I Tried Whole Brain Power For The First Time And I Suck At It (But I think there’s something to it!)

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whole-brain-power-pinterestI could sum this blog post up in one sentence… this shit is hard; I’m a limp lefty it would seem. (no pun)

In all seriousness, I didn’t realize how out of shape my left arm is.  Just from doing the basic hammer drills with a lightweight mallet, my left forearm is a bit sore from what seemed like to me, hardly any exercise at all.

Ok ok, on with the experience…

I heard about this Whole Brain Power by Michael J Lavery from a discuss comment, I believe from Mike Cernovich’s blog, Danger & Play.  ( <—– note to self, update link if you can find the exact page)

Whole Brain Power Book On Amazon
Whole Brain Power by Michael J. Lavery

It seemed out there, and right up my alley.  I bought the book on amazon, and when it came in I skimmed it quickly.  Unfortunately, the book didn’t capture my interest like I was hoping, and what I really wanted was a detailed process for beginning the training… you know, like daily drills, start with this many reps, try this left handed only, etc…

I like buying paperback books anyway however, to keep me from having so much screen time with computers and reading on tablets, so I don’t regret purchasing it at all.  The point is, I think I learned more from researching Lavery’s work before the book even came in… I spent a few hours seeking out the core concepts behind the methodology of our brains getting lazy and how that could affect our internal systems.  I also found some great videos of Lavery himself explaining the process, which is great.  You can learn most everything you need to know from this one video:

Then order the book here to follow up after you’ve started the hammer drills… this will help you gain understanding as to why you’re doing what you’re doing, and how it affects the body.

I use this mallet and these balls for my drills.






Anyway, here’s a short clip of me trying it on the first day.  I’m using a 16 ounce rubber mallet, and a cheap golf ball.  Left handed is damn near impossible, but my right hand is improving just from practicing with the left… Just as Lavery mentioned it would.

Very interesting so far!  I’m looking forward to seeing what comes from continued practice, and if I can truly become ambidextrous and what effects that will have on my brain!

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