Why Getting People To Know, Like, And Trust You Is Stupid

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I see this shit touted by marketers all over the place. This talk about how to get people to know like and trust you. Well, for a lot of bloggers and people just starting out online with youtube or whatever, this seems attractive, and appears to be the thing you need to do. But I’d like to invite you to take a good hard look at what these people are truly teaching… because, if you’re trustworthy, if you’re open and helpful so people can already get to know the real you, and if you let other people decide, they’ll like you way more because genuinely chose to… there is no need to “get people to know, like, and trust you.”

You see, most people want to do this so they can sell people shit. When in reality, there is so much deceptive selling going on, people are simply craving real people. No one really cares about giving you money, buying through you, or even buying in to what you’re selling or your ideals. They either will or they won’t.

What they really care about, is connection, reliance, leadership for the greater good, etc… When you are just being you, and they get to decide whether they like you on their own without any fancy marketing manipulation, people are happy to give you money, buy through you, sign up for things you recommend, and on and on.

As they should…


You’re not afraid to tell them what NOT to buy. You’re not afraid to put your ass on line and go to bat for what’s right, even if it means you’re burning a bridge with a large company relationship you had. When you put the people first, and do what’s right as if it were you’re own mother, father, brother, sister, son, or daughter, people can feel it. People are more intuitive than you think, and if you believe that some marketing “trick” to get people to sign up for your email list, follow you on social media, or whatever other scheme these assholes are selling, see how many people give a fuck when you email them.

If you decide to be a prick, you deserve to be treated like a prick.

When you decide to treat people like people, they’ll start reciprocating.

Now you might not like this, because you bought into some bullshit idea about making money on the beach in less than a month, right after that blogging guru told you all you had to do was sign up for Bluehost for $2.95 through their special link.

Well I’m sorry to tell you, but you’ve been had.

There’s a lot more to being a successful blogger than simply building an audience and selling them shit. What about in 5 years, or even 15 years from now… do you think you’ll truly be fulfilled hawking blog hosting links at naive people wanting to make money online blogging?

Come on brother (or sister)…

Wake the fuck up. You have the biggest opportunity in history sitting before you, just waiting for you to be the best you.

And the best you would never sell your soul for $120 bucks a head.

You would give a shit what people think, how their impacted, the amazing ways you can help them, how you can go through the biggest and best personal growth of your LIFE by doing this, and all the other wonderful things that happen when you truly open yourself up to the world and step in to your potential.

And you know what the funny thing is?  People are attracted to you like a magnet when you do this, automatically. There is no bullshit that would make them hesitate. There is no reason for them to not like you. There is no reason why they wouldn’t WANT to give you money. Because you give THEM way more in every way that the manipulative marketers and bloggers don’t.

You tell them the truth, even when it burns a motherfucking hole in your own pocket. You tell them what not to do, even when you would profit immensely from going the other way on it. You put the future relationship with these people, your brand, your reputation, everything… over the short term monetary gains achieved by selling bullshit.

You stop worrying about where the next biggest score is, and you start worrying about what you have to offer the world, and how you can become more of the best that’s already inside you.

You know there’s a little feeling in the pit of your gut… That thing you’ve felt before, that maybe scares you, or maybe excites you… but you know it’s there. You know what I’m talking about… it’s that little inkling you have, that let’s you know you could be doing more. That little thing that goes off that you have inside you that instinctually senses that there is something you could be doing with your life. The hidden gift you’re afraid to let out, or the hidden thing you’re afraid to help people with or share.

And you know damn well you’re capable of so much more than you settle for. But I’m not here to sway you one way or another, you know it, and I know it. I know it, because I’ve been you, and still am some days. You think I don’t struggle with the same things you do? Shit man, I wouldn’t be able to write this in a way that speaks to you if I didn’t!

The point is, our purpose in life, is to uncover our purpose. The barrier to entry on becoming a blogger, running a lifestyle business, being a youtuber, whatever it is that you want to achieve in this lifetime, is being open to the next step of the journey, and taking the step to get one inch closer. It means feeling the fear when you don’t want to make that video or go on camera. It means giving up things in the short term, so you can live however you want in the long term. It means forgoing short term profits, and valuing long term relationships more.

And when you begin to step in to the real you, the one who has more to give, the one who opens his heart to the potential, the one who puts others first and understands what it is to be of service, the one who stands out from the crowd after years of being in the shadows, the one all the sudden has hockey stick like growth after struggling for what seems like a lifetime, that is the real you.

This show you’ve been putting on for years, suppressing the real you, buying in to the white picket fence, drowning yourself in distractions that stop you from achieving your life’s purpose, it’s time for this show to fall to the wayside. It’s time for you to wake up. It’s time, for you to become the real you.

It might seem daunting, it might seem scary, but if I can do it, anyone can.

And just think, when I was first on this journey of becoming a successful blogger, all I had was idiot personal finance bloggers that told me to sign up for taking surveys to earn extra cash online. LOL Are you fucking kidding me? The worst opportunity ever, was the recommendation I got everywhere when I searched for good blogging tutorials. Those bloggers just didn’t give a fuck, and still don’t btw, and are in it for the cash only.

But see, you have it so much better. You don’t even know how many shortcuts you have before you, how many painful lessons learned, how many days of struggle you’ll get to skip now that there is good advice on how to start a lifestyle blog you can live off of. (the right way)

My parting words for you today, are do it now. Whatever it is you’ve been thinking about in your life, the dreams you have, the vision you have for your future, whatever it is, do the next step today. If it’s blogging, great I can help you with that. If it’s something else, that’s awesome I’m stoked for you. Whatever it is, just get after it.

Why is that the most important message I want to leave you with today? Because doors don’t open unless you put the key in the lock. All the great opportunities that have appeared for me, with this blog, with my income, none of it ever really came to fruition until I was in the game. I tried and tried to make everything perfect before I started, I tried and tried to predict how I would succeed, and I struggled and struggled with planning, painting my masterpiece with perfect brush strokes, and making sure everything would be just so, exactly as I’d envisioned it.

But you know what actually happened?  Opportunities BETTER than I had imagined surfaced, almost out of thin air. Things I could have never predicted. Companies and industries I would have never dreamed of working with. Big brands offering to fly me out to their headquarters, practically begging to work with me and build a partnership with my brand.

And you want to know the truth about how that came about? It wasn’t because I planned it perfectly. it wasn’t because I got people to trust me, or build a big audience. (hell, my blog is STILL tiny, and no one knows who the fuck I am… It doesn’t matter!) it was because I was in the motherfucking game. It was because I was pressing forward on something, even if it wasn’t the right thing, it was A thing. Rather than sitting on the sidelines, watching other people do what I wanted to do, planning how to do it perfectly, designing everything from A to Z so it would work out just as I’d hoped…. Nope. The truth is, it was messy as fuck. Nothing you see today is exactly as I’d planned it. Everything you see today is a variation of my master vision. A left turn, when I thought I would go right.

And you know what my only regret is? That I didn’t do it sooner.

There is no replacement for being in the game. There is no replacement for earning the key. No one is going to tell you where the door is, if you aren’t even looking. Start looking today, it’s your life’s purpose.

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