How to Make $10k a Month Online

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As the work world has evolved and changed, the internet has probably been the invention that has had the greatest impact on this world. Today, the sheer number of opportunities available to people, both young and old, is truly staggering. All they need is access to the internet.

One of the major changes in the world of work is the flexibility that people now look for so that they can pursue more than one interest and can also have more control over their own time and their schedules, which is pretty much impossible when you have a regular 9 to 5 job. The internet has been at the forefront of this particular change or shift in the kinds of jobs that are now available to us.

In other words, working from home or working on your own time has become a popular and viable option, especially when it comes to making a little extra money on the side. However, if you use the internet to its fullest potential, it is entirely possible to have this be your primary and only source of income. It is a matter of recognizing where your strengths lie and what type of source of income would most benefit you and the time and skills you bring to the table.

It has to be said that it is also difficult to figure out which of the many options out there are actually going to help you make a substantial amount of money. Don’t let this stop you!

To help you decipher which method is going to be the most lucrative for you, here is a list of some of the best ways to make $10,000 a month online, so that you can choose the option that best suits you and what you’re capable of.


One of the most common, and also easiest, ways to make $10,000 a month online, is to have ads on whichever online platform you are using. The best way to do this is to attract a substantial amount of traffic to your blog or website or youtube channel. Once you have a certain number of page views or an audience that is consistently checking out your platforms, you can have ads on this platform. You do not have to go overboard with the number of ads you have as you can earn $10,oo0 per month from a fairly small number of them across some or all of your platforms.

Having said that, keep in mind that using ads to make money online is dependent on what platform you use and will naturally vary from platform to platform and from product to product. This is a great option for you if you already have a substantial online presence that you want to take advantage of; so, if you have a successful blog or a popular Instagram page or a YouTube channel with a large audience, this might be the medium through which you make your $10,000 a month online!

Affiliate Marketing

As the name suggests, affiliate marketing is when you affiliate your platform with another product or brand. In return for this marketing, you receive a commission from the brand that you are marketing on your platform. Once again, this requires your platforms to have a substantial amount of traffic as it will increase the chances of the product or brand that you have marketed getting enough attention. Affiliate marketing applies to other social media platforms too which makes it an even more accessible platform.

In fact, there are tons of affiliate programs online that you could potentially become a part of such as the likes of Amazon, apparel stores and even tech companies. This means that if you are strategic about which programs you join, how many your join and also how you use them, you could easily earn $10,000 a month; some people even build their entire businesses around this!

If you are someone who has strong opinions about certain brands or products or are passionate about any of these and also have some marketing skills, then affiliate marketing might be the best way for you to make $10,000 a month. It is an easy way to capitalize on something that you are already interested or invested in.

If affiliate marketing is the right option for you and there is a brand or a company that you are particularly keen on being an affiliate for, make sure to check their websites and their homepages thoroughly to find out if they have affiliate programs because that could be the ideal option for you!


Like with most things, writing books and making them accessible to the public has become more achievable through the internet, and with the invention of Kindles, tablets (that have similar features), apps and other such devices, e-books have become very popular.

As a result of this, you can actually make a profit off of your written word in the form of an e-book. This is entirely dependent on your skill set and your ability to put your ideas and thoughts into words, but, on the other hand, today everyone has the option of making their work available to the general public. The book you write doesn’t have to be long or even necessarily follow traditional formats. It can be as unconventional in its approach as you want!

However, you should be aware that writing a book, even if it is in your style, is a massive undertaking and requires a fair amount of time, patience and research skills, regardless of the topic or how much of an authority you are on it. It also has to be appealing to a fairly large audience. If writing is one of your strengths and you are looking to make a career out of it, then this could be a great option for you, but if not, then this is not necessarily the best options for you as the task of writing a book might be a bit too daunting.

In other words, play to your strengths and be sure that writing an e-book is a viable option for you and your skill set; you want to make sure that this is a plausible option before you dive in!


Teaching is an underrated skill. Today, technology has become a game-changer in the world of education as it makes access to information and knowledge that much easier. However, the internet is not just a space for procuring facts but also a place for interactions and exchange of that kind of information that only social interactions are capable of producing. In other words, teaching online is an extremely relevant and lucrative option and more so than this, creating and selling online courses is as profitable as it gets!

To become a teacher or create an online course, you do not necessarily need any special qualifications. You need to have basic educational qualifications, for the most part, that are dependent on what level and what subject or field you want to teach. But remember, that this is not limited to simply traditional ideas of education but also extends to the imparting of day-to-day skills and knowledge that you have acquired over the years.

The idea is to play to your specific strengths; if you have a skill that you are particularly good at or if you have tips and tricks for a specific subject, then teaching online is the perfect fit for you!

The other big advantage of teaching and selling online courses is that it can be one of the most consistent sources of revenue and it allows you to work from home. For example, an average instructor on Teachable earns $5,426 per online course, making it a great option for earning a substantial amount of money every month!

Keep in mind that teaching can take different forms; it could mean online courses or video tutorials but that having an online course of your own is potentially the way to earn the most amount of money, although it is entirely dependent on what you are teaching!

When it comes to teaching you can either do this through a platform that you create for yourself online, like your own website with your own courses, or you can create a course that you can offer through another platform that hosts courses such as Udemy or Skillshare.

Virtual Assistant

This is a more specific way or form of employment to earn upto $10,000 a month online. As previously mentioned, the internet can make anything possible and it is no different when it comes to making a living as a virtual assistant.

Given how many business tasks now require you to have an online presence and to be active across your platforms, there are many people who are looking for help as they struggle to do this and manage their jobs all at the same time. Being a virtual assistant could mean anything from sending out tweets to designing graphics to keep an eye on someone’s inbox to make sure they don’t miss any vital pieces of information.

Virtual assistants are in high demand, given how the world of work has changed over time, and it is estimated that virtual assistants can earn around $18,000 a month!


Another more specific way to earn upto $10,000 a month online is by acting as a translator. If you happen to be bilingual this could be a real asset when it comes to making money online and would require minimal effort if you are fluent in the language!

Translating documents could be a great way to make money and you could compound this with teaching (as we previously mentioned) and selling an online course on that language. However, translating might be even easier to do, so if you are looking for something that would require less effort on your part and would very much be a part-time job, then translating is the right option for you!

Sell Photos

Selling your photos is another great way to make money online. Given how effective and powerful cameras on phones and other devices are today, you have access to a whole bunch of tools to make your photographs as high quality as possible. If you happen to have an eye for photography or if it is something that you do all the time anyway, why not make some money off of it?

But you might ask, how does this differ from being a photographer? Well, with the internet, you can sell generic photographs to stock photography sites, which means all you have to do is take decent quality photographs and then upload them to the stock photography website, and then make money when your image is used (although payment structures vary from website to website)!

However, keep in mind that this might not be the biggest earner on the list and would take a fair amount of planning and being prolific with your photography across multiple websites to be able to make $10,000 a month online alone. In other words, this might be an easy way to make money and also be highly lucrative if it is in combination with one of the other methods listed here.

So What Should I Do?

So now you have a clear idea of some the most lucrative options out there on the internet for you to make $10,000 a month online. These options include those that are more generic choices as well as more specific jobs or methods for earning money, and some are easier than others. It is upto you to figure out what suits you best.

Your best bet is to probably have some permutation or combination of these sources of income and to balance them out on the basis of how much time and effort they are going to require. Some require a consistent amount of effort over a period of time whereas others require a big effort right at the start, and then you can sit back and relax. Make sure you choose the method that best suits you, your needs, your skills and maybe most important of all, your schedule!

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