Tips On How To Find An Infrared Sauna Near You

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I had a really hard time finding an infrared sauna near me to use for detox, and after using a few there are a few tricks you can use to find an infrared sauna close to you in your city. I’ve found that the most unsuspecting places, usually have the best saunas. Places like float tank relaxation or meditation salons, massage and facial services, and even some community gym and pool recreational facilities. The only problem I have with public group saunas though, is that if you’re there for detox, it’s better if you’re in it alone or with people you know. You want to be naked, have your own private room, and have as much of your body exposed to the infrared, for maximum benefit. You also don’t want to be sharing toxins with others if you’re there for detox, and public/community saunas aren’t always cleaned as well as one at a spa.

How I Found An Infrared Sauna Near Me That I Could Pay To Use

A lot of the websites from local massage therapists and chiropractors don’t really advertise that they have a sauna. But if you use advanced Google Search Operators, you can easily find pages in your city that show you where they are.

Unsuspected Places To Look For Sauna Treatments

I’ve found that most places that have infrared saunas like a Sunlighten, Clearlight, High Tech Health, or Therasauna, are usually alternative type healing facilitates. Local gyms and steam rooms/bath houses, don’t really specialize in carrying infrared, so it won’t be quite the same.


Tons of spas have infrared saunas for you to use after a good treatment, but usually not advertised.

Float Tank Places

Float tank places have been an absolute gold mine for finding high end infrared saunas for me. They have had the best selection of any other facility that I’ve been able to find, they just don’t always list it on their website. I didn’t realize it’s very common for people to go for a sauna session after they float!

Massage And Facial Services

Body therapy places and skin service centers usually have some type of light therapy device on hand. Whether or not it’ll be a sauna, you have to check. Some chiropractors, acupuncturists, and estheticians have them on site.

DIY Sauna Course

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