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Here are my thoughts on the Influence Saunas from what I can tell given the information I’ve been sent.  I’m tired of being asked about this sauna, since every major natural health influencer is hitting their list mailing for these cats. Can’t blame them, but super annoying…

I love the idea behind this sauna, but there is literally no proof to back up the claims being made. It’s basically impossible to do a comparison for you guys without some real information regarding specifics like EMF levels, construction, etc…

I can’t find a single person that’s saying how great it is, truly using one or sitting in one… nor any of the naturopaths having them in their office.  So I don’t know, this isn’t a proper review, just sick of being inundated with questions about it everyday when the company doesn’t provide enough details with the marketing material claims.  Here’s a placeholder page for the video, so everyone that I can’t personally respond to can find it:


16 thoughts on “Influence Saunas”

  1. I have never felt the need to leave negative feedback, however, due to the expense of purchasing a sauna, I would like to make other consumers aware of my experience. Since I have followed Robin Openshaw of for several years, when she recently established Influence Sauna, I, in good faith, ordered a sauna in November (2019) and received an order confirmation saying that I should expect a phone call from the shipping company in 5-7 days to schedule my delivery. I received an email on 12/19/19 saying my sauna had finallyshipped. I never did receive an email or a phone call from the shipping company; consquently, I tried following up with Influence Sauna a couple of different times. This was because their rep, Tonya, did not respond to my first email inquiry; when I emailed her a second time, she said on 01/06/20 that the shipping company was currently closed, but that she would follow up with them. Today is 01/09/20 and I have not heard back from Tonya at Influence Sauna. I am very disappointed and will likely contact our state’s office of the attorney general for assistance, since they say somewhere on their website that you cannot cancel an order once it has shipped. Perhaps the shipping company went out of business? What am I left to think? I will say that I am very concerned about the lack of customer service/support I would likely receive IF anything went wrong witht he sauna, should I ever receive it.

  2. We need help. I can’t get Influence Sauna to respond to phone or email requests to report damage during shipping and I want a refund. But customer service says, “Kali Mason” takes care of reports of damage. My husband and I have many calls to her and emails. With only one email where all she says, can I call you right now? Well of course that was two days ago and I missed the email when it came in. We want to send it back. Not only are we extremely disappointed with customer service but I feel duped and ripped off, as I too have followed Robyn for several years. Any information you can supply will be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Diane,

      If it were a sauna company where I know the owners, I could give them a call for you. Unfortunately, I don’t know these folks. I’m not sure I can help, but let me know if there’s something I can do.

      Have you called their main phone number on the website a few times, and maybe try to get someone else? (866) 626-6532

      I would imagine you need to get Robyn’s attention somehow, I’m sure she can get you all fixed up. (I don’t know her either, or I’d call her for you) Perhaps try commenting on some of her YouTube videos, Facebook page, or greensmoothiegirl? Or send a contact form on a website she owns… that might help.

    • Hello Diane –

      I am so very sorry for your frustration and I am happy to assist you.

      Here is the technical contact form for damage or return issues.

      You are also welcome to email me and I will handle you personally. My email address is [email protected].

      We will get this sorted for you. Thank you for your patience.

      Regards –

      Laurie Roman
      Chief Marketing Officer
      Influence Brand Saunas

  3. Today is 01/15/2020 and I am updating my comments above from early 01/09/2020. Later that day, 01/09, I received a response from a Naomi Mason (not certain of her position) who said that if I felt the need to contact the Attorney General , that she could not stop that, but that what she could do is “her job” and that she is doing the best she could. Tonya, the customer rep, then copied me on an email to the shipping company to ask if they could please get my sauna on their truck the next day, 01/10; the shipping company responded and said, “This shipment is on board today, 01/10.” Since a few days passed and we never received the promised phone call from the shipping company to schedule our delivery (absolutely necessary, since we both work), I emailed Tonya yesterday, 01/14, to ask about this. Tonya responded saying she would look into it and emailed me back this morning, 01/15, to apologize for the inconsistency of their shipping team and that apparently my sauna was not shipped on Friday, 01/10, as she was told. Tonya went on to say that the sauna is 100% going out today, 01/15, and again apologized, as they have shipped out over 400 saunas in 30 days and have another 800 coming in mid-February.

    I do understand that this is a new company, but wished they had ironed out all of the “kinks” before launching their product. It makes me very nervous as to whether they will truly be accessible for any follow-up support/service we may need with the sauna, should we decide to continue with the order (initially placed back in November). I am not certain what to think or how to proceed at this point.

  4. I have been a huge Robyn fan for years. However, this sadly made me dislike her very much. I feel scammed and cheated. I should have purchased a sauna from your list, but I went with her because I have purchased items from her shop before. I have been told I would have already received my sauna. I can’t get ahold of anyone in customer service or at the company. I read what you suggested about commenting on social media and so forth, and I did that. A friend of mine purchased as well, and has not received it either! She even purchased it before me! She disputed her Credit Card!
    I can’t say how disappointed I am. I feel like they just wanted a quick buck. I called my Credit Card Company and I did a chargeback on my order. I just wanted to let other people know, so they do not go through the same frustration and disappointment I have been through. I will purchase something from the certified sauna list. Influence sauna just seems like a total scam!

    • Hi Megan,

      Sorry you’re having trouble… I’m sure it’s not a scam, maybe something happened with inventory or distribution. (granted, it should be easy to get a hold of someone)

      There are enough emails from several of you now, maybe there is something that can be done. Who is the point person to contact or who specifically sold you the sauna?

    • Hello Megan –

      I am so sorry for your frustration – I assure you that our company has the utmost level of integrity and you have not been scammed.

      Our response was overwhelming and we ran out of stock several times – we had ran into shipping delays with the holidays. We have learned from this and have put better systems in place to make sure this doesn’t happen again. We also replaced our shipping company.

      We have not handled you correctly and I am so sorry about that. We want you happy, please allow us to make this right for you.

      Please feel free to reach out to me directly – my email address is [email protected] and I will personally assist you.

      I hope you allow us to make this up to you, please know that we care.

      Laurie Roman
      Chief Marketing Officer
      Influence Brands Saunas

  5. So sorry to hear that others have had issues with their Influence Sauna order. I, too, ordered from them based on Robin Openshaw’s reputation and have no doubt that the sauna is a quality product – something drastic must have happened with the order fulfillment process. Since I couldn’t reach anyone by phone and could only communicate via email, it finally occurred to me to copy the person with whom I spoke initially and placed my order with, John ([email protected]), whom I believe John is part of Robin’s family unit. After I included him on the email, John reached out to us by phone and was apologetic and understanding of our frustration; he promptly refunded our payment, at our request. I appreciated his professionalism and trust that they, no doubt, will iron things out soon. After cancelling my order and receiving my refund, I have placed an order for a Clearlight Sauna.

    • Hello Raye –

      I am very sorry that this happened and cannot imagine your frustration.

      Robyn Openshaw and her team, myself included, care very much about your experience. We have taken many steps, put in many systems and replaced our shipping company to make sure, going forward, nothing like this ever happens again.

      I am sorry that we lost you – if there is anything that I can do to assist you in the future, please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].

      Take good care –

      Laurie Roman
      Chief Marketing Officer
      Influence Brands Sauna

  6. I also have not received my sauna. I ordered it online, Jan. 27th, after watching an educational program with Robyn Openshaw through Trevor Cates site. I emailed support twice and called once with no answer. Three days later I received a message on my answering machine saying they had received my order but they did not repeat my order # so it sounded generic. No answers to my emails yet. Is this a scam? Do I need to contact someone?

    • I received a call today saying my Sauna would arrive at their ware house April 17th. She gave me my order # and said everything looked good. I’ve also received 2 emails this week. I’d take my original comment down if I knew how.

  7. It looks like they have since posted a couple videos on youtube with a trifield TF2 meter. Would that make you think differently? I still have not been able to get ahold of them.

    • Not at all, show me the body voltage.

      Aaaand therein lies half the problem… here we are 5 months later, and I’m still getting customer service questions because a company can’t get back to their own customers. I’m over it.

  8. ******************BUYER BEWARE********************

    Hey all! I reached out to Matt back in Jan. of 2020 when I first began my horrific journey with this company. I told him I’d keep him updated on my story, but.. my story is still continuing, almost a year later!

    I too had all the same delivery issues you’re all reporting – my husband ordered my unit in Nov. and it was promised in 2 weeks as it was a Christmas gift, and I didn’t get mine until 1/6/20. I made 20+ phone calls and even more emails to 5+ different reps until I finally got mine. It arrived with some surface damage and Kali agreed to reimburse me $100. Instead she tried twice to send me a cushion for the unit (first one wasn’t even the right size) – I told her I didn’t want it, and returned it to her. Never got the $100 though.

    Then when we put the unit together, the temp. wouldn’t go past 149 and the EMF levels were at 30+ in some areas – so they had to send us out a new control panel. The control panel fixed the temp issue – but the EMF levels were still high.

    Since then – mind you it’s now October 1, 2020 – I have gone through their engineering team who has agreed my unit was defective. They apologized, promised to make it right, saying they’ll make sure I’m happy – even offered to send me this new heater they’re developing that’s worth over $500 as an apology for all I’ve gone through. They were going to send me a new one but it was backordered…. I got all sorts of excuses. They had me take all sorts of pictures of the EMF levels, had me take off the side panels and send photos – and Garrett, last I heard from him, said he thought he had it figured out – and it sounded like they were going to send new side panels, but then he stopped emailing me back. After several attempts, I was somehow connected with Kami. She was responsive for about 1 in every 2 or 3 emails I sent. Same type of conduct, “I’m sorry, we’ll get this figured out…. I’m talking to my superiors…”… so I reached out to my electrician and he said he would research it a little and see what he could do. I got Kami to agree to reimburse his cost before hiring him. He attempted to lower the levels but was unsuccessful. They did send me a check for reimbursement of his services.

    Kami left me with, “I’m checking with my superiors to see what else we can do to lower the levels” – and that was in May. In the meantime I had 6 months to dispute the charge with my credit card company, so I wasn’t waiting any longer – I went ahead with it. Influence Sauna came back with that they resolved the problem with my electrician and sent my credit card company copies of the check they sent me. I explained to my credit card company that it didn’t fix the problem, and had it in writing that they agreed this was an attempt – it wasn’t a final resolution to the problem, and that I still had a defective unit, but… I got notice on 9/25/20 that they tried to resolve it for me but that Influence Sauna wasn’t willing to do anything.

    So I reached back out to Kami this week with an email in disgust. Basically saying that I couldn’t believe they were treating me this way. How could they deliver something broken to me and not rectify the issue? This is THEFT! I’ve had a defective unit since purchase in NOVEMBER, and have gotten nothing but a runaround from everyone in their company – broken promises and STILL I am left with a $4,000 defective sauna. Well now I have someone named Laurie Roman that responded to my email to Kami, and her first sentence was, “we have spoken before” – which is not true – I have never dealt with her – must have been another unhappy customer. Then this was her next line, “I know my entire Customer Support team, our engineer, our tech Customer Support team and I have done everything possible to satisfy you with your sauna purchase.” Oh really… they’ve done everything possible? What is everything possible? Because the ONLY thing they’ve done is reimburse me a $250 electrician bill for services I had to seek out on my own to try and fix their sauna – and it was unsuccessful. That’s their definition of “everything possible”???? Their entire customer support team? That consists of 1 person (Kami)? Tech customer support and engineer must be the same person (Garrett) as that’s all I’ve spoken to and he’s just stopped all together, and her (Laurie) who I’ve never spoken to. This does not surprise me though because I’m just being passed person to person and have to start the explanations all over again. How long is this going to go on for?

    I was hopeful with Garrett for awhile. It was annoying to have to disassemble the unit to take photos – but I was hopeful – and we did see where the wiring wasn’t wrapped properly which could be causing the high EMF levels – but according to my electrician that wasn’t the case. I have offered so many solutions to this – I told them they can refund half my money and I’d be happy – because there’s 1 spot I can sit in where the EMF levels are low. I didn’t pay $4k for a sauna that limits where I can sit though – but for half the price I’d deal with it. I told them they could send someone to my house to disassemble the unit, take it away and bring me a new one. I told them they could totally refund me and I’d disassemble it and send them a photo of it destroyed and in the dump where it belongs. I told them they could hire someone to come out and fix it. I’ve been MORE THAN FLEXIBLE with trying to work with them, and I get NOTHING.

    I’ve now filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. We’ll see where that goes. After that it will be the Attorney General’s office. After that it will be the FCC for false advertisement. After that it will be brought to social media, as well as reporting it to whatever tv channel covers consumer theft. I will also be sharing my story with a very large group on social media that covers saunas. I’ve taken my story here. I will reach out to the state where their license to conduct business is, and report their activity. I will NOT stop until this is resolved.

    Please, please people – save yourself the trouble and do NOT buy a sauna from here. They not only don’t have the ability to fulfill the orders they receive, in a timely fashion, but if you have any issues with your sauna, good luck getting it fixed/resolved! AND.. the biggest issue – the EMF levels are falsely advertised. At least in my case – they did agree they were higher than they were supposed to be – but what have they done to fix it? Nothing – so that tells me that they can’t fix it – that the EMF levels ARE NOT LOW as they advertise – so why pay $4k for a sauna that has the same levels as a $1k one? Just go with the $1k one if you don’t care about the levels. But do NOT put yourself through the hassle that I’ve been going through for almost a year now – save your time and money and buy from a reputable company.

    If they DO resolve this, I will update my post here.


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