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Looking for real sauna reviews that actually cover what it’s like to put a sauna in your own home or gym facility? Every sauna company says their sauna is the best, has some crazy feature or operates at a set micron/emissivity range, or tells you that it MUST BE full spectrum in order to have maximum benefits. Oh boy.

It all gets so confusing so fast, and consumers are left not knowing what to do. This is what happened to me, and I wasted 5 months researching infrared saunas because I couldn’t figure out what to get for myself and didn’t want to waste money/get the wrong thing.

So what happened? Well, I unknowingly ordered the wrong saunas, had some semi truck show up to my house multiple times, some of the saunas had saw dust leaking out of them all over my hours (took me hours to clean up), and turned out to not live up to the claims.

Some took forever and a day to heat up, which was basically unusable for me. Others has such a bad smell and off gassing, I wouldn’t use them as they seemed totally unsafe. I bought an EMF meter and VOC meter, and it turns out they were toxic too.

So once I tried a few wrong saunas, I decided I was going to do something about this and make my experiences public now in order to help other people get the right sauna for their needs. There’s no reason we have to go through all of this, it’s a nightmare without good guidance.

Now I also have a free facebook group where you can see other peoples reviews too, not just mine. Join us here

Looking for the top infrared saunas of 2023? You’re going to LOVE these top rated saunas we found to be the top 3 out of 17 sauna brands tested over the last 3 years. The reports from consumers, and how much these saunas have changed their lives for the better, are going to shock you. When you get your sauna setup in your own home, you’re going to love all the health benefits many have reported, including better sleep, decreased stress, lower anxiety, improved sense of health and well-being, better detox than any cleanse, less acne, more vibrant skin glow, and much much more.

The #1 Sauna Of Year For 2023:
Radiant Health E-2H


Use discount code “matt-justice-500” to get a discount on any and ALL the sauna brands that tested well. That’s right, every single one of them, no favoritism.

Searching for legit sauna info? I was too, and it’s a jungle of misinformation out there. You’ve got Facebook sauna detox groups saying only one sauna brand is good, sauna companies pressuring you to buy before prices go up, fake 3rd party EMF reports passed around left and right (but still give us your credit card for $5k today!!), you’ve GOT to have full spectrum if you want a complete detox, and the list goes on…

Let’s Be Honest – Isn’t A Lot Of This Marketing Hype?

Here’s the deal right from the get go – most reviews on infrared saunas, are fake. Maybe not a total scam, but you won’t see the people sitting in the saunas, using them in their home, testing the emf levels on live video (very key), etc… Only top 10 lists, and so on. Total nonsense and drawing different brands out of a hat!

Tired of slick sales people trying to sell you on some nonsense for your home that doesn’t do what is claims? I was too, which is why I started reviewing them in the first place and hence created this page. Save time and money by reading what happened to me below!

How Many Sauna Brands Did I Test?

Over the past year and a half I’ve tested 13 infrared sauna brands, so I could find the optimal sauna to use in my home to detox heavy metals, pesticides, glyphosate, etc…  It’s amazing what a simple 20 minute session, a few times a week, can do to benefit your health.

In this article, you’ll find links to additional pages and resources if you need them, that will help you with common questions like which type of sauna should I get, which sauna wood you should buy, how hot to use your sauna, how long, etc….

You can also learn about the benefits of infrared sauna use, detox protocols, and why you should be using toxin binders with your sauna sessions, how to assemble your sauna, which brands to avoid, if you really need full spectrum or not, the truth about EMF in saunas, and more. I’ve created installation videos too, that help with how to assemble your sauna, so you can see before you buy if it’s a good fit for you.

I also answer reader questions on YouTube twice a week, and you can submit yours to be included in next week’s queue using the form on the bottom of the contact page.

Top 3 Rated Brands Out Of 13 Tested

Update 01/27/2023

You can now visit for the cliff notes and top rated saunas for 2023

I finally found three sauna companies that make a true low emf infrared sauna that I really like. Most sauna companies lie about their emf levels, like in the Amazon sauna I bought, and the Costco sauna. But these 3 brands do an excellent job, and mitigate electric fields, not just magnetic like most sauna companies.

I’ve been able to personally test 12 infrared sauna brands, and out of all the reviews, those 3 brands tested the lowest in all three types of EMF.  The safest saunas, from a health improvement standpoint with true low emf and low voc, can be bought ONLY from this Certified Sauna List.

Sauna Of The Year For 2023 – Radiant Health Saunas (read this before buying)

Sauna Testing & Fake Reviews

Be sure to look out for fake reviews and third party publications that “test” saunas for companies. We all know when you take a heater out of a sauna, and send it to a lab, they hang the heater from a forklift in isolation, and get “measurements” that the company use in their marketing.

The problem with this? It’s not the environment your body is subjected to, it’s manipulated.

So when they test the sauna for low EMF or low VOC, it’s been altered. Well guess what? It hasn’t been altered when you get it in your home, and can read drastically different when it’s all assembled.

Some companies use toxic glue and adhesives in their sauna when they build them, and as soon as you turn it on for the first time, guess where all that vapor goes? Right in your house.

Compared to everything else you see online about buying infrared saunas, I personally test each and every sauna myself.  Please be aware that most reviews you find online about home saunas, are completely hearsay. Meaning, infrared sauna salesmen love to tell you their opinion of many sauna brands, but how come you don’t see them sitting in them, using them, no pictures of them getting dirty assembling them, etc…?

If you don’t see the person with pictures and live video of themselves inside the sauna they’re talking about, chances are they have never been in that sauna brand in their entire life.  (checking them out at trade shows doesn’t count!!)  I would urge you not to base a $5k purchase decision, on information from someone who has never personally used the products you’re asking about.  That is how I got into all of this, and made several wrong purchases, as you will see in detail below. First I started buying a cheap sauna from Costco, then a little more expensive one from Amazon, etc… which is how I ended up with this very long and in depth page.

Also, do not fall for the third party EMF reports, they’re not accurate reviews. (*you cannot take heaters out of a sauna, ship them to a lab, test one or two, and then say the entire sauna is low emf. Doesn’t work that way… you MUST account for the wiring in the walls, power supply, ALL THE HEATERS, etc…  Once you alter the native environment of the sauna like that, the testing is worthless, yet it sounds real good when sauna salespeople say it smoothly doesn’t it?)

Excellent Saunas I Use Myself

The 2 Infrared Sauna Brands I Recommend

1) Radiant Health Saunas

2) Clearlight Infrared Saunas

Other Brands I’ve Used Or Been Asked About

Common Misconceptions About Infrared Saunas

Portable Sauna Options I’ve Used

Radiant Sauna – Rejuvenator

Model: Blue Wave

Durherm Portable Sauna

Model: Copper Ion

Relax Sauna

Model: FIR Sil

Outdoor Infrared Saunas

I’ve gotten a lot of requests to test some of the outdoor saunas for sale at Costco, Amazon, custom, etc… As a general rule, most barrel steam saunas are low emf if they’re large and you sit far away from the electrical. Most are 220v, so there is quite a bit of power on tap to be in close proximity, but I have found some issues with reliability of the wooden structures themselves, even though they claim to be “made for outdoors.”

Most of the sauna sheds I found on Amazon, look to have the same high emf red vertical heaters in them like the Radiant (Blue Wave On Amazon) Sauna I purchased last year. I would be weary of those, they seem identical.

That said, because the Clearlight tested so well, I put together the outdoor sauna recommendations page here.

More Infrared Sauna Videos Coming…

There will be more to come, still working on updating the old content and adding videos from the last batch of filming.  But the test results are in, and the 3 safest infrared saunas on the market for home use, are all grouped together on The List Of Certified Saunas.  I raised the EMF standards for 2019, and going forward that list will be the safest infrared saunas for any children, anyone healing from chronic illness, etc…

You can do a search on my YouTube Channel using this link, and learn from over 50 sauna videos I put out over the last 6 months.  Use the contact tab here on the blog, or comment below to ask a sauna question, or submit a question for a video answer.

Sauna Scams

You won’t find any stupid top 10 list advertisement here, ain’t nobody got time for those made up reviews! I know, I bought several saunas that were “recommended” by those dumb sauna sites…

Bottom line:  none of those people have ever put their hands on a single sauna in their entire life! I learned very quickly, you cannot trust product reviews from anyone that doesn’t show themselves on live video in the sauna.

This industry is littered with fake reviews, crazy weird complaints about sauna companies, and sauna salespeople that will do anything to get you to buy an infrared sauna. It’s ridiculous, and I went through the whole circus as a consumer trying to find a good low emf infrared sauna to heal from heavy metals from mercury fillings; I just happened to be a blogger and decided to share this whole debacle trying to buy a sauna… hopefully it will help somebody else out there!

Resource Summary

I would recommend taking a few extra minutes to look over this entire page, because there are detailed links above… but you may be in a hurry or looking to order a sauna today.

In that case, be sure to watch out for those bad experiences I’ve had with terrible saunas like this one before you buy something… Those will help you cut through the noise and trim your options to a handful of only the good stuff!

Good safe saunas to check out:

Things to watch out for:

Analyzing Which Saunas That Are Worth Their Salt, Is Like Looking For Fur On A Rattlesnake

If you have no idea who I am, I’m just a regular guy that was suffering from chronic sinus infections, allergies, chronic fatigue, anxiety, and brain fog. After two years of suffering all the time, I figured out that I had mercury in my teeth from amalgam fillings I had gotten when I was a kid. I got them removed, and poof, within 30 days I no longer had sinus infections anymore, and I haven’t had a sinus infection since. It was literally like someone waved a magic wand, and still to this day I can’t believe how dramatic the difference is. But that was just the beginning, and little did I know… the easy part. Detoxing the metals from the rest of my body, from years of having mercury in my mouth, would be a whole new challenge in itself, since my liver enzymes were over 500, and the doc was questioning whether or not I was an alcoholic. (I didn’t drink much by this time) 

How It Started: Buying High EMF Saunas (does this even matter?)

After buying more than one infrared sauna that didn’t live up to the claims, I knew I had to start learning the truth about EMF’s, and bringing this equipment in my home. I was already struggling with health issues, the last thing I wanted to do was make things worse by making my breathing environment worse. I wasn’t a health blogger in any capacity before this life altering debacle I found myself in, but I was a professional business blogger with decent reach and influence.  With over 1 million views on YouTube before even reviewing my first sauna, I knew I could use my reach for good, and help a ton of people avoid wasting thousands of dollars on terrible saunas sold online under different aliases and “brand” names.

When Your Health Equipment Doesn’t Always Live Up To The Claims (a tough pill to swallow, after you spent thousands on one!)

After hundreds of hours of research, and ordering countless saunas, and documenting the entire process, I finally found out which sauna companies are truly full of it, and which ones are legitimate.  Despite the great marketing efforts of many, and the sales army of many of the most popular brands (willing to shove any and all information down your throat just to get you to buy), I finally found some infrared sauna companies that live up to the claims.

Why An Infrared Sauna At All You May Be Wondering?
Detoxing Heavy Metals (the safe way)

That said, after I got tested with a hair mineral analysis, I realized I still had a body burden of mercury in me. The way mercury vapors leech into the body in a very intuitive way to protect the brain and organs from further damage, I likely had deposits pretty much everywhere since I had the fillings for over 22 years. My kidneys and liver didn’t look to be fit for synthetic chelation, or even a mercury challenge test using DMPS or DMSA at the time, according to my functional medicine doc. So one of the best ways to detox from heavy metals, is to use the skin. Infrared saunas can do this much faster than traditional saunas, and so my quest to build a near infrared sauna began.

Near Infrared VS Far Infrared Saunas: Which Is Better?
(there is no comparison when it comes to how much you sweat)

This worked great for a little while, but once I tried a far infrared sauna that I paid $30/session to use, I realized I wasn’t sweating enough with the near infrared light array I built for my shower, using red heat lamps. I would later learn that these don’t actually emit much near infrared at all, but they do indeed get hot to the touch. While you can’t deny the benefits of red light therapy, for heavy metal detox, particularly mercury and aluminum like my hair tests showed, it just wasn’t fast enough for me. (I don’t wanna wait two long hard years to sweat it out… I want it out NOW!)

So I began researching which infrared wavelengths actually have merit, watching youtube health summaries, and digesting all the major top brands that had features that truly made a difference in your heat therapy sessions.

High EMF Infrared Saunas From China: What Gives!
(no standardized testing, that’s what.)

Only trouble was, I wouldn’t realize until later that the cheapest infrared saunas are made in China, and come with ultra HIGH EMF heaters. Back then, I didn’t even know what the hell EMF was, let alone how to test for it or why it was even important. I would later learn from an electrical engineer (Michael Nuert), that most of us are surrounded by higher EMF’s nowadays than is allowed by European countries at all. The Swedish standard for safe EMF levels is 2 milligauss. I’m now finding out that a lot of sauna companies are selling saunas with over 10, and sometimes 30 milligauss levels of electromagnetic fields in them!

Other Health Influencers “Harmful EMF Levels Don’t Exist,” – What?

In Europe and other countries, it’s well known that their food standards and EMF standards are higher, and their population doesn’t suffer from the same health issues we do. They also have great research showing the results of a calm nervous system, one that is free from electrical or radiation stimulation while sleeping, etc…

But here in America, we don’t have those same standards… just like dentists are STILL putting mercury into little kids mouths, just like they did to me!!!  Now how the hell does that make any sense anyway?  Did you know that mercury thermometers are banned?  But wait, it’s still okay to put mercury fillings in a child’s mouth. Hmmmm.

If that wasn’t enough, it’s been said that Russia/Putin said, ” don’t worry about the Americans anymore, they’ll kill themselves with the way they’re doing things.”

Talk about some nonsense! You’re supposed to be going to a sauna to heal, not to get zapped to death!

My point is, EMF’s matter when you have micro deposits of heavy metals all over your body lodged in your fat cells. It’s like turning you into a giant antenna, and you’re even more conductive than a normal person, which is totally not good when you’re sitting right next to a source of high EMF in a hot box.

Do Any Sauna Manufacturers Even Live Up To The Hype!?!!?

So, that brings me to 5 months later… I had my fillings out, I knew I had mercury and aluminum from my hair tests, and I knew I needed to get it out, and all my local sauna options were likely high EMF.

I started calling all the top brands to see which one I should buy. Boy oh boy was that a bunch of nonsense! Almost every single one of them said theirs is the best, the lowest emf, the most absorb-able… and on and on and on nonsense babble.

It got the point where I didn’t know who to trust anymore. (and I’m talking about all the major brands here: Sunlighten, Therasauna, Clearlight, etc…) All the marketing was a lie, and there is no standardized third party testing. So while one company might report having a no emf sauna, the actual emf readings were done in a totally different part of the sauna than the next company. So it becomes a wash, and I wasted almost 5 months forfeiting better health because I wouldn’t buy one. It was a $5,000 purchase decision, and I wasn’t going to just buy anything after looking at their return policies. It was garbage.

Testing For EMF With A True Tri-Axis EMF Meter
(and the shocking truth it revealed!)

And so, my quest to start testing saunas and report real trustworthy reviews began. I realized that I wasn’t the only one in this dilemma, and there were likely a ton of people being taken advantage of year after year. And since most people aren’t uber wealthy, a sauna is an expensive purchase for just about all of us. it isn’t like buying a pair of shoes and then hating them, it’s usually something we put on a credit card or finance. Not to mention, getting the right one is critical, since the damn things come on a semi truck!

And here we are to today… I started testing saunas, because like you, I wanted to know I was buying something half decent. I knew I needed a sauna in my house, because there was no way in hell that I was going to drive across town everyday to do 30 days of niacin detox. But, my body needed it. If I were going to get rid of this mercury and fatigue, I knew I needed to up my sauna sessions. But which one should I buy I kept asking?

Well, here are my findings. I hope these articles help make your life a little easier when it comes to buying an infrared sauna for your home. If there are any saunas you want me to review, let me know in the comments below!

Top Infrared Sauna Brands I Want To Review & Test For EMF’s

  • Sunlighten
  • Clearlight
  • Dynamic Saunas (Golden Designs Sauna – in progress)
  • Golden Designs
  • Relax Sauna
  • JNH Lifestyles
  • DIY Near Infrared Light Therapy Arrays (I built two already)
  • Sauna Space
  • Heavenly Heat
  • Therasauna
  • Rocky Mountain Sauna
  • High Tech Health
  • Radiant Saunas

Coming Soon: Click On Each Model To See Videos, EMF Testing, & Overview

We started from the bottom, now we’re here. If you don’t get the reference, essentially I started at the bottom of the list, with what I could afford at the time. I thought all I had to do was buy a decent infrared sauna from Amazon, and I could safely detox my heavy metals. I would later find out that most of these sauna companies regularly lie in their marketing, since the industry is unregulated. I started reviewing each model I bought, so other people wouldn’t have to waste money on the same brands I did that turned out to be high EMF, didn’t work well, or simply weren’t anything like the claims. Cheap plywood saunas with saw dust falling out of them, over 100 milligauss when they were sold to me specifically as “low emf”, I could go on and on.

At the end of the day, the right infrared sauna for you, is the one that works best for your individual situation and personal needs!

The $22,000.00 Dollars Worth Of Saunas I’ve Tried So Far

Sunlighten M Pulse: $6,500

Sunlighten Signature: (in progress)

Therasauna: $3,100

High Tech Health: (in progress)

Clearlight Sanctuary 2: (in progress)

Heavenly Heat: (in progress)

JNH Lifestyles “NO EMF” Ensi: $2,500

Golden Designs Inc. “Near Zero” EMF: (cancelled order, same company as Dynamic saunas)

Dynamic Barcelona: $1,000

Radiant Saunas (hemlock ceramic): $1,000

Durherm Portable Sauna: $500

Radiant Sauna Rejuvenator: $200

DIY “Near Infrared” Red Heat Lamp Sauna Array (SaunaSpace clone): $300 – $3,000

Frequently Asked Sauna Questions

Can I Trust The Amazon Reviews Online?

Well I would say in general, no. It’s part of the reason why I even started putting this information out there. I trusted them, spent thousands of dollars on saunas that are only good for a bonfire, instead of detox. Then I learned the hard way that most people posting videos with emf meters have no idea how to use their meter, which meter they even have (weighted or unweighted), and that most of the Amazon/Costco/Wayfair reviews you find online, are from naïve consumers that haven’t done their research. It’s not their fault, they simply don’t know what they’re missing, and the sauna companies are taking advantage of them left and right.

By the way, is about to launch. There should be more helpful info there too, and I can let other people contribute to it as well.

Regular Updates?

Many people would like to know if I intend on keeping the reviews updated? Absolutely, I’m testing a portable tent sauna right now as we speak, and there may be new models that get released late next year to check out as well.  As always, any infrared sauna I review will have to make the cut in order to be listed on the Certified Sauna List.

Many readers struggling to find a good sauna for their home, often come across my video reviews on youtube when doing due diligence on another brand. It’s very common to get rogue questions about sauna companies that no one has ever heard of before. This usually happens when an older sauna company that’s been beaten pretty badly on their reviews, sets up a “new” shop/company, and starts selling the same old re-branded saunas from last year. This is very common on Amazon, Walmart, etc…

In conclusion, what I’ve found is I only trust information from customers who actually own the product (and aren’t solicited)

Slick sales people will constantly tout full spectrum this, near infrared that, but the majority of the time they haven’t even used all the brands they’re talking about. Even worse, have you ever gotten one of those messages from ordering something on Amazon, and it says “hey thanks for ordering, would like a credit or discount on X in exchange for leaving a review please”? The customer hasn’t even recieved the product yet, so how could they know if it works well or not!?!? This is why a lot of reviews say things like “arriving soon, vendor easy to work with, fast shipping, etc…”

DIY Sauna Course

156 thoughts on “Real Unbiased Reviews On Safe Infrared Saunas”

  1. I am looking forward to your insight, especially for the Therasauna. I have read that the ceramic is less toxic than the carbon-based saunas and I am specificially wondering about their EMF claims.

    • Hi Marie,

      Yes it should be interesting… I can’t find a single YouTube video where someone tests a Therasauna with a decent meter. New batch of saunas coming in 8 days on the 12th, so I’ll have some new videos about a week after. (just need a few days to put them together and test them out)

    • Hi Marie, just wanted to update you… I’m doing the Therasauna right now. Works well, good sweat, but the build quality is questionable at best. (I had to use a saw to install the electronics, roof panel broken on arrival, stereo either doesn’t work or is junk, saw dust in it just like the JNH, etc…)

      It’s low (er) emf than some, but definitely not low emf like some people claim. There is a solid 10mg + at the body in the seated position.

      However it does seem to work well, and deliver that deep penetrating sweat we need for a good detox session.

      I would say the jury is still out on the Therasauna, since the other brands I’m reviewing seem like they might be better for the same price. (with better build quality) I’m going to put it through it’s paces over the next 7 days, and see how she fares. Videos are coming…

    • Have you decided on an infrared sauna? I’m looking to buy one soon and would love to know which one came out with the lowest EMF’s and also doesn’t have the cheap wood, etc., etc.

  2. Hey looking forward to your reviews. I am in the process of making a purchase but i wont until this comes out because I am electrically sensitive and was a bit scared to spend 5000 on a clearlight sauna and then im not able to even use so this review will help me to decide on whats best to do.

    • Hey Joel,

      Yep I know the feeling! New ones coming next week, and it’ll take me a week or so to put them together and test them out… should have cool stuff shortly that though!
      Anything particular you’d like me to include in the review videos? (I’d imagine you’re interested in seeing the levels with my multiple meter setup primarily?)

  3. Hi. How come me not one single review is available in this article? I’ve tried refreshing, hit every company name on your list and nothing happens.
    Apparently I need technical assistance with this blog. Lol. Suggestions?
    Thanks in advance

  4. Matt
    ordering one in the next 2 days- between the ENSI and clearlight- would prefer 3 person with red cedar. Worried a little about the EMFs but I don’t think any thing is perfect. Can you advise ?

  5. I am trying to decide between a Clearlight sanctuary and Sunlighten Signature. When do you think your reviews will be complete? Thank you for all of your posts. They don’t make it easy.

    • Hi Jen,

      I would go with the Clearlight Premier, or the Radiant Health. Both tested very well for low magnetic and low electric fields. Body voltage is super low in both, and you’d probably have some magnetic fields a quite a bit higher body voltage in a Sanctuary.

      As far as I know, Sunlighten does not mitigate electric fields, so I’d take the Clearlight over the Sunlighten. (could change in future years if they start doing it, but in the 2017 model I tested, they did not.)

  6. Matt, Thank you for your efforts to bring clear, in-depth, unbiased reviews to potential infrared sauna consumers. I am trying to find the best sauna for my detox needs and I am eagerly awaiting your next round of reviews, particularly for High Tech Health.

    Thank you again and do you have a sense of when the review for that one will be out?

    • Hi Lilly,

      It’s probably going to be a bit for HTH… I wouldn’t say they’re on my shitlist, but some Renee Barbeau rep started borderline spamming my YouTube channel with nonsense links to emf reports, which I didn’t appreciate. They have one here in Orlando somewhere, though she wouldn’t give me the location, but once I find out where I’ll go and test it. But to be honest HTH is not at the top of my list of saunas to buy based on my experience with their marketing thus far, and I have too many other options going ahead of them at the moment: Therasauna, Relax, Radiant, etc…

      That, and I just spent another $8k two days ago on two more saunas, so purchasing is cut off until April.

      Realistically we’re probably a month and a half to two months out on that one, and another sauna is getting delivered tomorrow for testing. (full house at the moment!) 🙂

      What is it that you’re looking for specifically? I can make you a comparison video of the 3 types of saunas I have right now if there’s something specific you’re trying to find out…

      • I contacted High Tech Health today based on your earlier recommendation article and talked with emery…..I was unimpressed. Very chatty and almost immediately began shit talking other brands. This was followed with “I don’t want to be pushy but our big sale ends tomorrow” bait line. True or not those two tactics are always a big red flag for me. Definitely killed my motivation in their direction.

        • Sorry Craig! Unfortunately that is a fear of mine whenever dealing with larger companies that have multiple sales teams… I do my best to find and test good saunas, but from there I wish there was more I could do customer service wise. I can help you directly if you’d like…

    • Hi brad,

      I haven’t gotten my hands on a Heavenly Heat, but if it’s anything like the other ceramic powered saunas, it should have a small field of about 8 – 12 milliguass right in front of the heaters… with a decent fall off rate a few inches away from there on out.

  7. Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the helpful information. I’m wondering about the “helo” Infrared Sauna using “CarbonFlex” tech. It seems to be one of the largest companies out there and has an option for combined IR and traditional in the same unit, since you mentioned that they both have benefits. I’m also wondering about coastalsaunas and if you have any experience with them? Thanks much, Jordan

    • Hey Jordan,

      I haven’t used either brand, but Finnleo/Helo is huge over in Europe. I haven’t come across any in the States though. Yeah if you’re looking for a combo unit, it’s probably one of the better brands to look into that has produced steam saunas for decades.

      As for the carbon flex, each company is going to have their own unique marketing hook, but for the most part the carbon panels are going to perform similar in nature… Most important thing to look for is the low emf carbon panels. The earlier designs, no matter what they call them, don’t have the magnetic fields canceled out, and some have higher electric fields than others.

      I’m not familiar with the Coastal Saunas either, but just from a quick glance, it looks like the same importer as Rocky Mountain Saunas. Either way, that style of slats isn’t my favorite, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad sauna… it just doesn’t make sense from an emissivity/absorption perspective, and you’re probably losing 10’s of minutes on Time To Sweat ratio compared to without the grills. How did you hear about them? I think I’ve only come across the name once or twice in all my sauna research…

  8. Matt did you ever review the the newest saunas you got it? I keep seeing it mentioned but can’t find an actual review of it. Am I missing something?

    • Hi Sandra,

      I haven’t uploaded the videos yet, but I have been testing it over the last month and a half… I pretty much use it everyday, and this will most likely become my forever sauna. The only thing I would change, is I wish I would have bought the next size up… silly now that I think back on it, it’s only 4-500 bucks more. (you don’t realize how nice it is to have some extra space to put books, a towel, another person (haha), etc… until you use it a bunch. I was already spending a couple thousand, so a few hundred extra for the larger model would have been a wiser choice long term.)

      These are the best value for the money I’ve found, and the preheat times are low and the sweat is intense! I’ll probably change this later, but you can find out more about it on the page>, with reviews to follow.

      Full disclosure, I like this sauna enough to start working something out with the owner and begin selling them. I’ll be able to give you guys the same deal I got on it, and it’ll be considerably less expensive than other brands with the same quality. No hocus pocus, and no high pressure sales from idiot sauna sales people!

  9. Hi Matt,

    I am interested in your findings regarding EMFs (EMIs-electromagnetic interference) and other reviews of the High Tech sauna. Have you completed your review?

    Also recently Dr Klinghardt recommended SaunaRay sauna from Canada. Have you considered looking at this sauna? I’ve wanted to purchase a FIR for the past several months but as you found it’s difficult to know which ones are truly built with materials with low toxicity, low EMFs and good quality.

    Thanks, Shari

    • Hi Shari,

      No I haven’t been in either of those. The closest thing I’ve tested would be the Therasauna, which has the same ceramic heaters as a SaunaRay, but not the High Tech Health. (more of a ceramic rod style)

      When I first started testing saunas, I didn’t get a good response from SaunaRay. I’ve also heard from others that the owner can be kind of a dick, so I doubt much will happen there. I have thought about building my own version of a SaunaRay though… the heaters are cheap, around $50 bucks a piece, and it’s super easy to get rid of the electric fields… but the magnetic fields, not so much. You have to keep those emitters farther away from your body in the sauna design.

      I would be sure to do your own due diligence on Dr. Klinghardt’s recommendations. I too followed some of his, and I don’t think he realizes when sauna companies come out with new models that don’t adhere to his criteria. (i.e. – blindly recommending Sunlighten, but not realizing the M Pulse is totally different)

      It looks like from your question you’re primarily interested in a ceramic powered infrared sauna? I personally haven’t been in one that has been able to deliver mitigated magnetic fields. They usually all have a 10+ mg field surrounding the heaters, which compounds a little bit when you cluster them. I’m still testing saunas though… maybe one will pop up that does!

      If you’re open to carbon saunas, this is the sauna I’ve been using everyday now, and I’ve been very happy with it.

      • Hi,

        Thanks for your response. Where is it manufactured? I see they use glue from the US and basswood, no plywood. Have you ever taken one apart? Just wondering.

        • In China like all the rest… Yep, stripped it down to it’s bones! I liked what I saw: no plywood inside the walls, foil lined cavities behind the heaters, truly shielded cabling under the floor leading to the power supply, etc…

          No smell ever, but I didn’t really have concerns about the glue. (I use the exact same glue in all my wood projects, so I’m very familiar with it. I wouldn’t eat gobs of it, but it is food safe)

          • SaunaRay says they are hand crafted in Ontario, Canada and Therasauna says they are Made in the USA. So you’re saying they are made in China like all the rest?

          • SaunaRay may very well be, I don’t know never been in one. (I was referring to the carbon saunas that most people are comparing in that comment) I can tell you firsthand the Therasauna I’m sitting in right now is definitely from China. If that’s what you’re looking for, the only sauna I know of that’s made in America is the Heavenly Heat.

    • Hi JR,

      Glad you asked… need to get it done this weekend. What would like to see specifically? I want to shoot some new videos answering everyone’s most recent questions.

  10. I’m still wondering why they would ship materials to China to manufacture the saunas then ship back to North America? Do they have their own factory in China or using a 3rd party sauna manufacturer like some of the other sauna manufacturers do?

    • Hi Shari, (same one as above??)

      To make sure the glue is food safe, and to use this brand specifically like we talked about above: No, a third party. You’d be hard pressed to find any single sauna company that truly owns a factory in China, even though they throw the word “own” around. What I mean by that is, if you were to walk in the door of the manufacturing facility week after week, the same factory builds saunas for several companies at different times. A company might have exclusive rights for a production run or a particular design, but owning the factory and employees is extremely rare, if not non-existent. (for example, most other brands of saunas are made right down the street from where the Clearlight saunas are made)

  11. I’ve been researching myself, and are of the opinion that it is the best overall, especially for the money. Just basic stuff, length to heat, emf readings etc, comparison to others you have reviewed for feel, comfortablilty, cabin build, as thorough as you can get, I think most people on the search for a sauna would appreciate it. Your unbiased opinion means a lot in an industry of a lot of hype and deception.

  12. Really looking forward to your review video. I would like to see the emf of not just in front of the panels but the bench, floor, side and ceiling. I understand their will be a bit of emf around the control panel/thermometer sensor, but how far away do you need to be from it (or any other source above 3 mG) to have it drop into a safe range of below 2 or 3 mG. Bottom line, where are the areas that exceed 2/3 mG in the sauna and how far away do you need to sit away from them to avoid them. Would be interesting to see what activating the lights/music/etc. does to the emf as well. THANK YOU!

  13. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your work on this tricky topic. I hope you get back to reviews and responding to comments soon. Also, do you have an opinion/review on Sauna Cloud? They talk about better heating elements that allows for higher temps and also being EMF measurement certified.

    • Hi Roger,

      Are you talking about prebuilt sauna kits, or custom saunas? If the prebuilt sauna cabinets, they are just reselling Clearlight/Jacuzzi saunas. The owner Chris is super nice and knowledgeable if you’re looking for a custom sauna, but we probably have a differing opinion when it comes to the sauna cabinets. If you want to get really specific on the heating elements, I can make you a video during my next sauna sessions if you give me a few bullet points to go on with your questions about them…

      • Thanks for the quick reply Matt! I didn’t even realize they were reselling Clearlight. Silly of me. I’d love to get a better understanding of the truth behind the heating elements. I’m primarily wanting to use the sauna to stimulate recovery from exercise via heat shock proteins, so I’m looking for a sauna that can provide that. From what I’ve read from Dr. Patrick, her research is on sauna sessions that start at 176 Degrees F.

  14. Thanks Matt for all your research regarding saunas. I spent the past 4 hours watching your videos and let’s just say that I am on board with your research. In fact, it cost me – I just bought the same Alpha Labs meter so I can test my Rocky Mountain sauna that is arriving next week. I will forward you the details of my assessment. I did not get the bluetooth model because of the RF, but I am still concerned about the workmanship since it is made in China – the website obviously does not disclose this and makes it look like it’s a USA product. Also, you are dead right on your explanation about how heavy metals, parasites and toxins work. Keep ready Dr. K’s book and be careful because a lot of times you can wake up a sleeping dragon – meaning that you can dislodge a toxin from one part of your body and if not properly detoxed it can relocate to cause havoc in another part of your body leading to new symptoms. (I’m a FM doc too)

    And to all those who can’t take your language – F-off! ;<)

    • Hi Pedro!

      Thanks for your comment… I’m very interested to see how it tests once you get it! Maybe you can take a picture or two (very few user/customer photos that I’ve seen). I’m also curious of the build quality as well…

  15. Have you heard anything regarding carbon panel heaters containing lead and aluminum? Was reading somewhere that it is due to oxidation the way it’s processed.

    • Hi JR,

      Not lead, but there can be a metallic sheet (aluminum?) sandwiched between the layers for other things. When the panels are pressed in a thermofoil machine, the contact temp is waaaaay higher than the sauna ever gets, so I tend not to worry about it. (you would have to reheat past the original temp for it to become pliable again in order to release something between a layer)

      Now if I smelled anything funny like in some of the saunas I’ve tested (like this one:, I would be saying something totally different…

  16. Matt thanks for all your work. It’s very helpful. Just curious if you have tested the Clearlight Santuary and the Sunlighten M Pulse? I have it narrowed down to the M Pulse, Santuary, and. It just seems like the M Pulse and Santuary offer more health benefits if you are trying to address other health issues and not just detoxing. But of course I could be wrong and just buying into the marketing hype. Not sure. The issues I’m trying to address are chronic back pain, depression, Hypothyroidism, and detox. I also noticed that you can buy the new light panels. Would that make it near infrared as well as far? Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Rob,

      I have tested the M Pulse, but not the Sanctuary, only the Premier. They all make good saunas bud, buy whatever suits your needs of course.

      However, I don’t know what you mean by more health benefits… they are all going to give you about the same health benefits. The primary driver in any of the models you mentioned, is far infrared. I know every sauna company you call says that theirs is the best, yada yada, and every time you turn around it’s some other pitch. But the real truth is, the true workhorse in all these saunas, is the far infrared.

      I’m assuming you’re referring to the “full spectrum” marketing, and referencing what some sales person told you about near and mid infrared? I have a bone to pick with the way that is presented, as TRUE near infrared doesn’t even heat you up when isolated. But that’s a whole other argument there… The ceramic tube heaters in one brand may add heat to the sauna, and the led panels stuffed behind the grill of another sauna are flat out stupid… but you actually absorbing any NIR at that distance in either case, is negligible at best.

      I can go into more detail over the phone if you’d like to use the 800 number at the bottom of the page. It’s just a lot to type…

      I’ll have a video up shortly on the NIR addon lights to any fir sauna, just have to finish testing them and shoot it for you. This playlist might help ya in the meantime:

      P.S. – I couldn’t help but notice your email address (only I can see it, it’s not public btw)… I live in Orlando, but been going upta camp and the Sugarloaf area for over 25 years. Not sure if you’re close by!

      • Thanks so much for the response Matt. I really appreciate all of the information and your time. I started researching infrared saunas about a month ago and to be honest I couldn’t believe all the information that is out there about them. It made my head spin (mostly from the crap that companies that sell them put out there). I’m totally sold on the health benefits. Now the hard part is trying to decide which sauna to buy. And like you said just about every company proclaims to have the best sauna and then the sales people try to pressure you into buying one right there on the spot. Then if you say you aren’t ready they e-mail you constantly saying they have a special price for one day only. I tried reading reviews but realized a lot of those are fake and written by sales people. I just wanted to get real information and no bull shit! That’s why I was drawn to your website. Everything you have said is so true. Thank you for that. I will be calling you soon.

        P.S. Love the Bob Marley reference. He is so funny! Yeah I’m not too far from Sugarloaf.

  17. Hey Matt can you make a video on the Moso carbon bags and how you use them? Thanks! Really love the stuff you’re doing with the saunas. Super helpful and confirming my research as well

  18. Hey there – thanks for your reviews, Matt! It sounds like you had a lame experience with SaunaRay but I’m really leaning toward them. It’s so sucky that this should be such a long drawn out vetted process but I totally don’t trust what I’m reading on the web! I’d love a review of SaunaRay if you’re into it. Thanks for all your hard work!

    • Hi Ruby,

      Go for it, let me know how it works out. (should be exactly like a Therasauna, same heaters) The likelihood of me getting one now, is slim to none… I just have too many good saunas now, so the desire to keep finding more is waning.

      I can’t find a single SaunaRay anywhere near me to try, and I’ve looked several several times to buy a used one. But there hasn’t been a single one for sale in the entire US that I’ve seen.…2068.3026.0.3344.…0.952j180672j8..1ac.1.25.partner-generic..7.1.126.sPKVDBF3KZo

      Not sure how many they bring over to the states, but maybe when I go to Canada I’ll be able to hop in one and take it for a spin.

  19. Hi Matt
    Did you get a chance to try the Clearlight yet? I really want a product that is long enough to lay down comfortably in order to really get full use everyday. Comfort is going to be one of my biggest requirements. The premier line has a recliner bench I’m very interested in.
    I have been looking at saunacore- Clearlight -sunlighten

    Have you tried these?
    budget is secondary to comfort for me, if I’m not comfortable I won’t use it enough which means cheaper isn’t any better if your not using it.

    Thank you

  20. So….. After reading all these questions and comments, which sauna(s) DO you recommend for someone with autoimmune issues needing to detox safely and efficiently with low EMF, not built in China and are far infrared for deep tissue penetration ?
    Thanks, from an overwhelmed mom

  21. Matt I wanted to read your entire article. I have already owned a Sunlighten sauna and left it in the house we sold. Now I am looking for another one but don’t want to spend 4500 dollars. Sunlighten prices have increased since my purchase. May I kindly mention to you not everyone speaks with profanity.

    • Hi Pamela,

      Not sure the point of your comment, but I imagine you would speak with profanity as well if you found out you spent $4,500 on a lie. Just a guess… 😉
      Still happy to help you if there’s something I missed!

  22. Hello Matt,
    I am new to using saunas. Pry for the past few months only, I am now hooked and cant go without it. My husband and I are going to be building a house in the next year or so and was curious if a custom infra red is a difficult option or would I be better off purchasing an something else? I have been reading as many sites as I can to become more informed and didnt realize how fricking difficult this was going to be. I feel so relieved to have found your site as its incredibly frustrating to sort through the reviews elsewhere.

    • Hi Ashley,

      Congrats! I work with a lot of clients that sink an theirs into a wall, and then trim it out to match the bathroom… looks awesome that way!
      Use the 800 number at the bottom of every page if you need help working with contractors or electricians. 🙂

  23. Hi, thanks for working on all the reviews, i want to ask if you can also do a sauna review on SAUNARAY from Canada. I had bought a far infrared Suana from SaunaRay. and I really want to know if the ceramic heat elements are 0.2mg reading as they stated from the website.

    I really really wish you can consider testing it, because the owner seems genuine, and told me many caustions about buying far infrared sauna that you had also mention on the website. I just wish I didn’t made the wrong purchase.

    thank you very much for putting up this website for helping others with these saunas.

    • Hi Hubert,

      I probably will never test a SaunaRay at this point, unless something changes. I contacted them in December of 2017 to see if they were interested in participating in a sauna review series… they were not.

      If they sent me a dealer demo unit for testing, I’d be happy to give it a thorough run through! But I wasn’t able to find one nearby anywhere in Central Florida that I could pay to use and give it a go.

      Aside from that, it’s too similar to other saunas I’ve already tested, to go and buy one just to test their brand.

      If you already bought it, just enjoy it you’re fine. The actual magnetic fields from the ceramic heating elements are more like 12-13mg at the heaters. These are the same heaters Therasauna uses, and either come from mor electric or the european version… meaning, they all have the same magnetic fields.

      However, the way SaunaRay positions the heater layout in their saunas, I can tell you without even testing it that in the seated position, the fall off rate is steep enough to where you’re in the clear. I suspect this is why they stuff the heaters all the way in corners, to keep them as far away from you as possible.

      What that does to the preheat time, I have no idea… I imagine it takes forever to heat up and, and quite a good while to sweat once you get in it. But I’d like to hear from you on that part after you use it a bit?

      As for electric fields, as long as the mesh heat shield they use in front of the heaters is grounded, that’ll knock down the electric fields and keep body voltage lower.

      If all this is Greek to you, just enjoy your sauna, and don’t worry about it… It’s fine 🙂

      • thank you Matt
        I can share regaeding the tome of the init need to heat up. I bought a 2 seater unit. Just about a month ago. Our house ambient tempreture is set to 22°C. the SaunaRay sauna has five heat elements in my unit , one heater locate at the back conrner on each side, one heater at the front corner on each side ( these four heat elements are the same size. and one small heat element below the seat level for target the foot area. and the highest temperature you can set to is 55°C ( which I just leave it at 55) and I usually preheat it about 15 minutes before going in ( at 30°C), and then I will be staying inside for 35 minutes after the 15mins preheat. I am about 5 feet 8, 150 Lbs, After I sit inside, It takes me about another 10-15 mins for my body , head, arms, legs, (except my foot ) to feel my sweat to drippong down. and I do mean dripping, not just sweat. So it takes me to turn the Sauna ON about an hour for doing one session at home. SaunaRay Basswood is harvest from local Collingwood region. About 2 hours drive from where I lived, approx. one hour drive from Toronto area. So wood source do not need to import at all. So their wood use for the Sauna is clean wood, there is no toxin chemical in it, and from what I saw from my unit and seeing how they install the sauna, they only use wood screw, and pre install clamps to assemble the whole thing together within 30 mins. They come and assemble the whole Sauna for you at your property ( their delivery fee already include installation). The Sauna exterior only have beewax as finish, they don’t use any constrution, wood work coating at all for finish, so the whole unit is as free of chemical as much as it can build. Although this sauna do not include all the fancy feature like blue tooth, and no radio, but does have audio input for you to connect external music. It may be useful for some people, but I personally do not care with those, because I want to buy a jnit that can do detox, and at the time when I am searching around. SaunaRay is the best one that I can find with clean woods built from local within 100 miles.

        Price ( about a month ago), it is about CAN $1500- $2000 cheaper than Sunlighten two seater Signature Series.

        The built quality is for sure better than the one you had tested with the same heat element. (Just base on the video that shows the unit image).

        Finally, the Timer / tempreture control is locate outside the unit, Both tempreture and time and can be manually increase and decrease adjust with separate buttons itself. a separate interior light switch button. The ceiling light is bright. You feel comfortable.

        I can also email you some larger detail photos of the units, so others can have an idea what the SaunaRay unit is like in more detail.

        thank you Matt, and I hope these info above can help you and the others.

        • Just an update for you Hubert… this likely is not going to come to fruition.

          The company isn’t really interested in doing anything across the border, and there aren’t any of their saunas here in the states to work with that I can find.

          I’m pretty much done trying to be honest:

          BTW, I’m not sure when or where you got your pricing from, but they are nowhere close to being cheaper than the other mainstream units. Maybe there is a price cut if you’re buying from Canada?

          But for US customers, these are FAR MORE expensive than comparable units here in the States.

          For anyone else located in Canada, this sauna tested the best and is amazing, available in the US or Canada, with 1 person units starting at around $3k:

    • Hi Tracie,

      $6,500.00 for a 3 person 20amp buckle sauna, with heaters all the way to the ceiling??? LOL $16k reg price

      Holy fucking shit! Is this real life?

      In all seriousness, I’m not sure if you’re messing with me or not… You can get one like I have for $4195.

  24. Hi Matt,

    Have you managed to review the Clearlight Sanctuary yet? I’m considering a Sanctuary 3.. the others don’t appear to be easily available in the UK, whereas the Sanctuary is.


  25. Hello,
    Have you had a chance to look at the Sunlighten Solo? I like that it doesn’t take up much room, but wondering if it’s worth the money…

  26. Hi Matt,
    I am totally overwhelmed with reading through your responses to questions. I know I do not understand the technology but I am interested in finding the best Far Infrared Sauna that I can afford. The doctor I consulted recommends Far-infrared Sauna to help the body heal from toxicity and chronic Lyme disease . He recommends starting slowly and generally increasing time and heat as your body adjusts. He also suggests starting with less intensity but consistently using the sauna on a daily basis when it’s possible. Are you still recommending the same sauna brands, or do you have better ones now?

    • Hi Cathy,

      Absolutely. You’re spot on, especially for lyme… you want be sure you’ve got good FIR coverage in whatever you use, so the core temp increase to induce hyperthermia is on point. (what you want for lyme)

      A lot of people get hung up on NIR and full spectrum marketing from sauna companies, which is fine, but be sure you’ve got ample far infrared on tap for this. If you’re looking for a 1 person sauna with max FIR that works on any 15amp household circuit, I’d recommend a 1 person FIR model for you from one of these 3 brands. If you have detailed sauna questions, you can always use the 800 number at the bottom of every page too. (it goes directly to me, even if phones are off when I’m filming, I’ll call you back)

  27. Hey Matt,

    I am extremely interested in any/all info regarding the Heavenly Heat saunas. I have chemical sensitivities among other issues. This sauna was the only one recommended as being number one in low toxicity and emf’s. as well as the most used in clinical applications.

  28. Hi Matt

    I am looking at the Jacuzzi CLEARLIGHT SANCTUARY 2 sauna. Did you get a chance to review and give your feedback? They do claim to have lower EMF, but would like to hear your opinion before purchase.


  29. Hi Matt!
    My name is Toni, and I’ve been looking to purchase a far infrared sauna for the past 3years i could never decide on what one to get ! I have looked at most of the same saunas you’ve talked about and yes they all claim they are the best? I would like to put a sauna in a friends wellness center but not sure what’s best for comerical use? Can you recommend a brand for me please.
    Thanks Matt!

  30. I can appreciate all the research you have done and honestly say it’s invaluable however I have been through several pages of your website and cannot find where you actually name the sauna that you recommend.
    In several places, you say here is the sauna I recommend and there is nothing there.
    Other places it just says XX.
    What’s the deal? Were you forced to remove the name of the brand?

  31. I can’t seen to find your review of Durherm portable for $500? I knownprobably not near as good as the prefab wooden ones. But not a lot to spend at all on it…would like the health benefits from a sauna though…but not necessarily at the expense of extreme radiation exposure. Can you help us poor folk who would like a portable tent like sauna.

  32. Wow! This site is awesome!

    For years, we’ve been wanting to get a home sauna for the health benefits. We just didn’t trust the “snake oil” sales people.

    Really appreciate your effort to get the truth out.

  33. are the benefits of the sunlighten mpulse saunas real value? claims with respect to the near infrared benefits of skin and cell health benefits? overall opinion please

    • Hi Margaret,

      Generally they make good quality saunas, what seems to be the problem?

      The M Pulse has higher EMF levels than I’d like to see, but I don’t want to assume anything about what you meant… there wasn’t much info.

  34. Hi Matt. I am also in the midst of purchasing a Sunlighten mpulse And am having second thoughts because the emf level is 10. The response from them is that a cell phone has 20 emf. I suffer with fibromyalgia and arthritis and that’s what sold me me on impulse. What is your thought on Sunlighten’s thinking and would I be better off with a straight far infrared unit?

    • Hi Linda,

      I’m not really sure how to respond to that to be honest. A sauna’s EMF level is comprised of magnetic and electric fields, whereas a cell phone is RF radiation. Not really apples to apples there…

      For me personally, the levels in an M Pulse are a bit higher than I’d like for my personal use, although the build quality is really nice. Overall I would say the benefits of that particular sauna outweigh the emf exposure if you’re already locked into it.

      • Today I sat in the 3 in 1 impulse and
        I’m glad I did. For the money I think I would rather get the signature 3 person from Sunlighten. I didn’t really feel any different afterwards with the near and mid. I’ve decided to wait until they can get the EMFs below 10. I struggle with chronic issues and I have to be cautious with my health. It’s kind of fragile so I will stick with safe emf. Thank you for your input and this website.

        • Hi Linda,

          That was my experience as well. I’ve used the M Pulse for several sauna sessions, alternating the different modes through near infrared ~ far… didn’t make a difference for me. Why wouldn’t you get something like the Radiant that has electric fields mitigated as well as magnetic? Very similar to the Signature…

          • Because I’ve already put half down for the 3 in 1. Also I have the dome infrared unit since 2012. Sunlighten has proven themselves to me. But I can’t lie still in the dome anymore due to increased pain when staying in one position for too long.

          • Oh cool, so they are working on lowering the EMF levels for 2019? That would be awesome!!

            Do you know if they will be mitigating electric fields too, not just magnetic?

          • If I had known about radiant first then I probably would have tried them. I am going to get the signature 3 Sunlighten instead of 3 n 1.

          • I don’t know if they are working on lowering the EMFs but with time things improve and I’m just hopeful that they will get lowered. Sorry for wording that wrong. The 3 n1 I sat in was two years old. The new ones have
            Larger near infrared panels in the 2019 model.

  35. Hi Matt!

    This is Great! I just found your channel and can’t stop reading and watching. I even find myself cracking smiles at how your write i.e., “This is horseshit!”… ok the big question, which one is best medically: Radiant Health Sauna or Sunlighten MPulse or Sunlighten Signature? I’m hoping you’ll say MPulse so I can binge watch NCIS baby!!!! However, my instincts tell me you’ll say Radiant Health….I can take it. Give me the straight truth. Cheers!

    • Hi Sarah,

      Radiant! Depends on what you’re looking for really… the M Pulse has great build quality and lots of creature comforts, but the EMF is higher than I’d like it to be. The Radiant Health is less expensive, easy to assemble, and is probably the lowest FIR sauna on the market right now. All three of these are good though if you’re looking for low emf:

  36. Matt, I am confused. In one comment and on YouTube, you rail against Radient Saunas, yet when I clicked on the link to your top three choices, Radient Saunas got top billing. Please clarify. Thanks.

  37. Hi, Like everyone we are in search of a sauna that doesn’t break the bank. Have you any thoughts on the Healthsmart brand just saw them at a tradeshow.

    • Hi Moira,

      Sorry never heard of them, but I would be a bit leery depending on if those are ceramic heaters?

      From their website:

      “We are unable to guarantee that there will be 0mG of EMF within your sauna cabin but our technology reduces your exposure significantly.”

      Clearly there is some in the sauna, not sure why they don’t just come out and say what the levels are. I would want to see some live emf testing before giving you my opinion… could go either way.

  38. HI Matt,

    Just found your site and am grateful for all your research. IR saunas a huge new business I’d be willing to contribute towards your workj – maybe you should charge something? For someone who is less concerned about price (within reason) and more concerned about health (low EMF, toxicity, offgassing etc) as well as and ability to rid body of environmental toxins, mycotoxins, and lyme, I’m wondering which model or models you would recommend? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Hannah,

      Not sure what you mean… I don’t really do consults, and all my info is free on youtube and the blog?

      Definitely some good options for that, I think you’ll be thrilled to see that I’ve raised the EMF standards for 2019, and am focused on the best of the best with all the testing. Any of the saunas on the certified sauna list would be a good fit for you:

  39. Thanks for all the information. Trying to get through it all to make the right decision before I invest. Have you ever heard of Healthmate? A lot of “health gurus” are recommending it, so I am a bit suspicious. Their educational webinar is pretty convincing. Another reason to think twice.

    • Hi Marlena,

      Sure have, called to buy one a couple of months ago since people requested it. I asked if both the magnetic and electric fields were mitigated in them, and the guy said he’d have to talk to his engineer and get back to me. Never heard from them again, so I’m guessing that’s a hard no… being that I had credit card in hand, ready to order.

      So I don’t know for sure, but if you can find out if the body voltage levels are low in it, you should be alright. If they’re not, it wouldn’t make the Certified Sauna list even if I tested it. (I’m guessing it wouldn’t, otherwise they would have followed up pretty hard to try and get their brand included here)

      If you get some canned response like “a cell phone has an emf of 20, and our sauna is less than 10” type of thing, then you know they’re feeding you a line of bullshit. (cell phones emit RF radiation, saunas emit electric and magnetic fields primarily.)

  40. Matt:
    Just wanted to followup with you about Health Mate. I actually got a phone call from Eric (Marketing) after requesting more information from them. I wasn’t fully prepared to ask the questions you sent me because I was driving, but basically here are the points which I feel are important: (or can remember)
    1- Health Mate actually manufactures the whole product. They have provided (in past) much of the major parts (Jacuzzi) or continue to supply parts and warranty servicing to many other name brand saunas including High Tech Health. I believe it was that one, but not sure. (Driving excuse??)
    2- Cedar Wood (High grade) which they use is the best wood to tolerate high levels of heat (I guess mold), and to avoid VOCs etc.. This is the #1 best feature of Health Mate according to Eric to promote non toxicity
    3 – Health Mate use of glass (door) is minimal to facilitate retention of light (heat)
    4 – As far as EMFs, I have to admit the answer was way over my head. I would like to think it was because I was driving and couldn’t concentrate, but…. What I do recall is that they are 3rd party tested by Viatech. According to him, he believes Health Mate is the only company that publishes these Viatech results after September 2017 when more stringent testings were implemented. Does this mean something?
    I guess I am still confused and will continue to do my due diligence. I just started this process of investigation and I will probably continue to do so for the coming weeks. Bottom line is, if they are manufacturing the devices and servicing the warranty for one of your top choices (assuming that this is true), shouldn’t they be as good, if not better than that choice. Perhaps not. I did think it was interesting, that I mentioned to him your top choices and I asked him his thoughts on them. He said that if I were not to go with Health Mate, he would definitely choose Clear Light. He also said that he would be happy to talk to you and clarify any information that was not given to you. Give Eric a call. I would love to see your review of this sauna if at all possible. This is a big investment for me…. once in a lifetime hopefully, so I want to make the right decision.

    • Hi Marlena,

      This is rather odd.

      HealthMate manufacturers ceramic saunas, Clearlight’s are carbon saunas. I’m not sure how one company would manufacture the parts for another, using parts they don’t even build their own saunas with?

      Yes they used to be a partnership with High Tech Health, but now are two separate companies. HTH ceramic heaters have electric fields mitigated for sure, these likely do not.

      It’s simply really… just find out what the body voltage levels are in a Healthmate. This is easily done with a $50 voltmeter anyone can buy from Home Depot or any hardware store, and takes about 30 seconds.

      If the levels are under 200 millivolts, you’re good to go. If they’re not, this entire thing is a load of bullshit. It is that black and white.

      Third party emf reports are trash, doesn’t matter which company it is… they take the heaters out and send them to a lab. I talk about this in many many videos. If they can’t provide the numbers for all 3 types of emf, then I can’t really look at it sorry.

      Based on what you’ve relayed thus far, the only way I’d review this sauna at this point, is if they showed me a live video test of all three emf levels in a working sauna, or gave me one for free. (and even then it’s probably a waste of my time. I would just be doing it for you guys)

      Keep in mind, there is no need to really involve me in any of this. Any sauna company can take these measurements we’re talking about in their own saunas, and publish the results themselves just like I do. Most won’t, because the product is lacking in some way, or they have something to hide.

      This stuff is simple, these long complicated stories are typically a smokescreen.

      I already tried to buy one as a regular customer, and they didn’t follow up. My gut tells me there is a reason why. I think I’m good.

      But I would buy whatever suits you, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the brands I like.

  41. Matt,

    I have looked at your reviews and have also done a ton of research. After a lot of due diligence, I came across an infrared sauna that seems to check all of the boxes but then I see on your site that you think it’s a poor quality sauna and won’t even review it. I would really love to know why and possibly what I’m missing.

    Coastal Saunas Malibu Sauna

    Thank you,

    p.s. I am looking to purchase and am not affiliated with any sauna companies.

    • Hi Darin,

      Thanks for adding the PS. Sauna companies have been being sneaky and commenting as fake customers… just to discredit their competitors. So half the time, these people are completely wasting my time with these nutty replies.

      Correct. To summarize why I don’t think Coastal Saunas are a good fit:

      1. Any sauna company that markets “zero emf” is scammy as hell. There is no such thing as zero emf if it plugs into a wall.
      2. I don’t see them mention anything about electric fields. So while they might have low magnetic field saunas, what about the sky high electric fields we’re finding now in a lot of saunas? I need to see a live video test inside the fully operational sauna with: a gaussmeter, electric field meter, rf meter, and body voltage meter.
      3. It looks identical to the cheap imported cabinet like a Rocky Mountain with the giant wooden slats. I’m not a fan of these particularly.
      4. It doesn’t appear to be a good value to me for the price you’re paying. Something like a Radiant Health is less money, doesn’t have the slats, and we know for certain that it’s low electric, magnetic, rf, and low body voltage to boot. Add the built in delayed start, and I don’t see how it’s even close…

      As always though, buy whatever brand suits you no matter what I say. No reason you have to choose what I like. However, for electrically sensitive folks, or anyone healing from chronic disease, going by this criteria and testing is a huge help.

      • Matt,

        Thanks for your feedback and ongoing research. The level of BS that’s being marketed is breathtaking and even after spending hours researching it’s difficult to put all of the pieces together.

        We did go to a Sunlighten showroom to see their spas in person. Their salespeople know nothing about the products and just give general sound bites of information as answers. I finally got them to bring out a tech guy and he reluctantly showed me a carbon fiber panel which had very cheap, exposed wiring and connections.

        I also learned that the wood is from Canada and/or Michigan but the units are produced in Vietnam.

        I’ll take another look at Radiant Health.

        Keep up the great work!


  42. Hey Matt,

    Do you have any links to hard data about negative effects of magnetic fields, electric fields, and body voltage?

    It certainly makes sense that all are “unnatural”, but it would be nice to see actual risks quantified scientifically.


      • So far I haven’t found any of those links suggesting a causal link between EMF exposure and symptoms.

        How do the saunas that have higher emissions than the best units (**sauna brand name removed, as requested by the owner of the sauna company) compare in magnitude to say talking on a cell phone or working in front of a computer? Have you used your meters to see what your exposure looks like in various aspects of your life?

        From the WHO link:

        “Based on a recent in-depth review of the scientific literature, the WHO concluded that current evidence does not confirm the existence of any health consequences from exposure to low level electromagnetic fields. However, some gaps in knowledge about biological effects exist and need further research.”

        From Europa:

        “Health effects from Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) EF and MF

        Overall, existing studies do not provide convincing evidence for a causal relationship between ELF MF exposure and self-reported symptoms”

        • Hi Lars,

          Out of 200 + documents on PubMed (the very first link), you haven’t found anything suggesting a connection between EMF exposure and health troubles? I’m not sure we’re reading the same thing here. 😉

          Sort of giving you a hard time, sort of not. Bottom line is, I can’t give medical advice, and I can’t tell you what to do. I would suggest doing your own research and deciding what’s right for you and your family.

          Of course, I measure everything. Body voltage in an unmitigated sauna, is significantly higher than all of those situations combined.

          From where I sit, my stance on it is this: There are plenty of saunas with hardly any magnetic or electric fields, so why aren’t we using them? If you take a group of 5 sauna brands, all within the same price range, and half have EMF and the other half don’t, it would be pretty nuts to pick the ones that do… all things being equal.

          • I have not even begun to sift through all hits for “EMF” on Pubmed.

            I went straight to the specific links and began there. Some of those links are referencing epidemiological studies based on clinical trials, likely in the Pubmed database, and concluding no links to risk factors. But this has been a quick pass so far.

            I am more than willing to buck conventional wisdom in favor of compelling new science (went low carb, high fat in 2008). But I avoid things supported solely by anecdotal reports. Anyone with “skin in the game” gets an extra skeptical look. For example, the FCC telling me that EMF and 5G are totally safe, is not something I would weigh very heavily.

            I am totally with you that when given a choice between a very high EMF sauna and a very low EMF sauna, that have similar effectiveness, features, price, and build quality… that’s a no-brainer.

            But when we have a choice between a “low” and a “medium”, it’s a little more murky. I’m just trying to fill the gaps in my knowledge to help weigh these factors intelligently.

            An infographic to show magnitude of EF’s, MF’s, and body voltage during different real-world situations, that you could plot specific sauna models on, would be awesome. It would help give the context and understanding that is hard to get through just reported numbers.

            Thanks again for your work on this!

          • Ah gotcha, makes sense… but I still don’t see why you’d want to dance with the devil, if there’s no cost savings to do so. But no worries… as always, I would buy/do whatever suits you.

            I don’t have any info-graphics for you, but maybe if I can give you hard numbers from my own testing that may help: in many infrared saunas with unmitigated electric fields, body voltage spikes to over 40,000 millivolts. 1,300 v/m at the heater can easily create those levels. In the better saunas with electric fields mitigated, body voltage is under 200 – 800 millivolts. (40 times less)

            Yes we can debate on what the thresholds for harmful effects are, but if there are saunas without it by design, I’d rather go that route.

            Magnetic fields can range greatly up to over 120 mg, but there are several brands with under 1 mg throughout the entire seated position. There are several studies you can dig up on the harmful aspects of magnetic fields by themselves.

            RF is generally low in most saunas even with low output Bluetooth enabled, as long as there isn’t a WiFi module in it to connect the sauna to the internet. Then things change quite a bit depending on what it does. (you can get cell phone levels at the head of 5 v/m & 5000 wm2 in some, but it’s usually rare unless it has a smart module in it without any kind of shielding in the roof)

            Hope the hard numbers help!

          • Thanks for the reply Matt.

            We are on the same page, I’m just a data guy by nature.

            You sure on that 40,000 mV body voltage number? That’s 40V

          • 100%. Context matters of course, if you’re trying to replicate it.

            I would say 18 – 30’ish volts is the average industry wide, over the last 5 years. 40 is pegging it pretty hard and takes a special fail-bomb of a sauna to generate that. (42,000 mv is the highest I’ve ever personally read in any sauna)

            Typically in some of the older mass Golden Designs saunas and similar, you’ll find that range of numbers and everything in between. Generally 1 person sizes are the worst offenders, since distance is your friend by default.

            I was very surprised by some of the ceramic saunas, which you might find interesting. If you check out the Therasauna review, you might be surprised to see 3-4 v (3,000 – 4,000 millivolts) buried somewhere in one of the videos… even with a grounded heat shield in front of the emitters. I thought it would do a better job, but I don’t think the weave is tight enough from my testing on faraday cages to knock it down like it should. Interesting thing is though, once you take the cage off, BV and electric shoots up higher than you’d expect!

            Fun little test actually, I enjoyed learning from that one a lot. (most people are like, “WTF is this guy going on about anyway,” so I don’t mention it much.) 🙂

  43. Hi Matt,

    Is radiant still your favorite for a 1 person Sauna ? …and any feedback from your peeps on current pricing?..

    Thank you for all the advice,


    • Hi Dean,

      Yep it’s a winner… my peeps? Should be just under $3k, might be a tad more for shipping if you’re far away.

      Sorry if I mixed you up with another Dean, lots of questions answered today! Use the 800 number at the bottom of the page if I missed the boat here…

  44. Nice reviews.. Will definitely help me to make a decision which sauna to purchase… Nice info…can wait to read more stuff.

  45. I’m assuming some of the lights are red and some are clear (or white). I was sent an offer for the clear sauna as it still called infrared. Was curious the difference.

  46. Hi Matt — any additional info you can provide on Heavenly Heat saunas? What about virtual health?

    I assume Clearlight is still one of your faves 🙂

    • Hi Julia,

      Not really, never bought one. But from what I hear they improved them and lowered the EMF levels that were previously on the higher side.

      Never heard of virtual health… sounds like a rebrand of something else. Yep still on the Certified Sauna List, but Radiant Health is still my fav.

  47. Hi Matt. Do you know anything about Rocky Mountain Saunas? I’ve been look at them and was curious to see if you had any input/thoughts. Thank you!

  48. Thanks, and yeah literally no reviews, might put this off for another week or two. there are a couple in your reviews that seem above the rest, but reviews on saunas are just
    Biased, everyone is saying there the best. I appreciate your help and info!

    I’m not interested in “healing or detoxing”, I’m in very good shape,

    sweat is sweat (release the sodium)!! But if there are other benefits, well great!

    it’s just hard to buy something sight un seen I don’t want junk. So as far as build quality, wiring, sturdiness, door gap?? What’s your top pick for build quality and comfort?

    • Got it. I like the Radiant Health for all around build quality/value for the money, ease of install 15 amp regular house outlet, and low emf. It is the best fit for most people, but it sounds like you’re looking for commercial grade luxury, maybe that’s not the right one for you.

      If you’re looking for premium gadgetry and don’t care about high EMF levels or price, Sunlighten makes a high end cabinet in the M pulse if you’re ok with $7k +. It will require dedicated electrical circuits installed by an electrician to run it, has high emf, but is very nicely made if you’re looking for luxury features like an LCD screen. (3/4″ glass, solid planking, pretty heavy if you’re putting it on a second floor, and you’ll need installation help at 800 lbs dry weight.)

      It is not something I would buy, but it might be the right fit for you if you’re looking a large comfortable cabinet with good build quality above all else.

  49. Nope not going for luxury, trying to stay under 6k, and I’m having a tough time with info on the type of emitters and heat up time. Looking between your “three top sauna list”

  50. OMG your videos while you are sitting there sweating crack me up! Thank you for all the candid trustworthy info! I have calls put into two of your 3 recommended saunas -trying to decide between the two- but will mention your name for sure. Much appreciated!

  51. Hello
    We di not know about all of these review. We just ordered an Infrared sauna.
    Have you checked out Good Health Saunas from Appleton WI. looks like they have a lot of testing from 3rd party , but I don’t know if they are legitament.
    Hope you can give me some feedback on the quality.

    • Hi LuAnn,

      I’ve seen them before, but I’m not sure… isn’t that a Golden Designs whitelabel? I don’t recall seeing any emf testing vids, only the Vitatech reports which can’t be trusted.

      What’s with all the slats over the heaters btw?

  52. Hi Matt,
    Like everyone else, thanks for providing a wealth of information and doing your best to provide consumers knowledge to make an informed decision.
    Question: Have you tested or have opinions of the Medical 6 sauna designed by “Jacob Dominique?” They are made in Valencia, California and seem to be highly rated by Consumer and have endorsements from Dr Oz and Oprah.
    Thanks again for all your testing and research to help us.

    • Hey Chris,

      Are you trolling or serious? I don’t want to spend a lot of time pointing these out if the former. 😉

      That site is what’s called a “flog.” Super famous in the bizop space, using the look of a fake blog to insert an advertorial. All bullshit

      • Matt, Your response is hilarious! Lol’s!! I couldn’t agree more. Medical Saunas are garbage. They are low quality – low output carbon-based heaters that run to the ceiling. That says it all! Whats even better is that they suggest their “Med 6 Plus” model retails for $25000 and today you can get it for a steal at $8999! HAHAHAHA!!! You got to be shitting me, people. They need to fire their marketing strategist! I mean, seriously…. $25000! And to think people actually fall for this garbage is beyond me. And lastly, the fake consumer report reviews are the icing on the cake! LOL

  53. Hi Matt,
    I am looking into buying a high quality, low-emf infrared sauna and I was wondering if you have ever tested (or heard of) the Influence Sauna (manufactured by Finnmark Designs) and recommended by Dr. Tom O’Bryan. In the Learn section of their site, they go in details to describe the technology used for their infrared sauna i.e. shielded wiring, heaters, wood, heats to 170degree for better health results, etc. However they do not deliver in Canada yet (they are in the process of setting up this option). So my questions are: 1) Will you test this sauna in a near future? 2) what are your impressions from what you read on their website? Looking forward to reading your reply. Thanks!

  54. Do you think the Radiant Health corner still heats up fast enough for single person use? I heard you say that the corner sauna is quicker because it has less cubic footage, but that you prefer the comfort of the corner model. I’m about your size, and don’t mind waiting a few extra minutes for it to heat up. Which do you recommend for me? Thank You

    • Hey David,

      That’s a tough call. If you live up north, the rectangular models like the E2H definitely heat up better because of the larger sidewall heaters. With the 45 degree front wall in the corner and the windows, you can’t have large side heaters like that… so it isn’t quite as intense, but more spacious and you can put your feet up.

      Based on what you’ve said, I would go with the corner if you’re okay with a little more preheat time.

  55. Do you have any recommendations for a decent sauna under $2000? Or is the quality just too low at that point? I got excited when I saw JNH and SunRay, but looking at your reviews it looks like I have to pay double what I was thinking to get something decent.


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