Grasshopper VS Ringcentral: Which VOIP Provider Is Best For My Business?

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In this Grasshopper VS Ringcentral comparison, you’ll quickly find out which provider is right for you after going over the pros and cons of each.  Whether you just want a cheap number forwarding service, or you want to ad office phones in an office, there is a service provider that fits the bill for everyone. I recommend several VoIP business phone services here on Clever Leverage, (specifically for 800 numbers and call tracking) and I know sometimes it can be hard to tell which solution is going to be the best for your business right off the bat. In this article, I hope to clear that up and make it super simple to decide which provider is best for you using a few simple criteria that I’ve laid out below. I’ll also include a brief summary of the difference between Grasshopper’s virtual phone forwarding system, and RingCentral’s expandable VoIP business phone services. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to easily decide which phone service provider is best for your needs.


  • Grasshopper – the better choice for people looking for an affordable virtual phone system solution for small business on their cell phone. (Grasshopper is perfect for service based businesses, traveling consultants, etc… where you want to add a business line to your cell phone.)
    • Grasshopper helps you do 3 things:
      • Helps you sound more professional
      • Let’s you run your business from anywhere
      • Separates you personal and work life while only having to carry one device
  • RingCentral – great choice for small businesses looking for a cheap VoIP business phone solution that’s expandable to multiple offices and locations.
    • RingCentral Office phone system let’s you:
      • Add hardwired office desk phones to your virtual phone system
      • Supports multiple locations if your business grows to that point
      • Allow you to lease office phone hardware so you don’t have to buy an entire phone system outright
  • – even though this is a Grasshopper and Ring Central comparison, is a great option that’s a bit of a blend between the two… Robust just like RingCentral for expansion, but nice and lightweight if you just want to use the smartphone app to get your business started. (more affordable too!)
    • The main advantage of going with, is you can start out cheaply as a number forwarding service, and then add VoIP desk phones later on without switching providers. But not everyone needs/wants this, in which case Grasshopper would be the better option.

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See Current Plans

Which Phone Plan Is Better? Grasshopper Compared To RingCentral

So out of all the questions I get on phone services, the big ones are which is the cheapest, who has the best features for the money, and which provider is the easiest to use and setup. I’ll address each major point in the sub sections below, but I can tell you that call quality is good on just about all of them these days. When voice over ip phone systems first came out way back when, the internet itself wasn’t as established as it is today. It was very common to get diminished call quality on a voip line compared to a landline… But nowadays, you can hardly tell the difference unless we’re talking about long international calls where their internet infrastructure isn’t as strong as it is here in the states.

The Difference Between A Phone Forwarding Service & A VoIP Business Phone System

The major difference between Grasshopper and RingCentral, is that Grasshopper is primarily a phone forwarding service for service based businesses and traveling entrepreneurs. What I mean by that is, if you want to have a retail location like a restaurant or a storefront with hard-wired office phones, Grasshopper is not setup for that.

However, RingCentral starts out like Grasshopper if you want to use it as a forwarding service, but can expand to support hardware you add to the system. In addition to that, you can add a softphone application to any computer and take and make calls right from your PC from anywhere you like. This is mostly overkill for the average small business, and most people never use these features.

If you are looking for a robust voip business phone system I recommend since it’s a little cheaper.

Price: which is cheaper (but might be deceiving!)

On the surface, RingCentral might appear cheaper of the two when taking into account all of the features and minutes with each plan. Neither have an unlimited minutes plan, but both let you upgrade to thousands of minutes for cheap and most small businesses will never blow through all of those.

For the average small business, Grasshopper is going to be cheaper starting at $12/mo, compared to RingCentral’s base plan of $24/mo.  For service based business and traveling entrepreneurs, you’ll love Grasshopper.  For businesses with retail locations or multiple offices that want to connect their office desk phones and even sync multiple locations together, RingCentral’s Office Plan or would be better options.

Future Expandability

Most people don’t know what a softphone app is, and when you’d use it.  It’s fairly simple the way I’m going to explain it, and is essentially just an app you run on your computer that taps into your business phone line or system. When you want to make calls or answer your business line whenever you’re away (or have a secretary working remotely or something) you simply open the application during normal business hours, and use a usb headset to talk just like you would on any landline or cell phone.

This is a great feature that’s usually hardly used by most, though it’s a nice option if you happen to be a consultant or works a traveling business. Both Ring Central and come standard with this, but Grasshopper does not support these phone system extensions.

Which One I Recommend And Why

For most small businesses, especially those that are just getting started and are looking for a cost effective business phone solutions, Grasshopper is the cheapest option.  Second to that, I recommend for anyone who is looking to get started on the cheap, but expand into a fully featured business phone system in the near future. Both of these recommendations are no contract, so if you want to switch later on down the road and save yourself some money, it’s fairly easy to do whenever you want. I like RingCentral too, but does basically the same thing for a little less money on their base plans. For most people, that’s the better fit.

The Biggest Differentiating Factor That Will Help You Decide Which Service To Go With: How You Plan To Use It

To expand on the above point, when trying to decide between RingCentral VS Grasshopper’s phone services…both are good service providers, but each excel at different solutions. It today’s business world, a lot of business owners don’t even have business landlines anymore. They just use their cell phones for everything. Great, but sometimes it would be nice to be able to differentiate personal and business life, without carrying a separate device. (who wants to lug around two cell phones anymore!) This is where the added flexibility of VOIP comes in, and the features will make your life MUCH much easier…

Grasshopper Is The Best Choice IF:

Grasshopper is best for small business owners on the go, such as tradesman, contractors, plumbers, sales staff, and anyone who is most likely to be out in the field working out of the office, or someone who travels for work and mostly works from their cell phone. The other thing Grasshopper is awesome for that hardly anyone talks about, is it’s the cheapest way to add a toll free 800 number to your cell phone, and is the best alternative to Google voice since they don’t offer toll free numbers.

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RingCentral Is The Best Choice IF:

Ringcentral on the other hand, is slightly higher priced than Grasshopper, but has all the same features and a whole lot more. Ringcentral is the most flexible business phone solution out there. With their smartphone app, you can connect any cell phone and make business calls and texts, but they also have a free softphone application whereby you can take and make calls from any laptop or desktop computer as well. This comes in handy if you sometimes work in the office, but also travel 50% of the time as well.

Conclusion: Which Option Should You Choose?

If you’re never in the office, and mostly work remotely and travel, Grasshopper is the best choice for you. If you just started your business, and may want an office phone AND also be able to use your cell, Ringcentral or have great options on leasing cheap VOIP phone hardware, and they’ll roll it into your monthly plan for a low cost total. (to see what I mean, click here go to Ring Central, click on Products > Phones & Headsets, and see the updated VOIP cordless telephones for $10 – $20 bucks a month… which is a HUGE savings over spending thousands on a traditional business phone system. You can compare’s phone hardware here to see if they have any better specials deals or coupons this month)

Update- Grasshopper Versus RingCentral For Toll Free 1-800 Numbers & Custom Vanity Numbers

What about toll free 1-800 numbers and custom vanity numbers?  I’ve been getting a lot more questions about whether or not one provider is better when searching for vanity or toll free 800 numbers. The answer is yes and no. Each provider has their own pool of available 800 numbers that they pull from, although some do share the same pool (much like an unregistered domain name if you know what I mean).

Here’s what I would do if you’re looking for an 800 number or vanity line and can’t find an available one you like. Check out this post I did here, and my list of 800 providers I recommend and use myself to client call tracking. Remember that my recommendations for comparing Grasshopper VS RingCentral VS and others is taking into account what most small business owners will be doing with their phone system. On the call tracking guides you see elsewhere on the blog, I’m specifically talking about specialty needs like call tracking analytics, cheap numbers that will never be hooked up to a cell phone, need office phone hardware, or stuck without phone adapters.

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23 thoughts on “Grasshopper VS Ringcentral: Which VOIP Provider Is Best For My Business?”

    • Sorry bud, Grasshopper recently changed their pricing structure to switch everything over to unlimited minute plans. (you should see this reflected on their plans & pricing page no??) Unfortunately this makes it a little more expensive for the little guy just starting out, but it is cheaper in the long run if you’re using a decent amount of minutes. (before it was $12/mo + $.06/min)

      I can email them and see if there are any new Grasshopper discount codes we can use, but the last time I asked for a promo code for my readers, the aff manager wouldn’t give me one because they don’t want people promoting coupons anymore. (unless I agreed not to promote the coupon codes, which is impossible the way my blog and youtube gets syndicated, and kind of pointless… I want you guys to get the discounted pricing if they have it!)

      However sends me new coupon codes every month if you’re open to other options, not sure if this one is still valid right this minute, but you can try this for 10% off the lifetime of your plan with this discounted aff link: Phone-com-10-off-life

      If that doesn’t work, there will be new ones issued in a couple days after the first of the year. I also responded to your comment on YouTube, it’s just a lot harder to type this much on YT as opposed to here on the blog.

      • Aw, that’s too bad! Thanks anyway. I hope you at least got some referral revenue from me using your Grasshopper link 🙂

        I hope I can transfer my Grasshopper phone number over to and save a couple of bucks but if not I guess I’m stuck with them and their higher costs for at least the next month or so.

  1. Quick question..I have been using RC for a few years now. My only frustrating feature is the ringtone situation on my personal cell phone. I cannot get my RC calls to ring at a different tone. Is the doable?

  2. Looking for a recommendation :
    We have a small business that we want to be able to answer after hours. Need customer to be able to pick an extension so that one of our phones ring. I originally was thinking Ooma, but after watching your review, now I’m not so sure. Oh and voicemail to text would be cool too.

    • Hi Kerri,

      Sure this is very common… Can you be a little more specific?

      For instance, when you say answer after hours, are you saying you want a new line you can use at the office on a voip phone, but then answer from your mobile after hours once you leave? Or perhaps you just mean a custom ring route, whereby you can set it to ring your cell phone if no one picks up at the office (of course no one would be there after hours like you mentioned, so it would hit the next number in line type of thing…)?

      I could be mistaken and this is a home based business… no biggie, just need to know your exact situation in order to recommend a better solution.

      Yep voicemail to text saves me from bothering with returning/listening to sales calls the majority of the day.

      • Hi Matt,
        We’re not a home business. We have a business line that goes to voicemail when I’m not in the office. We are service industry and boss would like to have calls forwarded to a specific cell if there is an emergency call. So, when a customer calls and I’m gone, they’ll hear my outgoing message and have the option to leave a voice message or dial an extension to reach someone if needed. Does that help ?

        • Yep, you want to setup a custom ring route, possibly on a schedule. For that I wouldn’t use any of the number forwarding services, they’re too limited.

          You didn’t mention if while in the office you need to integrate with a device? (voip phone)

          I would recommend you take a look at or RingCentral for this, especially if you want to add any hardware. Number forwarding services like Grasshopper won’t support that.

    • Hi Eric,

      Yes generally you can send media through most of them, however there are some specific stipulations on some providers. For instance, normally you cannot send pictures from a toll free number, only local numbers. Also, text messaging is not automatically included with every single provider by default, some charge extra to enable it.

    • Hi Srini,

      No I don’t, I’ve never used Dialogtech. At quick glance, it appears to be primarily a call tracking platform… whereas RingCentral is more of a voip provider that can be a full featured landline replacement that supports phone hardware. They may still do some dynamic insertion numbers, but mostly both are focused on two separate things.

  3. Do you have a recommendation to move an existing landline business phone number to a VoIP service? Would like to get rid of phone company bill and get calls directed to on-line service.

    Thank you!

    • Sure, most all of them are a good fit for that, just depends on how many lines you need, phone hardware requirements, etc… With more details I can recommend a provider for you.

  4. Your video was so helpful. Thanks.
    I work for Young Life and make calls into a new area to build a local board to take ownership of the ministry. However, when they see my area code is different than their area code, folks don’t answer. Is there a service that I can subscribe to where when folks see the incoming call it will have the same area code as their own?

    Thanks for any help that you can be.

    • Hi Don,

      Yep you want to get a service that offers local presence dialing, so your outbound calls match the area you’re calling to. Most voip services don’t have this by default, you’d want to look into a call center software like Five9 for that.

  5. Hello,

    I am looking for your recommendation here. We would like to diplay about 10-15 phone numbers on our eCommerce portal where customer can call us. We would like to route these calls to different departments with in our company (we already have existing phone lines) .I am analysing multiple vendors for setting up a call forwarding serivice for these10-15 numbers which we want to display on our eCommerce portal. All we need is these phone numbers needs to be forwarded directly one- one to our existing phone numbers or it should prompt for options to select (like press 1 for sales, 2 for service etcc.) and end of the day we also want to see reporting on these numbers like how many times customer has selected option 1, how many times call went to this line, how many times it was picked up and how many times it wasnt picked up..
    I was exploring grasshopper, Nextiva and ringcentral. Can you suggest which service would be ideal for omy use case. just to let u know we already have a corporate level phone service, this is just we would like to on top of it for call forwarding using these virtual number plus we need good analytics .

    • Sounds like you should be using DINs from Callrail or another ctm company. You need analytics and custom ring routes, not really another phone provider. Before I answer, why are you using separate lines for different sections of the portal?

      Yeah I wouldn’t use any of the services listed here… this is more advanced, and quite different than what most businesses need to do.

  6. Hi I have a cosmetics line I’m launching next month ,I have a full time job as well that hopefully I won’t need in the next few years if my buisness kicks off what system would be beneficial for my needs until my buisness grows or should I wait till the buisness grows and just stick with online chatting with the person and by email

    • Hi Sha,

      Really depends if you’ll ever do retail or have a physical warehouse with employees at some point. If so, you’ll want to be on a system voip hardware support like this plan. Otherwise any will work for virtual use, ecommerce, stores, etc…

      I would bootstrap in the beginning if it were me. Doesn’t mean you can get a good phone number, but I wouldn’t go crazy on plans, features, etc… Simple will work for a while.


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