14 Hobbies That Make Money You’d Never Guess

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The world was different a few years ago. It was very rare to find jobs that allowed people to make a living out of pursuing their hobbies. Then, as the world of media and communications took over, there was a dramatic increase in the kinds of things people valued. Today, as the virtual world continues to develop, there is no end to the number of potential career options available to you.

One such example is the concept of viral videos, which bring in millions of highly engaged viewers and followers within no time. If you think a little creatively, you will find many different ways to make good money from these videos.

However, this increase in the number of creative occupations is not limited to the internet alone. Whether you are a graphic designer or a passionate gamer, there is more than one money making opportunity out there for you. It is great that we now live in a world that allows you to turn your hobby into your primary source of income. In fact, plenty of people are successfully pursuing their passion and earning a great living from it too.

Even if you have a regular 9-5 job, you do not necessarily have to cut yourself off from this world of exciting opportunities. An additional source of income is always a great idea, whether or not your content actually goes viral. After all, it is still nice to be able to treat yourself to a fancy dinner every now and then. This article gives you a glimpse of the more popular hobbies and how they are being used to earn a steady income. With a little bit of planning, effort and patience, you can channel your passion into a lucrative career too! Let us dive in and check out the options available:


If you are an avid photographer and have invested some time and effort in studying its basics, you could potentially earn a lot of money. You could pursue photography full-time by working with wedding planners and event managers. Alternatively, you can channel the power of social media. Photographers with a substantial fan following are often consulted for specific photo shoots and events. What’s more, they are paid a lot for the work they do; the more experienced the photographer, the greater the income.

There are different ways by which you can get paid for your photography. One option is by selling stock photos online. All you have to do is open an account on a stock image website. You might not even have to work too hard to be able to earn an extra income on the side since many people are willing to pay good money for beautiful stock photos. Alternatively, you could cover weekend events at your neighborhood pub. This option will allow you to work for a second income while still keeping your full-time ‘day’ job.

There’s no time like the present to start building your photography experience. Pick up the camera and head over to your favorite local hangout. Always keep an eye out for interesting events to cover. It is a fun weekend activity that gets you out of the house and it gives you a few extra bucks!

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Pet Sitting

If you enjoy being around animals but do not have a pet of your own for some reason, you might want to consider pet sitting for a little extra money on the side. There are plenty of households that need to leave their pets alone at home for hours at a stretch; they will be happy to pay a responsible animal lover to take care of things at that time.

This job does not really need you to put in too many hours, and the pay is not too bad either. Pet sitters can make anywhere between $15 – $25 per hour; if you watch your neighbor’s cat for a few weeks, your piggy bank will soon be a lot heavier. What’s more, you get to make all this money doing what you love – hanging out with your favorite animal!

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A few years ago, nobody would have known what you meant if you said you were a blogger. It was not really considered a legitimate option as early as a few decades ago; however, it has really come of age in the smartphone and high-speed internet era. If you can influence a fairly large audience in some way, there will be at least five big businesses willing to pay you well for it. And since no one else can control the content on your blog, you get to pick the topics you love most.

Since blogging is all about finding a niche topic and exploring it in detail, there is room for anyone to jump into this space and succeed. There are hundreds of thousands of potential topics your blog can cover, but we have narrowed our list to the most popular ones. Here, you will have a chance to understand fashion, food and travel in more detail.

Blog Writing

If you never run out of words to express yourself, you could potentially make a lot of money in the writing business. This option is especially lucrative online since plenty of businesses seek well-written digital content. Alternatively, you could write long-form articles, event and product descriptions, style guides and much more. You will be surprised at the number of people eagerly waiting for you to give them great content.

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A large chunk of online content writing is for marketing and promotional activities. Marketers are willing to invest an extraordinary amount of money into accurate and engaging written material – like travel destination descriptions or event coverage. If you have always been able to impact the reader with your words, you might find great luck in the content development industry. So dive in and start building that experience!

Travel Blogs

Do you enjoy exploring the world or even the quieter parts outside your city? Do you take great pictures and chronicle the experience for all to see? If yes, travel blogging is a great opportunity for you to consider. You could cover your trip on your own social media profiles or even collaborate with other travel bloggers to build a following. If your Instagram page or YouTube channel catches on, there is no stopping you. You could become an influencer, sharing valuable insights from your own traveling experiences. Alternatively, you could endorse travel products and receive a fee from the brands you partner with. You can also make a little extra money by partnering with travel companies and tourism boards.

If you still are not too sure what you want your travel blog to cover, don’t worry. It may seem a little unclear now but in the long run, you will be able to develop unique content that appeals to a large audience. Don’t stop investing time and effort into this project.

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So the next time you go on an adventurous journey in the middle of nowhere, make sure you grab some footage to make a little video.

Fashion Blogs

The word celebrity used to bring to mind sports icons, actors and actresses, politicians and other such high-profile individuals. These days, however, the idea of celebrity has evolved. People have earned tremendous fame via their activities on the internet, and models are coming up through social media now. Instagram models are extremely famous, for example, and can earn large sums of money by promoting specific brands.

If you have always had a knack for mixing and matching different styles and designs, you might be able to earn quite a reputation by sharing your ideas with the world. Fashion labels typically go after models with a large social media following, so that all those fans eventually follow the label as well. So the next time someone says that you’re wasting your time experimenting with random style trends, tell them to think again!

Food Blogging

It is a universal truth that everyone loves good food. In fact, one of the best things about the world becoming smaller is that we get to eat the best of every other country’s food. With the food industry evolving all the time, bloggers who can review both good and bad food may have just found the perfect career opportunity. While there are apps that rate the quality of food in different restaurants across the city, there’s nothing like a human-centric review to pull in a large fan following.

If you love eating and always make it a point to try different dishes around the city, you might do well as a food blogger. All you need is a little effort in the right direction.

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A few good pictures and a descriptive write-up might be the key to unlocking your potential in the food industry. Food critics are often invited to venue openings and tasting nights to approve and review specific dishes. If you happen to be a food lover, this might just be the opportunity you have always dreamed of. So the next time you plan to grab a bit with your friends, remember to chronicle the experience. It could put you on the food map.

Personal Shopping

If you have always had an eye for new styles and designs in apparel and accessories, you might just get paid to shop for someone! This is not a joke; it happens in several cities.

For instance, senior executives in large organizations do not always have the time to buy a birthday present for an acquaintance. This is where you, the personal shopper, will step in. You will be paid a basic $10 to $15 per hour to start with and could earn up to 10 or 15% of the entire purchase value with time. Not too shabby an amount! And what’s more, you earned this money just by hitting the malls.

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Making Music

Naturally, the entertainment industry can never die out. Music, in particular, will always manage to transcend all barriers imposed by identity, age or region. And since its digitization and globalization, there have been endless great possibilities in the industry.

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If you are a musician, any kind of musician, there is a platform for you to make money. In particular, if you possess a talent in making music electronically, you might be able to earn a fortune out of collaborations or even solo performances.

Now is also the time when indie artists and people from every corner of the world are encouraged to express themselves and perform in different settings. While local pubs and cafes are a good start, people also invite musicians to perform at parties and weddings. Keeping an open mind and experimenting with a few options might be exactly what your talent needs to flourish.

Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is the birthplace of homemade superstars. People you never knew about and will never meet become part of your life instantaneously through YouTube. The streaming service is almost becoming synonymous with entertainment. With YouTube Music and YouTube TV just being launched, the chances of making it big on YouTube are higher now than it ever was before.

Everything from cooking to comedy can climb the ranks on YouTube. Dramaticized movie reviews, funny takes on global news, “satisfying videos” and even videos of children and adults sampling strange flavors of jellybeans – all of these categories attract millions of viewers. If you think you have an entertaining talent, all you have to do is jump in and start filming that video. You never know until you try, and that is the motto of so many YouTube stars who became celebrities while performing in front of a camera in their rooms.

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This does not mean anyone can become a YouTube star; it just means that you should always try to showcase your unconventional talents. You never know, it might just bring you a dedicated fan following.

Professional Gaming

If there is anything that has seen an unexpected and exponential rise in growth, it has to be gaming. A concept that kept developing over the years has now integrated technology in itself to such a level that gaming has become a physical and mental experience matched by no other. The sophistication and attention to detail are extreme, and the scrutiny behind the creation of these games even higher. These days, people are paid to test games and even compete with others on a global level. Before the games are released, they are given to specific users to test.

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The next time someone says you are wasting your life away on the PlayStation, you can turn around and tell them they are severely mistaken. Professional gaming tournaments are a very popular concept and can bring in a fortune. You could earn hundreds of thousands in world tournaments; in fact, some games even have legitimate world cups.

Today, you can put your gaming skills to the test by playing online with others. If you find that your performance matches up to the talent out there, you are ready to make your hobby a profession. So, if you find that you enjoy playing video games on the couch, consider yourself lucky. You might have just stumbled upon a fortune.

Business-owners in any industry have to invest a lot of money in market research. By getting to know the needs of the market, business owners perfect the placement and promotion of their product. This market research is conducted through surveys and might require large volumes of people to fill these forms out. There are companies solely invested in market research. If you are someone who likes to share their opinion and has some free time every now and then, you might be able to earn a few hundred dollars by filling these online surveys that are used to further research.


If you are good with kids and enjoy hanging out with them, you could do it to earn a few extra dollars. There has always been a robust demand for good childcare and with the rise of dual-income families, your services can only have a larger market. A babysitting job can pay upwards of $20 per hour, securing you a pretty good side income. In addition, you might even end up meeting some very interesting people on the job. As schedules get busier and busier, it is clear that demand for a good babysitter is unlikely to fade for a long time to come.

Painting and Art

If you are a painter or like working with fabric, fashion accessories and jewelry, you might be able to make a lot of money. All you have to do is work smart and put that talent to good use. First, you can explore the online market. People are willing to buy digital art for extremely high prices on social media; however, there are also plenty of e-commerce websites devoted to handmade and vintage pieces – like Etsy. The more time you spend on these different websites, the more likely you are to discover a market you never knew about. Once you find an audience that is willing to invest in your work, you will have the motivation to continue your creative journey. What’s more, you will be able to make a decent living while doing what you enjoy.

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Teach or Design Courses

While the teaching industry has always seen and will always see a great demand, it has taken on a new dimension in the online world. The ways in which people learn are evolving. Not everyone is able to bend their schedules and be in class at a specific time. This doesn’t mean they should not have the opportunity to pick up a new skill, however. To be able to meet the expectations of today’s learners, teaching methods are evolving too. Many instructors are creating online courses that can be learned anytime, anywhere. If you have some experience with teaching and believe you know a subject very well, you can try creating courses on websites like Udemy, Thinkfic or Teachable. Depending on the subject you are teaching, your course can gain immense popularity and earn you a great income. If you are not currently able to commit to a full-time teaching job, you can still pursue what you enjoy by taking your talents online.

This list includes just a few of the many different ways in which you can turn your hobby into a satisfying, full-time career. What you might think of as a way to pass the time can actually be an opportunity to earn a fortune. All you is a little effort; just be sure to look in the right places and your enterprising nature will start paving the way for you. While the previous generation may have believed firmly in the idea of a conventional 9-5 job as the only legitimate way to earn a living, the world is moving in a different direction now. Today, you can sit in your bedroom with a decent camera and high-speed internet connection; this is all you need to potentially become a millionaire. So, instead of dismissing your hobby as just another way to kill time, put it to good use. Look for new ways in which your passions can make others’ lives more interesting and ultimately bring you a steady income. People are always open to new ideas and if something picks up, you might not be able to keep up with the rise in popularity that your idea might experience!

One of the more popular pieces of career advice, especially of late, goes something like this. Think of what you like to do to distract yourself from your “main job.” Now, think of a way to turn that distraction into your main job. It is one of the best pieces of advice you can follow. It allows you to do what you love and, thanks to the well-connected world we live in, can fetch you a great income too. So what are you waiting for? Pick up that pen, brush or video camera and start something new today!

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