WARNING: Infrared Sauna Belt Can Be Dangerous As Hell (fake reviews)

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Looking for an infrared sauna belt, and think they’re safe? Think again, because any of these products imported from China need to be tested thoroughly, and you should NOT take their marketing claims for truth. I found this out the hard way when I bought into a “low emf” infrared sauna, that turned out to be one of the highest emf devices I’ve ever been in. The one saving grace of a far infrared sauna, is that there is distance between you and the heaters, which gives the magnetic fields a chance to [dissipate and lessen before they come into contact with the body. An infrared sauna belt, is not like that in any way since it sites right up close to you, and some of these red light therapy devices like these cheap portable saunas, have super super high emf levels when you’re exposed to them in close proximity. Buyer beware…

Why Infrared Sauna Belts Are Inherently Bad By Design (High EMF)

You can’t have something that close to the body, simply by the way it’s designed… you’ll be in direct contact with any emf radiation emitted from the device, and distance is your friend in any infrared sauna, light therapy device, etc…

These Infrared Sauna Belt “Review Sites” Are Nothing More Than Glorified Sales Pages (they could care less about your health!!!)

Unless You See Someone Personally Testing The Unit, Don’t Believe The Hype

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