How To Know Without A Shadow Of A Doubt You Can Make A Living Blogging

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This is an interesting post I dug up in my draft posts that I wrote to myself, several months ago. Back when I was questioning whether or not I could start a lifestyle business and make it work, I finally got fed up with analyzing it mentally instead of testing it out to see what would happen. (I wrote the below to myself, and got started the very next day) Now that I’m struggling a bit again to figure out which direction to go in, it’s interesting to read what my former self wrote here. Maybe this will help someone else who’s struggling to get their blog figured out…

Without a shadow of a doubt huh?

Well if you had no doubts, where would the fun be in that? 🙂  After all, without challenges in life, we’d be pretty bored wouldn’t you think?

Seriously, what makes life worth living anyway?

If you had everything handed to you on a silver platter, and never had to struggle for anything, how would you ever develop a healthy sense of gratitude and appreciation?

When you appreciate the little things in life, you begin to see the world for what it is.

Some is bad, some downright ugly, but whatever you choose to focus on, is what you’ll see more of.

So you have two choices: you can focus on what’s possible, or you can focus on what you think isn’t possible.

Despite having evidence all around you that proves otherwise, you choose to see the potential limitations you may have.

Well I’ve got news for you, stop being a little bitch.

You’re going to wiggle yourself into a little hole of self doubt more and and more if you don’t choose to climb out.

Choose to see the evidence that’s all around you. The evidence that says if you truly want this, if you REALLY really want the life of your dreams, you can accomplish it.

Look around you! The internet shows reports of cats doing this shit left and right, so much money from product launches it’s coming out of their ears! So what’s different about them compared to you?

They had an idea, got educated, and ran with it.

They didn’t have everything figured out, but they had enough of an idea of what it looked like, grabbed a little bit of information that could guide them closer to their goal, and then went after it.

Some failed a bit and regrouped, others had massive success right away. (read: had massive success chipping away at their desired outcome a little bit at a time, not overnight. Years later, they don’t have to worry about a thing.)

So which are you going to choose?

To build your belief in yourself, via committing to learning and doing what you need to do in order to reach your goal?

Or choose to focus on your limitations, thereby committing to focus on your supposed limitations, so you can use that as a comforting excuse when you don’t execute?

The choice is yours.

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