High Tech Health Infrared Sauna Review

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Update – the real High Tech Health sauna review, complete with live EMF testing is available in the video above. Disregard the old stuff below, where I was trying to test out an older High Tech Health at a local spa. I ended up buying A High Tech Health Transcend TR-2 for thousands of dollars. Hope you guys enjoy!

The Transcend TR2 tested beautifully for EMF’s, with low emf all around which is what I love to see. As you’ll see below, it made the Certified Sauna list, which is something pretty hard to do. (most sauna companies fail)

The High Tech Health has low magnetic fields, electric fields, low rf radiation, and low body voltage. If you’re looking for the best ceramic sauna that still has super low EMF’s safe for children, ill folks, or the EHS sensitive, this is it.

Don’t be fooled by the imitators only showing you low magnetic fields, and then passing off their sauna as “low emf” to the public. Meanwhile, it has sky high electric fields and body voltage! Well not with High Tech Health, they do a great job with all three.

Think I’m blowing smoke up your ass and don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out all my infrared sauna reviews…  And make sure to check out the list of saunas to AVOID AT ALL COSTS before you buy anything. It’ll save you tons of headache I went through!

High Tech Health Sauna Pricing Discount Code

High Tech Health saunas made the Certified Sauna list, and I also have a coupon code for you for the discount pricing. All Clever Leverage readers can get $300 – $500 off their High Tech Health sauna purchase with code: “matt-justice-500”

High Tech Health Infrared Sauna Pricing Averages

How much do High Tech Health saunas cost?  It’s common practice for sauna companies to withhold sale pricing, but I’ll give you an average from what I’ve seen (and paid myself) for the typical size most homeowners buy. Don’t kill me if the price happens to be +/- by the time you read this…

Pricing on High Tech Health saunas is pretty high compared to the rest of the industry. An average 2 person home sauna, that will work on a 15 amp household circuit, is just over $5,000.00 dollars. As the size or model you choose goes up from there, so does the price.


I hate to say it, but the TR-2 I bought is one of the more difficult saunas to assemble out of all the saunas I’ve put together. It’s nice, but some of the design characteristics could be improved when it comes to making things as easy as possible for the customer. Once you get it together, you’ll be pleased, but there may be a few snags along the way. I’m editing an installation video right now that should help with that, and shows me putting the sauna together on live video, step by step.

Old stuff…

I’m super excited about this infrared sauna review from High Tech Health. There was a local spa here in the Central Florida area that had one, so I didn’t have to buy a unit just to test it out like the others. (for my other infrared sauna comparisons, check out the JNH Lifestyles review, Dynamic review, Sunlighten review, & Clearlight review…)  I love the idea of ceramic heaters with that penetrating far infrared healing potential, but without the super high emf’s like I’m finding in a lot of these saunas. I’m pumped that this might just be something unique, compared to all the carbon powered infrared saunas I’ve tried thus far.

Check back to this blog post, and I’ll embed the YouTube videos as soon as I get them uploaded!

My High Tech Health Sauna Review

Eeek, I made a mistake here.  I wasn’t aware that older High Tech Health models are NOT the same as the new generation that’s for sale. The spa here locally only had one that was several years old, and I didn’t know there were different models.

From what I can deduce, any opinion I have, and any testing isn’t really fair to produce if it’s been improved in the last 5 years. (this sauna was pretty old, and from the looks of it, definitely did not have these Triple Antifield Heaters shown at present. Again, my fault for not getting the exact model)

EMF Ratings

10+ mg at the heater, strong falloff rate though, lower body voltage than most carbon saunas. Electric fields reasonable, although I’d like to test this from a model you can actually buy today. (as stated many times, this model is Oooooold!)


$4 – $5k

Time To Sweat / Preheat Test

Couldn’t check, sauna is preheated for an hour before every customer session. This is also a 220 model, so it will be different than a residential 15 amp model most people are looking for. Not really helpful, I know..


High Tech Health Transcend VS Thermal Life Sauna Models

I get a lot of requests from folks looking at purchasing a used Thermal Life model, or local spas where customers are renting weekly sessions and want to know if the current Transcend models are like the older one they’re paying to use.  Most everyone has the same EMF questions about the Thermal Life compared to the Transcend lineup.

The truth is, I don’t know for sure. All I know is the older one I tested, didn’t test that well. It has decent magnetic fields at the heaters, and electric fields were not mitigated. This is also consistent with what I’ve been told about older High Tech Health saunas built several years ago: “They were made by Healthmate, and did not have electric fields mitigated in older models. Magnetic fields were also not tended to as well as they are now.”

High Tech Health VS Sunlighten

One of the most frequently asked comparisons between brands, is which better between the two?  They’re kind of apples to oranges in a way, since HTH is ceramic and Sunlighten usually has carbon heaters in them.

EMF wise, the newer High Tech Health’s test lower, but Sunlighten is usually not so focused on delivering the lowest emf environment, yet has nicer tech features in their saunas.

What about the sauna wood type?  Isn’t poplar supposed to be the best sauna wood you can get, and High Tech Health is one of the only companies that makes a sauna in Poplar?

I have to say, I think the Poplar thing is bullshit. I’ve been in every type of sauna wood on the planet, and the lumber has never been a huge selling point. We even put a VOC meter in several saunas to test them back to back, and there was nothing special about the Poplar when compared to Hemlock, Basswood, etc…

Cedar can sometimes give off a flag, but it really depends on where it comes from and how it’s processed.

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16 thoughts on “High Tech Health Infrared Sauna Review”

    • Hi Kate,

      I’m about a month and a half to two months out on the HTH it’s looking like. I have 3 saunas on the list in front of them, and there was some nonsense going on on YouTube from a High Tech Health rep named Renee that kind of rubbed me the wrong way… so I don’t know if I’m going to buy one or not. (already spent $8k last week on two other saunas, so I’m cut off on purchasing for this month at least)

      However, they do have one here in Central Florida somewhere, even though that rep who was copying and pasting all over YouTube didn’t give me the location. I’m still going to find out where it’s located, and go try it out. From what I understand, it’s not one of the latest and greatest newer models, but it will still give me a good idea of what kind of heat their ceramic heaters deliver, which I’m very interested in.

      That said, after quite a few setbacks, this week I have the Therasauna, Radiant, and (hopefully!) Evolve 360 all being recorded at the same time. So long as this new shipment isn’t damaged too bad, we’re rocking and rolling starting tomorrow…

  1. Ok, thanks for the update. I know there’s one at Alchemy spa in Jupiter, FL, though that may be a little far from you. Thanks much for your efforts and reviews!

  2. Hi, have you had a chance to review the High Tech Health sauna yet? I’m interested in your review as I was thinking of purchasing one. I haven’t been able to find any reviews online. Thanks!

    • I have had a High Tech Health sauna for 8 years, and I have loved it. But, since I have never seen it even mentioned at all as one of the top rated ones, I wonder why they never get noticed in consumer ratings. I did a lot of research at the time, and they convinced me that they had really low EMF and the beast heaters etc, and were in cancer clinics around the country, but I have never really known for sure. They did neglect to replace a cosmetic part for me, and I was a bit disappointed about that. But, if you find out more about their product quality than I know, please let me know . I have enjoyed it for 8 years, but I would replace it in a heartbeat if I thought that it wasn’t delivering as well as some others out there.

  3. Hi Matt,

    I just tested one of the better sauna brands at a nearby spa with a TriField TF2 EMF meter. While the electromagnetic readings were below 2-3 mG across all the carbon panels (except for one 10mG hot spot), I was surprised to find electric field readings of 200-1000V/m!
    I stumbled upon the High Tech Health website and liked what I read about mitigating all 3 kinds of EMF. Any thoughts about that? Will you be posting a review anytime soon?


    • Hi Stuart,

      Yep most of them have some electric fields… normally people just don’t have a clue, because the Trifield 100xe that everyone buys can’t decipher well. Good for you for checking with a better meter!

      That said, generally electric fields are less worrisome than magnetic by most building biologists I’ve hired. However, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to get things as low as possible… I answered another persons question on youtube if you’re interested in learning how to eliminate electric fields with a grounded faraday cage grill. (you cannot shield magnetic fields in these saunas without affecting the heat)

      As far as the High Tech Health goes, unless they send me one, or a spa in Central Florida gets one I can pay to use, I doubt I’ll be pursuing it. Until I see a video with both magnetic and electric fields tested, I’m not really interested. (most ceramic saunas all have a magnetic field that is very very hard to get rid of)
      The idea of mitigating RF in a sauna with an infrared emitter, is about the funniest thing I’ve heard in my life related to saunas.

    • Hi Matt , enjoy your blog. I understand that PLH products (healthmate sauna) is the same as high-tech. Have you ever tested that sauna?

      • Hi Dan,

        I have not, but how about I give them a call and look into getting a demo unit? Several people have asked for it, so maybe it’s time to get some seat time in one.

        They seem quite different to me than a HTH at first glance… if you don’t mind me asking, can you explain a bit on how they’re similar so I can get a better idea of good questions to ask when I call in?


  4. Thanks for responding so fast! I own a store in Chicago area & looking for a good one. Of course my clients care about weight loss, I’m looking for same reason you are..the metals. I’m a Naturopath & I need to know which one would help the most people. Also, good stereo…lol. Your articles have been great btw! When are you going?

  5. Hi Mat, my parents gave me their HighTech Infrared Sauna, but they lost the instructions booklet, do you know where I can get a copy. I have a two person sauna. I am having problems with not turning off when the session completes and need to turn off at the powerpoint. I am not sure if there is something I did not plug in or something else

    if someone has a manual/instruction can they please email me a copy or direct me where I can get a copy. I tried to contact the company but they do not get back to me. Thank you for any help you can give me.


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