InMotion Hosting Review

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If you are looking for a web host for your website, you should take a look at InMotion, one of the largest web hosting services in the world. Operational since 2001, the time when the internet was yet in its “infancy”, InMotion offers several services that include dedicated servers, managed hosting, virtual private servers, shared business hosting and reseller hosting.

It also offers other site hosting tools such as CMSs (content management systems), e-commerce and account management. Based on Unix and Linux platforms, their hosting network is fast and reliable and monitored round the clock for continued performance. The web hosting company has an impressive customer base, with over 300,000 customer domains and has offices in both the East and West coasts. Let’s take a look at what InMotion has to offer in terms of customer support, performance, usability, guarantee, pricing and security.

Help and Customer Support

The InMotion website offers a very comprehensive help section. This has product guides, website tutorials, domain name setup info, billing FAQs and email tutorials. There are sections on community support and educational channels as well.

Live Chat, Email

When it comes to customer support, InMotion has that in abundance; you can get in touch with them via a ticketing system, email or a helpful live chat. Though there are conflicting reviews, as there will always be disgruntled customers wherever you go, the live chat system comes alive within seconds, with a support executive patiently answering your queries from the other end. Sometimes, it may take some time to connect and you might be told that you are in a queue, but this is standard for any live service and would depend on the traffic or the time of the day/night.

The best part about the chat sessions is that the executives don’t attempt to sell you services while they are tending to your query, as a lot of support personnel do while on a live chat. Also, they don’t seem to follow a “script” which reads repetitive and monotonous. The answers are to-the-point and detailed.

There is even an option to get on a Skype call if you are not satisfied by the chat session, to get a more “personalized” experience, or if, for some reason, you cannot get the chat to work and you think email is not an option for the current scenario. Though email responses are quite prompt and the direct phone calls are answered quickly.

Resources, Knowledge Base

The knowledge base that InMotion offers is quite extensive and in depth. Apart from the educational channels, the backbone of the section is the community support. How this works is pretty simple — a detailed article will usually lead to comments and users adding their comments or experience to that thread, which would be answered or tended to by InMotion executives, hence giving you a better understanding. If you are one of those people who are into do-it-yourself troubleshooting, this could be a very enriching experience.

There are also other comprehensive guides on various topics, nearly everything that you can think of when it comes to hosting that include product guides (such as reseller and dedicated hosting), website (PHP or MySQL), educational channels on topics such as cPanel or BoldGrid and even tools and resources, such as visual domain routing tool or blacklist checker.


InMotion offers a pricing structure that offers affordable plans, especially if you are starting out. The business hosting offers three main types of plans, namely Launch, Power and Pro. Let’s take a look at these plans:


The price for this plan has been slashed by 20% and is going for $6.39 a month if you buy a 2-year plan. This plan gives you a free domain, ability to host two websites, unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email, free marketing tools such as a website builder, free advertising credits, visitor statistics and email on any device. It also provides you with a free security suite, such as free SSL, automatic backup, hacker protection and DDoS protection.

The plan costs $7.46 a month if you buy it for a year.


This plan comes with a 15% off the price tag of $8.49 per month (2-year plan). It gives you a free domain, six websites, unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email, guarantees performance up to 2X and offers the same marketing tools and security suite.

The one-year plan costs $9.56 per month.


The most powerful of the three plans and the most versatile, Pro can be bought for $14.71 per month (1-year plan), $15.80 (6-month plan) and $18.99 (monthly). This plan offers a free domain, an unlimited number of websites, unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email, guarantees performance upto 4X with marketing tools and security tools. It also offers you pro-level support, that promises to deliver 99.9% uptime. Also, they claim that if they do not accomplish that goal, they will provide you with free hosting.

If you are a power user and plan to host a number of websites, this plan would be suitable for you. If you are just starting up, the first two plans would work fine for you.

The con here is that there is no monthly billing for the Launch and Power plans. So, if you’re not sure how long your project will continue, it could be a turn-off, because you are locked in for at least a year. The one pro that can be seen here is the 90-day money back guarantee, that ensures that you can recover the amount you paid in case you are not satisfied with the service.

The other hosting services that they provide are VPS (virtual private servers), managed and self-managed hosting, dedicated servers, reseller and WordPress hosting.

Hosting Performance

InMotion is one of the fastest shared hosts that are available on the market today. The response time is lightning quick and so is the page load time. A part of this outstanding performance is owed to the fact that InMotion uses solid state drives that are being used by all their servers, which have a definite advantage over the hard disk drives. SSD drives are up to 20 times faster than their spinning-type cousins, so that explains the speed.

The sites hosted by InMotion rarely have any downtime, so when they say that have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, they mean it. Besides, one can always rely on the excellent customer support system to let you know exactly the problem if it ever happens. A dedicated page, shows the server status and real-time network.

User Friendliness

InMotion’s decision to use cPanel seems to have gone down well with customers because of it being open-source (meaning it will have easily available tutorials if you are stuck anywhere), bare bones and flexible. The interface provides you with information on categories for managing everything on your website and the primary domain.

You will find cPanel in your account management panel, which means there is no need to log in a second time or use a separate login. This will give you access to your hosting, registration and billing. Overall, the control panel is easy to use and quite straightforward.

Website Security

If cyber attacks or malware is something that you are constantly worried about, InMotion will give you no reason to. They have partnered up with Sucuri, a known online security firm to ensure the safety and security of your website and of that of your visitors.

Military-grade technology is used to secure your website and a robust firewall safeguards your reputation, your visitors and your traffic from the ever-changing cyber threats. Also, security analysts are available 24/7, throughout the year and InMotion claims that their security experts respond faster than advertised.

Another firm, Corero Network Security offers TDS, Smartwall Threat Defense System, which detects and eliminates DDoS attacks in real time.

The Free Stuff

  • If you want to migrate your existing site from some other host to InMotion, it can be done and is not just limited to one type of control panel.
  • A lot of web hosts charge their customers for backups. InMotion will back up your website’s data on a regular basis for free for up to 10 GB and provide you with tools that you can use to manually do that. Frequent data restores will cost you though.
  • As you start with them, the domain is provided absolutely free for the first year.
  • The DDoS protection that they provide is for absolutely no extra cost.


InMotion seems to be one of the best in its category when it comes to customer support, speed and uptime. When it comes to reputation, they are a well-respected company and offer services that are mainly associated with bigger, more expensive web hosting providers. Also, the user experience is great with InMotions as the provider and seems to provide great value for money with its great flexibility and options.

If you are looking to host a couple of websites or blogs, InMotion is the perfect fit for you. You can always upgrade your hosting plans as your business grows.

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