How To Get A Business Phone Number In Under 30 Minutes Flat (local & 800 toll free)

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Are you looking for a business phone service, but don’t want to deal with all the hassle of setting up a complicated solution that can route your business calls to the office or your cell phone? Well you’re in luck, because I have a couple of solutions that will help you get your new business line up and running in under 30 minutes with no experience. Already have a number? No problem! It’s easy to port over as well… Don’t waste your money on the local phone companies anymore!!! In this article, I’ll show you how to get a business phone number up and running TODAY, without waiting for a phone company to come out and hook anything up. Cheaper, better, online control panel to point your business calls anywhere, no contract, and best of all… Less expensive.

There are two main companies I recommend for this, the best choice being Grasshopper and the second Ring Central. By the end of this guide, you will be able to make and receive calls on your new business phone line service, complete with a custom greeting if you choose, cal routing to your cell phone if you need it, and professional hold music or extensions if that’s what you like.

4 Easy Steps To Getting A Business Phone Number Setup In Under 30 Minutes Flat (with no experience)

you can easily connect to…

  • office phones
  • a business line to forward to your cell phone
  • or both

Step 1)  Decide If You Want A Local Or Toll Free Number (1-800, etc…)

Step 2)  Set Your Main Custom Greeting

You can choose between…

  • A default custom greeting that plays for each call and automated answering with call routing
  • Forward office calls to your cell if you’re out in the field
  • Hold music, name directory, automated system attendant directions, employee extensions

Step 3)  Add Departments Or Services If You’d Like

Sound professional from the start with…

  • Department directory with extensions (individual call forwarding to different numbers from there if you need it)
  • Employee directory with extensions
  • Custom call flow capability like a Fortune 500 company

Step 4)  Choose Your Voicemail Routing & Delivery

You can pick from…

  • Forward to another line if no answer
  • Voicemail to email (mp3, transcriptions, pdfs)
  • Call screening
  • Call forwarding
  • Pick how you receive faxes as well (yes it works on the same line, no need to buy a dedicated fax line anymore!)

That’s it! Your new line will be live and ready to test out immediately…

Adding Lines To Your Business Phone System

A lot of companies and small business owners like to have two or more lines for different purposes. Adding a toll free 1800 number or a local area code number to your account and integrating it is a piece of cake! All you have to do is perform the same number search (I’ll link them below again), pick the additional number you like, and register it to your account. You get the same custom options as above for each line independently, so if you plan to use them differently that’s ok too.

How To Add A Local Number For Your Business

If you’d rather get a local number for you business line, you can use the search by state feature at Grasshopper, or simply do a search for your desired area code by using the available number search here.

How To Add A 1-800 Number For Your Business

A lot of businesses are switching to 800 numbers or at least adding a second line that’s an 800 number to use for advertising in case their customers are long distance. Grasshopper makes it super easy to search available 800 numbers and other extensions as well with this tool here.

Porting Your Business Landline Instead Of Buying A New Virtual Phone Number

Yes you can port your number easily, but you do have to make sure it’s eligible.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to complete the transfer:

Step 1: Check for Eligibility

Make sure that your local number is eligible for transfer. If ANY of the conditions below are true for the number you want to transfer, the number is NOT eligible for transfer just yet. You’ll need to correct these issues with your existing carrier before being eligible to transfer the number to Grasshopper.

Go through these statements below to see if any are true:

  • You have a contractual agreement that prohibits transferring your number.
  • The telephone number you are transferring to Grasshopper is associated with an ISDN account.
  • The telephone number you are transferring to Grasshopper is disconnected.
  • You have DSL service on the telephone number you are transferring to Grasshopper. You must switch DSL service to another number or switch to a new Internet service provider (e.g., cable or satellite service) before proceeding with the transfer.
  • You have distinctive ring feature on the telephone number you are transferring to Grasshopper. Distinctive ring must be removed prior to transferring the number.
  • You have a PIC Freeze or provider change restrictions on the telephone number you are transferring to Grasshopper. You must remove the freeze and restrictions in order to transfer your number.
  • If the local number you are porting is a Google Voice number, please contact Google Voice to ‘unlock’ your number.

If any of the above statements apply, we will not be able to transfer your local number to Grasshopper until the condition are resolved. If you need help resolving these conditions, get in touch with Grasshopper support and we can help you out.

IMPORTANT – We work on top of your current phone system and do not provide a dial tone, so if the number you’d like to transfer is the number you currently use to make calls, you’ll want to get another line to make outbound calls with.

Step 2: Set up your Grasshopper account!

This is the fun part! If you haven’t already signed up with Grasshopper, sign up for your account now. As part of the transfer process, you’ll need to indicate which account the local number should be transferred to (more info on this is in Step 4). You can use any number in Your Numbers section of your account to do this.

To find your numbers, go to Settings, select Your Numbers, then choose Add New Number:

 your numbers2

Next, choose the option to transfer an existing number:


Note: If you started using Grasshopper before June 2011, your account may look different.

  • Go to My Account
  • Select Numbers


Step 3: Submit Transfer Request

You’re almost done!! Visit our Transfer Form to begin the process of transferring your number to Grasshopper.

Next, fax your completed transfer forms and a copy of your most recent bill from your existing provider to 866.388.8869.


  • Numbers cannot be transferred with a P.O. Box listed as the service address. Make sure you provide the actual physical service address that is listed with your current provider. 
  • If you’re requesting a transfer of multiple numbers, all telephone numbers associated with the transfer request must be associated to the same billing telephone number. The telephone number you are transferring to Grasshopper must be active, in service, and remain in service until the transfer is completed. Please DO NOT cancel the number with your existing provider until the transfer is complete.

Step 4: Processing the Transfer

The final frontier! Once we receive your completed transfer forms and a copy of your most recent bill, we’ll begin processing your transfer. The entire transfer process can take up to four weeks. In some extreme cases where there are delays due to rejections from your former provider, the process may take up to six weeks. We will keep you informed of progress throughout the transfer period.

As long as your account remains active with your former provider while we process your transfer request, you won’t experience any down time. However, it is possible that your local number may be unavailable for a short period of time during the final stages of the transfer process, depending on the providers involved. (Make sure to plan accordingly and have an alternate number in working order for your business!)

If you need any additional help with this transfer process, get in touch with Grasshopper Support. We won’t be able to actually process transfer requests or check statuses for you, but we can get you through to the people who can help. Our Number Management Department and the underlying providers are available to help Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST.

How To Get An Easy Business Phone Number (vanity numbers)

If you’re going to do any billboard advertisements or any other types of ad campaigns, it’s highly recommended that you do a vanity number search before running one of those and use an easy to remember number for the best results. If you need one of the best 1 800 phone services for small businesses with call tracking, those are the top 5 recommended companies. (the only thing you can’t do with Grasshopper is record the calls for quality assurance) You can easily add one of these to your Grasshopper account, just use this vanity number search to check available vanity numbers beforehand… And find one that’s suitable for your business name.

Getting A Phone Number With A Different Area Code For Service Areas

It’s very common for service based businesses to get MUCH better results in different service areas with an exact match area code number on trucks, marketing material, etc… For instance, I’m in Central Florida, and different parts of Orlando use both (321) and (407). We also get some overlap from nearby cities like Gainesville where the University of Florida is, which uses (352). For example if I owned a plumbing service, I’d want a number with each area code, so if customers looked us up, they wouldn’t think we were far away just based on our phone number. A toll free 1-800 number can help in this case too, but it’s a good idea to match things up as close as possible to the surrounding area for maximum sales. >> search by state to see your area code number options

Getting A Phone Number For Your Business Fax

Gone are the days of needing a separate line just for faxes. With Grasshopper’s VOIP service, faxing comes standard on any line you buy. You can specify to receive them in pdf form via email, and it’s very easy to use and get faxes on the go. No more paper and scanning! If you’re looking for an 800 number for your fax line, or to add toll free inbound calling, check out best 800 number services for small business.

Cheapest Way To Get An Extra Business Phone Line To Use With Your Cell Phone

If you’re like me, and typically buy a new number for each new entity you register, sometimes you just want to separate your personal calls from business… And not have people be able to bother you after hours OR get a hold of your actual cell phone number.

Thankfully we don’t have to buy a second business cell phone anymore. We can simply register a new number in our Grasshopper account, setup call forwarding to our cell phone, and then configure the smartphone app on our cell phone to make outgoing calls routed through the business line. (this keeps people from seeing your personal cell phone caller id, and looks like you’re calling from the office, even though you could be anywhere) Here is a list of inexpensive toll free 800 number providers.

How To Get A Business Phone Number Listed?

Now that your new number is up and running, you probably want to get your line listed in the 411 directories. There are several service that you can pay to do that like the Yellow Pages, but you may not know about one that lets you list yourself…. It’s actually called:

2 thoughts on “How To Get A Business Phone Number In Under 30 Minutes Flat (local & 800 toll free)”

  1. Does this work if I already have a separate business cell phone? I’m getting sick of carrying two phones and want a solution for my business line. I’m an estimator and travel a lot so prob won’t ever hook it to an office phone. Does that matter when picking a provider? Want to stay as mobile friendly as I can since I use my phone on all job sites!

    • Hi Calvin,

      Yes definitely, and you can bring your own line (port your number over essentially) if you own it, or you can grab a new one through Grasshopper. If you’re never going to hook it up to an office phone system, and just want a portable VOIP business line that works with any cell phone, I would go with a Grasshopper line and use their fully integrated smartphone app. (this comes in handy if you happen to do estimations or site work in different states… sometimes it can be useful to have a toll free 800 number instead of a local one.)

      This will do two things: first, it’ll let you get rid of your business cell phone altogether (ditch one of the physical devices I mean), and second it’ll let you control your personal and business SMS messages and phone calls separately. That way if it’s after hours, you don’t have to worry about being bothered… But you only have to carry one phone with you wherever you go and can work from anywhere. (best of both worlds)

      Grasshopper’s tagline is actually called “The Entrepreneurs Phone System” whereby they designed it to work for businesses on the go. Check it out here.


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