How To Start A Badass Lifestyle Blog (that you can live off of!)

Aren’t you tired of all the how to start a lifestyle blog “guides” that are really nothing more than a glorified copy and paste of how to set up a blog hosting account? I mean really, it’s getting ridiculous… Bloggers are literally just copying and pasting the screenshots hosting companies send them, and they put out supposed blogging “tutorials” that leave you hanging after you install the damn thing.

When I was starting my lifestyle blog, this was the most frustrating thing on the planet. I wanted to take my computer, and throw it out the window and break things.

I always told myself, if I’m ever able to create a successful lifestyle blog, I want to circle back and create the resources I WISHED I could have read back when I was starting out.  That’s what this blog post is.  It might be all over the place, but I want it to be the most helpful and comprehensive post of starting a profitable lifestyle blog anywhere on the web.

Coming soon… Just putting the final touches on this piece, including all the details of how I’ve been able to achieve this over the last year.

Let me know in the comments below what you’d like to know about lifestyle blogging. I’m releasing this free guide, with nothing for sale, documenting all the steps I used to start a lifestyle blog from scratch… to now making six figures from anywhere in the world.

No pitch, no catch at the end, and no email signup bribery.  Not a damn thing, except everything you need to know about starting a badass lifestyle blog, that you can actually live off of.

My intention: I want to give other aspiring bloggers the gift of the right information I didn’t have when I was starting my lifestyle blog.

My hope for you: that you will have a new way of looking at creating a lifestyle blog, take away something positive from this guide, and that it will inspire you on your journey of starting your own successful blog. If you get stuck, ask me in the comments… I answer every single one. (hell, let me know how I can make it better!!! I’m not perfect, and always looking to improve)

What I want this guide to accomplish for you: I want you to feel confident going forward that there IS IN FACT a way to make this blogging thing work for you. I think we get discouraged when we see bloggers doing big big numbers in their income reports, and we think they they have something we don’t. The truth is, you just have to find YOUR way, which is what they did. This guide will show you how to do that, and make it work for you. My goal is for you to feel solid and well grounded after reading this, so you too can go forward and prosper on your blogging journey. If I can do that for one person who has been struggling to find good information like I did, I’m happy.

This post is born out of the frustration I went through when I was first starting my own blog. Everywhere I looked, all these bloggers simply had screenshots of how to SETUP a lifestyle blog… that really didn’t tell you shit about starting the blog: like what content types work well, how to actually generate income, how to know what to blog about, etc… They were merely screenshots that the web hosting companies send to all affiliates, and they post them just to try and earn commissions on the blog hosting account signups.Then they proceed to show you which premium themes you can buy (that they also earn commissions on), and how to make your blog “pretty.” After that, a few plugin recommendations and some general vague “tips”, and that pretty much summed up every blogging guide on the planet. If you wanted more, you had to buy some book or course… which we all know wasn’t much better. So while you might end up with a live blog on the web, and something that looked half way decent, you would be no closer to actually starting a successful lifestyle blog than before you started their stupid guide.

While that might be great and all for some, after seeing how many of these “lifestyle blogging guides” had THEIR VERY FIRST comments at the very end of the article with people asking what do I do now, I knew write then, that if I ever made it, I had to come back and create what I wished all these fucking bloggers would’ve made.  It’s like you could tell no one really gave a fuck whether or not people got what they needed or not, they just wanted the bluehost comissions.Give me a fucking break!

Oh yeah, if you can’t handle truth, profanity, and how to ACTUALLY make a full time time income from your lifestyle blog, you should prob just leave now.

You have “successful bloggers” barely making $2,000.00/mo from their blogs, running around town telling everyone how to start a successful blog with these stupid fucking tutorials that are nothing more than blog hosting setup guides. So tell me, how can someone that barely knows how to pick up a couple grand a month from blogging, be telling you that you should find your niche, what to blog about, discovering the right lifestyle blogging topics, and so forth? I’ll tell you how… because making shit up, just to get you so sign up for their preferred blog host recommendation, is the only way they know how to go from $2k/mo to $5k/mo.

Blogging about blogging seems to be the way of the world these days, and really I shouldn’t hate… let them get theirs. But what they don’t know, is there is actually a huge gaping hole created by allt his nonsense. They are so many people who are underserved and mislead from the bullshit, that it creates an enormous opporunity someone who actally does know what’s really going on, to come in and truly serve the people who need it most. You might have to wade through some long wnded story and highly opnionated stuff from me below, but I promise you, if you stick it out till the end, this is the best information on starting a successful lifestyle blog you will find anywhere. There’s a reason I wrote the next 3k words of this post in less than an hour, and most bloggers struggle to write a single 800 word post a day… it’s because I had to eat, sleep, and breathe blogging in order to figure this out for myself, and now I can share it with you effortlessly. I’m not researching anything, there are no sources to cite, and there isn’t anything to reference. All of this, and a whole lot more, is stored right up in the old noggin’, just a watin’ to be put to use for you guys.

This was an incredibly emotionally charged time for me when I was going through it, and the passion I have for creating this guide fo ryou guys, stems right out the of the hair pulling frustrations I went through figuring this shit out. To say I was pissed off every time I read another bloggers bullshit guide on “how to start a blog” and it turned out to be nothing more than how to setup an account on Bluehost, would be the understatement of the century.

I always told myself, if I ever get to the point of making over $50k/yr from blogging, I’m gonna fix this bullshit that’s plaguing the industry left and right. (oh yeah, you think all those stupid pinterest images that get people to click over and see How Easy it is to start a blog are really serving people? Bitch please…)

The Old Way: “You Have To Find Your Niche”

More Bullshit: “Know Your Audience”

You Getting The Perpetual Nonsense Yet?

“Stick To One Topic/Niche So You Don’t Alienate Your Readers”

Are We Fucking Done With This Horseshit Yet?

You Know Most Bloggers Never Make A Dime From Their Blogs…. And This Is The Advice Their Follwing

Are You Ready For The Real Way To Make Money With A Lifestyle Blog, Or Do You Still Have Cotton Swabs IN Your Ears?

Let Me Know, I Don’t Have All Day…

Good, It’s About Fucking Time You Demanding Truth From The Blog World. Now You’re Gonna Get It:

The Right Way To Start A Lifestyle Blog, Begins With Other People. Not You, Not You Wanting To Write About YTour Life (even though you will be able to!), and Certainly Not With “Niches” Or “Audiences”

For Fuck Sake, Hasn’t

There’s A Reason Why Only The Top .001% Of Bloggers Make Over A Million Doallars A Year, Much Less Six Figures

Anyone Can Make Six Figures From A Lifestyle Blog (if you pay attention to what I’m about to show you)

A Profitable And Successful Lifestyle Blog Starts With You… but Not In The Way You’re Thinking

Your Problems, Leveraged On A Worldwide Platform, With The Intention Of Helping An Earlier Version Of Yourself, Leads To A Successful Lifestyle Blog That Both Makes Money, And Helps People

Why? Have You Ever Read The Book By Seth Godin… “We Are All Weird’?

– Seth shows us that we are all weird in our own unique way, but there are 100k other people just like you. (okay, he didn’t say that, but I’m saying it now) Buy the book here, and digest the concept. Then come back and read this, and you’ll understand why I’m taking it to the next level with this thinking.

People Are Desperate For Real Authentic People In A Time Where EVeyrone Is Fake

Hell, I Can’t Even Buy A Fucking Product On Amazon Anymore Without Sifting Through Fake Reviews (you thin kallt hose verified purchases are real now? hah! They’re from giveaways)

So How Do You Figure Out Where To Start?

And The 5 Pillars Of Strength Was Born

Never Again Worry About What To Blog About On Your Lifestyle Blog

There Is No Competition When You Build Your Blog This Way (this is why “finding your niche” when you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground is stupid as fuck)

But Wait… If You Don’t Have To Find Your Niche, And All You Do Is Leverage What You Already Know To Get Where You Want To Go, Then I Can’t Sell You Anything?!?!  Bingo.

Most of the time, niching down, finding your audience, and all this other horse3shit that comes later (yes there is a time and a place for it!), is just a way to sell you shit. See when I know something you don’t know, and it has to do with following a process, it’s very easy to create a product out of that and sell it to you.

However, when you’re following your own life experience, that’s somethign I can never know, and therefore can’t sell you anything at all… The good stuff coes from within, and only you know what that is.

Sure, this blog post here could have been turned into a book, course, whatever, but I’m not ready to start selling my own products yet. And this information wants to be free… I wouldn’t be true to myself if I only sold this as a guide, and would be a hyppoctrite to everything I stand for.

You see, when I was struggling to buildthe very blog you’re ready right now, I had one hell fo a time. And I had everything going for me too…. enough money, all the skills, all the tools you could ever want, a background in affiliate marketing and had made plenty of money online before… So why would I have been struggling so much then?

Well, we’re people. We’re all the same in certain ways, and we all struggle in very similar ways in life. We think it’s unique because it feels a certain way to us, but in reality there’s another person down the block feeling exactly as you are, just having their own unique experience with it too.

Trouble was, no one int he blogging world published guides on how to deal with this shit, and I was struggling working my job, wanting to become a professional blogger fulltime, and was stressed the fuck out when my health started taking a nose dive.

Fear, anxiety, and stress kept me from being my best self, blogging consistently, accessing creative states (yes everyone can be creative), and in general just succeeding in life in relation to my goals.

My guides and tutorials that you see now on the blog, are what I WISHED someone else would have written to help me back when I was going through it. It’s how I structure my content now, and it’s how I teach you to do it… The proof is in the pouding byt he way if you have’t figured that part out yet… What I tell you to do, is exactly what I’m doing in this post right now.

My Problem:  How Can I Start A Lifestyle Blog I That Makes A Full Time Income, So I Can Go To Maine And Spend Time With The 94 Year Old Grandfather While He’s Still Alive?

The Struggle:  How I Struggled Through This Process Over The Last Two Years, Creates The Relevancy Of My Content That Will Ultimately Make Me Relatable And Helpful To You (and you aint gonna get this from any fucking keyword tool, I can tell you that right now!)

The Solution:  I Documented Everything, And Now I Share How I Did It, And Also Now Have The Experience To See The Potential In Everyone Else, And Know How To Spot Their Opportunities (so I can better show you how to start your own unique lifestyle blog, that doesn’t compete with anyone, helps people, and earns you a good living at the same time)

You Down?

Good, Let’s Get Rolling Partner…

If This Free Lifestyle Blogger Guide Doesn’t Help You, I Don’t Know WHat Will. My Intention Is To Put More Valuable Insights In This Blgo Tutorial, Than You’ll Find In Any Lifestyle Blogging Book, Course, Resource… Period.

This Is, Without A Doubt, The Definitive Guide To Becoming A Full Time Lifestyle Blogger

Find A Better One, And I Will Bow Down With Respect, And Have Them On For An Interview, So You Guys Get The Best Information Available On The Planet

Don’t Worry, There Won’t Be Any Stupid “Sign Up For Bluehost Through Our Exclusive Discount Link for $2.95” Kinda Bullshit… You Know Bluehost Sends Us All The Same Email With The Exact Same Discount To Everyone LOL GTFO

Let Your 5 Pillars Of Strength Dictate Your Blog Topics And Categories For The First 6 Months

Then Use This Little Known Trick/WordPress Plugin To Let Your Readers Guide You From Their

Want To Make Money Faster?

Learn Affiliate Marketing, Commercial Intent, And On Page Optimization

Develop Topical Relevance On Your Blog By Honing In Virtual Content Silos

Forget Everything You Read About These Fucking Keyword URL Silos, Keyword Density, On Page SEO, Etc…

Write For People

Optimize Using Phrases People Use

The Only Keyword Tools You Should Be Using

How To Structure Your Articles For Better SEO Traffic

Why You Should Fire Up YouTube The Moment You Setup Your Blog

How To Get Supplemental YouTube Traffic While Your Blog Is Marinating

Start Vlogging About Every Topic You Blog About

Which Vlogging Camera To Get And How To Get Over Your Fear Of Being On Camera

Speaking Of Fears… If You Fear Blogging, This Will Be The Best Thing You Ever DO For Yourself

How To Get Over The Fear Of Blogging & Publishing YouTube Videos

How To Keep Your Authenticity, Stay Genuinine, And Still Make Money Through Your Recommendations

Change How You Think About Money ANd Making Money From Your Blog Through Content Marketing

Why People Will WANT To See You Get Paid

The Last Word And Mantra On Building A Successful Lifestyle Blog That Makes A Full Time Income: Help People Save Time, Money, Frustration, And Be Relatable… It’s Scarce In The World These Days, And Here Is Your Opportunity To Do What You’ve Always Known You Should.

Stop Fucking Waiting.

Start Today >> In A Year From Now, You Will Thank Me (and yourself for taking the plunge… it’ll be the best thing you ever do)

Why You Don’t Need Lifestyle Blogging Ideas From Keyword Tools

Let Your Life Dictate Your Lifestyle Blog Categories

Oh Yeah, I Almost Forgot… Here’s How To Setup Your Lifestyle Blog (yeah I know, every other blogger just shows you the Bluehost screenshots in their “how to start a lifestyle blog” tutorial… frustrating I know!)

Which Blogging PLatform To Go With

Which Blog Host To Use

You won’t find any bullshot blog host recommendations around here just to earn a few bucks in affiliate commissions. The truth is, evern thoguh every fucking blogger ont he planet says to go with “their special blog host, with the special discount only for their readwers” (uter nonsense, but whatever) no one will be reading your blog in the beginning. Is bluehost the best blog host when you’re making $10k a month? Fuck no, never use them for that… just look how slow believe in a budgets website loads because she insits on using a bluehost vps.

Will it matter when you’;re first starting out, and you;’re better served to save the money and use them for the first year? yep, totally.

If you have any fear arround having to move to another lbog host later, don.t I have tutorials that walk ytou through the whole hting, and it only takes a few miniutes. If it makes you feel any better, I move my blog to other hosting companies all the time. I’m never married to the idea of any one company, and here’s why: companies het bought and sold, and reviews you read now that are from two years ago, aren’t even operated by the same team usually. You can see the truth about web hosting companies in this bluehost review video.

How To Choose A Catchy Lifestyle Blog Name

Where To Get Your Domain Name

Which WordPress Theme To Use

Essential WordPress Plugins To Use

How To Design A Logo For Your Brand

Where To Get Badass Stock Photos You Might Want

How To Get Setup For YouTube On The Cheap

Picking A Blgoging Platform Is Stupid: There’s Only One Blog PLatform That Every I kNow That Makes Six Figures Uses

  • everyone waste so much time on which blogging platofrm to use, whihc theme is the right look, how to tweak this or that, and no one ever gets to the meat and potatoes of blogging: your content.
  • You should have all your focus be on cranking out content until you get super good at it
  • quanitity leads to quality… there’s a reason I have this hanging in my office!

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  1. Hi Matt!!

    I was very happy to read this post! I have had a blog for a while but because of the idea that I had to pick a Niche I hadn’t kept it consistently active. I have a wide range of interests and I like that you say that we can write about different things! That opens my mind up to create a blog where I talk about those interests instead of getting stuck in one thing.

    Anyway, I am not sure if this post was meant to have links… because I can’t find the links to anything. I hope it’s just a glitch! I am very excited to read everything else in the guide.


    • Hey Elizabeth,

      It was a mistake… It wasn’t supposed to be live yet because I’m still writing it, accidentally hit publish! 😉
      But yes, it’s exactly what you’re looking for based on what you described. Actually, if there’s something specific you’d like to see/know, I can include it for you since I’m still working on it. LMK 🙂

  2. Hi Matt,
    I have been watching videos about the saunas while I am waiting for you to call about the availability of the model I want. That is where I heard about the blogging. For about a decade, I have wanted to blog about how I worked through a life changing event, and the paths it has taken me on to a healthier, close to nature lifestyle. I just wanted to tell people what I went through and how I handled it (sometimes not very well) and maybe they can get some peace and strength from it. I didn’t know you could get paid for it. When you call about the sauna, I would like you to tell me if I can do this. It wouldn’t hurt to have a bit of income coming in when I retire.

    • Hi Rhonda!

      Did I leave you a voicemail with my cell phone number? Talk to you shortly…

      Yes I LOVE this idea! It sounds like a perfect recipe for what I would go after. And this is my true passion as well!

      Most people don’t know this, because I haven’t really talked about it, but blogging about sauna stuff wasn’t ever really in my plan. My real enthusiasm, is building systems that allow myself and others to live a better life. Lifestyle blogging is at the root of all of that, and has been my main interest for the last three years. When my grandmother passed, I got a harsh reminder about living the lifestyle I truly desire, and location independent income along with a more relaxed lifestyle, became a lot more important to me since I didn’t spend more time with her like I wanted… I was always working.

      It wasn’t until I began struggling with fatigue, brain fog, and anxiety that I had no choice but to focus on health stuff. I had already started the blog, and things were going very well, but my plan for the direction of the blog was totally different than what you see today. This health journey led me to saunas and other related healing modalities, and put the brakes on the blogging topics until I could get a handle on improving my health. I’m improving all the time now, and as soon as I get my brain firing on all cylinders again, I’ll turn my focus to sharing and helping people get going on their own successful blogging path. That is what I really excel at…

      P.S. – you made my day by posting this comment! A lot of people don’t see the overlap between their struggle and turning it into a positive. Harnessing your struggle and helping others, is one of the best ways to both help yourself through it, and create a successful blog that impacts others positively. The money naturally flows when you do that correctly, and all there is is opportunity…

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