The Top 5 Hypnosis Certification Training Schools That Offer Classes in the USA

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Update: if you’re looking for personalized hypnosis/NLP training from a master practitioner, I took an advanced training from Daniel Olson in Orlando, FL that was really good.

Some of the students in my class are already set up with their own practice just a few short months later… and getting great results.

I’m not sure if he advertises it publicly on the website, but it’s if you want to call and see what current private packages are offered. Ours came with certification certificates, and training was from the certified program following the master curriculum.

I really liked the small group program at his office in Baldwin Park, FL., because we learned so much more compared to a large commercial event. Highly recommended.

When one says “hypnosis”, the scenario that arises in most of our minds is a mysterious person putting you into a trance-like state by dangling a pendulum in front of you and then making you do various things like clucking like a hen, barking like a dog, or basically anything they want you to do. While this may be a stereotypical depiction of a stage hypnotist, hypnotism is otherwise used for purposes of healing and is described as a “state of focused relaxation” where a person is more receptive to suggestion.

Mental health and medical practitioners who have training in hypnotherapy help patients to enter a relaxed state to help with various issues such as pain or stress relief, psychotherapy, losing weight, eliminating phobias, reducing recovery time from injuries and illnesses and changing unhealthy habits, addictions, etc.

In fact, the word “hypnosis” originates from the Greek word “hypnos” which means “sleep”. And, it is believed that sleep leads to an altered state of consciousness, which helps human beings to reach into the dimensions of themselves, opening them to prospects that they cannot fathom in their waking state.

Today, there are a wide variety of medical professionals such as doctors, psychotherapists, dentists, nurses, counselors, and social workers, who seek training in hypnotherapy. During a session of hypnotherapy, the practitioners review the medical history of the patient, the issue to be addressed and how they respond to hypnosis. Usually, hypnotherapy sessions start with a set of relaxation techniques and last for around an hour, And, when the patient is relaxed and alert, the practitioner uses suggestion and guided imagery to provide symptomatic relief and also behavioral changes.

Hypnosis Training Programs

Most of the hypnosis certification courses need at least 40-100 hours of hypnosis training workshops, a supervised training of 20 hours and 2-5 years of practical experience using hypnosis as part of the practice.

Typically, training programs for hypnotherapy include the following:

  • Study of the history and the theory of hypnosis
  • Use of hypnosis in a clinical setting
  • Selection of the proper techniques for a patient
  • Working with issues such as addition, illnesses, etc.
  • Ethical concerns

Hypnotherapy is used widely by practitioners who have their own practices or by practitioners in their psychotherapy, holistic nursing, massage therapy and acupuncture careers. In this article, we will discuss the best 5 hypnosis certification training schools in the United States.

The Best Hypnosis Certification Training Schools

Hypnosis Motivation Institute

Founded by Dr. John Kappas in the year 1968, Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI) is a nationally accredited non-profit training college & clinic of hypnotherapy, which is located in Southern California. In 1973, Dr. Kappas wrote about the profession of a hypnotherapist in the “Federal Dictionary of Occupational Titles” and this definition is used even to this day.

HMI is the 1st hypnotherapy training school in the US that has become nationally accredited. It has been accredited by the accrediting agency which is accepted by the US Department of Education. The hypnotherapy clinic of HMI has over fifty certified hypnotherapists and in the last 50 years, HMI has provided over 250,000 hours of hypnotherapy services.

This extensive clinical experience of HMI is what provides the basis of the Hypnotherapy Certification Training & Internship program offered by HMI and the training program offered by HMI can enable you to become a certified hypnotherapist.

Programs offered by HMI

1-Year Training and Clinical Internship (In Person)

The Southern California Resident School of HMI is accredited by ACCET and offers a 1-year, in-person program on hypnotherapy which includes training of 720 hours and on-campus clinical training. The program comprises of 2 evening classes per week and a flexible schedule supervised practice. The Hypnotherapy Training and Internship includes a therapy office with a receptionist, pro-bono clients and clinical supervision. The interns learn how to promote their private practice and also earn while learning. The program offers financial aid to students.

Interactive Distance Learning (100% Online Training)

The Distance Learning School of HMI is accredited by DEAC and combines tutorial instructions given privately along with online video support. The program offers 300 hours of instructions in the privacy and comfort of your own home. The Distance Education program is imparted by around 12 instructors with a combined experience of over 150 years. Your first 10 hours of the online training can be taken at no obligation or cost and in-person attendance is not mandatory.

In-Person Self-Improvement Classes (Free)

HMI offers free self-improvement classes in various topics such as Hypnosis, Past Life Regression (PLR), Dream Therapy, Energy Healing, etc. that you can attend in on weeknights between 7 to 9.30 pm. These are no obligation, no cost classes for self-improvement.

Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute

If you’re looking for a professional training program as a Hypnosis Practitioner, then you could consider the HPTI (Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute), which was founded by Richard Clark and Scott Sandland, 6 years ago. HPTI was started with the mission of improving the academic standards, accessibility and affordability of education for hypnosis practitioners. HPTI is recognized by the leading professional associations in the United States. Richard Clark and Scott Sandland are course instructors with HPTI.

The 4 key objectives of HPTI are:

  • Teaching the basic skills of research-based methods of hypnosis.
  • Training the students in the specific applications of hypnosis in order to improve the lives of their clients.
  • Helping the student to make their private practice business a success.
  • Creating mentorships, hands-on learning experiences and internships with partners across the globe.

HPTI offers challenging academic courses that provide its students with a strong understanding of the complementary and allied health area of a professional practitioner of hypnosis. Apart from just learning the technique, HPTI ensures that the students understand the various aspects of the profession such as the ethical, legal, industrial, commercial and collaborative factors.

The course provides a complete scope of practice for hypnosis practitioners and also an understanding of the need to incorporate hypnosis into traditional mental health and health-related fields, thereby ensuring the success of the students. HPTI offers affordable tuition and continuous improvement that sets them apart from other private training programs. The students graduating from HPTI are professionals and HPTI ensures that the students are views and competent allied healthcare providers by the medical and other professionals they work with.

On completing the 1st module of the program, students will be on their way to becoming certified hypnosis practitioners and gain membership in the ICBCH and also be certified as a hypnotist. This allows them to start seeing clients during their internship and mentorship components of the program. On successful completing all the modules of the HPTI program, students will be certified as a hypnotherapist and also gain education in various other fields such as life coaching, NLP, EFT, etc.

To ensure the success of the students and the graduates, HPTI offers general liability and professional liability insurance through reputed insurance companies that they have referral relationships with. And, when the students start seeing clients, they will be eligible for insurance coverage and can protect themselves and their business.

Hypnotherapy Training Academy

The Hypnotherapy Training Academy is an accredited institution for Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis Training, which is situated in Encinitas, North San Diego. The Hypnotherapy Training Academy was started by Wendy Hill, who is a master hypnotherapist and also a course presenter. She has been in the field of psychotherapeutic practice for more than 30 years with a hypnotherapy specialty.

Wendy Hill has trained under Milton Erickson, who is considered as the father of hypnotherapy and also under Carl Rogers, who is the father of humanistic psychology. To be a certified hypnotherapist, the American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists requires that you have around 100 hours of hypnotherapy training with an accredited institution of hypnotherapy.

The curriculum offered by Hypnotherapy Training Academy is cutting edge in transformational hypnotherapy, which has been created by Wendy Hill. The institution offers courses in basic, as well as advanced hypnosis techniques that can help in transforming subconscious beliefs that are self-defeating into beliefs supporting a happy and healthy adult experience.

The advanced hypnotherapy program will help you focus your mind in a unique and productive manner and this concentrated state of hypnosis is extremely useful as a tool for therapeutic uses, which allows you to connect with yourself and your mind which is not readily available otherwise.

The course offers 100 hours of class training and the program also offers training on the phone for people who are unable to attend the classes.

Here are some instances of how the school believes hypnotherapy and hypnosis will benefit you:

  • It helps to increase your self-confidence and also improve your relationships.
  • Attacks and transforms anxiety and depression at the root.
  • Helps to identify the source of addiction and overcome it.
  • Helps to recognize core beliefs that are self-defeating and transforms them.
  • Resolves present conflict which is a result of childhood stress.
  • Eliminates phobias.
  • Connects you with your inner spirit and inner child.
  • Helps you face a scary or uncomfortable event such as public speaking, surgery, skydiving, deep-sea diving, tricky social situations, etc.
  • Helps you find something that you have lost.
  • Lowers your stress levels and improves your health and overall sense of well-being.
  • Helps you heal childhood hurts like neglect, abuse, sexual abuse, etc.

Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy (PASOH)

The PASOH was founded by Josie Hadley, who is a master hypnotist, in the year 1977. In 2007, before the death of Josie Hadley, she sold the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy to Dorthy Tyo.

The PASOH therapy is a private institution which has been verified by the Bureau for Private Post-Secondary Education, California. The Certificate of Completion awarded by Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy acknowledges the education or training as the standards of excellence in hypnotherapy.

The mission of the institution is to provide programs that are designed in such a way that the students are prepared in the usage of modern, substantiated and researched therapeutic techniques of hypnosis and also providing skill development via monitored practice and didactic presentations wherein the students are urged to use and apply the therapeutic skills of hypnosis in both their professional, as well as, their personal lives.

The institution also promotes the awareness, professional and public, of the medical and clinical advantages of hypnosis as a means of therapeutic intervention to enable people to use their inherent abilities.

The school offers over 300 hours of training if you are interested in an extensive study in hypnotherapy and awards a Certificate of Study or Completion that can be displayed publicly. The school has certified several hundreds of hypnotherapists.

The certifications offered by the PASOH are:

  • Certificate of Hypnotherapy
  • Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Certificate in Medical Hypnotherapy
  • Advanced Hypnotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy Masters Program

American College of Hypnotherapy

The American College of Hypnotherapy (ACH) offers complete and comprehensive continuing education programs and Certification for Clinical Hypnotherapists. The college offers a continuing education program for comprehensive theory and practical training and the students qualify to meet the education or training standards required to become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

ACH offers the Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist program that needs over 220 hours of formal education and completion of 5 modules in hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy. The modules to be completed by the students are:

  • Module 1: Hypnosis and Trance Inductions
  • Module 2: Hypnosis and Hypnotherapies
  • Module 3: Self Hypnosis
  • Module 4: Advanced Hypnotherapy
  • Module 5: Hypnotherapy Practicum

The ACH Certification is a 2-stage process. To get a certification, you must take the required courses offered in the continuing education program and the students must complete the courses defined in the curriculum successfully and acquire the knowledge and skill base from the specific curriculum.

When you have completed all the required courses in the program successfully, you can then apply for the certification and receive it. Once the certification is awarded, it will expire after 4 years and you then have to take up the complete program of recertification which is offered by ACH.

Overall, hypnotherapy, if done in the right way within a therapeutic context, it can lead to considerable advantages for health, as well as personal growth. Hypnotherapy is not a “cure all” solution but is a powerful therapeutic tool which must be applied keeping within the much larger framework of conceptual understanding and clinical experience. And, if you want to be a certified hypnotherapist, you can check out the professional institutions we have discussed in our article.

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