KeyCDN Review – Slower Than Cloudflare With Railgun (and they shaft you on refunds)

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In this unbiased review of KeyCDN from an actual user, you won’t find any fancy comparison charts promoting this particular CDN company. In fact, this is the absolute worst customer experience I’ve ever had after dealing with multiple CDN companies, including MaxCDN, Cloudflare, etc…  These people not only set up their service to take your money before you can even get access to support to see if it’ll work for your configuration, but then refuse to refund you a dime even if you can’t use the service. To top it off, they make your unusable credits expire.  (lol, yes I’m serious. Downright awful user experience… like fucking terrible awful, it’s a wonder they’re still in business.)

But hey, whatever as long as they pay their affiliates to keep promoting them right…

My KeyCDN Review From Personal Experience: The Company That “Ethically” Steals From You

Oh sure, what they’re doing is legal once you agree to their terms of service. Ethical? Meh, I wouldn’t want to be associated with these thieves in any way, shape, or form.

Key CDN is the company that tales your money, they lets you see the product, then refuses to refund you once you find out the product doesn’t work as you imagined. These fuckers will have the short off your back before you even know it’s off!

Being that they come highly recommended by a certain few bloggers, who by the way most likely have a vested interest you don’t know about, you don’t really question it you just sign up for the WP speed gainz right bro?

The Misleading Pricing From The Get Go (there really is only 1 price: $50 worth of credits, period.)

There’s a reason they only have [one] pricing option ($50 up front to sign up), and use all this other decoy nonsense with free trials, and yada yada yada to get you to sign up.  But you won’t realize this until you find out you can never get your money back on credits you purchase…

The bullshit “free trial” line:

  • no access to support during your free trial
  • if you want to use the ticket system, you gotta pay
  • in short, you have to pay to fully test their system and the free trail is nothing short of a gimmick

I wonder how many people have pre-paid for credits they’ll never be able to use like I have sitting in their system?  Oh wait, they’ve expired and already used the money… sorry I forgot.

Ohai guys I used your service for 2 hours and it isn’t going to work for what I want to do, may I have a refund please?

Hell no bitch, we ain’t givin’ you shit.

Tough luck our CDN isn’t compatible with your WordPress config, and shows duplicate images.

Conveniently points to “Terms Of Service” byline of… you guessed it: no. motherfucking. refunds.

How thoughtful of them eh?

Cool. If anyone out there wants $48.50 in free KEYcdn credits to benchmark, I’m happy to give you my account

Why Am I So Salty?

Because I bought in to the idea that they were the best CDN company since sliced bread, at least according to these bloggers that promote them. They have nice little WordPress plugins that make configuration a breeze, pricing seemed reasonable, etc…

Especially Brain over at Woorkup… I followed his tutorial to a T to no avail, but my blog just wouldn’t play nice using the recommended plugins. Then I find out he works for the company (or owns a share? who the fuck knows).

Could it have been a small technical issue, or one simple line of code I missed and been entirely my fault? Sure it could have, this is no different than anything else.  But usually a company will work with you when this happens, in one way or another.

Bottom Line: KeyCDN Is Slower Than Cloudflare

If you look at half of these reviews, they’re just bullshit table comparisons looking at the details of each plan on paper… there’s no fucking way they signed up for each one of those services and benchmarked them all. Hell, even I don’t do that, it wouldn’t be worth my time to make a couple hundred bucks a month in aff commissions.

MaxCDN VS Cloudflare VS KeyCDN

I’ve used MaxCDN before, it it definitely broke the layout of both sites I tried it on. The advantage of KeyCDN over MaxCDN, is the plugins they have that seem to integrate a bit better.

In the past, Cloudflatre has been sub par… that is until I tried it with Railgun! Boy oh boy does that make all the difference! I wasn’t willing to pay for it in the past, but when I signed up with LightningBase to do some speed tests, they already had it included which gave me a chance to see the difference.

What I Liked About KeyCDN

They made their own plugins that work very well, don’t break your site, and make it easier to setup than most caching and CDN integration guides

What I Don’t Like

The recommendations are biased, they have $50 of my money and refuse to refund me. Oh well, that’s the cost of testing their (slower) system I guess. (#ohaiwriteoff)

The bottom line is going with LightningBase out of the box, with no additional effort or money spent on third party services, is faster than a LiquidWeb dedi + keycdn (and cheaper!). Check out my speed increases on the WordPress bottleneck analysis post I did a while back when my blog slowed to a crawl.

Did it leave a bad taste in my mouth that they wouldn’t give me money back? Yes. Would I still tell you they’re the best CDN provider if I thought they were? Yes. (I wouldn’t be asking for a refund if I were still going to use them though… I’d be recommending them instead ! 😉

5 thoughts on “KeyCDN Review – Slower Than Cloudflare With Railgun (and they shaft you on refunds)”

  1. Hey Matt,
    I am about to subscribe KeyCDN until I read your review. My site is host on Siteground which provide Railgun as free and now I really wanted to use Cloudflare + CDN to get better result. I do find few people are using the combination of Cloudflare with CDN however will it give huge impact on speed load, I really have no idea.

    Yeah, I read also about KeyCDN on Woorkup. Fair enough I did not like to pay front for one year despite is cheaper than other but still if they would not refund your money, that isn’t good news also.

    For me support is very crucial and if they could not delivery no matter how cheap or good the product ain’t good investment overall for customer.



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