How Much Money Can You Make Blogging – Is Blogging Legit?

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One of the biggest questions from beginner bloggers, is how much money can you make blogging?  If you Google it, you get all kinds of numbers being tossed around, and a lot of it is nonsense to make blogging more attractive for people looking to start a side hustle and make extra income. While starting your own blog IS a great side hustle, you can make considerable more money than just a few thousand extra per month, but what no one will tell you is that the work is frontloaded, much like an investment. You see, if you put in the time now, you can have the freedom later. It’s just that most people don’t want to sacrifice anything, to get the dream life they design in their goals/minds. The thing is, it’s really not that hard. I made $36,000.00 my first year blogging, and over $152,000.00 my second year. Some people barely make an extra $1,000 a month from their blog, but the difference between making nothing, and making a full time income, is simply the effort you put in.

Now let’s talk more about the numbers… because I know that’s what you’re here for, and you’re probably tired of the fake blog income reports floating around the web, filled with “bloggers” who are really nothing more than freelance writers, reporting their income as “blog income” to inflate their success, and subsequently sell you books and courses on how “you can do it too.”  That would be great if it was authentic, and I truly DID draw inspiration from the legit blogger’s who reported legit blogging income, but the actual ways you earn money, and the income potential, is different than what is sold to the general public.

How Much Money Can You Really Make From A Blog?

According to Life Hacker, only 4% of bloggers make over $100k per year. I think that’s pretty low, because a lot of us make more than that, we just don’t brag about it. They also state, that “81% of bloggers never make $100 dollars from blogging, but the other 2% make over $150k/yr, but their Tim Ferris types.”

Now I’m not sure who the hell came up with these percentages, but you have to look at what pipedreams most people are following here.

For example, of the 89% of bloggers that never make a dime with their blog, how do you think they got started? Most were sold this idea that “blogging is easy” and “you don’t have to do any work” besides sit on the beach and sip margarites while you watch the money flow in!

Now it is true that a lot of blog income is semi-passive, which means you do get paid on days you never work. However, a lot of that is just sales speak for a pitch to buy into some expensive $1,997.00 blogging course, that is supposed to “show you the secrets” of blogging full time.

In short, people are set up to fail from the get go, and it’s only the ones that understand the true fundementals of running a suiccessful blog that really succeed.

So How Can You Make Money From Your Blog As A Beginner, And Avoid The Pitfalls & Pipedreams?


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