How to Work from Home Full-Time

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With traffic, pollution and oppressive deadlines, who doesn’t wish that work could become more comfortable? And what is more comfortable than home? No stress about going to an office; you don’t even have to change out of your pajamas! Besides, with a lot of work across industries moving to the digital sphere, many jobs can be done remotely, without a hovering boss breathing down your neck.

You may have frowned upon this in the past. Is it really work if you’re not going into a workplace? But step out of the old world and focus on the perks:

  • You eliminate long hours of commute.
  • Save money on petrol or bus/taxi/train fare.
  • You can avoid having to wake up early to look presentable.
  • You can make as much money as you would in your full-time job.

If all of these perks sound desirable, take a look at a few jobs. While the variety of jobs that allow you to work from home are many, here are some that have made it to this list:


As a writer, you can work in a variety of jobs; all you need is a laptop, a good internet connection and of course, a flair for writing. With the world moving towards the web, there is a plethora of platforms that are in need of content writers. You can write for a company looking for content, ghostwrite for a client or even run your own successful blog.

Besides, there is a lot to write about – fashion, travel, food, even writing about writing! There are a host of topics and niches to write on and readers are hungry for more content. Build a niche, pick something you enjoy and spread the word about your skill.


You ideally don’t need any special training to become a full-time writer; all you require is writing skills. In terms of qualifications, it helps to have at least a bachelor’s degree in English or journalism. But there have been more than enough instances of people with no typical qualifications succeeding as writers. If you’re dedicated enough, you can build a respectable portfolio; employment opportunities will follow.

Where Do You Find the Job?

There are plenty of places that have opportunities for writers. While online platforms like media websites may have openings for a writer, content mills that mediate between the writer and the client may also be a lucrative start to your work-from-home writing career. If you’re going the blogging route, there’s money to be made from advertisements, affiliate marketing and even from selling your own products like e-books or tutorials.


Another job that is close to writing, but doesn’t require you to create or build content from scratch, is proofreading. The job will require you to proofread and look for errors in a variety of content, like books, essays and official documents. The job can sometimes be laborious as you may have to sift through a lot of copy – not all of which is nicely written – to check for grammatical errors, improve sentence construction and generally enhance the overall writing quality.

As a proofreader, you can either offer your services for general content or you can specialize in certain technical areas, like medical journals or checking legal transcripts. With a specialization, you can perhaps charge more for your services. However, whether you offer general or specialized services, your job as a proofreader will allow you to work from home. All you need is access to a laptop and can be in touch with your clients.


Becoming a proofreader requires you to have a good grasp of grammar and language, as well as a flair for writing. While the job may not require you to do the initial writing, there will be a lot of rewriting and restructuring involved. A degree in English or writing may be useful for the job.

Where Do You Find the Job?

As a work-from-home proofreader, you can get a job with any publication or business that prints content online. It can be regular brand-to-brand content, a publishing house or even a media website. While there may be a layer of editors checking the content, a lot of companies prefer to have a fresh pair of eyes to look again for errors.

Virtual Assistant

With so much of our job market becoming virtual, those seeking assistance are also looking in the online space. As a virtual assistant, you will be providing help to a host of professionals – small-time businessmen, entrepreneurs or even big corporate leaders. Your job will entail all the things that sort out your client’s schedule and professional life. From responding to emails and scheduling appointments to making travel arrangements, you will need to do everything an assistant does; the only difference is you can do all of this at home. You just need to be available over email and the phone.

Being a virtual assistant may not be the most promising of profiles, especially since the job description, quite literally, is to be someone else’s assistant. You want to be the lead actor in your own life, right? Not the understudy. But it is a substantial amount of work that can be done completely from home and gives you as much as you could’ve earned at a regular office job.


Becoming a virtual assistant does not necessarily require specialized skills or training. As long as you have great organizational skills, respond well to instructions and can coordinate flawlessly, you are well-suited for the job.

Where to Find the Job?

To begin with, you can upload your resume and profile on job hunt websites. Look for openings and opportunities on sites like Upwork and Zirtual. As a virtual assistant, you may find yourself working for a web development company, drafting copies for clients or with an attorney, making phone calls. Regardless, most work can be done from the comfort of your home. In general practice, opportunities for virtual assistants come through positive client feedback and word of mouth.


With a lot of online platforms turning to videos or podcasts to reach audiences, there is a growing need for people who can transcribe long audio or video files. This makes it easier to develop the original content into something more advanced. It can be published as text or be used as reference material to create other content like social media cards, memes etc. As a transcriptionist, you will be asked to listen at length to audio or video files and meticulously take down what is being said.

As with a proofreader, transcriptionists too can offer their services either as general transcriptionists or as specialists. As a specialist, you can work as a medical or legal transcriptionist, a job profile that comes in handy for various journals.


General transcription doesn’t require much training; all you need is patience and attention to detail. You may have to listen to long recordings; some of them may not even be to your taste. So if you’re going to get bored easily, this job may not be for you. To become a medical or legal transcriptionist, there are courses you can take to certify yourself. Transcribe Anywhere is a helpful platform to acquire some skills.

Where To Find the Job?

With the rise in video and audio content, there is a greater need for general transcriptionists. Many companies and marketers may want to turn their content into written material to sell their services and products further. As a specialist, you can apply in law firms or in medical circles, which often have vacancies for a transcriptionist.

Web and Graphic Design

Everybody wants a piece of the social media and internet dessert hamper. While some businesses may be good at creating or outsourcing content, how should that content be packaged and presented to the audience? Not everyone knows how to build a website. They may know what they want to put on the website, but who provides the actual technical support? While the company can focus on building content and providing services, you can focus on building the platform where the content will be displayed.

Similarly, your job as a graphic designer will be to create striking, engaging graphics for various clients. Most online content relies on visual elements and there is a huge need for graphic designers in the current job market.


There are several technical courses that offer training for web and graphic design, but a lot of the skills can be picked up by yourself through practice. If you’re seriously considering designing as a career, you may want to invest in a graphics tablet to practice. There is a range of models you can pick from, with prices from $29 to $499.

But before investing in a technical education path that is heavy on the pocket, check out courses on Udemy and Coursera.

Where to Find the Jobs?

Opportunities for both jobs arise out of networking and positive referrals. Most businesses that publish content online are on the lookout for graphic designers. Meanwhile, several startups looking to expand their business will hire web designers. Make yourself active on job search websites, upload your most updated portfolios and be visible.

Social Media Manager

Did you ever think that your recreational social media skills could turn into a full-time job opportunity? From automobiles to publishing houses, businesses across a wide spectrum are attempting to reach audiences via social media. Managing social media is doing the job of a publicist and editor combined. You will be expected to sell your client’s services or product while putting forth content that is smart and engaging.

Today, there are a host of social media platforms, from Pinterest to Twitter, that companies want managed. Gone are the days of frowning at people looking into their phones in the company of others. For all you know, they’re just doing their job!


Becoming a social media manager doesn’t require any technical skills. An employer, in all likelihood, will not ask if you have a certificate to run their social media account. But what you must bring to the table is proficiency across as many social media platforms as possible. You must speak the unique language of various platforms, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Reddit. If you have the ability to get audiences to respond to your posts, you are a good fit for this job.

Where to Find the Job?

Practically every business today is looking to get someone to manage their social media. Interestingly, the way for you to make yourself visible is through social media too! Build your portfolio by becoming a social media influencer. This way, your employer knows you’re the right person for the job.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – a list of opportunities for you to start pursuing. It’s time to hang up that drab pantsuit and work from the comfort of your home. Keep in mind, however, that working from home doesn’t mean less work. After all, a work-from-home job is still a job. So if you think a full-time work-from-home job means you can make quick money for little effort, you may want to reconsider.

If this is something you are, in fact, serious about, here are some work from home scams you may want to avoid.

Work from Home, but Avoid These Scams!

There will be several promising opportunities that allow you to be a stay-at-home employee, but not all of them may be legitimate. Remember, if the job is fulfilling too many far-fetched expectations, there’s something fishy going on.

You Give Some, You Win Some!

If a work-from-home opportunity asks you to provide an initial fee or make an investment, that’s a big red flag! No legitimate gig should be asking you for money. This is a job; you’re not building a company yourself. So talk about earning an income and not out-of-pocket expenditures.

Fantastic Results in No Time!

If the job opportunity is promising unbelievable results in a quick turnout period, you probably shouldn’t believe it. While there’s a chance the opportunity is not a scam, be skeptical of ‘too-good-to-be-true’ chances.

Multi-Level Marketing Opportunities

If companies are coaxing you to join their multi-level marketing scheme, you should hesitate. If you are asked to buy some products and sell them later, that sounds like a pyramid or multi-level marketing scheme. If the company structure is such that money is being made by recruiting more people, you should perhaps steer clear. There are other ways to become your own boss.

With all of that considered, go ahead and plop yourself on your comfortable sofa at home. Your living room is now your office!

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