How Much Does A Sauna Cost? Best Infrared Sauna Pricing On The Planet

Looking for the best pricing on an infrared sauna, and tired of every sauna company forcing you to sign up for their email list just get a price quote? Yeah, I was too! This isn’t your average sauna pricing page, where there’s nothing more than an email signup form you get after a Google search. I put this blog post together with the pricing estimates I was quoted when I was looking to buy an infrared sauna since it was such a hassle listening to the sauna sales people go on and on about a bunch of bullshit, not once asking what my sauna needs were, just talked and talked and talked some more. I wanted to at least write up a quick average, so you know what to expect from each company without having to call them and deal with pesky salespeople like I did.

Fun Fact – Did you know that the whole reason I started reviewing saunas on my blog, is because one of the most popular sauna detox groups on the planet tried to bait and switch me with sauna pricing? Yep, you know the one I’m talking about… why do you think no prices are publicly disclosed, and you have to “message him for details” in order to… get. any. details. Heh, don’t make me laugh. If it was such a good deal, why not just tell everyone about it out in the open? Yep, you guessed right… because it wasn’t a good deal, and it was the exact same fucking price from the company directly when I spoke to them. It’s called a bait and switch folks, and it pissed me off enough, to where I emailed the top 8 sauna companies the very next day, and was determined to put a stop to this bullshit. I told every single one of them I was running a low emf sauna contest, to which most didn’t even respond (including Clearlight, they were the first company I emailed) since I wasn’t a health blogger prior to this, and had no credibility in the sauna industry at the time. Little did they know, I would spend an endless amount of time, energy, and money to get to the bottom of what a well made sauna or good value really was.

I’m sure a lot of these sauna companies won’t be happy about this, but I don’t care… I don’t believe in doing the bait and switch where no one will tell you a price without giving up your phone number, email, address, and which butt cheek has a birthmark on it. Sauna companies regularly hound the absolute shit out of people with daily emails, phone calls, etc… just like they did to me. Which I think it unethical, and a disservice to the industry and customers in my opinion, but anything to make a sale right? At least that’s the way I felt, which is why I never bought anything from those pushy sauna companies. And to think I was ready to spend $7k that day…

To force you to hand over your personal info just to see a price list in 2018, is about as insane as giving someone your pin number at the ATM. You know the harassment is coming shortly thereafter…

Most Popular Infrared Saunas For Sale

Here are the pricing averages for each sauna brand, based on what I was given when I called each one to buy:

Sunlighten Sauna Cost / Pricing Averages:

M Pulse 2 person: $6,500 + Shipping

Signature 2 person: $3,400 + Shipping

Clearlight Saunas Cost / Pricing Averages:

Clearlight Sanctuary 2: $4,600 + $500 Shipping

Clearlight Premier: (don’t know, wouldn’t buy it)

JNH Lifestyles Infrared Sauna Pricing

JNH Sauna Ensi No EMF Model: $2,500 Free Shipping On Amazon

  • I bought this JNH Lifestyles Ensi, and don’t recommend it. See my complete review here, and the “no emf scam” here.

Dynamic Sauna Pricing

Dynamic Barcelona 1 – 2 Person Infrared Sauna Price: $999.00

  • I bought this sauna from Costco, and don’t recommend it. They advertise it as a low emf sauna, which it is definitely not. See my Dynamic Sauna Review here, and the Costco EMF reviews here.

Therasauna Ceramic Far Infrared Pricing Costs

Evolve 360 Infrared Sauna Pricing

Discount Code – All Clever Leverage readers can use code “Matt-50-Off” when you call to order to get half off shipping.

Evolve Mini Sauna Price: $1,795 + Shipping

Evolve 10 (1 Person) Sauna Price: $2,795 + Shipping

Evolve 15 (2 Person) Sauna Price: $3,295 + Shipping

Evolve 20 (2 Person 20 amp) Sauna Price: $3,695 + Shipping

Get A Custom Price Quote From Me For The Evolve 360 Sauna I Use Everyday (without being hassled by salespeople)

But Matt, isn’t this contradictory to what you just said about sauna companies hounding you after they get your personal info?  No not at all. We don’t harass you just for filling out this short form.  The only way I can give you an accurate price quote for your sauna, is to know the shipping zip code… since my sauna might have cost me $3,100.00 shipped to my door, but for a guy in Alaska it might cost $3,400.00 to get a box truck or semi out to the middle of nowhere. I don’t hold back the price of the sauna itself, but these are large items, and it’s impossible to estimate the shipping cost without the destination. And second, we like to talk to each person personally, because a lot of the time, you don’t need to spend as much money as you think you do to get the best sauna for your needs. So Kevin or I call each and every person to make sure they’re not buying something they don’t really need. After all, the only reason I sell saunas now, is because it was such a frustrating experience when I wanted to buy one. Now I have a way to make it so much easier for people, and these are the only ones I recommend to friends and family.  If you’d like to chat about the saunas I’ve tested, I’m happy to tell you about the pros and cons of each: (800) 924-9170

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    • Hi Jean!

      Great price right!? Much better solution than one of those sauna tents or portable dome saunas… I think anyway. Might be a bit small for a person of my size, so I ordered the next size up just fyi. But I love the idea of safe low emf heaters packed in a tight space, so you absorb the maximum amount of infrared in the shortest time while you’re in there. Less heat loss in a smaller cabin, is a nice bonus too! 🙂

        • I haven’t been able to test body voltage in the Clearlight Sanctuary specifically, but it’s high on my list to do! I’m also actively testing my own custom EMF mitigation techniques to gather some more data, that will likely be useful in any sauna no matter the brand.

          Why do I like the Evolve 360 better you mean? I hope I’m reading that right… simply because it’s cheaper and has better far infrared coverage. Far infrared is the real workhorse in any sauna, full spectrum or not. Plus I still question whether or not people need to spend $4k – $6k thousand dollars just to get the healing benefits of a sauna in their home.

          I’m still open minded though, testing a Sunlighten portable dome sauna today…

  1. What is your thought on a competitor who states: Because the three heating mechanisms within our full spectrum heaters operate independently, you can program them to generate any combination of NIR, MIR, and FIR heat. Do you feel that the option of NIR, MIR, and FIR are ideal for therapeutic treatment of chronic ailments? Or any sauna would benefit and the all the hype is to get people to pay more out of pocket for something they don’t really need?

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