How to Get Free Money

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Wouldn’t it be a great thing if you could earn money without having to work for it? Gone are the days when you could become rich overnight only if you happened to stumble upon a hidden treasure in some lost cave! The online world today is nothing short of being magical. While the internet has made finding information easy, it has also reduced unwanted hassles by enabling you to tackle your paperwork with the help of a few clicks.

The latest fad to enter the digital world is the concept of making free money. It is so named because it lets you earn money without you having to invest a single dollar in return! This is because every brand and commodity has an online presence today which has led to an increased requirement for creating an online awareness to attract consumers. This new trick in the digital market pays people for taking their surveys, clicking pictures and reviewing the products and services on the internet.

Means to Earn Without Investing

There is a perception of investment associated with gaining returns. This means that if you plan to earn money, you are first required to put some money from your own pocket and wait for favorable returns. This is not the case anymore. Let us explore a few options that allow you to earn a quick buck without really burning a hole in your pocket.

Filling Out Paid Surveys

Online surveys are a frequently used method by brands to create an online presence. Such surveys also help them work on their business offering and add more value to it. A reputed brand is more likely to attract consumers as they trust the quality of the brand’s products and services. Online surveys help to shape a brand and offer the elements that consumers wish to see in a given product or a service.

It is a great way to understand the needs of consumers and give them a product that they wished for after keeping in mind the competition and cost factors. There are many portals online that promise to pay you a certain sum for every survey you fill out. What you need to do at the most is create an account on these websites and register yourself. This will make it easier for the companies to forward your payment.

Unfortunately, the increasing demand for online surveys has also given rise to a lot of fake websites that claim to be genuine research companies. You should always check the company credentials before you register yourself on their portals. Some trusted brands in this market include names such as Survey Junkie, Global Test Market, MySurvey and Pinecone Research.

Redeemable Gift Card Points

There are certain websites that earn you points for all your online activities. Activities such as online shopping, booking flight tickets or simply buying grocery from Amazon will make you eligible to earn certain points. You can redeem these points in the future to earn a cashback or to buy gift cards for your loved ones from reputed brands like Amazon, GameStop and Best Buy.

The best way to do so is to get yourself registered on MyPoints for free. Once you have registered yourself, you can choose from a variety of offers that are listed on the website. These include participating in online surveys, watching videos, shopping over the internet and participating in various polls. The best offer suited to your requirements will not only help you get a discount on your purchase, it will also help you earn money.

Refer a Brand to Your Friends

You tend to get a good deal online for a product that you’ve seen at a store. Clothes, books and accessories are provided at a discounted rate online. This not only helps you save money but also encourages you to spread the word about a good deal among your social circle. The best part is that you get paid to do so!

One of the best examples of earning online by referring friends is NetSpend. It is a service that provides you with prepaid cards to address your financial needs. Additionally, it also provides a referral bonus to you every time you refer a friend to try their services. Once a friend creates an account using your referral code, you are paid $20. For example, let us think that you have referred the service to twenty of your friends out of which fifteen end up registering themselves. You get to earn $300 just like that!

The deal does not end with a referral. You can continue earning $20 every time a friend tops up their card with $40. In return, your friends too can avail the benefit of earning a referral bonus by inviting their friends to try NetSpend and spread the word!

Provide Feedback to Earn Cash

Want to be heard? Social media rants may do you no good when it comes to voicing your opinions. On the contrary, they may get you trolled for passing a certain comment on a topic that nobody seems to care about. Why not save your opinion and voice it to earn a quick buck?

Harris Poll Online is a company where users get paid for their feedback. This feedback is taken in the form of polls and surveys. The surveys range from 5 to 25-minutes depending on your choice. You earn reward points for each such online activity. Once you have accumulated $10 worth points, you can redeem them to receive e-gift vouchers from brands such as Starbucks, Amazon, iTunes and Walmart.

Harris Poll Online also gives one of its lucky subscribers a chance to win $10,000 every quarter in their Harris Poll Online Sweepstakes. The entries are received even if you have disqualified for a survey. You need to be 13 or order in order to sign up for this lucky prize!

Earn a Rebate at Retail Outlets

Ibotta is a cool mobile-friendly app that helps you earn a cashback with your shopping. It is very simple to use. The brand has partnered with over 50 retailers to dish out some exciting cashback offers. All you have to do is register yourself on the app and take a look at all its offerings before you head out to your nearest shopping mart.

Tap on the items that are already on your shopping list. Visit the outlet and purchase those items. You need to upload a picture of your shopping receipt and scan the barcodes of the selected items on the app once you are back home. Once verified, you will be eligible for a cashback. The Ibotta app can be downloaded for free and you receive a $10 registration bonus once you complete setting up your account.

A lot of offers on items like staples are not specific to any brand. This gives you a great advantage as you can claim cashback regardless of where you buy the particular item from.

Click a Selfie

This is perhaps one of the easiest and best ways to earn some money considering the selfie craze that has gripped everyone. A company called Pay Your Selfie gives you a chance to earn money by uploading your selfies.

These selfies mean that you need to click a selfie based on simple challenges like posing with a particular product or clicking a selfie at a shopping mall. These images are then circulated to third parties like market researchers who use the data to work on their brand awareness and sales.

The data in question refers to market research attributes such as age, gender and nationality. Such attributes are used by the product manufacturing companies to understand user behavior and buying trends.

The pictures are very easy to click and upload and your first dollar comes from just uploading your picture while you register. It is open to everyone who is aged 18 years and above.

Earn from Junk Emails

You read it right! A company named Small Business Knowledge Center pays you money for forwarding them your junk emails. As a panelist, you are encouraged to share junk emails related to travel, insurance, banks, credit cards, appliances and many more categories. Regular panelists can earn up to $20 every 6-8 weeks. You are also rewarded for referring friends to sign up on the company’s website.

The company accepts junk communication through direct mail and email. It is very easy to register on their website. It gives you an opportunity to forward something that you may have originally overlooked and deleted from your account. Trading junk emails is definitely a great way to clear your mailbox and get paid for it.

Harnessing Limitless Possibilities

In a world where everything is possible, the internet is a useful medium to use and utilize the opportunities that are just a click away. It is very easy to sign up for various online portals and share basic information that would bring you money without you having to work extra hard to earn the buck. Free money is being offered and you have the choice of making much from the deal.

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