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Looking for a good affordable infrared sauna for sale? Below I listed out some of the most popular models of the brand I use and trust myself, after testing over 9 brands of infrared saunas personally. If you’re looking to start getting the healing benefits of daily sweating and infrared in your home like I was, be sure to stay away from the high emf models commonly promoted by big box stores like Costco, Amazon, etc… This is the seasonal sale pricing, which is discounted from the regular retail like you’d see at a sauna dealer.

Update – These 3 Brands Tested The Best For EMF’s Out Of 12 Infrared Saunas I’ve Been In

One thing to be mindful of when selecting your sauna if you happen to rent or live in an apartment, is the electrical requirements. Most all saunas, no matter the brand, require a dedicated 20 amp circuit for any size larger than a 2 person model. Some brands also require 220 as well, which is hard to accommodate unless you’re putting it in your garage or will be hiring an electrician. However, I rent, and there are plenty of saunas like mine that will work on a normal 15 amp house plug… just something to pay attention to before you pick anything out!

My current favorite sauna, is the Radiant Health 2 person.

The 3 Best Infrared Saunas For Sale In 2023

When I started tightening up the EMF requirements for 2019, there were three stand out infrared sauna brands that tested better than all the rest. Most infrared sauna companies only show you the magnetic field levels in their “EMF Testing,” but emf stands for electro-magnetic fields. Most sauna companies simply turn a blind eye toward electric fields, and don’t even acknowledge it… leading to super high body voltage levels in their saunas, something EHS sensitive people (or anyone healing from disease) commonly have a hard time with.

2023’s Best Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna Brand For Sale

The 3 stand out brands this year, are:

1) Radiant Health Saunas – The Lowest EMF Infrared Sauna On The Market

Radiant Health takes the cake in many ways… One, for being the lowest emf far infrared sauna on the planet, and two, you get the most for your money. it has the lowest body voltage, lowest electric fields, and lowest magnetic fields of any sauna we’ve ever tested.

This is probably the easiest sauna I’ve ever put together out of 12 sauna brands, so if you’re worried about it being too difficult or needing a bunch of tools… this is the one.

It’s a bit cheaper than all the others, and surprisingly tests the best. But you wouldn’t know it when you open the door… it’s a luxury style infrared sauna, with great build quality, a comfortable feel, and all the creature comforts you’ll want like a heated bench seat, ceramic tile on the floor so no sweat drips on heaters or wood, delayed start built right into the control panel, so you don’t have to connect the sauna to the internet to set it and forget it… and ZERO RF Radiation to boot.

The Best Infrared Sauna For Sale In 2023. Period.

It is, quite simply, the best far infrared sauna on the market for home in 2023, and just happens to be on of the cheapest.

How To Order Your Radiant Health Saunas (And Get A Discount)

Order these direct from Radiant Health for the best pricing. Pricing starts at $2,900, and goes up into the $5k range for a big 4 person or larger sauna model.

You can reach them direct at: Phone (Canada): 604-221-1799 | Toll Free: 1-888-291-6544

Company website:

Use coupon code “matt-justice-500” for $500 off your sauna.

2) Clearlight Saunas – Low EMF With Financing Options (ships to UK, NZ, AU)

Clearlight Premier models tested almost as good as the Radiant Health models in our 2023 Certified Sauna shootout.  Build quality is similar, and most of the creature comforts are the same minus the delayed start feature.

However, Clealrlght still might be the right choice for you over all other companies if you need any of the following:

  • Flexible payment terms
  • Financing
  • Practitioner aggreance
  • Ships to UK, NZ, AU etc…

Clearlight has the most flexible financing options out of the bunch, and is a solid choice for anyone looking for a well built, low emf, far infrared sauna.

Click here and fill out the form to see financing options.

A lot of sauna companies only ship to the US and Canada, so we always have to have options that ship around the world so you can get a sauna no matter where you are in the world. If you’re in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, UK, etc… this is the sauna company for you.

How To Buy Your Clearlight Sauna On Sale (use my discount coupon code)

You can get the up to date Clearlight sauna pricing here, just fill out the quick form and they will email it to you.

Use coupon code “matt-justice-400” to get a discount on your Clearlight sauna.

3) High Tech Health Saunas – Low EMF Ceramic Sauna (not just low magnetic fields, low electric too!)

Many people healing from illness or heavy metal toxicity like I was, are seeing medical practitioners that recommend using a ceramic sauna.  While I don’t agree that you must use one type of infrared sauna over another (you just need to be sweating!), we needed to have a ceramic infrared sauna option on the list to service this portion of patients.

Now this is a tall order to fill… I’m not sure if you know or not, but most ceramic saunas have high magnetic fields from the heating elements, and that usually cannot be shielded once present.

In addition to that, most ceramic sauna companies completely disregard electric fields too, just like the carbon panel sauna companies. However, High Tech Health is one of the only ceramic sauna companies that does shield both electric and magnetic fields. And for that reason, this is the lowest emf ceramic sauna on the market today that we’ve ever tested.

You can watch my free videos on YouTube to see the sauna review videos for all the brand, including this one.

It is not my favorite sauna to put together out of the bunch, but once you do get it assembled, it’s worth it.

How To Buy Your High Tech Health Sauna On Sale

High Tech Health is one of the more expensive infrared saunas on the market, but they sent me a discount code that all Clever Leverage readers can use.

Use coupon code: “matt-justice-500” for $500 off your sauna purchase

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Small 1 Person Infrared Saunas On Sale That Will Work On Any House Circuit (perfect for apartments)

Radiant Health EH1

The Radiant Health EH-1 Elite, delivers complete coverage of healing far infrared in a very small package. Apartment owners, or anyone living in a small space and doesn’t have a lot of room, this is the perfect sauna for you to buy.

This sauna has one of the fastest preheat times of any sauna in the industry, and features more watts per cubic foot than almost any other brand on the market.

All the standard amenities are included, such as chromotherapy lighting, good quality stereo speakers, an easy to use control panel, etc…

The Perfect Small Therapeutic Far Infrared Sauna To Buy In 2023

The EH-1 is a perfect fit for anyone looking for a 1 person sauna, and fits men and women comfortably at over 6′ in height.

Sizing recommendations: I personally bought a 1 person sauna for my first sauna, and after using is for a couple of months, I wished I would have spent a few extra bucks and gotten the next size up. If you think you might occasionally want to introduce a spouse to the sauna, or bring in extra towels, books etc… I’d go one size bigger.

The wider bench in a two person sauna makes doing these things much more accommodation, and for anyone that is claustrophobic, the EH-2 has the open feeling of with the extra glass window in front.

That said, for people who need to detox heavy metals, heal from lyme, and many other conditions that bring us all to using saunas to improve our health, for less than $3,000.00 dollars, the EH-1 is one of the best values in the industry. It outperforms many other saunas that I’ve personally bought and tested, and is an excellent choice for anyone on tight space requirements like in an apartment or bedroom application.

BETA – PBMT Sauna Add-On Solutions Coming Soon Below:

You can enjoy the experience the joys of sauna therapy right in the comfort of your home with the Infrared Saunas. The Infrared Saunas work on the principle of science-based near-infrared and light therapy.

The advantages of the “photochemical effects” of near-infrared and red light have been validated by several years of study and research. And, the positive effects of saunas on our body include stimulation of production of mitochondrial ATP energy, which helps to boost our body’s healing processes, reduces oxidative stress and also helps in the reduction of inflammation and pain in the body.

Understanding PBMT & How It’s Different Than Far Infrared Saunas On The Market Today In 2023

In medical terms, red light & near light therapy is also known as photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT). The cells in our body contain light receptor chromophores which are stimulated by a single band or narrow band frequencies of light which are between the range 600 nm – 800 nm.

Many manufacturers of infrared saunas use incandescent devices such as halogen tube heaters or simple heat lamp bulbs in their far infrared saunas, which emit a very small amount of near-infrared light that do not really meet the criteria of the PBMT therapy. On the other hand, the light therapy products are available in 660 nm, which is the red version and 850 nm, which is the near-infrared version, which is ideal for PBMT Therapy.


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