How To Get Free Stuff On Amazon

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So you want to get free stuff on do ya? Got your eye on anything in particular you’d like to get? In this article, I’ll share with you a few ways to get free products from, and which one’s are working well for me. By the end of this article, you should have a good idea of how to go about acquiring the items you want for free from Amazon. Let us know in the comments what you get!

3 Ways To Get Free Stuff From

1) Answer Surveys To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

Most people don’t know that certain survey companies give Amazon gift cards for free just for signing up. If you want to get a relatively inexpensive product for free from Amazon, this is the easiest way to do it. Check out these popular survey sites that give you credits:

2) Start A Blog And Review What You Already Buy And Companies Will Contact You To Send You Free Gear

This is my favorite way to get free stuff from Amazon sellers… I was having trouble finding a sleep mask that worked well for me, and bought over 10 of them, all from Amazon. I sent everything back but one, and still haven’t found a suitable sleeping mask for side sleeping. But what I did do, is start reviewing all of the masks I bought and put them on youtube. Now I have companies contacting me and sending me free sleeping masks to try and see if I like them… All because I have a blog and reviewed what I purchased in everyday life. Pretty cool.

If you want help starting your first blog, check out my 20 minute guide here. It costs less than $5/mo, and I’ve gotten waaaaaay more than that in free products.

3) Write Reviews On Amazon Products To Get Them For Free

So you want to get free stuff on Amazon without a credit card yeah? Well here’s on way that merchants will send you free items as long as you post a review of you using it.

How To get Free Stuff For Reviews

Sign up to any one of the review aggregators below in order to see which merchants give out free products in exchange for reviews. I personally haven’t done this, since I get those companies contacting me directly since I have a blog, but other people have had success with them:


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