How Much Does Blog Hosting Cost On Average To Host A Self Hosted WordPress Blog

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The average cost for blog hosting is around $5-$15 dollars per month, and unless you sign up for a special promo, that normally doesn’t include your annual domain name costs. If you’re wondering how much does blog hosting cost for a new beginner blogger, or you just want to get your website online and up and running on the cheap, I can show you where to get your domain name for free and get your hosting cost down to $3.95 per month, which is about the cheapest you’ll find.

Below I’ll give you a basic rundown of monthly and annual costs for beginner web hosting packages, along with a couple of recommendations for blog hosting companies I use, and by the end of this article you’ll be able to decide which blog host is best for you if you’re looking for one. I’ll also show you a couple of coupon codes so you can take advantage of annual discounts and get your hosting much cheaper if you want to sign up for 6 months of hosting or more.

Why Not Just Go With A Free Blog Host On A Sub Domain?

A lot of people opt to go for a free blog host, but I think that is a major mistake if you ever want to develop your blog into a brand in the future. For less than $50 buck a year, you can have your own blog domain and hosting, so it’s kind of a no brainer when it’s that inexpensive right? I mean why put effort into something you don’t truly own… You never know what it could become one day even if it starts out as a hobby.

Imagine if you were reading my blog right now on, instead of where you are here at Instead of building up authority on someone else’s domain/business, you can control all aspects of your own domain. Literally. See the difference?

Now if you just want a rant blog of something like that, then maybe a free blog option is right for you. But if you want to start a hobby blog and have your blog pay for your toys, then you want to go self hosted for sure. The main reasons are so you own your content, can place any ads you want to in the sidebar without limitations, and can install any plugins you want so you can customize your blog. A lot of the free blog hosts like blogspot or even limit your access to the source code, and also limit the list of approved plugins you can install. For me that is a deal breaker, and I hope it would be for you too.

Domain Registration Tip If You’re Setting Up Your First Blog Hosting Account For The First Time

How much does blog hosting cost pinterest graphicIf you’re setting up your first blog hosting account, and don’t already have a domain name yet, one of the ways you can make your life easier is to buy the domain name from the blog hosting company as part of a package. This will do two things for you: 1) you won’t have to connect the domain name to the web hosting account at the domain registrar control panel, and 2) you can normally get the domain name for free if you sign up for six months of more of blog hosting.

How Much Does It Really Cost Per Year To Run A Blog?

A lot of companies run promos where they’re willing to subsidize the cost of domain registration for you on the front end, to make their money back having you as hosting a client for a longer period of time on the backend. For a beginner blogger, this is perfect, and you can kill two birds with one stone while saving some money. Normally you’d spend about $12 bucks per year for the domain name without whois privacy at a registrar like GoDaddy, and then $7.99/mo – $9.99/mo for the blog hosting. But like I said before, a lot of companies will offer discount packages where you can get your domain name “free” and get the blog hosting cost down to under $4 bucks per month… So $4 x 12 months, is $48 for the year instead of $120 which is what it would normally cost.

Check And See If Your Domain Is Available If Don’t Have One Already Using This Handy Tool

Blog Hosting Companies I Use Myself And Would Recommend For Beginners

I’ve used a ton of hosting companies over the years (see them all here), and have it pretty much nailed down on which is best for different situations. It’s silly for beginners to spend a bunch of money on hosting when they don’t need to, just like it’s insane not to upgrade later when you have a ton of traffic! Sometimes the list of which hosting company is the best for each purpose changes, as hosting companies get bought and sold from time to time. That’s also why I keep a master list of which companies are good for different things, and also which one’s have horrible service and I’d never use again.

For beginners just starting out with their first blog, or small business owners who are bootstrapping their first business website, I recommend two companies in this instance: Bluehost or Liquidweb.

Bluehost is the more economical, and Liquidweb is the more high end option. Liquidweb is the best hosting company you’ll probably ever use, but that comes at a cost of about $15/mo when you’re starting out, compared to a meer $3.49/mo with Bluehost. Both have excellent phone support, which is why I recommend them to fiends and family. One of the trade secrets of the hosting industry, or vetting hosting companies at least, is you can tell a hosting company is a major player in the space when they offer 24/7 phone support. (most hosts only offer email ticket support, which is a royal pain in the ass if you ever have a serious problem you need help with!!)

Both Liquid Web And Blue Host have the same promo, whereby you get a free domain name that I talked about when you sign up for multiple months of discounted hosting. I do get credit when you sign up using my discount referral link, but they both credit the same amount… I want you to know I’m not recommending a hosting company based on more brownie points on the backend here! (if that was the case, I would be recommending Arvixe web hosting all day long, but I can’t because the service sucks!!!)

If you’re unsure what plan to go with, always start with the lowest Bluehost plan, and you can always upgrade later. No sense in wasting money on resources you don’t need right now. On, I’m on a LiquidWeb dedicated server that costs a little over $200/mo, but for most people this is waaaaay overkill to host a blog. (I use the server for other projects and development stuff, so the extra horsepower is warranted for me) As Clever Leverage grows, it’s likely I’ll have to upgrade just as I’m recommending you do. (start low, work your way up as you need it)

How To Save 40% Off Your Annual Blog Hosting Bill When You’re Starting Out As A Beginner Blogger

Like we already went over above, your normal annual cost to run your blog is about $100 a year. But, if you’re willing to spend a little more money up front, you can get a discount by prepaying for your first year, and it’ll bring the monthly price down to $3.49 per month… For a total of less than $50 for the whole year, and you get your domain name for free. (see this Bluehost coupon code page, or use this discount link for 40% off Your blog hosting)

You also won’t have to worry about setting up a Godaddy account for your domain name, and a Bluehost account for your blog hosting. You’ll be able to manage both from one account, and the phone support at Bluehost is amazingly good! In fact, I just got off the phone with them this morning, if you want to read about it in my Bluehost review.

As always if you have any questions about blog hosting, comment below and I’ll help you out!



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