The Best Cheap Photography & Video Lighting For The Money (perfect for YouTubers & daily vloggers)

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If you want to make high-quality YouTube videos, or have hd-quality daily vlogging clips, the number one thing that you can add to your photography studio is a good set of camera lights.  I never thought that camera lighting would make such a big difference, but being able to shoot HD videos from an iPhone changed my thoughts on photography lighting forever. for less than $100, you can pick up a set of Studio Pro lighting kits, and transform the quality of your videos literally with the flip of a switch. After using these for over 6 months now, I could never go back the shooting daily videos without decent lighting.

How The Studio Pro Lighting Kits Make Amateur Videos Looks More Professional

If you take a look at most beginning vloggers or YouTubers channels, you’ll notice that when most of them start out they have weird shadows either on the left or right side of their face. Most of this is caused by shooting next to a window, which is the only available natural light they have at their disposal indoors. Unless you’re shooting outside, or unless you supplement with good photography lighting, it’s very difficult to get consistent lighting for video shoots on a day-to-day basis. For instance one week you might have cloudy days, and even a slight amount of overcast can affect the ambient light in a room, not to mention all the other variables.

By using a dual lighting kit instead of a single portrait photography lamp, you have a lot more control over the shadows being cast on your face. Depending on your camera, especially if it’s not a good low light camera, this will greatly affect your camera’s ability to compensate quickly. I’ve found, that after using my StudioPRO lights religiously, I don’t even need a low light camera at all… I often just use my smartphone, even though I have an older Canon Powershot point and shoot. The setup I personally run is the tripod in the middle of my lighting kit, which removes a right or a left shadow by having a balanced lighting setup on both sides.

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Can Cheap Photography Lights Really Make That Big Of A Difference?

To this day, nothing has made a bigger difference in the quality of my videos, than the right lighting. I’ve tried shooting with a point and shoot, a DSLR, GoPro, and several different smartphones… And no matter which camera I was shooting with, none of them looked as good as an iPhone with a set of these Studio Pro lights compared to any of the cameras by themselves.

This is exacerbated when shooting in low-light situations, as most cameras do not perform well in stock form in a low light setting. I thought when I moved to my new office with wall-to-wall windows, that I wouldn’t have any lighting issues whatsoever, even on cloudy rainy days. I couldn’t have been more wrong however, and it doesn’t seem to matter which camera is on the tripod for the day, the only thing that consistently improves the quality of my videos are these Studio Pro lights.

Even The Best Low Light Camera Phones Won’t Cut It For Youtube

Most of these “low light” cameras being marketed nowadays, simply don’t have a large enough lens to let in enough natural light in most conditions. You’ll be much better off spending a little less money on a camera of phone (as long as it shoots 1080p of course), and spending your savings on a good set of camera lights.

A simple starter kit for improving your video blogs would be any of the soft-box kits that are easy to use. Most come with the stands and or tripod, and are a breeze to setup and break down for easy storage or transport. If you are looking to upgrade your camera, and are interested in higher end vlog quality, here are 4 good vlogging cameras on sale at Amazon right now.

What Are The Best Camera Lights For Beginners Under $100 Dollars?

I personally think the Studio Pro brand is the best for the money, but I may be a bit biased because it’s the ones I use. 🙂

Here are a few other companies on Amazon known to make high quality photography lighting kits in all different price ranges to suit your budget. Notable brands include LimoStudio, Fancierstudio, Studiohut, and StudioPro. Check out the thousands of reviews on popular models to see which is the best one for you.

StudioPRO 1050 Watt Photography / Continuous Video Studio Lighting Kit: The Best Video Lighting Kit For The Money

The Lighting Kit I Use

Quick Specs:

  • EASY SET-UP: These auto pop out soft boxes are the easiest to set up, Simple pop open design makes it very beginner friendly
  • BRIGHT LIGHTING: Each softbox includes a 105W CFL light bulb, These large bulbs give you crisp colors and bright lighting that is great for photography as well as video
  • BALANCE: A set of two softboxes gives the subject balanced lighting on each side of the frame, These lights can set up in a number of different configurations allowing for multiple applications such as product photography, vlogging, YouTube videos, portraiture and much more!
  • COMPACT: Easily fold this kit up for convenient storage and portability
  • SOFT LIGHT: These two 20″ softboxes create a soft and flattering light output much like natural window lighting

I spent a ton of time reviewing camera studio lighting kits on Amazon several months ago, and for beginner it can get quite confusing pretty quickly!  It’s tough to know what the best lighting system is for video, and how to do lighting for YouTube videos to really make them look more polished and professional.I’m also not a photographer or videographer, so I wanted something that was easy to setup so I could just turn them on and go.

Originally I thought that a studio quality lighting kit would be too expensive for me when I first started, so I experimented with some DIY photography lighting kit tutorials that I found on YouTube. This consisted of going to Walmart and purchasing a couple of clamp on style shop lights at around 12 to $15 each, a couple of shower caps to use as a diffuser, and some daylight fluorescent bulbs.  At the time I thought this work pretty well for the amount of money I spent, but the truth is I didn’t really know what I was missing.  All in all I probably spent around $50 on this DIY lighting setup, and had I known how much of a difference it would have made to spend $30 more on a set of Studio Pro lights, I could have saved myself a ton of time and my videos would have looked way better.

For the money, the set of Studio Pro lights I use it’s going to be hard to beat. For less than $100, anyone can get a lighting setup similar to what popular YouTubers use. These lights will improve your video, photography, and overall studio production no matter which camera you use. If I had known what a difference a single set of affordable photography lights would make, I would have purchased this lighting kit from day one… And I suggest you do the same, since most people don’t realize all they need to make high-quality YouTube videos, is their smartphone and a set of these Studio Pro lights.

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