Real Unbiased Infrared Sauna Reviews On Safe Low EMF Saunas

You won’t find any stupid affiliate site infrared sauna reviews here, ain’t nobody got time for those made up reviews or top 10 lists! I know, I bought several saunas that were “recommended” by those dumb sauna sites… Bottom line:  none of those people have ever put their hands on a single sauna in their entire life! I learned very quickly, you cannot trust infrared sauna reviews from anyone that doesn’t show themselves on live video in the sauna. This industry is littered with fake reviews, crazy weird complaints about sauna companies, and sauna salespeople that will anything to get you to buy an infrared sauna. It’s ridiculous, and I went through the whole circus as a consumer trying to find a good low emf infrared sauna to heal from heavy metals from mercury fillings; I just happened to be a blogger and decided to share this whole debacle trying to buy a sauna… hopefully it will help somebody else out there!

If you have no idea who I am, I’m just a regular guy that was suffering from chronic sinus infections, allergies, chronic fatigue, anxiety, and brain fog. After two years of suffering all the time, I figured out that I had mercury in my teeth from amalgam fillings I got when I was a kid. I got them removed, and poof, within 30 days I no longer had sinus infections anymore, and I haven’t had a sinus infection since. It was literally like someone waved a magic wand, and still to this day I can’t believe how dramatic the difference is. But that was just the beginning, and little did I know… the easy part. Detoxing the metals from the rest of my body, from years of having mercury in my mouth, would be a whole new challenge in itself, since my liver enzymes were over 500, and the doc was questioning whether or not I was an alcoholic. (I didn’t drink much by this time) 

After buying more than one infrared sauna that didn’t live up to the claims, I knew I had to start learning the truth about EMF’s, and reviewing saunas. I wasn’t a health blogger in any capacity before this life altering debacle I found myself in, but I was a professional blogger with decent reach and influence.  With over 1 million view on YouTube before even reviewing my first sauna, I knew I could use my reach for good, and help a ton of people avoid wasting thousands of dollars on bullshit saunas sold online under different aliases and “brand” names.

After hundreds of hours of research, and ordering countless saunas, and documenting the entire process, I finally found out which sauna companies are truly full of shit, and which ones are legitimate.  Despite the great marketing efforts of many, and the sales army of many of the most popular brands, willing to shove any and all information down your throat just to get you to buy, I finally found an infrared sauna company that lives up to the claims.

Update 04/03/2018:

I finally found a sauna company that makes a low emf infrared sauna that I really like. The other nice thing about the Evolve 360, is they don’t have high pressure sales people, and the pricing is waaaaaaay cheaper than competitors (for the exact same quality!). Here’s the model I bought.

Discount Code – All Clever Leverage readers can use code “Matt-50-Off” when you call to order to get half off shipping.

My Infrared Sauna Reviews

Why An Infrared Sauna At All You May Be Wondering?
Detoxing Heavy Metals (the safe way)

That said, after I got tested with a hair mineral analysis, I realized I still had a body burden of mercury in me. The way mercury vapors leech into the body in a very intuitive way to protect the brain and organs from further damage, I likely had deposits pretty much everywhere since I had the fillings for over 22 years. My kidneys and liver didn’t look to be fit for synthetic chelation, or even a mercury challenge test using DMPS or DMSA at the time, according to my functional medicine doc. So one of the best ways to detox from heavy metals, is to use the skin. Infrared saunas can do this much faster than traditional saunas, and so my quest to build a near infrared sauna began.

Near Infrared VS Far Infrared: Which Is Better?
(there is no comparison when it comes to how much you sweat)

This worked great for a little while, but once I tried a far infrared sauna that I paid $30/session to use, I realized I wasn’t sweating enough with the near infrared light array I built for my shower, using red heat lamps. I would later learn, that these don’t actually emit much near infrared at all, but they do indeed get hot to the touch. While you can’t deny the benefits of red light therapy, for heavy metal detox, particularly mercury and aluminum like my hair tests showed, it just wasn’t fast enough for me. (I don’t wanna wait two fucking years to sweat it out… I want it out NOW!)

So I began researching infrared saunas, watching youtube video reviews, and digesting all the major top rated brands that had good residential infrared saunas.

High EMF Saunas From China: What Gives!
(no standardized testing, that’s what.)

Only trouble was, I wouldn’t realize until later, that most cheaper infrared saunas are made in China, and come with ultra HIGH EMF heaters. Back then, I didn’t even know what the hell EMF was, let alone how to test for it or why it was even important. I would later learn from an electrical engineer (Michael Nuert), that most of us are surrounded by higher EMF’s nowadays than is allowed by European countries at all. The Swedish standard for safe EMF levels is 2 milligauss. I’m now finding out, that a lot of sauna companies are selling saunas with over 10, and sometimes 30 milligauss levels of electromagnetic fields in them!

“Harmful EMF Levels Don’t Exist,” They Said.

But here in America, we don’t have those same standards… just like dentists are STILL putting mercury into little kids mouths, just like they did to me!!!  Now how the fuck does that make any sense anyway?  Did you know that mercury thermometers are banned?  But wait, it’s still okay to put mercury fillings in a child’s mouth. Hmmmm.

If that wasn’t enough, it’s been said that Russia/Putin said, ” don’t worry about the Americans anymore, they’ll kill themselves with the way they’re doing things.”

Talk about some bullshit! You’re supposed to be going in a sauna to heal, not to get zapped to death!

My point is, EMF’s matter when you have micro deposits of heavy metals all over your body lodged in your fat cells. It’s like turning you into a giant antenna, and you’re even more conductive than a normal person, which is totally not good when you’re sitting right next to a source of high EMF in a hot box.

Do Any Sauna Manufacturers Even Live Up To The Reviews!?!!?

So, that brings me to 5 months later… I had my fillings out, I knew I had mercury and aluminum from my hair tests, and I knew I needed to get it out, and all my local sauna options were likely high EMF.

I started calling all the top brands to see which one I should buy. Buy of boy was that a pile or horseshit… almost every single one of them said theirs is the best, the lowest emf, the most absorb-able… and on and on and on.

It got the point where, I didn’t know who to trust anymore. (and I’m talking about all the major brands here: Sunlighten, Therasauna, Clearlight, etc…) All the marketing was bullshit, and there is no standardized third party testing. So while one company might report having a no emf sauna, the actual emf readings were done in a totally different part of the sauna than the next company. So it becomes a wash, and I wasted almost 5 months forfeiting better health because I wouldn’t buy one. It was a $5,000 purchase decision, and I wasn’t going to just buy anything after looking at their return policies. It was garbage.

Testing Saunas With A True Tri-Axis EMF Meter
(and the shocking truth it revealed!)

And so, my quest to start testing saunas and report real trustworthy reviews began. I realized that I wasn’t the only one in this dilemma, and there were likely a ton of people being taken advantage of year after year. And since most people aren’t uber wealthy, a sauna is an expensive purchase for just about all of us. it isn’t like buying a pair of shoes and then hating them, it’s usually something we put on a credit card or finance. Not to mention, getting the right one is critical, since the damn things come on a semi truck!

And here we are to today… I started reviewing saunas, because like you, I wanted to know I was buying something half decent. I knew I needed a sauna in my house, because there was no way in hell that I was going to drive across town everyday to do 30 days of niacin detox. But, my body needed it. If I were going to get rid of this mercury and fatigue, I knew I needed to up my sauna sessions. But which one should I buy I kept asking?

Well, here are my findings. I hope these real infrared sauna reviews help make your life a little easier when it comes to buying an infrared sauna for your home. If there are any saunas you want me to review, let me know in the comments below!

Saunas Brands I Want To Review & Test For EMF’s

  • Sunlighten
  • Clearlight
  • Dynamic Saunas (Golden Designs Sauna – in progress)
  • Golden Designs
  • Relax Sauna
  • JNH Lifestyles
  • DIY Near Infrared Light Therapy Arrays (I built two already)
  • Sauna Space
  • Heavenly Heat
  • Therasauna
  • Rockey Mountain Sauna
  • High Tech Health
  • Radiant Saunas

Coming Soon:  My Infrared Sauna Reviews – Click On Each Model To See Review Videos, EMF Testing, & Overview

We started from the bottom, now we’re here. If you don’t get the reference, essentially I started at the bottom of the list, with what I could afford at the time. I thought all I had to do was buy a decent infrared sauna from Amazon, and I could safely detox my heavy metals. I would later find out that most of these sauna companies regularly lie in their marketing, since the industry is unregulated. I started reviewing each model I bought, so other people wouldn’t have to waste money on the same brands I did that turned out to be high EMF, didn’t work well, or simply weren’t anything like the claims. Cheap plywood saunas with saw dust falling out of them, over 100 milliguass when they were sold to me specifically as “low emf”, I could go on and on.

The $22,000.00 Dollars Worth Of Saunas I’ve Tried So Far

Sunlighten M Pulse: $6,500

Sunlighten Signature: (in progress)

Therasauna: (in progress)

High Tech Health: (in progress)

Clearlight Sanctuary 2: (in progress)

Heavenly Heat: (in progress)

JNH Lifestyles “NO EMF” Ensi: $2,500

Golden Designs Inc. “Near Zero” EMF: (cancelled order, same company as Dynamic saunas)

Dynamic Barcelona: $1,000

Radiant Saunas (hemlock ceramic): $1,000

Durherm Portable Sauna: $500

Radiant Sauna Rejuvenator: $200

DIY “Near Infrared” Red Heat Lamp Sauna Array (SaunaSpace clone): $300 – $3,000

Frequently Asked Sauna Questions

Can I Trust The Infrared Sauna Reviews Online?

Well I would say in general, no. It’s part of the reason why I even started putting this information out there. I trusted them, spent thousands of dollars on saunas that are good for a bonfire instead of detox, and then learned the hard way that most people posting emf reviews have no idea how to use their meter, which meter they even have (weighted or unweighted), and that most of the Amazon reviews or sauna reviews you find online, are from naive consumers that haven’t done their research. It’s not their fault, they simply don’t know what they’re missing.

Does Every Type Of Sauna Prevent Cancer, Or Just Infrared?

Well first off, I am not a doctor, and this is just my opinion. However, if you look up the research by Dr. Rhonda Patrick, who IS indeed a doctor, she reports on findings of cultures across the world that have a lower risk for just about every disease due to regular sauna use.

The state if hyperthermia, whereby the body generates a fever or elevated temperature, does many many positive things to viruses, bacteria, etc… However, there are a couple of things going on here. First, some of the research shows that simply by elevating the body temp regularly, the body itself reacts amazingly well releasing heat shock proteins naturally when under heat stress. Additionally, the other component of heating the body with infrared, producing a deep penetrating sweat, releases stored toxins from deep within your fat cells, which would take hours of running at full speed to replicate.

However, there is also the benefit of breathing super hot air in a finish style steam sauna as well. Some say this is good, and others say it’s better to be in an infrared where you aren’t subjecting your lungs to ultra hot air. I believe there are benefits to both, it just depends on your needs.

So to answer succinctly, yes both types of saunas can help to prevent cancer in their own way. To say that one prevents cancer and another doesn’t is a bit naive in not fully understanding what is happening when we go in a sauna. As always though, do your own research, and draw your own conclusions when it comes to cancer.



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  1. I am looking forward to your insight, especially for the Therasauna. I have read that the ceramic is less toxic than the carbon-based saunas and I am specificially wondering about their EMF claims.

    • Hi Marie,

      Yes it should be interesting… I can’t find a single YouTube video where someone tests a Therasauna with a decent meter. New batch of saunas coming in 8 days on the 12th, so I’ll have some new videos about a week after. (just need a few days to put them together and test them out)

    • Hi Marie, just wanted to update you… I’m doing the Therasauna right now. Works well, good sweat, but the build quality is questionable at best. (I had to use a saw to install the electronics, roof panel broken on arrival, stereo either doesn’t work or is junk, saw dust in it just like the JNH, etc…)

      It’s low (er) emf than some, but definitely not low emf like some people claim. There is a solid 10mg + at the body in the seated position.

      However it does seem to work well, and deliver that deep penetrating sweat we need for a good detox session.

      I would say the jury is still out on the Therasauna, since the other brands I’m reviewing seem like they might be better for the same price. (with better build quality) I’m going to put it through it’s paces over the next 7 days, and see how she fares. Videos are coming…

    • Have you decided on an infrared sauna? I’m looking to buy one soon and would love to know which one came out with the lowest EMF’s and also doesn’t have the cheap wood, etc., etc.

  2. Hey looking forward to your reviews. I am in the process of making a purchase but i wont until this comes out because I am electrically sensitive and was a bit scared to spend 5000 on a clearlight sauna and then im not able to even use so this review will help me to decide on whats best to do.

    • Hey Joel,

      Yep I know the feeling! New ones coming next week, and it’ll take me a week or so to put them together and test them out… should have cool stuff shortly that though!
      Anything particular you’d like me to include in the review videos? (I’d imagine you’re interested in seeing the levels with my multiple meter setup primarily?)

  3. Hi. How come me not one single review is available in this article? I’ve tried refreshing, hit every company name on your list and nothing happens.
    Apparently I need technical assistance with this blog. Lol. Suggestions?
    Thanks in advance

  4. Matt
    ordering one in the next 2 days- between the ENSI and clearlight- would prefer 3 person with red cedar. Worried a little about the EMFs but I don’t think any thing is perfect. Can you advise ?

    • Hi Deborah,

      I would personally wait, since I can’t ethically make an ultimate recommendation without having tested the next batch of saunas. As soon as I get over being sick, it’s business as usual.

      Well I wasn’t a fan of the build quality of the Ensi, though I did love the cabinet design, but it didn’t get hot enough to give me that deep penetrating sweat like the others. It is essentially made from scrap pieces of wood, with sawdust falling out of the walls all over the house when you go to set it up. The Ensi IS in fact, low emf… it just doesn’t heat you up enough which makes it kind of worthless to me. I don’t recommend it at all, and sent mine back if that tells you anything. I have review videos of it and pictures documenting the whole thing, just waiting on the editing and I’ll get them uploaded shortly.

      I haven’t personally been able to test a Clearlight Sanctuary yet, so I can’t give you an apples to apples comparison.

      That said, if those are your only two options, I would take the Clearlight over the Ensi.

      A different brand will probably be my first choice, but again I don’t want to wrongly advise you without putting my meters on it to make a recommendation with 100% certainty.

  5. I am trying to decide between a Clearlight sanctuary and Sunlighten Signature. When do you think your reviews will be complete? Thank you for all of your posts. They don’t make it easy.

    • Hi Jen,

      Got sidetracked a bit and getting over being sick. Currently testing a Therasauna, and have already done the Sunlighten M Pulse. Sunlighten dome sauna and Signature are in the works.

      JNH Lifestyles, Dynamic/Golden Designs, and Radiant Saunas are also done.

      I still can’t find a Clearlight anywhere in Orlando to pay to use, and the Sanctuary model I wanted is not shipping for another month… So a bit out of luck on that one for a bit longer. If I had to guess, I’d say either the Signature or Sanctuary would be good choices, I just don’t think they’re as good as the brand I have on the way for less money. (don’t wanna get ahead of myself though, gotta test it first!)

  6. Matt, Thank you for your efforts to bring clear, in-depth, unbiased reviews to potential infrared sauna consumers. I am trying to find the best sauna for my detox needs and I am eagerly awaiting your next round of reviews, particularly for High Tech Health.

    Thank you again and do you have a sense of when the review for that one will be out?

    • Hi Lilly,

      It’s probably going to be a bit for HTH… I wouldn’t say they’re on my shitlist, but some Renee Barbeau rep started borderline spamming my YouTube channel with nonsense links to emf reports, which I didn’t appreciate. They have one here in Orlando somewhere, though she wouldn’t give me the location, but once I find out where I’ll go and test it. But to be honest HTH is not at the top of my list of saunas to buy based on my experience with their marketing thus far, and I have too many other options going ahead of them at the moment: Therasauna, Evolve 360, Radiant, etc…

      That, and I just spent another $8k two days ago on two more saunas, so purchasing is cut off until April.

      Realistically we’re probably a month and a half to two months out on that one, and another sauna is getting delivered tomorrow for testing. (full house at the moment!) 🙂

      What is it that you’re looking for specifically? I can make you a comparison video of the 3 types of saunas I have right now if there’s something specific you’re trying to find out…

    • Hi brad,

      I haven’t gotten my hands on a Heavenly Heat, but if it’s anything like the other ceramic powered saunas, it should have a small field of about 8 – 12 milliguass right in front of the heaters… with a decent fall off rate a few inches away from there on out.

  7. Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the helpful information. I’m wondering about the “helo” Infrared Sauna using “CarbonFlex” tech. It seems to be one of the largest companies out there and has an option for combined IR and traditional in the same unit, since you mentioned that they both have benefits. I’m also wondering about coastalsaunas and if you have any experience with them? Thanks much, Jordan

    • Hey Jordan,

      I haven’t used either brand, but Finnleo/Helo is huge over in Europe. I haven’t come across any in the States though. Yeah if you’re looking for a combo unit, it’s probably one of the better brands to look into that has produced steam saunas for decades.

      As for the carbon flex, each company is going to have their own unique marketing hook, but for the most part the carbon panels are going to perform similar in nature… Most important thing to look for is the low emf carbon panels. The earlier designs, no matter what they call them, don’t have the magnetic fields canceled out, and some have higher electric fields than others.

      I’m not familiar with the Coastal Saunas either, but just from a quick glance, it looks like the same importer as Rocky Mountain Saunas. Either way, that style of slats isn’t my favorite, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad sauna… it just doesn’t make sense from an emissivity/absorption perspective, and you’re probably losing 10’s of minutes on Time To Sweat ratio compared to without the grills. How did you hear about them? I think I’ve only come across the name once or twice in all my sauna research…

  8. Matt did you ever review the Evolve 360 sauna? I keep seeing it mentioned but can’t find an actual review of it. Am I missing something?

    • Hi Sandra,

      I haven’t uploaded the videos yet, but I have been testing it over the last month and a half… I pretty much use it everyday, and this will most likely become my forever sauna. The only thing I would change, is I wish I would have bought the next size up… silly now that I think back on it, it’s only 4-500 bucks more. (you don’t realize how nice it is to have some extra space to put books, a towel, another person (haha), etc… until you use it a bunch. I was already spending a couple thousand, so a few hundred extra for the larger model would have been a wiser choice long term.)

      The Evolve 360 is the best value for the money I’ve found, and the preheat times are low and the sweat is intense! I’ll probably change this later, but you can find out more about it on the Evolve 360 page, with reviews to follow.

      Full disclosure, I like this sauna enough to start working something out with the owner and begin selling them. I’ll be able to give you guys the same deal I got on it, and it’ll be considerably less expensive than other brands with the same quality. No hocus pocus, and no high pressure sales from idiot sauna sales people!

  9. Hi Matt,

    I am interested in your findings regarding EMFs (EMIs-electromagnetic interference) and other reviews of the High Tech sauna. Have you completed your review?

    Also recently Dr Klinghardt recommended SaunaRay sauna from Canada. Have you considered looking at this sauna? I’ve wanted to purchase a FIR for the past several months but as you found it’s difficult to know which ones are truly built with materials with low toxicity, low EMFs and good quality.

    Thanks, Shari

    • Hi Shari,

      No I haven’t been in either of those. The closest thing I’ve tested would be the Therasauna, which has the same ceramic heaters as a SaunaRay, but not the High Tech Health. (more of a ceramic rod style)

      When I first started testing saunas, I didn’t get a good response from SaunaRay. I’ve also heard from others that the owner can be kind of a dick, so I doubt much will happen there. I have thought about building my own version of a SaunaRay though… the heaters are cheap, around $50 bucks a piece, and it’s super easy to get rid of the electric fields… but the magnetic fields, not so much. You have to keep those emitters farther away from your body in the sauna design.

      I would be sure to do your own due diligence on Dr. Klinghardt’s recommendations. I too followed some of his, and I don’t think he realizes when sauna companies come out with new models that don’t adhere to his criteria. (i.e. – blindly recommending Sunlighten, but not realizing the M Pulse is totally different)

      It looks like from your question you’re primarily interested in a ceramic powered infrared sauna? I personally haven’t been in one that has been able to deliver mitigated magnetic fields. They usually all have a 10+ mg field surrounding the heaters, which compounds a little bit when you cluster them. I’m still testing saunas though… maybe one will pop up that does!

      If you’re open to carbon saunas, this is the sauna I’ve been using everyday now, and I’ve been very happy with it.

      • Hi,

        Thanks for your response. Where are the SunStream Evolve manufactured? I see they use glue from the US and basswood, no plywood. Have you ever taken one apart? Just wondering.

        • In China like all the rest… Yep, stripped it down to it’s bones! I liked what I saw: no plywood inside the walls, foil lined cavities behind the heaters, truly shielded cabling under the floor leading to the power supply, etc…

          No smell ever, but I didn’t really have concerns about the glue. (I use the exact same glue in all my wood projects, so I’m very familiar with it. I wouldn’t eat gobs of it, but it is food safe)

          • SaunaRay says they are hand crafted in Ontario, Canada and Therasauna says they are Made in the USA. So you’re saying they are made in China like all the rest?

          • SaunaRay may very well be, I don’t know never been in one. (I was referring to the carbon saunas that most people are comparing in that comment) I can tell you firsthand the Therasauna I’m sitting in right now is definitely from China. If that’s what you’re looking for, the only sauna I know of that’s made in America is the Heavenly Heat.

    • Hi JR,

      Glad you asked… need to get it done this weekend. What would like to see specifically? I want to shoot some new videos answering everyone’s most recent questions.

  10. I’m still wondering why Suntream Evolve would ship materials to China to manufacture the saunas then ship back to North America? Does Sunstream have their own factory in China or using a 3rd party sauna manufacturer like some of the other sauna manufacturers do?

    • Hi Shari, (same one as above??)

      To make sure the glue is food safe, and to use this brand specifically like we talked about above: No, a third party. You’d be hard pressed to find any single sauna company that truly owns a factory in China, even though they throw the word “own” around. What I mean by that is, if you were to walk in the door of the manufacturing facility week after week, the same factory builds saunas for several companies at different times. A company might have exclusive rights for a production run or a particular design, but owning the factory and employees is extremely rare, if not non-existent. (for example, the Evolve saunas are made right down the street from where the Clearlight saunas are made)

  11. I’ve been researching myself, and are of the opinion that it is the best overall, especially for the money. Just basic stuff, length to heat, emf readings etc, comparison to others you have reviewed for feel, comfortablilty, cabin build, as thorough as you can get, I think most people on the search for a sauna would appreciate it. Your unbiased opinion means a lot in an industry of a lot of hype and deception.

  12. Jordan Blank on

    Really looking forward to your Sun Stream Evolve review video. I would like to see the emf of not just in front of the panels but the bench, floor, side and ceiling. I understand their will be a bit of emf around the control panel/thermometer sensor, but how far away do you need to be from it (or any other source above 3 mG) to have it drop into a safe range of below 2 or 3 mG. Bottom line, where are the areas that exceed 2/3 mG in the sauna and how far away do you need to sit away from them to avoid them. Would be interesting to see what activating the lights/music/etc. does to the emf as well. THANK YOU!

  13. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your work on this tricky topic. I hope you get back to reviews and responding to comments soon. Also, do you have an opinion/review on Sauna Cloud? They talk about better heating elements that allows for higher temps and also being EMF measurement certified.

    • Hi Roger,

      Are you talking about prebuilt sauna kits, or custom saunas? If the prebuilt sauna cabinets, they are just reselling Clearlight/Jacuzzi saunas. The owner Chris is super nice and knowledgeable if you’re looking for a custom sauna, but we probably have a differing opinion when it comes to the sauna cabinets. If you want to get really specific on the heating elements, I can make you a video during my next sauna sessions if you give me a few bullet points to go on with your questions about them…

      • Thanks for the quick reply Matt! I didn’t even realize they were reselling Clearlight. Silly of me. I’d love to get a better understanding of the truth behind the heating elements. I’m primarily wanting to use the sauna to stimulate recovery from exercise via heat shock proteins, so I’m looking for a sauna that can provide that. From what I’ve read from Dr. Patrick, her research is on sauna sessions that start at 176 Degrees F.

  14. Thanks Matt for all your research regarding saunas. I spent the past 4 hours watching your videos and let’s just say that I am on board with your research. In fact, it cost me – I just bought the same Alpha Labs meter so I can test my Rocky Mountain sauna that is arriving next week. I will forward you the details of my assessment. I did not get the bluetooth model because of the RF, but I am still concerned about the workmanship since it is made in China – the website obviously does not disclose this and makes it look like it’s a USA product. Also, you are dead right on your explanation about how heavy metals, parasites and toxins work. Keep ready Dr. K’s book and be careful because a lot of times you can wake up a sleeping dragon – meaning that you can dislodge a toxin from one part of your body and if not properly detoxed it can relocate to cause havoc in another part of your body leading to new symptoms. (I’m a FM doc too)

    And to all those who can’t take your language – F-off! ;<)

    • Hi Pedro!

      Thanks for your comment… I’m very interested to see how it tests once you get it! Maybe you can take a picture or two (very few user/customer photos that I’ve seen). I’m also curious of the build quality as well…

  15. Have you heard anything regarding carbon panel heaters containing lead and aluminum? Was reading somewhere that it is due to oxidation the way it’s processed.

    • Hi JR,

      Not lead, but there can be a metallic sheet (aluminum?) sandwiched between the layers for other things. When the panels are pressed in a thermofoil machine, the contact temp is waaaaay higher than the sauna ever gets, so I tend not to worry about it. (you would have to reheat past the original temp for it to become pliable again in order to release something between a layer)

      Now if I smelled anything funny like in some of the saunas I’ve tested (like this one:, I would be saying something totally different…

  16. Matt thanks for all your work. It’s very helpful. Just curious if you have tested the Clearlight Santuary and the Sunlighten M Pulse? I have it narrowed down to the M Pulse, Santuary, and the Evolve 360. It just seems like the M Pulse and Santuary offer more health benefits if you are trying to address other health issues and not just detoxing. But of course I could be wrong and just buying into the marketing hype. Not sure. The issues I’m trying to address are chronic back pain, depression, Hypothyroidism, and detox. I also noticed that you can buy the new light panels for the Evolve 360. Would that make it near infrared as well as far? Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Rob,

      I have tested the M Pulse, but not the Sanctuary, only the Premier. They all make good saunas bud, buy whatever suits your needs of course.

      However, I don’t know what you mean by more health benefits… they are all going to give you about the same health benefits. The primary driver in any of the models you mentioned, is far infrared. I know every sauna company you call says that theirs is the best, yada yada, and every time you turn around it’s some other pitch. But the real truth is, the true workhorse in all these saunas, is the far infrared.

      I’m assuming you’re referring to the “full spectrum” marketing, and referencing what some sales person told you about near and mid infrared? I have a bone to pick with the way that is presented, as TRUE near infrared doesn’t even heat you up when isolated. But that’s a whole other argument there… The ceramic tube heaters in one brand may add heat to the sauna, and the led panels stuffed behind the grill of another sauna are flat out stupid… but you actually absorbing any NIR at that distance in either case, is negligible at best.

      I can go into more detail over the phone if you’d like to use the 800 number at the bottom of the page. It’s just a lot to type…

      I’ll have a video up shortly on the NIR addon lights in an Evolve 360, just have to finish testing them and shoot it for you. This playlist might help ya in the meantime:

      P.S. – I couldn’t help but notice your email address (only I can see it, it’s not public btw)… I live in Orlando, but been going upta camp and the Sugarloaf area for over 25 years. Not sure if you’re close by!

      • Thanks so much for the response Matt. I really appreciate all of the information and your time. I started researching infrared saunas about a month ago and to be honest I couldn’t believe all the information that is out there about them. It made my head spin (mostly from the crap that companies that sell them put out there). I’m totally sold on the health benefits. Now the hard part is trying to decide which sauna to buy. And like you said just about every company proclaims to have the best sauna and then the sales people try to pressure you into buying one right there on the spot. Then if you say you aren’t ready they e-mail you constantly saying they have a special price for one day only. I tried reading reviews but realized a lot of those are fake and written by sales people. I just wanted to get real information and no bull shit! That’s why I was drawn to your website. Everything you have said is so true. Thank you for that. I will be calling you soon.

        P.S. Love the Bob Marley reference. He is so funny! Yeah I’m not too far from Sugarloaf.

  17. Hey Matt can you make a video on the Moso carbon bags and how you use them? Thanks! Really love the stuff you’re doing with the saunas. Super helpful and confirming my research as well

  18. Hey there – thanks for your reviews, Matt! It sounds like you had a lame experience with SaunaRay but I’m really leaning toward them. It’s so sucky that this should be such a long drawn out vetted process but I totally don’t trust what I’m reading on the web! I’d love a review of SaunaRay if you’re into it. Thanks for all your hard work!

    • Hi Ruby,

      Go for it, let me know how it works out. (should be exactly like a Therasauna, same heaters) The likelihood of me getting one now, is slim to none… I just have too many good saunas now, so the desire to keep finding more is waning.

      I can’t find a single SaunaRay anywhere near me to try, and I’ve looked several several times to buy a used one. But there hasn’t been a single one for sale in the entire US that I’ve seen.…2068.3026.0.3344.…0.952j180672j8..1ac.1.25.partner-generic..7.1.126.sPKVDBF3KZo

      Not sure how many they bring over to the states, but maybe when I go to Canada I’ll be able to hop in one and take it for a spin.

  19. Hi Matt
    Did you get a chance to try the Clearlight yet? I really want a product that is long enough to lay down comfortably in order to really get full use everyday. Comfort is going to be one of my biggest requirements. The premier line has a recliner bench I’m very interested in.
    I have been looking at saunacore- Clearlight -sunlighten

    Have you tried these?
    budget is secondary to comfort for me, if I’m not comfortable I won’t use it enough which means cheaper isn’t any better if your not using it.

    Thank you

  20. So….. After reading all these questions and comments, which sauna(s) DO you recommend for someone with autoimmune issues needing to detox safely and efficiently with low EMF, not built in China and are far infrared for deep tissue penetration ?
    Thanks, from an overwhelmed mom

  21. Pamela Greene on

    Matt I wanted to read your entire article. I have already owned a Sunlighten sauna and left it in the house we sold. Now I am looking for another one but don’t want to spend 4500 dollars. Sunlighten prices have increased since my purchase. May I kindly mention to you not everyone speaks with profanity.

    • Hi Pamela,

      Not sure the point of your comment, but I imagine you would speak with profanity as well if you found out you spent $4,500 on a lie. Just a guess… 😉
      Still happy to help you if there’s something I missed!

  22. Hello Matt,
    I am new to using saunas. Pry for the past few months only, I am now hooked and cant go without it. My husband and I are going to be building a house in the next year or so and was curious if a custom infra red is a difficult option or would I be better off purchasing an Evolve? I have been reading as many sites as I can to become more informed and didnt realize how fricking difficult this was going to be. I feel so relieved to have found your site as its incredibly frustrating to sort through the reviews elsewhere.

    • Hi Ashley,

      Congrats! I work with a lot of clients that sink an Evolve 20 into a wall, and then trim it out to match the bathroom… looks awesome that way!
      Use the 800 number at the bottom of every page if you need help working with contractors or electricians. 🙂

  23. Hi, thanks for working on all the reviews, i want to ask if you can also do a sauna review on SAUNARAY from Canada. I had bought a far infrared Suana from SaunaRay. and I really want to know if the ceramic heat elements are 0.2mg reading as they stated from the website.

    I really really wish you can consider testing it, because the owner seems genuine, and told me many caustions about buying far infrared sauna that you had also mention on the website. I just wish I didn’t made the wrong purchase.

    thank you very much for putting up this website for helping others with these saunas.

    • Hi Hubert,

      I probably will never test a SaunaRay at this point, unless something changes. I contacted them in December of 2017 to see if they were interested in participating in a sauna review series… they were not.

      If they sent me a dealer demo unit for testing, I’d be happy to give it a thorough run through! But I wasn’t able to find one nearby anywhere in Central Florida that I could pay to use and give it a go.

      Aside from that, it’s too similar to other saunas I’ve already tested, to go and buy one just to test their brand.

      If you already bought it, just enjoy it you’re fine. The actual magnetic fields from the ceramic heating elements are more like 12-13mg at the heaters. These are the same heaters Therasauna uses, and either come from mor electric or the european version… meaning, they all have the same magnetic fields.

      However, the way SaunaRay positions the heater layout in their saunas, I can tell you without even testing it that in the seated position, the fall off rate is steep enough to where you’re in the clear. I suspect this is why they stuff the heaters all the way in corners, to keep them as far away from you as possible.

      What that does to the preheat time, I have no idea… I imagine it takes forever to heat up and, and quite a good while to sweat once you get in it. But I’d like to hear from you on that part after you use it a bit?

      As for electric fields, as long as the mesh heat shield they use in front of the heaters is grounded, that’ll knock down the electric fields and keep body voltage lower.

      If all this is Greek to you, just enjoy your sauna, and don’t worry about it… It’s fine 🙂

      • thank you Matt
        I can share regaeding the tome of the init need to heat up. I bought a 2 seater unit. Just about a month ago. Our house ambient tempreture is set to 22°C. the SaunaRay sauna has five heat elements in my unit , one heater locate at the back conrner on each side, one heater at the front corner on each side ( these four heat elements are the same size. and one small heat element below the seat level for target the foot area. and the highest temperature you can set to is 55°C ( which I just leave it at 55) and I usually preheat it about 15 minutes before going in ( at 30°C), and then I will be staying inside for 35 minutes after the 15mins preheat. I am about 5 feet 8, 150 Lbs, After I sit inside, It takes me about another 10-15 mins for my body , head, arms, legs, (except my foot ) to feel my sweat to drippong down. and I do mean dripping, not just sweat. So it takes me to turn the Sauna ON about an hour for doing one session at home. SaunaRay Basswood is harvest from local Collingwood region. About 2 hours drive from where I lived, approx. one hour drive from Toronto area. So wood source do not need to import at all. So their wood use for the Sauna is clean wood, there is no toxin chemical in it, and from what I saw from my unit and seeing how they install the sauna, they only use wood screw, and pre install clamps to assemble the whole thing together within 30 mins. They come and assemble the whole Sauna for you at your property ( their delivery fee already include installation). The Sauna exterior only have beewax as finish, they don’t use any constrution, wood work coating at all for finish, so the whole unit is as free of chemical as much as it can build. Although this sauna do not include all the fancy feature like blue tooth, and no radio, but does have audio input for you to connect external music. It may be useful for some people, but I personally do not care with those, because I want to buy a jnit that can do detox, and at the time when I am searching around. SaunaRay is the best one that I can find with clean woods built from local within 100 miles.

        Price ( about a month ago), it is about CAN $1500- $2000 cheaper than Sunlighten two seater Signature Series.

        The built quality is for sure better than the one you had tested with the same heat element. (Just base on the video that shows the unit image).

        Finally, the Timer / tempreture control is locate outside the unit, Both tempreture and time and can be manually increase and decrease adjust with separate buttons itself. a separate interior light switch button. The ceiling light is bright. You feel comfortable.

        I can also email you some larger detail photos of the units, so others can have an idea what the SaunaRay unit is like in more detail.

        thank you Matt, and I hope these info above can help you and the others.

    • Hi Tracie,

      $6,500.00 for a 3 person 20amp buckle sauna, with heaters all the way to the ceiling??? LOL $16k reg price

      Holy fucking shit! Is this real life?

      In all seriousness, I’m not sure if you’re messing with me or not… You can get an Evolve 30 for $4195.

  24. Hi Matt,

    Have you managed to review the Clearlight Sanctuary yet? I’m considering a Sanctuary 3.. the Evolve 360 doesn’t appear to be easily available in the UK, whereas the Sanctuary is.


  25. Hi Matt,
    I am totally overwhelmed with reading through your responses to questions. I know I do not understand the technology but I am interested in finding the best Far Infrared Sauna that I can afford. The doctor I consulted recommends Far-infrared Sauna to help the body heal from toxicity and chronic Lyme disease . He recommends starting slowly and generally increasing time and heat as your body adjusts. He also suggests starting with less intensity but consistently using the sauna on a daily basis when it’s possible. Are you still recommending Evolve 360?

    • Hi Cathy,

      Absolutely. You’re spot on, especially for lyme… you want be sure you’ve got good FIR coverage in whatever you use, so the core temp increase to induce hyperthermia is on point. (what you want for lyme)

      A lot of people get hung up on NIR and full spectrum marketing from sauna companies, which is fine, but be sure you’ve got ample far infrared on tap for this. If you’re looking for a 1 person sauna with max FIR that works on any 15amp household circuit, I’d recommend the Evolve 10 for you. If you have detailed sauna questions, you can always use the 800 number at the bottom of every page too. (it goes directly to me, even if phones are off when I’m filming, I’ll call you back)

  26. Hey Matt,

    I am extremely interested in any/all info regarding the Heavenly Heat saunas. I have chemical sensitivities among other issues. This sauna was the only one recommended as being number one in low toxicity and emf’s. as well as the most used in clinical applications.

  27. Hi Matt

    I am looking at the Jacuzzi CLEARLIGHT SANCTUARY 2 sauna. Did you get a chance to review and give your feedback? They do claim to have lower EMF, but would like to hear your opinion before purchase.


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