How To Create A Blog And Make Extra Money

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So you’re interested in creating a blog and earning extra money? This is fairly easy really, if you’re willing to do a few simple things to set yourself up for success.

First, you need a game plan. How are you going to position yourself… if this going to be a lifestyle blog, a business blog, what?

One of the easiest ways to start your own blog and make extra money, is to just leverage what you already do in your day to day life, and and write about it (or make videos) in a way that’s helpful to others. That’s essentially what I’ve done here at Clever Leverage, even though that’s not my core intention or focus with this blog… but it’s going to take time to build it into my master vision, so this is good supplemental content in the meantime. And it gives me the opportunity to hone my writing and video skills, while I’m working away behind the scenes, and also allows me to help others who may be having the same troubles in life that I do. (for instance, by reviewing things that don’t work well (such as my GoPro), while it won’t make you any side money, it’s still helpful so others don’t waste their hard earned cash and help them avoid frustrating experiences you’ve already been through.)

On the flip side, when I do find products that are winners and review them, I can make extra cash at no extra cost to my readers if they buy an item from a referral program I’m a member of. A good example of this would be the Merax Finiss review I did when looking for the best mountain bike I could find for under $200 bucks. Every time someone buys one of those bikes on Amazon through one of my videos, I make a 4% referral commission. It’s not much, and only happens a couple times a month (right now), but that adds up as you can see in my first blog income report. (some months people buy unrelated things in addition to the bike, like a $1k DSLR camera, and I get credit for that too… so while I only make a little on what I recommend, sometimes people buy other things they want at the same time.)

So how can you do this for yourself? It’s pretty easy, we just need to pick out a name for you, setup your blog, get you applied to an affiliate program, and teach you how to write blog posts that answer questions of interest.

It won’t take you very long to be up and running, and I can help make this so simple a dog can do it! 😉  (what I really mean is even someone who’s not tech savvy can do this… Hell, I grew up swinging a hammer essentially.)

I already have some free tutorials that can help you with part of this, like the beginners tutorial for setting up your first blog. That already covers how to pick a name, creating your blogging account, and customizing the look of your blog. For this post, I’m primarily going to focus on helping you create blog posts (write) from your daily life that can help people.

So, let’s brainstorm bit, shall we?

What’s the last product you bought that worked really well, or solved a pain in the ass problem for you?

What’s the last product you bought that absolutely sucked?

What’s a problem you’re still having in your life, and haven’t found a good solution to yet?

We live in a consumer oriented society, so unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should have at least one answer to one of those three questions… if not a boatload of them!

So here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to show you how to structure your content ahead of time, so that you don’t get overwelhmed by having to flex your writing muscle much more than usual. I’m also going to show you a quick little way to cheat and embed bullet points into your post BEFORE you even begin writing, to keep you on track. This will help with two things: one, if we’re passionate about somehting, sdometimes we begin to tell a little bit too much of our own story, as it pertains to us in our own minds. More often than not, this leads to content that isn’t focused on being of service… Which is what you’re reader need: help with thwtaver topic you’re covering.

So as a guideline, we’re going to use a couple of free keyword tools to create some bullet points (an outline, if you will.) The second way this is going to help you, is it’s going to keep you focused on what people are already looking for and needing advice on. We will uncover exactly what those questions are using a cool little technique to look up industry questions on your topic or product.

This way, you don’t have to guess or wing it when it comes to what to write about. You can quickly and easily see what questions people have, and then tell your story and give your personal experiences all while answering those questions.

This is, in a nutshell, the anatomy of what makes some of the best content on the internet, great. I’m not sure why a lot of people like to complicate this process, but it’s really very simple.

If you get stuck in your writing, or are ever at an ethical crossroad, just remeber to ask yourself one of these two questions: How can I make content that serves this topic better than anything else I find when I Google search it? And two, how can I help one person who’s experiencing something I already have a solution for, save time, money, or happiness?

It’s really that simple. By keeping your core intention with your writing focused on those directions, your output with be both more helpful, and funnily enough, help you achieve greater results in the end.

So let’s get on with it shall we?

I’m going to make this up so we’re dealing with a real life example, and say we’re going to assume you’re a female, and your blog is called (that’s actually a good name! No idea if it’s taken or not)

Let’s say you got an epilator for christmas, or bought yourself one in the last few months to try and eliminate having to shave your legs so often. (let’s get real here, I’m a hairy guy that doesn’t shave his legs, so please cut me some slack if I get some of the formalities wrong)

The first brand you tried didn’t seem to work so well out of the box. It pulled and ripped your hairs out like your boyfriend was sitting their with some tweezers getting revenge for you making him shop for jeans with you or something. But you liked the idea of this epliating delio, so you returned that one immediately and invested in a little higher end one like this one! (please ladies, someone tell me in the comments below if this is good or not! lol… Men, you’re SOL until I redo another one of these posts to use your hunting blog and that new bow you bought as an example)

Your 3 months in to loving your newly soft and smooth skin with your upraded model, and would never go back to not using it ever again. After a few tweaks of learning which lotions, shaving cream (or lack of), and learning the ins and outs of not pinching yourself with the dang thing, you could really help out a friend with some pointers epilating, no?

So, what we’re going to do, is find out what people have questions about in regards to epilators and epilating (is this even a thing???), and make some easy to follow bullet points with it.

Then you can interject your intimate knowldedge of the subject, both educating and helping someone down a better path, to both, avoid the physical pain you went through of using a shitty epilator, and the time-wasting or frustration of choosing a sub par epilator in the first place.

This will create expedited value if you can do it better than anyone else has currently done for your particular epilator model or method. But don’t worry if that sounds hard to do, sometimes you have to get frequent before you can get good.

I believe what I just said so much, that variations of that saying are ALL hanging in my office above my computer.

office-quotes2So once you finish the setting up your blog, open a tab for each of these free tools we’re going to use for your competitive research:

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