How A VoIP Business Phone Service (with call tracking) Can Improve Your Business Revenues 34% [Almost Overnight]

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Wondering what all the hype about VoIP business phone services is all about? Many business owners have been operating just fine over the last decade, without using any of this “techie stuff” of the new generation. But things are changing, and in a big BIG way. With the immersion of online media overtaking newspaper and traditional media consumption, the time is coming where business owners will have to adapt or die. And let’s face it, many small business owners are scared to spend money on shady advertising offers, since you never know who you can trust anymore. It’s very common for a small business owner to spend thousands of dollars on marketing, and never truly know if they’re getting a decent ROI on that spend or not. But the old cliche’s of “well, our competitor is doing it, so we have to have presence in the market.” True, but what if your competitors don’t even know what they’re wasting money on, and are simply driving up ad costs in a market that would be otherwise nonexistent?

Well my friend, now we have a way to fix all that, and for you to never have the wool pulled over your eyes again when it comes to marketing and advertising effectiveness for your company. It’s almost a magic bullet in some cases, as we’re able to take a poor performing business marketing campaign, and immediately add top line revenue increases in less than 30 days once we implement one of the cheapest most effective tools you’ve ever seen.

I’m talking about call tracking. You may or may not have heard of it before, but I highly doubt you’ve seen it explained in this manner, or know the depths of how it can improve your business. I believe in call tracking SO STRONGLY, that I would not start a new business today in any market without it. It doesn’t matter if you run a local gym, have a plumbing business, own an online ecommerce store, operate a franchise, run a nine figure development company, are a real estate agent, and on and on…

This affects any and every business, at the fundamental level. I mean any activity in business, which can’t be measured, is like the blind leading the blind, would you agree?

This is exactly what happened when the collapse of the Yellow Pages and newspaper ads started to happen, when everyone started taking things online. Only trouble was, many business owners didn’t understand the tech part of it, and most are still not aware of what you can really accomplish with call tracking.

Landline VS VoIP: The Great Cost Savings Diversion

At the end of the day, these are all business deductions. Who really cares about saving $100 bucks a month unless you’re a startup right?

I mean let’s get real here, we want to find pockets in our business marketing to INCREASE revenue in the 10’s or 100’s of thousands per month… not nickle and dime our foundational services to amass a few pennies at the end of the year.

My point is, most people compare business phone services with only price and features in mind.

The one thing they’re not thinking about, is the ROI of improving marketing channels… which is SEVERELY lacking in most small businesses.

I’m sure you already know this, but do you know how many small business owners blindly renew that $500/mo magazine ad in their local community, and they have NO IDEA if they’ve ever gotten a single customer from it or not?

…And that’s just the beginning.

Tons of businesses are renting billboard ads at preposterous rates every month, without being able to track a single customer conversion other than having the secretary to ask how they heard about us.

How A VoIP Business Phone System With Built In Call Tracking Can Change All That

Sure, you’re not going to be able to make 911 calls or rig up your office alarm system on a virtual phone system. But when you’re making an extra $50,000.00 a month from your improved marketing channels, are you really going to care about spending $10 bucks a month for an alarm phone line?

Ya, me neither…

Bottom Line: Being Able To Track [ANY] Marketing Your Business Spends Money On Is: Priceless.

Knowing that mail drop for your local community is only bringing in 3 calls per month, of which your staff spends hours consulting potential customers on, and the local printer insists on their local reach of 15,000 homes… is a GAME. CHANGER.

You can then take that capital, and redeploy it to your Google Adwords budget for instance, where you know that for every 4 customers that call in, 1 books an appointment.

Every month you take your call tracking reports, and analyze where your customers are coming from, and cut the losing advertising and apply more budget toward the winners.

it’s classic 80/20 rule, but normally you’re in the dark with these stats by using a traditional landline phone company.

Times have changed, and with customers finding most local businesses now from their smartphones and ipads, it’s only a matter of time until any brick and mortar business that doesn’t adapt to tracking these metrics will be out of business.

So in the end, it isn’t about saving money over landline telephone services. It’s about the improved ability to access your customers inbound call data, and make markedly improvements in your business adverting and spending allocations.

Surely A VoIP Business Phone Solution With Call Tracking Enabled Analytics Must Cost $,$$$ Thousands Right? (nope.)

Most voice over internet phone solutions these days, all come standard with basic call tracking functionality. You can even do things like transcribe voicemails to filter incoming calls if you’re a one man band salesman, or setup ring routes so multiple phones get all inbound calls so you never miss a customer to a competitor.

Even Virtual Business Phone Line Forwarding Companies Have Entry Level Call Tracking For $25/mo With Unlimited Minutes

Contractors, sales people, and service business owners will often ask me if these same tactics work for the little guy in a tiny loval market. My answer is always the same… like gangbusters, and even MORE effective than a large company trying to do this at scale.

very often, a local service business doesn’t even need full blown dynamic tracking call analytics like you’d use for a PPC campaign like in Google Adwords. Half the time, they don’t even know what Adwords is, let alone monitoring their online marketing.

So how can a virtual phone number forwarded to their business be useful then?

it’s simple… Anytime they place an ad somewhere, they just use the call tracking business line forwarded to their main line. At the end of the month, they can easily log in and see how many calls were forwarded based on what they paid for.

Now we have a way to combat Yellow Page salesman from scamming us out of a dying reach, and we have an easy way to make sure we’re not bleeding money on useless advertisements every month.

For the local service business, this can be huge compounded over the length of the year, and here’s why: after several months of pulling an “end of the month” report, you will develop what I call “winners” which are any marketing you do that you can identify a positive ROI for.

These can turn into a license to print money, once you uncover what they are. They’re different channels for every business, but there are always a handful of campaigns that you can throw money at, and always get a return… Be it new customers, recurring services, expanding your business and offering new services, etc…

Ultimately, now you have a way to future proof your business expenses when it comes to marketing expenditures. As a small business owner, this is NOT something they teach you in school, I don’t care what college you did or didn’t go to.

This works for local numbers, toll free 800 numbers for out of state businesses, traveling salespeople running a business remotely from their cell phone, large offices with huge overhead and staff, etc… anything really.

Never Be Taken Advantage Of By An Advertising Company Again!

Wondering how to scale up your business once you implement this, but usually shy away from spending money on new advertising methods or question if salespeople are legit or not?

Not anymore. Now the conversation will go something like this:

Ad rep trying to sell your business something: “Frank, we can get you in front of 15k households by the end of the month if you’ll sign a two year commitment”
You: “Thanks John, I’d be willing to try it for a month and see how we do.”
Ad rep: “Sure Frank, here’s your month to month price, and you’ll have visibility starting Friday.”
You: “Great, use this phone number (your voip number) for the ad, I’ve got a person to take every call.”
Ad rep: “Morning Frank, it’s been 30 days since we put you in front of 15k local households, would like to renew next month and keep them coming”?
You: “Hang on John, let me check me log into my report. Umm, I see we got 7 calls for the month, none of which Nancy said signed up for any estimates. Are you sure your reach is correct”?
Ad rep: “Sorry about that Frank, that seems really low. How are you able to come up with those figures”?
You: “Welp, we can bury that one without losing thousands for the year. Thanks again.”

Now, you repeat this process with everything you do in your business, and in less than 12 months you can stop all the holes from sinking the boat.

The flip side of this scenario, is when you hit a positive ROI on a marketing channel, and you can easily scale up and find the tipping point… And there is always a tipping point, whereby spending more money, won’t continue to yield positive gains.

Once you have the system in place to do this, it’s as simple as rinse and repeat!

How Do I Know About Online Phone Systems And Call Tracking VoIP Stats?

For years, I helped small businesses here in Central Florida grow their business leveraging the power of the internet. After about 5 years as a web developer in the earlier 2000’s, it became clear the real value I could offer was in improving inbound marketing. I developed systems and strategies that offered lead gen services as a complimentary add on to an existing business marketing plan. After quickly outpacing almost every client I worked with, the need emerged to simply provide lead generation services, so businesses could focus on running the business, and leave the customer acquisition and business growth to me. After all, it’s what I did day in and day out.

Our lead gen campaigns would outperform almost every existing business marketing channel by a large margin. We would take a client that had a typical market presence for over two years on average, and turn them into a powerhouse in the industry in less than 3 months, while slashing poor performing marketing channels.

Point being, one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal, was call tracking analytics. Without VoIP services, we would have never been able to accomplish that.

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