Where Can I Buy Low Cost Toll Free 1 800 Numbers At A Reasonable Price With No Contract?

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I’ve been looking at getting an 800 number for my business, and was wondering how much you guys normally pay for a toll free 800 number service for your business?

This is a common question from business owners who’ve been getting overcharged by local phone companies for years. Back before VOIP (voice over internet) services went mainstream, it was normal for a small business to pay several hundred, to several thousand dollars per month on phone and fax services, without even adding a toll free line to use for their marketing. In 2017 and beyond, that is completely insane for a single or triple line phone system, and with all of the voip providers becoming more and more mainstream, call quality is just as good on voip as a landline these days.

In this article, we’ll go over the norm for what does an 800 number cost, I’ll answer the common questions about obtaining the best 1 800 number for your needs, and how to get a toll free line on the cheap with no contract, in case you don’t need it for very long.

Average Price Per Line (cost per 800 number)

Most toll free providers charge on average between $9.99/mo per line, and then either pay by the minute or buy a bucket of minutes within your selected plan. But this can be deceiving, because you can get an 800 forwarding number with no virtual phone service attached to it for a few bucks per month. However, for most people, it make sense to go with one of the companies I mention below because they include a free smartphone app that lets you take business calls on your cell phone… and your customers will never know the difference! Virtual phone system plans usually contain at least 3-500 minutes, with some companies offering unlimited toll free minutes for their more advanced phone plans. Either way, some of the providers have unlimited outbound calling, and you only pay for inbound toll free minutes. Keep in mind this will use your cell phone companies minutes, but since most plans are unlimited these days, that doesn’t affect you at all.

Price VS Features – Compared To Landline Costs?

Most 800 number services of today, have much more flexibility than in the old days. You can do awesome things like track your calls and advertisements, route or forward calls after hours with a click of the mouse, and even add employee extensions at no extra charge if you hire new people.

VOIP 800 number providers have plans that start as low as $12/mo for a basic pay by the minute service, and go up to around $24/mo for a good amount of minutes. The best thing about inexpensive VOIP 800 services, is there are no startup costs, no expensive equipment to buy, and best of all NO CONTRACTS! Don’t like the service or no longer need it after a while? Simply cancel with no repercussions.

Personally, I use a mixture of different companies for my toll free 800 lines for myself and clients, depending on the situation, but my top 5 best 800 number service providers I regularly recommend are: Grasshopper, Ring Central, Callfire, Virtual PBX, and Phone.com.

Which Services Are The Most Cost Effective & Reliable For Most Small Businesses?

To find out which provider is best for you, read this guide here on low cost 800 number services.

Grasshopper and Ring Central are the best fit for most small businesses. They’re both affordable, easy to setup, and have all the features that businesses need. (including smartphone integration, free softphone software for laptop and computer calls when traveling or at a remote desk, and an online control panel to quickly and easily change your business phone system settings on the fly.)

Choose Grasshopper if you just want to add a business line to your personal cell phone, or want an inexpensive 800 forwarding service with automated receptionist (auto-attendant), and pick Ring Central if you want to have the option to use a softphone app (make calls on your computer) or VOIP office desk phone.

How Hard Is It To Obtain A 1 800 Number For My Home Based Business?

You can purchase an 800 number as fast as you can pick one out… And setting it up should only take you around 15 minutes to setup your own personal 800 number and direct the calls to anywhere you’d like. (your cell phone, existing landline or office number, etc…) Follow this guide here for step by step instructions…

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