Infrared Saunas – Everything I Know And How To Choose One

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This page is a work in progress. If you’re looking for the saunas that tested the best, the list is here.

Interested in an infrared sauna and don’t know where to start?  It can be daunting with countless so called brands, which are normally just another whitelabel importer from China, and if you call several sauna companies, they all say theirs is the best, and blah blah blah.  I know how it feels, and when I first started looking for an infrared sauna to detox my heavy metals instead of doing chelation, it was a circus trying to figure out who to believe and trust. You’ve got the Clearlight fanboys that say NOTHING else on the planet is good, and you’ve got the Sunlighten camp that bashes the Clearlight build quality, yet they want $6,500.00 dollars for an M Pulse 2 person sauna. It’s like, what gives?  I don’t know about you, but I didn’t think I had to spend over five grand just to detox myself and get the healing benefits of infrared. I also didn’t want to buy a cheap piece of junk made in China with all sorts of chemicals in it either, like the opposing team touts.  At the end of the day, who do you believe anymore?

Well, it’s been a long road, and I’ve constantly added to this page ever since I started. Over a period of about 6 months in 2017, I bought several saunas, learned about emf’s, began testing them, learned that what I was using wasn’t exactly low emf safe, and then began reviewing every sauna I touched so other people wouldn’t have to waste money on them like I did. Come 2018, I had spent thousands and thousands of dollars, hell over $1,000.00 JUST on EMF meters alone, and now use multiple meters whenever I test a sauna.

One of the most frustrating things when I was looking for buy an infrared sauna, was seeing people post in the sauna groups about the emf levels, that I would later find out they had NO IDEA what they were talking about. It wasn’t until I had several meters to use together, and then get a true reading in these fully working saunas (it’s a common misconception that 3rd party “EMF reports” are a good indicator of ultra low emf sauna safety… they are not! They take the heaters out of the native environment to test them, and all the real magnetic fields happen inside the sauna from the combination of the wiring in the walls + the infrared emitters drawing amperage), I bought, and discovered that almost every single company under the sun is importing from China, not deploying any emf mitigation techniques they talk about in their marketing like field reduction wiring conduit, etc…

Long story short, this article is going to be super long.  But if you’re looking for everything you need to know before buying an infrared sauna all in one place, this is it. This is the guide I wish someone would have put together before I started buying an infrared sauna from Costco with 100 milliguass magnetic fields in them.

There are several other articles that compliment this one, such as:

Summary: These Are The Top 3 Best Infrared Saunas I’ve Found After Testing $22,000.00 Dollars Worth Of Saunas

1) Best Far Infrared Sauna For The money Hands Down: XX

  • I’m biased about this sauna because it’s the one I bought and kept, and use everyday. I liked it so much, that I started selling them, because people that can’t afford a Sunlighten or Clearlight don’t think there are still good low emf far infrared options… But this is the best value on the market today, bar none.

2) The Near Infrared Sauna Kit For Small Homes & Apartments: Pocket Sauna

  • I originally built a SaunaSpace Pocket Sauna clone, and it worked well in the beginning. However, I wanted to detox heavy metals faster, and wanted something more aggressive, so I stuck with FIR. However, some people prefer NIR, and want something like this, but don’t have the tools or time to build one. If you’re looking for a near infrared sauna that’s really Made In The U.S.A., this is it.

3) Top Full Spectrum Sauna – Coming soon… (testing in progress)

The Benefits I’ve Received From Infrared Sauna Use & Why I Recommend Them

A lot of sites talk about all sorts of infrared sauna benefits, everything from losing weight, to getting rid of cellulite. Me personally, I could care less about that stuff, I just want to live a healthier happier life.

Back in early to mid 2017, when I got my mercury amalgam fillings removed, I began seeing a functional medicine doctor to help me with fatigue, brain fog, and anxiety. Once we saw all my blood work panels, hormone testing, and hair mineral analysis reports, it was clear that I had elevated mercury and aluminum levels, but it didn’t necessarily represent the true picture of what the body burden of mercury could be.

If you don’t know already, the reason we have mercury and heavy metal deposits deep in our fat cells, is actually because our body is very intuitive and incredibly smart at handling toxic substances.  When we have a presence of heavy metals, the body very quickly begins storing them in the fat, as a self protective mechanism, to keep the heavy metals from harming the organs, your brain, etc…

it’s actually really cool, otherwise a lot more people would be dead if our bodies weren’t so intuitive on their own.

Long story short, my kidneys and liver enzymes were pretty damn high on all my labs, and doing any kind of synthetic chelation would further stress them even more. I was even a bit concerned to do Andy Cutler chelation, since I had had mercury fillings for over 20 years, there was no telling how much of a body burden of mercury I really had. (a hair test is only so accurate… it’ can’t measure what it doesn’t come into contact with)

So I began looking for alternative ways to detox the body, that allowed you to remove toxic substances like heavy metals and pesticides, without using the body’s built in filtration system.

The only consistent thing that came up, was through the skin.

Once I realized you could take binding agents and sweat out the rest, an infrared sauna became the perfect tool for the job. Little did I know at the time, it would help maintain the body throughout rest of your life, to naturally get rid of all the shit that’s in the air, our soils, water, food, etc…

Sorry this is getting long winded about the benefits, but if I just listed a bullet point of ” – helped me reduce heavy metals”, you would have no idea what all goes into it, comparing other options, etc… I think this is why a lot of people get really sick trying to detox heavy metals using synthetic chelation.  It can be complicated, you need binders, the half life timing must go in accordance with your metabolism, your detox pathways could be clogged, you might not have corrected mineral imbalances prior to starting chelation, and then any mobilized metals start taking the place of good minerals in the body, and on and on and on…

When I was having my bad days, and couldn’t get through the day without napping by 10AM, or had so much brain fog I could never put together an article like this, it would have been next to impossible to self manage a good chelation protocol.

So by far and wide, the biggest benefit I have received from having an infrared sauna, is the simplicity and reliability of the self healing experience using infrared therapy to achieve hyperthermia. (Ref 1) , (Ref 2)

Complicated protocols rarely get executed consistently.  Something so simple as taking the right supplements, and sitting in a sauna for 20 – 40 mins a day, can have profound improvements on your health. There are even doctors researching all sorts of benefits, including lowering high blood pressure, improving neural synapses, enhancing brain detox (something that is hard to do, since tons of things never pass the blood brain barrier), etc…

So in short, my biggest physical benefits have been:

  • more energy
  • more calm and relaxed
  • totally detoxed me from heavy metals using this protocol
  • think more clearly
  • brain is super sharp again
  • appetite and weight have normalized
  • indirect increase in libido from feeling so much better and hormones naturally normalizing
  • and so many other things I can’t list here…

I recommend infrared saunas to anyone who wants to have a simple way to detoxify themselves from the pollutants in our world, without taking synthetic supplements or drugs.

An infrared sauna is one of the only tools in the shed, that help you effortlessly shed heavy metals, pesticides, plastics, etc… from the body on a regular basis.  Whether you’re sick or healthy, almost everyone I’ve seen reports an improvement in their health after beginning regular sauna sessions.

Do You Need To Buy An Infrared Sauna For Your Home, Or Is The Gym/Spa Good Enough?

So now that I sell saunas, a lot of people would say that I am biased here… and maybe that’s true.  But if you look at my own progression, I never set out to sell any health products, nor did I been have an interest in saunas. (hell, I didn’t even know what they were really… some guys sitting in a steam room maybe? lol)

But the truth is, it really depends on what your goals are, and what your current state of health is.  And look, I don’t care if you buy a sauna from me today or not… I was making plenty of money before I even thought of selling these things, it’s been more like a life calling after the universe slapped me upside the head with a 2X4 if you really want to know the truth!

For instance, if you’re very ill, and you have a high toxic load, you do not want to go sit in a gym sauna most likely.  On the other hand, if you’re an Olympic athlete in tip top shape, that’s a fine choice in my book.

For me personally, having a home sauna is about a lot more than just detoxing, or having a sauna in the home.  It’s a calming experience, it’s a meditation time, it’s my time to disconnect and take care of myself, it’s the ritual signal that tells me when to take the right supplements, when to eat certain foods, how much water to drink, when to add electrolytes, and the benefits go on.

That is something I can’t get in an environment I don’t control, such as a public place.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of the social aspect of group sauna sessions, especially with friends and commonality in conversation.  But this is rare, and doesn’t happen nearly often enough.

If you want to get the true healing benefits of infrared, you need a sauna in your home.  I know from experience of paying $30/session at a local spa when I first started using saunas, you’re not going to drive there on your off days when you don’t feel like it, you’ll get tired of paying the bill, and come up with all sorts of excuses not to go. (it happened to me, and I KNOW about the health improvements!)

Walking into the next room, is the only way to consistently sauna when you’re feeling crappy, it’s a rainy day, you’re day off, etc…

What Really Matters In Choosing A Good Infrared Sauna

You have all sorts of people that will say crazy checklists, only use this brand, don’t buy carbon heaters, don’t buy ceramic heaters, only use a ZERO EMF sauna, etc…

Well first of all, ZERO EMF doesn’t exist.  Any company trying to sell you a no emf sauna, is totally full of shit.  I found this out the hard way when I bought a JNH Lifestyles sauna that was marketed as “zero emf.”  Bottom line, if it plugs into a wall, it has some level of emf. Period.

Now that that’s out of the way, I absolutely do believe one of the most important things is to get an ultra low emf infrared sauna.  It’s imperative if you’re going to spend any length of time in there… you want to heal, not have your cells destroyed by non native fields and frequencies.

That said, I’ve tested a ton of saunas now, and there are plenty of low emf options. See this article for my top choices.

My Sauna Reviews And The Best (and worse) Brands

I have a separate page for all my sauna reviews, since they get rather lengthy.  You can see them all here, or click on the brand listed below to be taken to the individual review.  Also my videos are all on YouTube under this playlist.

Every Sauna Brand I’ve Personally Tried

  • Sunlighten
    • M Pulse & Signature Series
  • Clearlight
  • Radiant
  • Relax
  • Dynamic
  • JNH

The Saunas I Bought And Sent Back Due To False Marketing Claims (avoid these brands at all costs)

  • JNH Lifestyles
  • Dynamic (Golden Designs

Why Sauna Companies Are Lying About Low EMF Ratings (and using “3rd party EMF testing reports” as an out)

If you’ve looked at any of my initial reviews, you can see firsthand that half of the sauna companies that market on Amazon, Costco, and online, all say they are selling you a low emf sauna.  But then when you actually get it home, and in some cases, saw dust straight from the Chinese factory falls out of it, you realize you’ve been had.

So why is this happening, and how come every sauna company tells you what you want to hear?

Well, the industry as a whole is unregulated.  Anyone can say anything they like really, and no one is going to come a knocking.  That said, even some of the most well intended sauna consultants, fall into the trap of one upping the other brand.

There are only so many ways a sauna company can set themselves apart from a competitor, and the industry can be very competitive.  And while this is no reason to start being dishonest, what happens a lot is sales material that’s passed down, gets rehashed again and again. And before you know it, people are spouting off some technical jargon that doesn’t even make sense anymore.

Here’s a classic example from one of the sauna detox groups that promote Clearlight saunas:

“Clearlight has the patent on low emf. They are the only company that can legally say they’re low emf and stay in business. All the other companies say they’re low emf, but when tested by customers, they usually have dangerous levels of EMF.”

While the latter is true, the first half is total, utter, nonsense.  You can’t patent reversing the polarity of an unwanted field to achieve a low emf environment, just like you can’t patent electricians putting AC electrical lines in conduit in building designs.

But let’s not get hung up on whether or not a patent exists, because even if it does, there a million ways around such a simple patent anyway.  Another company from China would copy that in about 3 seconds, and roll it out like a fat kid on cake.

My real gripe with information that is constantly hitting the sauna marketplace like this, is that it’s just not true, and is only one component of the overall picture. For example, this supposed Clearlight patent, that achieves a low emf and elf level (which is the magnetic fields in the sauna… or supposed to be — more on that later), uses a third party EMF testing company to verify these levels.

The trouble with this, is that they ship them the heaters, not the entire sauna.  So have a company that’s testing only one part of the sauna for one, and for two, what no one wants you to know, is after they achieve their “low emf” certification for having ultra low electro-magnetic fields, they then slap a Bluetooth stereo and WiFi router inside the ceiling of the sauna, so you can use their smartphone app to control your sauna.

What no one tells you is, now the sauna emits RF radiation just the same as if you slept next t your WiFi router in the bedroom.  But you’ll never see this is any of the “3rd party emf test reports” to confirm their low emf rating will you?  Hell no you wont, it would ruin the whole thing!

But in Clearlight’s defense, at least they are doing the majority of good and deploying low emf infrared emitters… which is a lot more than companies like Dynamic saunas does in the Barcelona I bought with super high emfs!

So why does this piss me of so much?  I mean you’re right, on certain days I get really angry and borderline cuss out some of these companies on live video, and I could care less.

Well, imagine you spent countless hours researching saunas, because you needed one for your health, and were in a vulnerable place in your life, and would do anything to get better, even if it meant spending $5k on an infrared sauna.  I don’t care how much money you make, this is not a small whimsical purchase by any means right?

Let’s take it  step further… you’ve been searching and searching, trying to make sure you’re buying a good sauna that’s going to give you what you need, and is a good value for that much money that’s going to be reliable and last a long time right?

Next thing you know, you’re unloading a semi truck, assembling a pallet full of wooden crates in your home, and finally once you start using your sauna, you find out it has much MUCH higher emf levels that advertised.

Okay so maybe you made a mistake or got a lemon.  You send it back, and repeat the whole process all over again.  Only the next time, you buy in to another companies idea of a “ZERO EMF SAUNA”, which is supposed to not have any emf’s at all.

That should fix you up right?

So you go through the same mess all over again… unload the semi truck pallet into the garage (if you’re lucky enough to have one if it’s a rainy day… SOL if not!), drag all the parts inside the house, get help to put it together, figure out how to use this one, aaaaaaaand then you find out it’s nothing like the pictures at all.

In fact, the pictures weren’t even real, they were nothing more than 3D mockup drawings of what your sauna could look like, and are really made out of scrap wood straight from China, fit for a bonfire.

On top of that, you THEN find out there is no such thing as zero emf saunas, and you were lied to.

Now not only have you wasted a ton of time trusting yet another sauna company, you’ve gone through the hassle of unpacking another sauna, taking off work to ship the old one out, and the same for receiving the new one, and let’s not even get started on how many thousands of dollars you have tied up in these things!

That story I just told you, has been my life to a T.  This is what I went through trying to get a good affordable sauna.  I never thought it would turn into such a disaster, and often times it has been so frustrating, I probably would have strangled whoever sold me those saunas if they were within arms reach.  Wouldn’t you?

So yeah, a lot of my motivation to even put this information together, is driven out of frustration.  Imagine if this had been my parents or grandparents?  They would have no idea, and would be taken advantage of by these sauna selling sharks left and right.

Hell, half the time when you call the sauna companies direct, the sales people are so damn aggressive, you think you’re going to sign your life away right there and then!  And if they had it their way, you would!

The 3 Most Common Ways Sauna Companies Deceive You About Their Fake Low EMF Ratings & Certifications

1) Lowering The Temperature  (“oh our saunas are so powerful, you don’t need to run them on max heat)

the ceramic heater powered saunas, usually have a low emf reading when the sauna is set to a lower temperature. But as you crank up the heat, and the power supply starts pumping, those same emitters often times have well over 80 – 100 milliguass at about 5 inches away.  In a 1 – 2 person sauna, this is very close to your body if the enclosure happens to a smaller one like the Barcelona I first bought.

2) Deferring To 3rd Party Emf Testing Companies & Certification Reports By Intertek

The next way sauna companies dupe you, is by having their sauna heaters certified by some bogus 3rd party emf testing company, and generating a low emf test report they can use in their marketing.  This is easy to do, and only measures the emf levels outside of the sauna, which half of the EMF comes from the sauna wiring in the walls anyway… but they would never tell you that.

3) Using EMF Meters With Limited Frequency Range

Wouldn’t it be easy to show a low emf level in a sauna if you knew what exactly what frequency to look for… and then just used an emf meter that didn’t detect that range? Haha, this one is actually quite funny to me, even though it shouldn’t be.  Hardly anyone checks the frequency range of a particular emf meter, and will never realize if one meters response isn’t adequate for the test. If it says “emf meter” on it, most people believe it!

My rules of thumb now, after being taken advantage of several times, is if you don’t see an actual customer with a good emf meter (not just a trifield or exotech shitty gaussmeter that has a limited frequency range) testing the sauna on live video, I flat out won’t believe them.  I don’t care what report they provide, which company did the testing whether it’s Intertek, or blah blah… doesn’t matter.  I could build a sauna with high emf levels, and use those same companies to generate nice looking reports that seem safe.  It’s a sham and a complete waste of time.

Why I Review Saunas (and what made me snap)

So it was Christmas of 2017, and I had been putting off pulling the trigger on buying a sauna for at least 5 months now.  I knew I needed one, and even built a couple different DIY NIR red light bulb saunas for a few hundred dollars, but they just didn’t deliver the same deep penetrating sweat I was getting by paying to use a Sunlighten M Pulse at a local spa.  (which was $30/session btw… adding up fast!)

But I knew I wanted a lower emf sauna for home use, since it would be my forever sauna.  And I wasn’t willing to shell out $5k for something I wasn’t sure of, so I kept researching and putting it off.

It really sucked, because I wanted one badly, just my spidey senses were going off whenever I would talk to a sauna salesman, and I couldn’t help but think they were full of shit on some level.  And of course I didn’t want to get stuck with super expensive hunk of wood, that turned out to be a pile of shit or zapping me with super high emf levels.

Finally I decided to cave, and just buy the one that everyone was promoting in the Niacin sauna detox group on facebook. It seemed like the next best option, since I couldn’t really tell which company to choose, or who made the best sauna.  Every manufacturer I talked to, said theirs was the best just like always, and then went on and on for an hour about god knows what trying to convince me with technical info I didn’t understand.  (I didn’t know half of them were straight up lying about the low emf at this point in time yet)

So Clealright was having a “sale” at the end of the year, and I happened to see it and figured what the hell… just buy one already.

Well right away, I could tell something was wrong, since there were a gazillion comments asking for the pricing. I thought to myself, “if the pricing is so good, why aren’t we seeing it here”?

Haha, you had to private message the group owner, Brett Bouer, in order to get any information.  Long story short, the “sale price” was exactly the same as what you could negotiate with Clearlight directly for over the phone, or $100 less.

I knew because I had just spoken to them two days prior, since they constantly emailed me and hounded me, trying to get a sale by incessantly following up.

Now I didn’t get this price until I wasted time going back and forth, picking out the type of wood I wanted, and blah blah blah to get me emotionally invested.  Once it came time to reveal the price, I was outraged.

What the fuck was this tom foolery going on here, and how many people were being taken advantage of in this group?

Immediately my gut was screaming, this was a sham and a half, and not to buy.  The very next morning I drafted an email to the top 8 sauna companies int he world, letting them know I’d be doing a low emf sauna competition, and would like to get them on board.

No one knew me at the time, since I wasn’t a health blogger, and had no name recognition with anything health related. However, I was already a professional blogger with a decent size reach, and a shitload of marketing experience.  With over a million views on YouTube prior to even speaking about saunas, it was safe to say I had plenty of influence to throw around, and finally get to the bottom of this sauna nonsense.

It was that day, and that experience, that I decided to begin reviewing saunas, so that other people wouldn’t have to go through what I had trying to buy one.  Little did I know a year later, that I would be selling saunas, and now have one of the largest collection of sauna reviews you can find anywhere, that are actually done with multiple emf meters for true in-use emf readings.

Most Popular Infrared Sauna Brands For Sale 2018

Here’s a list of the most popular infrared sauna brands for sale in 2018, and what I think of each.  I left the sauna I personally use at the end of the list, so you have a chance to see everything else and decide which brand is best for your needs. From my research and testing over $22,000.00 worth of infrared saunas firsthand with multiple emf meters, in my opinion the best sauna on the market for the money, are hands down the ones from my approved list that tested the lowest on all emf meters.  It’s the sauna I have in my house that I use everyday, after testing every sauna listed below.






Rocky Mountain

High Tech Health

Heavenly Heat



Frequently Asked Questions:

I get an absolute ton of questions about saunas, and am listing them below. if you’d like to add your question, scroll to the bottom of this page and put in the comments.

Are Infrared Saunas Safe?

What Are Infrared Saunas Good For?


DIY Sauna Course

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  1. Hi Matt. We were just about to order a Costco sauna on sale. We did some more research and ordered a two person which we hope to have set up before Christmas. Feel more confident about our decision after your hands on review. Thanks

    • Hi Matt,
      I’ve been researching like crazy. I may just end up buying an actual infrared sauna bc I love them so much but I am having the hardest time figuring out which ones are safe etc.

      I did purchase a sauna blanket. Did you ever review those? I bought it from radiant saunas through Walmart bc I knew it would be easier to return. It says low emf but after reading all of your stuff I know that may be a lie.

      I’m trying to buy an emf detector to check the levels. I heard that heating blankets were horribly high emf though so I’m assuming a sauna blanket may be similar? On top of that,
      the blankets are made of waterproof pvc. Is that safe?

      I should probably just return it right? $400 though is much nicer to spend then a couple thousand. I just want it to be safe so badly.

      Do you have any advice??

      Also I couldn’t find the sauna you actually bought and love. Which one was it?

      • Hi Michelle,

        If you’re worried about EMF’s, a blanket is probably not in the realm of what you’re looking for. The close proximity makes it incredibly hard to do anything about the levels.

        Yes, but it’s on hold until I do some more testing. I’ve got other things in the works too like the whole ionic footbath detox method, which is mostly a scam aside from a few units. But I wanted to be thorough in case it’s a better option for people opposed to saunas.

        Here’s a video to explain more of what’s been going on:

  2. Hey Matt,
    I’m not too far from you, just south of Disney. 🙂 I don’t know if you’ll see this but if you do, I just want to THANK YOU for doing all of this. I know it must have been a huge hop in the ass, but I am forever grateful! I’m sad that I stumbled upon your research a little late, as I see you have put things on hold with the sauna stuff, but I totally get it. I too was almost sheistered by the Clearlight folks, including Bret from the Niacin detox group. Ugh! So tired of all the BULLSHIT! I just want to feel better. I’m a career firefighter 19+ years (lots of exposure to toxic shit) & I just found out in Oct that I have LYME & co-infections, yay! I’m going to give Kevin a call tomorrow. I am also curious about the photobiomodulation. Anyway, I enjoy & appreciate your blog.

    • Hi Kelly,

      Thank you! Oh yeah not far at all, I”m 5 mins out from MCO. I’ve got another elderly couple coming down from the Villages for a demo on the 22nd, if you’re around and would like to join them to check out the saunas before buying anything, you’re welcome too. (I’ll email you)


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