Google Voice VS Grasshopper: Which Is Better For Business?

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If you’re looking to compare Google Voice to Grasshopper phone service, this guide will walk you the main differences between the two providers. I will cover the main sticking points I’ve found with trying to use a free phone service for clients and internet marketing, as well as some of the benefits of number forwarding services in general. By the end of this article, you’ll easily be able to decide which phone system is right for your needs.

Grasshopper VS Google Voice Comparison Review Summary

If you’re in a hurry, and just need to know if Google Voice or Grasshopper is right for you, here’s a quick list of pros and cons to each service. Keep in mind that both are BYOD number forwarding services, that provide virtual business lines on your cell phone. (BYOD providers = bring your own device)

  • Google
    • Pros: free, large available number pool to choose from
    • Cons: you can’t add toll free numbers for business, you don’t own the number, Google stores your call data on their servers (src), only available in the US, no international support
    • Pros: cheap, easy to setup just like Google Voice, free smartphone app just like Google Voice
    • Cons: no call recording for ad tracking, cannot add phone adapters or physical hardware for voip phones

*Anything else I’d recommend as an alternative that might be better for you than these two?  Yes, I would look at if you think you might want a phone adapter, or you may want to add an office desk phone in the future. also has phone tracking that works incredibly well, and lets me record all my calls if I choose to, send my voicemails to my email already transcribed so I can glance at them if I can’t take the call, and lets me easily add a voip phone to my account at any time. (here’s a 10% off code for

I now avoid using Google Voice for any business venture, because I always end up having to switch the number later which is a huge hassle. You can’t go wrong with either or Grasshopper… here’s the easy way to choose: if you just want a business line on your cell, pick Grasshopper. If you think you will ever need to add an office desk phone, choose Note – Grasshopper has unlimited minutes, but is the one with call tracking/recording and the ability to add voip phones. Pick the one that fits your needs no matter what the salesman says.

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What Are The Limitations Of Google Voice

I’ve talked about the limitations of Google Voice in the past for business use, but as of recently there a few privacy concerns that have come up over on reddit that I linked to above in the summary. Personally, I want my business calls to stay private, and I don’t like the idea of all my voicemails going to the Google data centers to use their transcription technology… who know what happens to my call recordings and data after that, it’s hard to say.

Can’t Get Toll Free Number, (no 800, local, or vanity numbers)

The biggest complaint I have about Google Voice for business use, is that I don’t truly own the number, and the lack of my ability to get available numbers in any area code I want. Not to mention, you cannot currently get 800 numbers through Google Voice, nor can you elect to use a vanity number that matches your business name.

For me, these are deal breakers, when I can just pay $10 bucks a month and get Grasshopper instead.

The Problem With Free Google Voice Alternatives For Business Use

I’ve seen these companies out there that advertise free forwarding numbers for business use, but my problem with those is that I don’t trust that they’ll stay around forever. So if I put effort into building up my side business, I don’t want to be hanging in the wind if they hold my business line hostage at some point. Not saying they’re all bad, that’s just not a risk I’m willing to take just to save a few bucks a year on a phone service.

Is Grasshopper The Best Google Voice Replacement For Small Business?

So I recommend several virtual phone service providers, not just Grasshopper. You can see here in my quick summary section of How To Choose A VOIP Provider, that Grasshopper isn’t always the best fit for every situation.

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I usually recommend a lot too, as they’re the most flexible voip phone provider I know of, and are still very affordable.

Other Business Phone Alternatives

Get All The Benefits Of Using A Number Forwarding Service Like Google Voice For Work, And Much More With A True Business VoIP System

Top 3 Recommended Providers:

  1. Grasshopper


  3. RingCentral

I’ve used Google Voice for one of my companies since 2007, and it’s been great.However, I replaced it with Grasshopper ( a few months ago and haven’t looked back. It is much better for inbound calls and is well worth the $10/mo for the entry-level plan. You can setup an 800 number (or a vanity 800-number for $30), and record an entire phone tree for various “departments” like support, sales, etc.

Starting out as a 1-man team, all of these extensions routed to my own cell phone of course. But then as I grew, it was easy to login and change the destination of each extension to various team members. Both of my companies are primarily B2B, so being able to give the user experience of having a stable central hub, when we in fact work mostly remotely, is comforting to existing and potential clients. Without this, we’d have to try forwarding calls to each other’s cell phone numbers, or telling the client to try dialing the other person’s number directly, both of which are simply unacceptable.

The one downside of Grasshopper is that, as of now, you are still unable to make outgoing calls through the number, since it doesn’t have a GV app for Android or iPhone. – src:


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