Kall8 Reviews And Alternatives (and which service is better)

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There seem to be a lot of people out there wondering if Kall8 is a good virtual phone service provider, and why there are so many questionable reviews on Ripoffreport. I can tell you firsthand, I have been a customer a Kall8 (and still am), but they are not my favorite virtual number provider anymore… But it isn’t because of bad reviews or bad service. In fact, the service is actually quite good! I still have a few numbers there, simply because I’m too lazy to port them to another provider. The reason I don’t prefer them anymore, is because their user interface is antiquated and a bit cumbersome to use compared to other service providers I use. In this article, I’ll go over which providers I use and recommend for different tasks, as well as the alternatives to Kall8 that I think are better for most people. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to decide which Kall8 alternative is right for you.

My Favorite Alternatives To Kall8’s Virtual Phone System

My two favorite alternatives to Kall8, are Grasshopper and Phone.com. Grasshopper is better suited for people looking to get a business line on their cell phone, and Phone.com is the better choice for business owners who may want to lease physical phone hardware to have an office desk phone. Additionally, if you want to do fancy things like record calls, you’d want to go with RingCentral or Phone.com, not Grasshopper. They don’t currently support that, but for most people Grasshoper is the most affordable solution to get a virtual number on the cheap. (and works well, and it’s not just me… I have friends and family that love it!)

Kall8 Competitors Compared

Kall8 Vs. RingCentral

Kall8 has been around a long time, but I think RingCentral’s platform is much more up to date and easier top use. The trouble I have with Kall8, is that it’s a bit cumbersome to use the control panel, and just the design and ease of use is not there when it comes to listening to call recordings, changing number settings, etc… In my opinion, there system really needs an overhaul, that’s why I haven’t purchased any more numbers from them in the past two years. I do however think the service itself is good, and the only time I’ve ever had a problem is when my credit card has expired. (they stop allowing calls through your numbers)

RingCentral also offers a better range of add ons, like video conferencing, the ability to lease phone hardware if you want VoIP devices, and their softphone app is one of the best in the business if you want to use your laptop computer to take and make calls on the go.

Kall8 Reviews

You’ll see a bunch of reviews out there touting that kall8 is a scam and whatnot, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. As I said before, I am still a Kall8 customer, I just don’t buy my new stuff there anymore. I typically use one of these three providers for all my new virtual numbers, simply because they’re either cheaper, work better for the features I need, or it’s easier to use the control panel.

All these crazy reviews of Kall8 scamming people are definitely not true. My credit card has been billed religiously by them for many years now, and will continue to stay that way unless I get a hair up my ass to port the numbers elsewhere. But I doubt it, it’s working just fine, and I make money every month because Kall8’s service is working. But you may want to check out these alternatives if you’re looking to get a virtual number account for the first time:

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I’m Still A Customer Of Kall8 (but prefer an alternative that I think is better than Kall8)

So which service do I think most people should go with, and which one do I use the most myself? Well for me, it’s split between about 4 to 4 different providers since I’m sometimes buying lines for clients, and then other times I’m getting virtual numbers for my own projects. When we do things like call tracking ads or auto forwarding leads on the fly, my requirements are much much different than most people’s needs.

For an easy to use virtual number that you can use on any mobile phone, I highly recommend Grasshopper. For people who are looking for something with a bit more advanced features, like the ability to support multi-line phone systems and devices, Phone.com or RingCentral are the better options for that. Any of the three providers will treat you well, and the service is very reliable. Call quality is good on all platforms, and there is almost no reason to go with a landline provider anymore at all. (all these providers I use are NO CONTRACT!)

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