If yes, use Grasshopper.

Do I need to have a physical voip phone that plugs in on my desk? If yes, use Phone.com.

Will I need to do video conference calls or connect multiple offices/physical locations to the same multi-line phone system? If yes, choose RingCentral instead.

That’s it. And from top to bottom, those also happen to be the most cost effective solutions to replace the limiting features of Google Voice as well. By now you should have a good idea on which virtual business line provider is the best replacement for your Google Voice line, and if you have any questions about any of these, ask them in the comments below and I’ll help you out. – Matt

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