How To Build A Roofer Website For A Roofing Business / Company


How To Make A Website For Your Roofing Business – Step By Step Video Tutorial

Resources Used In This Tutorial

Web Hosting ($3.95/mo)


WordPress Theme (free)


Stock Photos (free)


Better Stock Photos (paid)


Who’s This Website Tutorial For?

This tutorial is ideal for anyone trying to bootstrap a roofing business, and wants to get a professional looking website ready quickly so they can have a live url on their business cards and get out there and sell some jobs.

Where To Buy Stock Photos If You Don’t Have Company Photos To Use On your Website Yet

I used free stock photos I could find at Pixabay, but they’re not ideal. If you’re going to build this website for your business, I’d recommend you purchase some better roofing stock photos like this one from Deposit Photos.


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